Friday, November 13, 2015

The State of The Union: So Far-So Good but Recession/ Drug Abuse Loom over the Horizon!
I just came back from a ten state trip visiting different parts of the northeast. Most of my time was spent in New Hampshire, traveling from town to town. In the process, I encountered Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and attended a political rally in Warner, NH where Bernie Sanders was speaking at a town hall.
His speech was a crowd pleaser which made me feel a part of a movement which on the surface sounded great—“a chicken in every pot.” However, the cold hard facts of reality hit me as I drank my Dunkin Donuts coffee. 

There is no money for what he wants to do.  In reality, the entitlement programs plus the bloated military budget accounted for most of our wasted tax dollars [not even including the compounded interest rate on the mounting debt]. I then dismissed my enthusiasm for him and his passionate speech as a fanciful political riff by a well-intentioned naïve politician.
Needless to say, the NH landscape in the fall is overwhelming. A flood of colors assaulted my eyes, as I travelled from one hamlet to another. Quaint towns like Harrisville NH had restored their antiquated manufacturing plants into visitor-friendly historical sites. In Manchester, the old textile mills along the Merrimack were converted into a high tech compound by the singular efforts of one man—Dean Kamen.

Kamen’s start-ups were neatly ensconced within the red brick sinews of the old textile mills which over time disappeared thanks to higher manufacturing costs, bad trade deals and cheap overseas labor [sound familiar?]. Kamen even created a very elegant restaurant called, “The Foundry” in an old mill which offered a panoply of exciting new cuisine that normally might be found in a seemingly more sophisticated urban setting like NYC, San Francisco or Paris. This conversion of old factory space into vibrant “Information Age” work space was quite impressive.

However, the most impressive site for me was the Bretton Woods Conference Room in the Mt Washington Hotel, located about two hours north of Manchester. The hotel itself was an incredible feat of engineering dating back to the early 1900s. It was, at that time the largest hotel in the USA, containing hundreds of rooms and thousands of glass pane windows. It still remains as a structural behemoth of untoward beauty. 
I was particularly interested in seeing only one room. I searched around the large lobby of the hotel to locate the room in which the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference of December 27, 1944 was held. When I found the room in which the Bretton Woods agreement was signed by 44 countries, I felt like a kid who has gone back in time and witnessed one of the major financial turning points in the 20th century history of the world. There, around a small round table, sat Henry Morgenthau Sr, Sir John Keynes as well as prominent statesmen from the Soviet Union, France, and other countries to sign an agreement which set gold standard at $35 an ounce and most importantly, designated the United States dollar as the backbone of the future international exchange currency of the world. It was there that America truly became the economic and political superpower it is today.
The winning of WWII allowed us to obtain both the legitimacy and leadership of making the USD the currency for any transactions anywhere around the world. Now that was brilliant forethought on behalf of the American political elite! At the same time, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were created to assist in helping war-torn Europe to regain an economic foothold in the post WWII world. Since that time, every country including France, Germany and China have tried to break the back of the USD  in order to make their particular currency the basis of transactions around the world.
After leaving the Bretton Wood Conference Room, I returned back to Manchester where I saw Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and the Ben Carson bus - --all ready for their circus tours around NH in a futile attempt to solicit votes from the people so that they could be the Republican presidential nominee. The sight of those three men quickly brought me back to a reality, I realized that American leadership and savoir-faire had truly disappeared after WWII. Now what we, Americans, are left with was a cadre of ambitious mediocre men with no knowledge of banking or international negotiations—who would one day enact the inane policies that their untutored minions had written for them.
I left NH with a despondent sense of uncertainty, fearing that the gains that were made at Bretton Woods would be eroded by a POTUS who knew nothing of history and knew less of America.  Adding to my sense of foreboding, was the heroin epidemic that is spreading across the Granite state, destroying young adults- blue collar and white collar alike.  Cheap heroin has invaded from Lawrence/Lowell Mass where South American/Central American gangs have a historic foothold. This new blight of NH, became the last memory of that beatific state as I drove through the urban decay of Boston, NYC, Scranton, Philadelphia, N.J. We were once great, now we seem to be just falling apart.

The current state of the union is fine---as long as we keep the masses with bread and circus and allow them never to learn about their amazing history of achievement.
 Let them shoot up and tune out, for that is the modus operandi of this new millennial generation.
Self-destruction has become the keystone of American military, political and educational endeavors. Get high and die!
As for tomorrow…. That’s not our problem… Someone else has to care of that.


