Monday, November 9, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson, Distinguished John Hopkins Neurosurgeon:
Slip-Sliding Away From the Truth into Confabulation and Sociopathy!
Over the past few weeks, Dr Ben Carson has made some outlandish statements about the Pyramids, Abortion and most disturbingly about his fictitious acceptance to the prestigious military academy, West Point. As most of you know by now, thanks to #BenCarsonWikipedia, we are witnessing a seemingly serious Republican Presidential Candidate turn from sobriety to fantasy/fiction and self-ridicule.
Personally, I don’t care a fig what he believes or says about his past history. It really does not concern me in anyway. However, when it comes to military service or attendance at the prestigious West Point [where I once gave a lecture on American Presidents and their respective pathologies], I decided to blog about Carson’s behavior [or lack of truth]. Clearly, I am not na├»ve. When Carson continued to present self-contradictory narratives about his position on abortion and his past accomplishments [promoting vitamin supplements for pay—and then denying it], I began to sense that we, Americans, are once again witnessing an African-American sociopath like Barack Obama. It appears that in both gentlemen, the truth is a variable that is completely anathema to their respective characters. Lying and opportunism earmark both men’s ascendancy to power and prestige.

In the case of Obama, I have discussed his CIA-incubated personae in excruciating detail [even I won’t repeat it]. This case of Ben Carson offers a slight variation on the theme of ‘slip-sliding away’ from the truth. One revelation after another has burst on the public stage with a ravishing brutality of truth and Carson can only continue to obfuscate his way out of these lies. In simple terms he is an opportunistic sociopath.
So what is new?
Aren’t most of the presidential candidates pretty much a variance of being an ‘effective sociopath’?
Yes and no.

Either Trump went to the Wharton Business School and was a star candidate, or he was not…true or false?  In the case of Dr. Ben Carson, his past neurosurgical accomplishments places the seemingly awesome John Hopkins Medical Center in the center of public focus. Is John Hopkins as good or prestigious as it would like to appear to the lay-audience? In my humble opinion, it is highly overrated and in need of closer examination.
From personal experience, John Hopkins Medical Center is where I was thrown into a severe hypothermia and hypotension requiring 24 hour ICU attention.  I found that my medical records never reflected this malfeasance of the surgeon and especially the anesthesiologist who was warned by me not to inject anything into my spine [let alone an untested drug]. The point is, like most prestigious hospitals around the USA, they lied and committed malpractice.
Of course, John Hopkins, suis generis, did nothing about this egregious clinical malfeasance; so, as usual, I took matters into my own hands. The particular surgeon in question had trained at the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital where I had some connections based on my training at Harvard Med. I asked for his dismissal from his medical organization and his position as Chairman of Urology at John Hopkins. As it turned out, I had shown my colleagues how this particular surgeon lied about his clinical successes in his famous textbook on Urology by manipulating the data. He documented only his successful outcomes while refusing to use any negative data that might contradict his positive outcomes on nerve-sparing prostatectomies.
Now, based on my experience, I don’t believe any part of the Ben Carson narrative—either starting from childhood—then, skyrocketing to a history of contrived accomplishments in all of his presumed fields of endeavor [surgery, politics, writing, et. al.].
As usual, I hope I am wrong. 
At any given time, I have a sneaking suspicion that Carson’s cash-flows match his opportunistic beliefs and self-aggrandizing publicity. He is a true “Sociopathic Capitalist” who can use history, personal beliefs and presumed accomplishments at will—regardless of its correspondence to the truth or accepted scientific evidence.
Now the American public has a chance to vet out one of their candidates and uncover how far afield he/she is from the audacious concept called, ‘the truth’.
As Ben gets closer to his destination, the presidency, he seems to keep slip-sliding away. Understand that African-Americans have no monopoly on sociopathy---it’s rampant in all colors, religions, races and ethnic groups.
Sociopathy, like a bullet, has no prejudice whatsoever. It just tries to kill its intended target through manipulations, distortions and lies.
You know it as the “Billary Phenomena”


  1. It is interesting how potential candidates are so economical with the actualite, when everything is so easily checkable when running for office, unlike when they have the job nearly everything is shut down, so it cannot be verified like Obama's education and heritage. Maybe candidates think that the electorate wants to be seduced like some bizarre internet dating site, where everyone is a six feet two CEO who is also a vegan trying to get the girl. The real secret is the Truth! any candidate of any persuasion will wipe the floor with anyone because it cuts through all the shit every time, everywhere.

  2. Hard to add anything... Very hard, ...impossible... People needs to hear truth from truth teller, and this is truth telling article, i was just thinking same but I did not know that I was thinking same before Dr. P. said it.

