Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I know there are LOADS of videos on the Sandy Hoax out there but this one is short (5 mins) and actually quite funny, worth watching (British but you'll recognize the "mother" she's everywhere). Thanks to whomever sent it, so many I am losing track.


  1. What the hell is going on here? That's the most unconvincing performance I ever had the misfortune of watching! And the man is an actor? What about the woman, is she?, I like the vast majority are no expert but my humble background in construction tells me this is staged never mind a physicians expertise!! I'm literally taken aback with this! Oh yes its the firearms they are after America and I hope you manage to keep hold of them....along with piers morgan, we don't want him back!!!


  3. Robbie Parker, the father of slain daughter.


    Robbie Parker, apparently with his children, and Obama with the slain daughter
    Has anyone confirmed that it was Robbie Parker? The child certainly looks like the one in the Huffington Post slide show.