Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thanks to my commentors!  Funny.


  1. Capitalists are killing domestic population of west because that is cheaper for them, expenditures are lower (here they have all infrastructure), then they will import those cheaper to exploit them because whites does not have money to breed any more.
    Best way for capitalists to earn money and lower number of people.
    But on other hand white population deserve that system because they adopted that system with thrill and used it on 3rd world.
    Now victims from 3rd world will come to Europe to take what was stolen from them, and later then they will pay for own greed :)
    It is called social compensation.


    2. Homosexuals are not a minority like ethnic, racial or religious groups.

      They are people with a particular personality disorder and they are not entitled to lobby government for benefits as though they were a disenfranchised racial minority.

      The undue focus of the media and politicians on their activities is a disgrace.

  2. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder - Dr. Michael Savage.

    1. It is not liberalism, they call it neoliberal, but there is nothing liberal there, they call it neoconservative and there is nothing conservative there - it is fascism

      fascism is highest form of capitalism
      Roosevelt just decided to delay entering in to fascism, that was tactical move...
      Now they have to solve and privatise any form of public ownership, like water, food...
      Yes, white idiots in mean time will be provoked by gay rights, immigration and attack on christianity so that you support more your rich and are going to wave with socialism as some alternative which is there around corner... for us idiots on left...

      But it is done, you right wing will end up in private FEMA camp as liquid meat in those tanks in combination with acid, because there you are so dangerously stupid to even exist...
      We are better drones for system.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha brilliant video "two thumbs up for the mic check"!!! The man on the street says it how it is alright!! Thanks Tony unplugged certainly cheered me up no end

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  5. Goal of right wing christian fascism is to be able to drastically put prices of food so high, that they
    1. starve and kill poor
    2. destroy every futile seed for food by GMO
    3. privatisation of every water source
    4. intentional pollution of every other water source so that price of water goes high
    5. it goes well with agenda of investing in cancer suppressors, privately owned (not cures)
    6. it goes well with reducing number of useless poor eaters
    7. little bit of racial anti-muslim nazism always goes well
    8. killing of negros on south as final solution, how those plantation owner on south said when they enter from slavery in to capitalism that those negros could not do nothing else then to continue to work on same plantation just this time for money (expenditures for slaveowner reduced, no housing needed, no food needed)...

    well those negros could kill your white parasitic asses and split land among them self and from workers coops

    1. When i come on power in USA, sorry, we will have to kill everyone who ever voted republican... Democrats slave owner had some form of exploitative socialism against other group, therefore they always had form of socialism inside them self, that is why Democrats will be saved... and promoted...

    2. World map of tragedy, how we react depending where tragedy happened.
      From oh horrible to bah... In column, from upper colour to lower colour

  6. Dr.P it's time for your medical disipline to re-visit the cluster of disorders labeled "gender dysphoria" and once again label them correctly as mental diseases.\

    Any condition which would lead an organism, a mammal, a vertabrate, to exhibit no motivation to mate with the opposite sex is per se a disorder.

    Homosexuality appears in no other species but homo sapiens, and these individuals suffer from a cluster of behavioral problems of which their sexual dysfunction is only one symptom.