    1. It goes with inventions also, everyone will tell, yes i saw it, yes i knew, of course, yes that was what i was thinking... I saw it already there, you did it same like those, yes that is this like that...

    2. People are ego maniacs. I am ego maniac also, because I am practicing to build my ego in sense that I am evidently not ego maniac like others. That means that I am above others, even I am ego maniacs like all others. I am success story.

  3. Looks like you wrote your article before Ben Carson came out with the facts in writing from original documents of the day. Thanks for showing us all who YOU really are. You actually brought John Hopkins into it as well. Talk about far reaching. although I am sorry for the terrible issues that happened to you as a result of your surgery there, is that really something to credit Mr. Carson with??? Much less the whole construct of what is John Hopkins. I think that you are willing to say anything to get attention. This is just one sad commentary by an otherwise pretty astute guy. Sorry but you've missed it on this one Steve.

    1. I have to agree. I think the facts are on Carson's side.

      And Dr.P loses me also by branding Carson a "sociopath" merely if he exaggerates here and there.

      It requires a lot more than exaggeration to warrant a diagnosis of sociopathology.

      Neither do I think Obama is a sociopath. Obama is merely a run of the mill and ordinary guy with very limited empathy for anyone who isn't like himself. He's a self-promoter and exaggerator and liar. But that doesn't make him a manipulator who enjoys hurting others.

      The chief characteristic of sociopaths isn't that they have little empathy. Most people have little empathy. The chief characteristic of sociopathology is sadism and cruelty. Obama is not a sadist. Hitler was not a sadist either. Stalin was a sadist.

    2. Blah blah, Dr. P. is right. Every word. Sociopath which learns that is more beneficiary to mimic empathy is stil sociopath.

    3. Funny, Blah Blah is my first reaction when seeing anything writen by Chia Cha.

      Stop brown-nosing the Doctor!

    4. Roger,

      Are you really Paul Wolfowitz?

  4. The Biblical account of Joseph is quite interesting. By being the only one to prepare for the sever drought, Pharaoh ended up owning all the land and everything else in Egypt because all sold everything to by grain to keep from dying.

    Joseph created huge wealth in the hands of the state which was spent on massive building edifices which in turn kept the populace employed.

    Carson's accusers account is overblown. Chances are he had some violence in his youth and being ROTC he may well have turned down a chance to get into the Point which would have been a full ride scholarship. They all are.

    Meeting Westmoreland was not that uncommon. Hell, I met him in a bar at a staff meeting over pitchers of beer in uniform. He was not at all happy about seeing that.

    This is the typical in the tank opposition destruction machine at work. Whats interesting is that they got nothing on the outsiders that will stick. HA HA,

    If all else fails bullets, plane crashes, and a sudden demise choking on a peanut butter sandwich never fails them.

    1. Sorry but I don't find anything in the Hebrew fables interesting, and no amount of re-runs of Hollywood epics on TBS during the holidays featuring Charleton Heston will ever change that.

      I don't like seeing Edward G. Robinson [who's real name was Shlomo Glickstein] slepping around in a rob and following Moses around and so on....

      "I will dwell in this land!" is what Heston says so dramatically when as Moses he leads the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt, which is total bullshit as they were never in bondage and never made brick so straw or anything of the kind.

      The Jews were in northern Egypt living as merchants and typical Jews like they did all over the region and then the Egyptians got fed up with them and sent them all packing....

      They were expelled like they were expelled from Iraq in the 1950s...

      Jonah and the Whale, Noah and the Ark, blah blah blah.....

      What a bunch of crap.

  5. Ben is probably suffering the effects of breathing in too much anesthetic over the years.

    Unless Brian Williams vetted these stories.

    Remember Hillary's story about being shot at in Bosnia?

    They are all liars!

    If their mouths are moving, chances are they are lying.

    They should capitulate, and make it a job pre requisite, and see who can tell the biggest whopper and get away with it.

    So far Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are winning, with Hildabeast tied for 3rd place.

  6. The Republicans would love to find a negro so that they can show the world that they're not racists. They're always looking for negros to appoint to high offices and to elect to public office. Usually these negros are far right wing nutballs with no talent or brains, but Carson is different.

    Yeah Carson is eccentric. He's ideocyncratic but no dishonest.

    He really does have a brain, and discipline and so forth. He sees the shortcomings of others in politics and it's been his life pattern to outperform such people when he observes them.

    He's got an ego but that's not bad. He's humble although he does perhaps over-estimate his abilities outside of his own field but that's what all high performing MDs do.....