  1. Great article! From a guy in the granite state!

    1. Dr.P heroin is all over America now, in every small town and state. It's a little worse in places like New England and Alaska and Montana because the weather there makes for boredom and therefore higher rates of drug use. But it's really everywhere.

      The marketing of the Mexican drug syndicates has permitted them to do what no previous drug gangs could remotely do....penetrate every town and village in all fifty states.

      They are wherever there are communities of illegal Mexicans...that's now everywhere. In Houston there are 400,000 illegal Mexicans. It's easy for drug sellers to be among them. And now illegal Mexicans are common in every city across America and their drug syndicate cohorts are there among them.

      Once drugs are readily available certain people are going to use them, and heroin is now sold at such a high purity that it can just be snorted instead of injected.
      People usually turn to heroin because it's cheaper than the prescription opiodes that they have grown to love but can no longer afford. Ninty percent of heroin users started out on oxycontin and then shifted to heroin for cost reasons....

      As I write this Paris has been attacked by known ISIS fighters who were permitted back into France after their fun and games with ISIS in Syria. Instead of declaring these assholes enemies and locking them up the French simply try to watch them or break up their plans if they're detected. This time they fell off the radar and their plan was implimented.

      All the French have to do is declare war on ISIS and the other jihadi groups in Syria and then anyone fighting with them can be taken prisoner and be off the streets but they won't do least not yet.

      The west has been playing games with ISIS til now because the West is indifferent to everything over there now, and it never dawned on them the creatures like ISIS are totally different from other movements or actors. ISIS is unique in it's ferocity and cruelty. They take every girl they find and make them into sex slaves like African rebels commonly do. They've butchered and massacred their way across the region, slaughtering and pillaging in their wake. And yet people are actually buying oil from these monsters?

      I mention this because the terrorists in France hide in the muslim communities there as Mexican drug sellers hide in the millions of illegal Mexicans across America.

      Common sense would dictate that all these people need to be expelled anyway as Trump or anyone with common sense can see. It's a terrible solution because they should never have been let in anyway but now that they're here, or in France for that matter, they have to be thrown out. If it's unpleasant for them tough. They should have stayed where they belonged.

    2. What's funny is the illogic of those criticizing Trump's intention of expelling the illegals. These stupid claims are that there are so many that it would be impractical to expell them. This rests on the idiotic idea that in order to expell some of them you have to expell all of them, and that is nonesense.

      Clearly the intent is to expell as many as is workable or practical, not necessarily every last one of them. And to fail to expell as many as you can because it's not workable to expell them all is totally illogical, and an obvious straw man for the fact that these people just don't want any of them to be expelled.

    3. Now as for the lethality of heroin it doesn't have to be lethal so much anymore as the new Narcan medications prevent death in the event of an overdose.

      Narcan is in all the EMS trucks and so forth but so far the stupid heroin junkies don't bother to keep it around their places of use.

      For that matter HIV is not totally preventable with a 100 percent effective prophilatic making it's user immune to the HIV virus. The drug is called Trivesta I think but few people know it exists. All the girls and guys in the porn business are now taking it and it's the reason why "internal come shots" are now everywhere in porn videos....

      But among most girls and guys at risk for getting HIV, including sex workers or gay men...

      Ninty percent don't even know Trivesta even exists.

      Same for Narcan among the junkies.

      It's just stupid.

      But they all know about the latest iphone product.

    4. correction...

      "HIV is now totally preventable..."

    5. Oh yeah, locking them up will really make a difference, THANKS FOR THE LAUGH! 800,000 of them 'migrating' into Europe (so far) and you think I'm an idiot for suggesting Col Allen West as candidate for CIC? You should read his published work writen almost a decade ago predicting exactly what's unfolding now.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg and libtard nonsense of police action, greater surveillance, blah blah blah bullshit isn't going to stop an idealogy. Nor will engaging in more illegal wars with the ROE tying one arm behind our soldiers back.

      The only thing that will stop any virus is the death of its host and there is not a single argument to refute that fact.

    6. Furthermore, West couldn't be called a 'racist' for mass deportations and/or firing all of the affirmative action idiots who were promoted into federal jobs without any brains to do the job effectively. He's published more papers on the subject than all candidates combined.

