Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris, France is Attacked on Friday the 13th by ISIS Operatives Whose Leaders are in Both Pakistan and Algeria!
Paris has learned the brutal truth of terrorism. With only eight men willing to die, the city and country was brought to a complete standstill. At the same time, French forces were brought in to maintain a self-imposed “State Of Emergency”.
However, this blogger has certain knowledge, which neither American nor French intelligence has, that indicate the operatives/leaders came from Pakistan and Algeria. Unlike 9/11, which was an internally contrived Bush/Cheney ‘stand-down’/’false flag’, the attack on Paris has all the earmarks of a ‘true terrorist attack’.

Here’s what we do know: First, it was accomplished by eight men who were willing to die after inflicting massive damage on soft targets. Secondly, it was orchestrated so that six different sites without any major iconic significance [unlike the Twin Towers in NYC] were decimated before any hostage situation could really have occurred. Thirdly, over 153 or more innocent victims were killed or wounded. Lastly, this act of terrorism compelled the French government to shut down the city; then seal off the borders of France.
This Friday the 13th attack is a classical textbook act of terror.
What it did, unlike the internally created 9/11 which was an ersatz justification for a preconceived war in Iraq/Afghanistan, the Paris attack was suis generis intended to completely paralyze a country and force its leaders to create a “State of Emergency”. In real terrorism, the intention is to create sufficient fear in the ruling government so that those leaders would initiate so called ‘counter terrorist’ reactions which would eventually force the country into a complete state of paralysis through fear. Normally, a terrorist act is about 98% successful.

The 9/11 attack was not terrorism but a classical stand-down which was a pretext to war---and it ended up (because of ineptness on the part of our compromised military/intelligence community) to inevitably become a complete military/strategic fiasco. The Paris attack had all of the earmarks of the Mumbai Terrorist attack where Pakistani operatives conducted a multi-site coordinated attack on different soft target areas. This time around, the target of opportunity was France in general and Paris in particular. In classical terrorism terms, the weaker adversary tries to immobilize their stronger opponent by creating acts of incomparable damage which cannot be anticipated or stopped. By identifying soft targets and then completely devastating them, the weaker adversary can accomplish, with fewer men and material, what the dominant force cannot accomplish with guns, planes and drones. The simple objective of terrorism is to create massive fear through random acts of terror.
Therefore, America’s thirteen years of bizarre wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan have nothing to do with terrorism or any derivative of that type of warfare. They are in fact, a pathetic excuse to keep our military engaged in useless kinetic actions wasting close to 6 TRILLION DOLLARS. Such waste maintains our corrupt military industrial complex solvent in perpetuity [President Ike warned us of that].
I would dare say that in my thirty years of Counter-terrorism experience, I have yet to uncover a general or even a strategy by anyone who was directly involved with fighting terrorists on the ground-- or resolve a complicated hostage siege in a major city. Nevertheless, the French will try to uncover those individuals who master-minded this atrocious act of wanton murder. Yet, I doubt that the French intelligence will find these masterminds of this November 13 Paris Attack.
I am certain that the French police, per usual, will round up some unsavory individuals who may play or look the part of the perpetrators. I say that because the French claimed that they had caught the infamous Carlos—The Jackal—when in fact Carlos was working for several national intelligence services around the world in order to create what Henry Kissinger called ‘necessary strategic tensions’.

Syria and its leaders would also be top on my list of suspects. It was colonial France which had created the minority Alawites [a distant Shi’ite group into a dominant power structure led by Hafez Assad and then continued by Dr. Bashar Assad, M.D.] However, my own understanding of a terrorist cell’s command and control structure, informs me that Algeria and Pakistan were involved in producing the major actors involved in the “Friday 13th   French Massacre”.

Politically, we should expect the imminent appearance of Nickolas Sarkozy as the top candidate for the new President of France. Equally important, France will continue to shift to the right wing with Le Pen dominating the immediate French political future.
Euripides, the Greek philosopher wrote the following:
“To die is the debt we must all discharge”.



  1. Communism 1 : while Capitalism 1 (maybe and maybe in your dreams)

    Sorry, we have Portugal and you still do not hold France...
    Portugal is ours, ours ours... Greece will not be repeated in Portugal...
    First really communist controlled country after Yugoslavia and 1987-1988.