    I predict he will be the nominee and he will defeat Hillary.

    He's the next President.

    1. In a sane republic, Col. Allen West would be THE candidate who satisfies all parties.

      There is nothing sane about the circus which has evolved from the Federal election process.

    2. Allen West is a neocon war mongering, humorless asshole who was tossed out of office because of his love of the war on terror.

    3. West was only a military officer and that takes little brains, not even as much as to be a lawyer such as Clarence Thomas or a student of Soviet history such as Condolezzzzzza Rice...

      Carson is the real thing. He's actually got a brain and a high IQ. So rare for a negro. I have to overlook his eccentricities and support him because he knows how to view things long as it doesn't effect his religious faith and other such matters.

      Jimmy Carter was like that and he was a good President.

      Yes, Jimmy Carter was not bad. Reagan was bad. Ford and Nixon were bad.

    4. I don't agree with everything Carter does but he's an honest man who means well and accomplishes small deeds. But best of all he does no harm, and that's the most important thing.

      Look at him today. He still teaches Sunday School.

      He's a man who knows right from wrong and knows how to live a successful life.

    5. Incorrect Sir! While he is a Marine, he's not the war lover you portray. He's simply common sense on the overseas combat missions - if we're going to be over there, LET'S FUCKING WIN AND ANNIHILATE EM ALL! I agree, or don't be there.

      West is a common sense fighter type who's unafraid to call out the frauds, liars and traitors and publicly label them. He's got the gift of public speaking with authority and would scare the living shit out of Putin without even issuing any orders. I could see Putin and the rest of our foes accelerating their plans with Dr. Carson the soft spoken (let me close my eyes for 3 seconds while I formulate a thought) stutterer in chief.

      Fyi - THEY redistricted West and covered THEIR tracks because they couldn't shut him up. True patriots like West are the biggest threat the status quo faces; distinguished military career, loved by his soldiers, leads from the front, fiscal conservative, old school common sense on social issues, a proven winner with no skeletons. Massive threat!

      I would expect an MIT grad to do better investigating.

    6. You're an asshole and an idiot.

      We shouldn't "annihilate them all." That means killing everyone who lives there.

      Do I need to remind you Einstein that there were not any Weapons of Mass Destruction or anything else which justified our invasion?

      We are the bad guys and we deserve to lose more than a few. We deserve to lose a lot of men and women, none of whom where there for any noble or justifiable reasons....

      I wish West were one of the amputees or the dead ones.

    7. And don't throw around words like "patriot" because you don't know the meaning of the word.

      If you think invading other countries who haven't done anything to Americans is fun then you and West should get back into uniform and the two of you can go fight whoever you want over there....

    8. I've been called worse by smarter people Mike.

      What is a US Marine's first directive? FOLLOW ORDERS! What's the second? WIN THE FIGHT AND PROTECT YOUR FELLOW MARINE AT ALL COSTS!

      How do you blame West for doing his sworn duty and being pissed off that he couldn't protect his Marines because of traitorous cocksuckers who not only got us into illegal wars, but set the rules of engagement in opposition to our soldiers success?

      I never said I agreed with those 'wars', I dont. That said, I'm no Monday morning quarterback who's going to stab West, or little 19yr old Johnny Rottencrotch who's facing a very motivated enemy on behalf of our country (us).

      The new argument from libtards is there wouldn't be this mass recruitment of jihadis if we hadn't illegally gone into their backyards so many times. I get that argument and agree that our foreign policy is dogshit when I comes to those conflict zones.

      My point is simple, if you're going to war, you go to win! You annihilate that enemy and all their relatives and future generations because that's what they are going to do to you.

      I'm surprised you don't agree with me, your hero Hitler would.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Carson is the only candidate or politician [not that he's a politician] who has stated that the invasion of Afghanistan was an original mistake and error and that it was a foreseeable error....

    Now that's intellect!

    He's always saying insightfully correct things such as that which the public doesn't want to hear.

    1. No, he have some interesting logic (maybe because he is mixed), but unlike you, (one who have sound logic), I see he is real idiot. He is manipulative idiot. He is unique example of sociopath who knows he is sociopath. He just does not know that he is idiot.
      Emotionally he is emotional idiot, but good in constructing mainpulative sourounding, I first and only sensed his pathology because I was only one who used Marx. He needed to become surgeon just make his story stonger.
      You were fascinated by his logic, (using Afganistan), but that was all.

  8. It's going to be a blast to see Hillary get shot down once again.
    She's been running for decades now and spent billions of dollars to no avail....
    Her pants suits and big butt will never be President, and she will never understand why..

