Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Crucial Importance of Inspector Generals in the Obama Administration but They Are Being Eviscerated!
A recent article in the NYTimes, “Tighter Lid on Records Threatens to Weaken Government Watchdogs”, by Eric Lichtblau [Nov.27, 2015] examines the serious problem of how the Obama Administration which espouses “transparency” has made certain that the inspector generals in every federal agency have no real power. In every federal bureaucracy there is a division of inspector generals who have been assigned the specific duty of monitoring the activities of that particular agency to ensure that they are complying within the law; as well as that the stipulated functions are being implemented according to the prescribed mandates.
It turns out that Eric Lichtblau, the journalist, has uncovered a pattern of miscreant behavior beginning with the Drug Enforcement Agency [DEA] leading to the august Department of Justice [DOJ] and the FBI; where powers of the inspector general have been seriously curtailed by the Obama Administration. Obama created an artificial  expectation where “Transparency” would be the keystone of his two administrations when in reality, he made certain that the access by journalists and inspector generals have been seriously curtailed. No explanations or rationalizations are even offered. So necessary information required to make an independent assessment by an outside party has been at best restricted; and at worse, refused.

Obama and his political minions have started on a course of information censorship which has become the vouchsafe of his tenure as POTUS. No one within the administration or outside the closely knit WH clique really has full access to any narrative which may contain the truth or any semblance to reality. Obama has effectively implemented an administration where fiction and distortion of the truth become the paramount achievements of his tenure.

Witness the recent book, No One Died At Sandy Hook by James Fetzer, a highly dedicated investigator who found himself banned from releasing the book at for some absurd, nonsensical, arbitrary reason. The book categorically states what I and a multitude of other ‘truthers’ have said from the beginning: what Connecticut Officials/State Police stated about countless children dying in a shoot-out by Adam Lanza, an Asperger’s shooting maven, was completely false. I and a multitude of others investigators went so far as to implicate Obama and his judicial field hand –Eric Holder –for disseminating lies and creating a ‘stand down’ which at it’s core was criminal and self-indicting. The FBI 2012 reports corroborated our conclusions; as did the inspector generals’ reports in DOJ. Yet Obama continued on his escapade of lies right up to the Osama bin Laden raid and the creation of the CIA manufactured terrorism of al Qaeda and ISIS.
Now Americans have been deprived of any legitimate means of monitoring a mendacious, incompetent POTUS, who believes that he belongs to the pantheon of the untouchables, surrounded by the wily, corrupt Secret Service whose loyalty always remains circumspect and questionable [in light of prostitution and drug charges]. 

It’s time to insist that our legislative representatives demand further transparency through real oversight or we, blinded citizens will stumble through the dark ages of lies and invest ourselves with the resolves to protect those of us who are threatened by the Administration by any means possible.
Truth and integrity have fallen by the wayside of mendacity and Machiavellian guile. Even our feminized military leadership has failed to protect us both internally or externally— incompetency, lassitude, and greed reeks through their senior ranks.

Americans can and must fight for our constitutional right to know what the servants of the state, POTUS and others, are doing with our taxpayer dollars [creating unnecessary wars while trying to mandate gun control]. We cannot wait one more year to tolerate the absurdities of a man whose credibility and integrity is completely shattered by falsified records, false flags, stand downs; as well as, the elimination of our guardians of bureaucratic oversight [the inspector general’s]
There is an old Malayan proverb that goes something like this:
“Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm.” 



  1. James Fetzer is an amazing source of facts about the Kennedy assassination and 9-11, however he accepts every story by everyone who comes down the pike. He's very logical but very gullible, and doesn't exercise any skepticism when just anyone makes claims of involvement in the Kennedy matter.

    Because of this he repeats claims by individuals which are totally unproven. This has led him to make an absurd reconstruction of the shooting in Dealy Plaza where nine or more people are shooting from that many positions and it's an absolute mess.

    He needs climb down from his Ivory Tower of Academics and gain some real word smarts about the fact that people like to make up stories.

    1. Nothing changes, only the times have changed. Storytelling conspiracy theories are intended to entertain and distract those who are gullible and lack critical thinking skills. (e.g. Gladiators, Chariots, and the Roman Games used to keep the poor and unemployed entertained and occupied in the hopes that they would not revolt.)