    Let s not forget Mr. Molotov. No one had dare to touch him, not even Mr. Stalin. He lived nicely for 96 years :)

    He was also not touched (what anyone was thinking)

    He also cannot be touched

    1. The Matrix Extends Its Reach — Paul Craig Roberts

      Here is little bit of fatherland music for Mike...

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    1. The pentagon announces a new lottery. An undisclosed list of hostile Arab cities has been compiled and a randomizer program selects a city to be MOAB'd on their side after every terror attack on our side.

      Let the camel jockeys police themselves through fear of mutually assured destruction.

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  4. Is there better moment then today to remember our self of great (one of greater on world) French chemist Claude Louis Berthollet, who worked as chemist for Napoleon developing explosives for Napoleon artillery, but Napoleon did not invest much because we do not why.
    But Berthollet was with Napoleon in his occulting expedition to Egypt.
    Imagine, Napoleon going to Egypt even whole British fleet controlled seas (there is sea between Europe and Africa), maybe even British let him go.

    Here is one book about him and Napoleon.
    Great inventor given invention by demon but not applied, WHY? HOW?

    Explosive was discovered when textile bleaching manufacturers went in to air in Paris. Smart guys were saying ooooh, mmmm, wonderful, while every embassy in Paris was keeping silent and snuffing :))

  5. I like what James Woolsey formerly CIA Chief, said on the news today: "Destroy the caliphate"

  6. Do not like people in my profession who are saying "I told you" but now it is perfect time to say that. It just started. Paris was obvious target- when 20% of Parisians call France "le pays de merde" it is hard to imagine that there will be NO terrorist act there. Other targets are Brussels and Muenchen. Gentlemen all your conspiracy theories are bullshit - radical Islam promoted by CIA IN Afghanistan Iraq and Albania will strike Europe again and again until LIBERAL IDIOTS LIKE OBAMA MERKEL ANF HOLLANDE will disappear from political scene. Yes we had this plane over Sinai but it was unavoidable and the probability of terrorist acts in Russia are much smaller than in Europe. At least we have no a lot of islamic negros and arabs. And we already considering Chechens as potential terrorist as well as all north Caucasus men. No my dear Europeans is your time to tame your idiotic tolerance and political correctness towards the Islamic and African shit.

  7. Rendered the UK to high alert as well!!! Certainly a classic terrorist attack but who was behind it I'm not sure!! All roads lead to Damascus is venture to guess as u think this could be the pretext to invasion....I've noticed Moscow remains intact considering they are the ones obliterating ISIS!!! We can only wait and see

  8. For this weekend there is a state of high alert in Moscow. Police is wearing rifle and heavy defense ammunition. Moscovites are ready for these kind of incidents and thanks god we didn't allow this foreign islamic shit let in. Our domestic Islamists are highly suppressed in Dagestan and Chechnya in the place of origin. Population is prepared by 1999-2002 chain of terrorist acts and actually also on high alert.

    1. Thanks for that Alex...I was maybe too lazy in my comment as I am aware of certain tensions in Russia.. I think I was saying in a offhand manner that Russia isn't suffering fools over ISIS and we in the West can't handle the fact Russia once again stole a March in dealing with ISIS

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  9. Thank you Del. fortunately or unfortunately Russia has a lot of experience in exterminating "Allah Akbar" insects. Unfortunately they are proliferating everywhere with the help of liberalism and political correctness. Hope Paris incident will be one of the vaccination shots for Europeans - unfortunately it won't be the last. A lot of cancer cells was let in.

  10. What's your point, Dr. P?

    You had me at 9-11 standown, but how did you make the jump to Algeria & Pakistan?

    Did one of them contact you for operating expenses contributions?

    What is the crumb trail you are following?

  11. Funny how with real terrorism and faux terrorism it is always the ordinary folk that get 'it'. Presidents, Prime Minister, Royal Families with well detailed timetables walk the World unmolested, even when they have light or incompetent security...our PM was nearly taken out by a jogger! If you were a determined attacker prepared to die for your cause as some of these loonies are, you could take out anyone. So why always take out 'nobodies' it does not make sense from an impact or PR perspective.