  9. Socialists and communists to overthrow right wing reactionary american CIA pro-austerity pro-slave ownership pro-enterprenoourship government in Portugal. Every nation must kill 50% of own people. All right wing people needs to be killed, we cannot say that they are innocent. Popole likes blood of others. They are Ben Carsons multiplied in 47%.
    You have to kill richest 47% of peoplation in civil war and welcome Chinese and Russian army if right wing CIA continue to this support of capitalists in Europe.

    EU is more reactionary then USA. But CIA is one supporting capitalists.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Look this sick news about invisible forces saying they do not like new socialist-communist governmnet. HA HA HA.
      USA in debt to all, not returning money, and we all have to return money to USA. F O. We need arab spring in whole southern Europe and blood on street plus nuclear war. If CIA would ask me I would gladly do terrorist false flag attack nuking some nuclear plant around NYC, plus few dirty bombs in NYC, and one standard nuke in Central Park, that would be great false flag. Also one false flag on Washington also.

    3. These are news from paradise, look how our commies and socialitsts united. This never happend on west from 1936 French government. When France was thinking to say fuck off to USA and GB and make alliance with USSR and win WW2 against Germany.

      In Croatia, our anti-austerity Communist party (now split on two parties, former national, and former international wing) won about 90% of seats, but to keep mask of democracy we cannot form coalition between two wings becuse facade (like in USA, two wing monster) would fall plus we must support neo-liberal-neo-conservative free market policies in econmy which are great to kill people, so people will soon demand full communism or they will cease to exist as weak and leave place for Chinese super race and civilisation. So either case, we win. But like I said, CIA created on facebook with support of capitalistic media in Croatia (meaning 100% of media) one small austerity party, which will be coopted (against will of CIA) or we will have to form coalition of two communist parties.

      WW2 started in Spain, and right wing capitalists think they solved their everything there. Mark my words, nuclear balistic submarine will sail in to Sevilla for friendly visit if this shit continue. Spain is not solved story, in Spain it will start again. We just needs to start seeking fight and blood. Our fascist Ustashe formed this small brown shirt unit, had parade near parlament and cabinet and after election said they will support left wing of communist party... HA HA They won 2 seats.

      Just this time nukes are going to hit americans cities.
      Why should american cities not look like Aleppo.

    4. Plenty of American cities already look like Aleppo and Hama.

      Ever seen Detroit?

  10. Chia won't be happy until everyone is dead but himself. There is a Twilight Zone TV Show based on that premise.

    You are going to be lonely Chia!

    1. No no you must kill 47%, just how Romney said, but in our case opposite 47%, meaning richest 47%. Those 6% in middle between our 47% and their 47% could be used for medical experiments. Just how it is today but opposite. I was thinking deepy, do you have to kill their families, also, but after deep thinking i found that your really have to kill them also, because common ground cannot be found. Class enemy is class enemy, his ass is only what exist in their mind. We used to say in communism when we had 2nd growth after Japan on world in early 1960es, if you have two shirt, give other one to your comrade. And there is nothing personal in that, some people think they are right, and other people thinks they are right. For me they are monsters, yes they are under propaganda, but even if you nationalise their wealth and land and then give them job and free flat, they would think that they deserved flat, job together with that natinolised land. People are asses. But as we in modern world must wait to see other peoples deed, to judge them, best to judge is by looking their deeds by scientific measurments, meaning money. Kill them if they are richest 47%. After 50 years you must kill new 47% because such would again want to start private enterprenourship. Look how it is beautiful here.

      Then after revolution, you must abolish money that is must. Then it can look like this... Look!, no city in Europe does not look like this today. Hong Kong look like dirty city with monster skycrapers (those which are residental) while here this looks better then Singapore... 10 times... looks for longer...

      Yes farmers and all those connected with private bussines and private ownership will have to be starved to death like they are today in North Korea, because you cannot help them, they just like to hoard meat, capital (food, meat, animals) to manipulate for winter, and trade later, such are people who are unable to understand greatness of system and are stuck in to old thinking of hoarding. Evidence of good system are that such are dying off. You cannot help such people. Their kids with age of 4 are already selected to be counter revolutionary monsters with deformed brains... They hold for capital so much and are so trained to hoarding that even under hunger they hold them self in old habbits. Such are dangerous, because what if such brains come to power again.