      Some people like to argue about their opinions of their ideas of theories of speculation of opinions of views but there is no evidence that “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.” Even the snarky Dr. Fetzer knows this. The “tell” was Dr. Fetzer’s and Mr. Halbig’s meeting in front of the Sandy Hook School Board. Dr. Fetzer, in front of the School Board, did not say “nobody died,” but the contrary. Dr. Fetzer acknowledged that people died at the Sandy Hook shooting event. Again, this was in front of the school board. So it appears that Dr. Fetzer doesn’t want to be charged with “defrauding the government” by lying in front of the School Board. But on Dr. Fetzer’s radio show and other “entertainment” shows, Dr. Fetzer claims that nobody died. So the evidence reveals that Dr. Fetzer knows it is a federal crime to defraud the government. 3:44 to 6:03

      Maybe Dr. Fetzer should request a court order to exhume the children's bodies! LOL

      Here is some information Dr. Fetzer can disseminate to his tin soldier army to overthrow the U S government because they want to take our guns away.

      Pipe And Fire Bomb Designs

      Dr. Fetzer is taking donations for three statues in his honor to be erected! One is planned to be prominently displayed in Dealey Plaza, one on exhibition at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and one in the courtyard of the new Sandy Hook school. For years to come people will flock in busloads to honor the great Dr. Fetzer and leave tokens of their appreciation.

      Dr. Fetzer is organizing a field trip to the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum for all his groupies! Tickets are $2,000 each paid in advance to the Dr. Fetzer Foundation.

      The US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum is located on the corner of Ardennes St. and Marion St. on Fort Bragg, N.C. The museum is open 11 a.m. through 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is free.

      Military information support operations (MISO) play an important role in DOD communications efforts through the planned use of directed programs specifically designed to support USG and DOD activities and policies. MISO are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to select Internet audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of the U S government, organizations, groups, and individuals in a manner favorable to the originator’s objectives. Military information support (MIS) professionals follow a deliberate process that aligns commander’s objectives with an analysis of the environment; select relevant TAs; develop focused, culturally, and environmentally attuned messages and actions; employ sophisticated media delivery means; and produce observable, measurable behavioral responses.

    2. I agree that Fetzer is a megalomanic and a nut. People like him disgrace all researchers on these issues he involves himself in.

  2. Go to Youtube sometime and see some of John Kennedy's interviews with journalists and you will see how quickly he replies, and how lucid and cogent he is. His use of language is fluent and fluid and he's relaxed. He was a very fast reader and was deft in thought and language. That was the standard that people expected at that time.

    Then watch Obama and how halting his speach is, and low limited his vocabulary is, and how inconfident and nervous he is.

    And this is the pathetic standard of a dumbass brain that people accept today because people's standards of intellect and language have become vulgarized and lowered to nothing.

    Listen to the best selling LP by Adele, this "Hello" thing....
    It's a peice of garbage by someone who can neither sing nor write and has no talent for anything!

    Compare this "Adele" talentless fat bitch to anyone from the 1960s and you can see that IQs have been driven down to zero.

    Maybe it's the vaccines, but people today are just stupid. They have no talent and their brains are very limited. I don't think they can read well, or think or speak and they very limited vocabulary and capacity for anything.

    They're just stupid.

  3. With that said, time to drain the cesspool, and release the Kracken! : )

    1. Remember, Inspector Clousoe was an Inspector too. He was not yet an "Inspector General," but with time anything can happen.

    2. Yes give it time rofl, a long long time, perhaps a genetic mutation by chance, and voilĂ  ; )

  4. This generation has no Paul Simon or Pete Seeger or Carly Simon or Paul McCartney or Hal David or Jimmy Webb or even a Linda Creed or Bobby Womack or Curtiss Mayfield...

    They literally have no geniuses, and I think something must be wrong with their joke.

    They have very limited abilities. They have no geniuses at all, in any field. None.

  5. At any point in time you could point to the arts or to the sciences and find outstanding people in their late twenties who were at the top of their games.....

    But not now.

    It's stopped.

    Something is really wrong, and I think it might have something physically to do with their brains.