      West is not on the ticket so it's a moot point. I brought him into the discussion because as a black man, he has much more to offer this country than Dr. Carson. Sadly, that is the only reason he was redistricted out of congress and marginalized in the mainstream.

      True common sense thinking leaders are not wanted or needed anymore in the NWO as it would interfere with the master plan of depopulation which is coming soon to a city near you.

  2. Fabulastic, sadly Dean Kamen is unable to spread good to all people, because he does not have money how much he should have and how much he deserve. He is not important and not needed.

    1. Kamen is a Jewish name. Why is it all the people doing these things have Jewish names.

    2. Others are not mentioned...

  3. Dr. P. is right, internet is in every house (panem and circenses et plus propaganda), and change is impossible, for youth to take guns and start revolution, it is mission impossible... and they care only and only about more money (private profits)... youth is sleeping on internet... people are sleeping on internet
    no one is saying but bankers were thrown out new zealand also, they were hard core capitalist country full or natural wealth, but they saw that they are going poorer and poorer also and bankers richer... well they were thrown out and ended for 20 years in prison...

    But it will not be done... so... prepare your kids to be radiated :)

    1. Alex Jones is main anaesthesiologist and operative for youth, he is against any revolution, against any violence because he says that they all are founded by Soros...
      He is for revolution of ideas, he should be killed first... He is one of few best things rich got to not care.

    2. Paul Craig Roberts about Portugal, saying that communist and socialist coalition without exiting EU and nationalisation of banks will not work...

  4. As you convey your knowledge and experience Dr P, along with the member bloggers, we hopefully share and shed more light on our history and the context in which we operate- Keep the faith !

  5. Bankers wants right wing Europe... Right wing protects rich...
    Muslim attacks in Paris, 43 killed, other hostages...

  6. No no it is done, I think it was never case in history that you had such parasites openly going against people, i guess because it is global. Look those super delegates, 359 of them will vote for Clinton while 8 for Sanders...
    That is it...
    You all will learn what is real free market capitalism and what is when money is only measure...
    Only WW3 WILL stop them for ever... Revolution is impossible...

    1. Look comments down there...

  7. Wow what an artilcle. is becoming hard core...
    Every class problem in USA is police problem ... HA HA HA

  8. Cmon people it is time to start shooting at them, read this article and you will understand that there is absolutely no chance for any kind of political change, start your right wing "christian" militias and start shooting on police, government is weak, it is only strong when then need government to suck you...
    Look this picture, what is missing there, only capitalists are missing there: someone have to move those figure, and those have own class... they are capitalists...

    It does not matter, go national-socialist if you do not like commies...
    Everyone needs to want to become capitalists, that is system, you are going to die, we all are going to die, if everyone does not want to become capitalist!!!
    That is system.
    We ALL must want to become capitalist under any possible price...

    You can have your own little white rich capitalists later, but pure economy is saying that you must destroy your competition now which are against you, just destroy them, only way how you can, because legally or on market that is impossible...
    Therefore kill them! There is nothing personal in economy...
    Money is money, it does not smell... Take it...
    Everyone must think in market terms... That is only way to stop 3rd WW.
    KILL THEM ALL! ALL 1% must die, let one of become 1%!

    1. People put on armband sign: "i am 99%", or swastika or hammer and sickle...
      Each of them will work, just put RED... Just put it God damn!
      Join Communist party, yes it is of CIA but never mind go there.
      Join NAZI part, go there damn! It is also CIA but join.
      Do something... talk to people

      Start wearing that armband around arm!
      Line up brigade of peoples on main square. Make leaflet, start talking against rich and just call people on main square to line up with arms...
      Tell them to put 99%.
      I you cannot do it then die...
      I will try to organise forming of new 9th partisan Dalmatian brigade... when i join SRP (socialist workers party) next Monday...
      We can at least start civil war.
      Go talk to veteran organisations and give them sign 99% also. Go talk to those humanitarian organisations helping homeless people just give them to give people to wear those 99%. Imagine homeless person with sign 99% around arm.

      Find you local hero...
      This is mine: it is time to associate your self, that is best in what you can invest...
      JUST FORGET INTERNET, internet can be used only for listening my advices and coordination!
      Put everything on leaflets, they never had more power, people wants them...
      Just make them red... Demand
      1. nationalisation of banks...
      2. cap on wealth of 2M $.
      3. democracy on workplace

      This is my hero:ć

      Die as noble man!