Thursday, November 19, 2015

Instant/Pablum Knowledge Provided to Dr. Ben Carson by Ex-CIA Operative Dewey Clarridge—To No Avail!
The Presidential candidates are acting like parrots who are cramming for a test!
In the midst of all the hoopla about the French/Belgium terrorist arrests of Islamic Terrorists, I found an article in the NY Times which highlighted a problem that I have noticed in this circus called, “the presidential debates’. None of the candidates are truly qualified for the Presidency; because there is no particular course or professional path that is specifically designed to prepare someone for the panoply of jobs involved in becoming POTUS.
At best, we, citizens, might entertain some thoughts [or wishes] as to what we might think are relevant skills to becoming POTUS: 
management of a large bureaucracy replete with inertia.
extensive hands-on foreign policy experience with successful outcomes. 
an impressive military experience so that we can avoid unnecessary wars; or, we have to go to war then make certain that we can win.
a strong economic/banking/business background.
This wish list could go on and on. The perfect future candidate has not yet been realized;  because, at best, any person running for that Presidency brings her/his unique experiences to a position which has never been properly delineated. It’s the only job in America which has never had a classical job description; unlike any position in the federal bureaucracy which is replete with minutiae that might entail tons of paper work [just for the Top Secret clearance].
Therefore, we have obtained candidates who have never been properly vetted like Barack Obama. We, Americans, entrust our faith to a self-selected group of people who can parrot the necessary words that the media feels might suit the American public, irrespective of the true merit or the past accomplishments of that particular candidate.

Recently, the NY Times [Nov. 17, 2015], had an article entitled “Ben Carson Is Struggling To Grasp Foreign Policy, Advisers Say.” By Trip Gabriel. Gabriel points out that a former well known, highly experienced ex-CIA operative, named Duane R. Clarridge felt that as ‘an advisor’ to Ben Carson on foreign policy, the “good doctor” was not ‘properly briefed’ on foreign policy.
More importantly, Dewey [his nickname] said the following:
“Nobody has been able to sit down with him [Carson] and have him get an iota of intelligent information about the Middle East.”
Now that is quite a damning statement! Fortunately, I have known about Dewey and his stellar if not, unusual career in the CIA. He was kind enough to offer me a job in the presence of former DCI Bill Casey. I respect Dewey; and more importantly, his assessment jives with my past blog that Carson has a major problem telling the truth; or, more importantly, assimilating new knowledge, especially when the issues are completely out of his purview. Similarly, I can say the same things for Cruz, Rubio and Jeb [whose ‘new advisors’ gave us 9/11].

What we hear, if we are still tuned in [I am tuned out by now] are not the thoughts or feelings of a real person; but of a contrived entity [human robot] who is filled with an assortment of content which most of the time is rarely relevant to a profession entitled, POTUS. We hear nothing but an endless repetition of words that drone on without any meaning, or merit. Bereft of serious content or any real talent, each candidate, performs according to the cues of his instant stream of twitter, Instagram or some other binary internet message. There is much ‘sound and fury signifying nothing’.

The process of selecting a President, must change in the 21st  century in such a way that we, Americans, have some inkling of whether that person is real; knowledgeable; or even talented in something other than self-aggrandizement.There was a time when the citizen-soldier who had another profession [other than politics] were inaugurated. Our Founding Fathers understood that the creation of a new country was far more important than their own personal ambitions.
Perhaps, that moment of history can be repeated spontaneously without the prompting by some paid consultant or advisor. I would love to see a candidate who changed the rules of the game… right now.

Donald Trump—this would be your proper introduction to the game called, the “Presidency”.
Grab it and close the deal…now! In your own way… and not in the prescribed, artificial way that has no bearing to the present day realities of immediacy and crisis management.
Homer wrote :
“Achilles absent, was Achilles still!” 


  1. Replies
    1. If Carson is listening to Dewey Claridge then I would rather vote for anyone...including Hillary LOL.

      Claridge is a desaster. He used to drive around in a brown Ferrari 325 and wear blue blazers with club emblems and so forth.... A big drinker from Boston with a heavy Boston drawl. Did he ever know anything worth knowing or do anything except blow things up?? No. He was in Iraq for a while and was a total disaster there, and in Turkey, etc... He was close to Director Casey maybe because they were both Irish? Catholics? Both idiots nutballs perhaps?

      The most horrible thing was Dewey's heading of the Central American Task force which supported war against Nicaragua and supported the death squads in Salvador, Guatamala and so forth in the 1980s.....

      The "Contra" War against the Nicaraguans was pure terror and bloodshed of the worst kind, and it didn't even succeed at anything. Dewey's boys castrated a lot of village men, raped a lot of village girls, blew up a lot of hospitals, power stations and schools....

      Claridge honestly derserves to be tied to a table and be dismembered, drawn and quartered...slowly.

      Claridge is a blood-soaked, boozing, arrogant torturer and killer of ordinary people for the fun of it.

      He's the worst CIA ever created.

    2. Here's the capper....

      For being the Chief of the Central American Task Force Dewey was given a check for $30,000. in an agency function at HQ in the assembly room where a huge crowd gathered to congratulate him.

      Congrats Dewey. You didn't topple the Sandanistas but you did leave a number of village men wishing they still had their testicles!

      Dewey if you had any testicles you wouldn't be the mother fucker you are....