    There's much, much higher levels of CNS damage of all kinds in this generation and I think there's a real problem with what is supposed to be the higher functioning cohorts....

    There is no higher functioning cohort in this generation.

    1. They don't need to be geniuses to support putting liberty lovers in reeducation camps.

      At this point that is all that matters to the worlds elites.

      And they will yell "kill them" as we are loaded on the trains. There is no doubt.

    2. The twenty somethings are functionally infantile wards of the state, nothing more who have been bred and trained to light the ovens off while doing their gods work as they are morally superior to the old geezers who deserve nothing more than a crematorium.

      The pre-teen and teens are drooling zombies barely cognizant of their own existence. I see it every time I take my kids to an event where there are groups of children and teens. We homeschool so our kids and the other home schooled, drug free kids stand out like a sore thumb and dominate the mind numbed zombie, fatherless offspring with ease. Even the adults approach me and say my kids have restored their faith in the youth. It is that obvious.

      The others have no ability to reason. They operate a phone and have been convinced they are geniuses because they can text in broken English to some other moron.

      When they are used up it is going to be a very sad time for all of these useful idiots when they wake up in the camps not having any idea how they got there.

    3. I am convinced ultrasound exams in industrialized countries, are systematically over heating the embryonic brain, as "safe" FDA protocols and guidelines (used by U.S.), are blatantly ignored as to; duration of exposure, as well as recommended intervals between exposure to high frequency sound waves, which convert to heat in tissue.

      Not to mention all the other environmental factors of drugs, and pollution which come into play.

      Plus the lack of nurturing environment with the destruction of the nuclear family which was pointed out by Tiny Tim, and you've got the sorry state of affairs called the entitled millennials.

    4. Well their brains might be slightly warmed oh so much but it would have to be over like 104 degrees farenheit for a long time to damage tissues. I doubt their brains are warmed up that much but that's just a guess.

      The one difference has been the load of vaccinations. That's the one big change. They load and stack vaccines and inject them directly into the bodies of infants. That's fucking nuts. There is no evidence that injecting infants with stacked vaccines is safe. There just isn't. It's all a huge experiment and all children exposed to this standard practice are the data base.

  6. Methinks Amazon do protest too much. If you think something is shit then hold it up for ridicule, it is cretinous to ban it.

  7. Started to read 'Devils Chessboard' how kind of Dulles to hand over one of his girlfriends to British Agents, never to be seen again. What a Gentleman.

    1. Dulles was a conservative Republican serving in the Administration of Franklin Roosevelt and Dulles and his ilk were strongly anti-communist and not anti-Nazi. He played along with the American war effort against the Nazis although he thought it was an insane policy. At every turn he sought to minimize damage to Germany and to oppose Soviet goals. I think he was correct in those efforts, but my agreement with him stops there.

      Where I strongly disagree with his ilk is that he failed to understand that communism was not monolithic. Tito was the glaring example of a communist situation which was independent of the USSR, China, or other overly despotic societies. But Dulles wasn't intelligent enough to accept that, nor was he intelligent enough to understand the benign motives of those in the third world who sought neutrality. Above all Dulles and his kind opposed neutrality, and that was stupid.

      In addition to his stupidity and natural penchant for lying, he was also ruthless and cruel.

      He was a total disaster.

      I believe he initiated the plan to kill President Kennedy along with Lyndon Johnson. I believe it was a Johnson/Dulles action. After Dulles was fired he continued to influence all the senior CIA figures who he surrounded himself with when he built the CIA. That was the beginning of the "CIA inside the CIA" which included my mentor, Dr.Walt Rostow and his buddy James Angleton. Rostow, Angleton, Rocca, Harvey, Phillips, Klein and

    2. ..Klein and his "grey ghost" and others were all part of that "CIA inside of CIA." And while I'm at it let me say it included Hunt, Joanides, and a few others. But I don't think it included Bissil, or people like Winston Scott. It never included those who showed they had a conscience.

  8. "THE CLIMATE HUSTLE" debuts in Paris 12-7-15, a day which will live in infamy.

    1. I agree that there's enormous reasons for skepticism, but evidence is piling up that they might possibly be right about CO2, and if we get it wrong then it might be a small problem.