      I have your number asshole.

    3. Karma is a bitch, as they say.....

    4. The only DCI I ever met was Casey, and he was a sleepy, drowsy, mumbling moron. He was a pitiful excuse for a man...had no manly qualities. Puny intellect. "Wall Street" lawyer type. Dumbass with a brain tumor the size of a basketball pressing against what little brains he may have once had.

    5. Dewey had no manly qualities either. Neither did almost any of those "Officers."

      Just pathetic.

      The one who did actually have some manliness was William Buckley. That guy was sloppy and weird but he was fearless... And he's the one tortured until he was a pile of shit.... And the assholes at Langley didn't want to do almost anything about it. It was no source of outrage to them because they're a bunch of fucking wimps.

      I could take Dewey and slap the shit out of him.

    6. If I ever see Dewey again, holding his glass of Chevis Regal or whatever, and with that shit-eating grin of his....

      Well I just don't know what might happen.

  2. News from your pocket...

    1. People forget that americans were starving to death in 1930ths like those black people in south sudan few years ago, were, those blue eyed americans...
      But Ron Paul said that government intervention made things worse.
      We see such ideologues are just enforcing their fundamentalist dogma even further by promoting private enterprises even more.

      They have all data they need but they always ask private firms to do "surveys" about unemployment even they have all data in computers with one click??? ha ha, meaning even that is going for private profits, meaning your boss on job :))

      So 51% are slaves so that 10% could work for banks and 1% could take profits...

      Imagine there are 40% americans working for less then 20,000 and there are someone earning more then 80,000$, and that is allowed??? 4 time more, what, he have 6 hands?? or he is taking profit from those who earns 20,000, I think it is latter... everyone must have same salary of 70,000 problem solved... but no those who earns 50,000 are first who would not accept to earn 70,000 because they are under propaganda and they believe that they will one day earn 80,000, maybe one year in their life... once... :)

  3. US needs Obamacare in auto industry, housing and jobs...
    Jobs should also be sold in same way.
    If someone have used land and Obamahousing people (those who signed up there), wants in some country to build their Obamahousing houses, than land taxes on that land should go in that year 180% on that parcel. Meaning you have land worth of 1M, pay 1,8M of taxes next year. That is not communist. Taxation is perfectly legal. He can get house in exchange for his taken land. Only competition must be kept. Same story for cars. Vacation. Weekend housing in Aspen, and on Florida and Cuba, etc etc...
    If someone is against it kill him.

  4. Ohooo hoooo, Charles Koch practically advocating feudalism, he rightly advocate other measures then money, he finally gets it... he gets it... yes yes yes, he gets my patent i am even to lazy to write it down
    of course Charles... some people deserve to be wealthy, others do not... we just need to measure it... some are benefiting people around them others do not...
    now lets measure that, i have solution to measure it very simply...
    maybe he wants to get saved at end...

  5. I’ve had it with people pretending that a president is chosen based primarily on his skills.

    The best does not always win—Look up VHS and BetaMax if you need proof.

    Aren’t there power structures behind every president? Do we get to vet those?

    Weren’t LBJ and Texas necessary to get Kennedy elected?

    Weren’t the Stephens brothers instrumental in preparing Clinton for the presidency?

    Is there no power structure behind the Bushes?

    Do writers find it impolite to discuss this?

    I’m rather ignorant about politics but treating the presidency like it’s a spelling bee won by the most talented contestant ... how does this square with reality?

  6. My uncle who lives in NY and earns 45,000$ per year as guard (sit in some cabin) on entrance of some residential building (i guess he would get 20,000 max in all other parts of USA for such job), he says that in USA even sandwich man is called an business entity. He is an idiot, he went to USA as 50 years old, 15 years ago, with diploma in socialist economy... And i explained to him that how ever he tries, he cannot get higher then what Tito gave him. He can only dream to get free flat and normal job without leeches.
    Of course he there must pay rent, must work from some private profiteer and that is, after he pays tax and medical, he is an idiot.

    And he nicely worked here before capitalism, he had free food in factory, elastic working obligations, from nothing to sometime some, boss was community organiser, work was praised and mentioned as object of some legends, everyone talked about work... Factory needed about 1000 workers, and 4000 was employed, but after one month of work he had much more money then what is stolen from him every month by rentiere class in NYC today. He now have daddy and mommy in NYC who must be feed by his work. He is an idiot. Of course in capitalism, that factory was intentionally destroyed because after cold war workers is not dangerous political entity and we all today are nice people, managers and our own business entities.

    Yes it was producing radioactive mud, and was laminating stones in bay, just how every PVC factory should... But it was better. He had more purchasing power then today in NYC. Food was not poisoned, and no communist can ever destroy so much of nature how some capitalist can. Just look google earth and see how much space capitalists need for them self, and it is never enough, never, and you have less and less from it. They are like growing cancer.

    1. Here are sirens for Tito, every year from 1981 till 1989 sirens were released in 15:05 on every 4th of may. Whole country had to stay calm, every car had to stop.
      Who would have said that capitalism will again go in to deep crisis as capitalism, always and always does :))
      Real capitalism without growth is worse then any communism you can imagine. In USA people were needed before, now they are not needed any more...
      It is going to be interesting, because all those poor working people will not gladly and wilfully kill them self.