  11. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. I am "enjoying" this very "SICK SHOW"! Because, I know the END RESULT! If Hillary Rodham Clinton is NOT REMOVED from any and all STATE BALLOTS, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be in THE WHITE HOUSE! Hillary Rodham Clinton in THE WHITE HOUSE is NOT A JOKE! Because, Hillary Rodham Clinton will given THE WHITE HOUSE to "MASS-GENOCIDE" the "entire" UNITED STATES POPULATION (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "population reduction after economic collapse" produced by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS))!

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Clinton Murders" [This is a "very rare" copy of "The Clinton Murders"!] posted by dreamwarrior2008 on June 29, 2015! This particular copy must have been buried somewhere on YOU TUBE, while the rest of the copies were "REMOVED"! This particular YOU TUBE VIDEO contains significant evidence showing most of the criminal interaction between THE CLINTONS and certain criminals in China (some in the Chinese Government); and "The Clinton Murders" shows several homicides connected to THE CLINTONS, including but NOT limited to, the assassination of Vincent W. Foster on July 20, 1993 by THE C.I.A. under orders from President Clinton and the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry on August 23, 1987 [Kevin Ives and Don Henry were two (2) teenagers who had accidentally witnessed a "DRUG DROP" connected to THE C.I.A. DRUG TRAFFICKING out of THE C.I.A. AIR BASE in Mena, Arkansas; and Governor of Arkansas William Jefferson Clinton was heavily connected to THE C.I.A. AIR BASE in Mena, Arkansas!] in Saline County, Arkansas (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Cries From The Grave" posted by Josh Corbin on March 30, 2012)!

    Concerning the assassination of Vincent W. Foster by THE C.I.A. under orders from President Clinton for his (President Clinton) wife (FIRST LADY Hillary Rodham Clinton), Vincent W. Foster was "shot in the neck" (HOMICIDE) at point blank range at "THE CLINTON PARTY PAD" on July 20, 1993 (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Insider: Obama May Be the Last President" (at 25:07 to 30:07) [Alex Jones interviewed Larry Nichols (Governor Clinton's former "RIGHT HAND MAN")!] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on August 17, 2015; and "The Clinton Murders" posted by dreamwarrior2008 on June 29, 2015)!

    1. [minor corrections] Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. I am "enjoying" this very "SICK SHOW"! Because, I know the END RESULT! If Hillary Rodham Clinton is NOT REMOVED from any and all STATE BALLOTS, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be in THE WHITE HOUSE! Hillary Rodham Clinton in THE WHITE HOUSE is NOT A JOKE! Because, Hillary Rodham Clinton will [correction] be given THE WHITE HOUSE to "MASS-GENOCIDE" the "entire" UNITED STATES POPULATION (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "population reduction after economic collapse" produced by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS))!

  12. The "MOTIVE" for the assassination of Vincent W. Foster by THE C.I.A. under "orders" from President William Jefferson Clinton for his (President Clinton) wife (FIRST LADY Hillary Rodham Clinton) was a "PHONE CALL" between Vincent W. Foster (SENIOR COUNSEL TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES) and Gerald Parks (PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR in Little Rock, Arkansas, who was heavily involved with THE CLINTON CRIMINAL OPERATIONS)! Gerald Parks discussed with Vincent W. Foster all of the very incriminating "EVIDENCE" [Supposedly, Governor of Arkansas William Jefferson Clinton and Rodger Clinton (Governor Clinton's brother) were having sex with "under aged" girls in Rodger Clinton's apartment, while doing various "illegal drugs" (primarily cocaine)!] at Gerald Parks' residence! After the assassination of Vincent W. Foster by THE C.I.A. under "orders" from President Clinton on July 20, 1993, a couple of months later, Gerald Parks was assassinated by THE C.I.A. via a "drive-by" at an intersection; and just before the said assassination of Gerald Parks, Gerald Parks' residence was broken into! Only the said incriminating evidence against THE CLINTONS was "REMOVED" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Clinton Murders" (at (the assassination of Gerald Parks) 59:42 to 1:03:10 and (the assassination of Vincent W. Foster) 42:47 to 59:38) posted by dreamwarrior2008 on June 29, 2015)!

  13. As stated in other comments, Jeb Bush is the "FAILSAFE" as to Hillary Rodham Clinton! Therefore, if NOT Hillary Clinton, then there is Jeb Bush; and if NOT Jeb Bush, there is Donald Trump! Donald Trump is there to destroy Senator Dr. Rand Paul's attempt at THE WHITE HOUSE; and Donald Trump is there as a "third tier" "FAILSAFE" for THE WHITE HOUSE!

    The "ONLY CANDIDATE" that makes any sense is UNITED STATES Senator Dr. Rand Paul M.D.! Because, Dr. Rand Paul has a decent "FOREIGN POLICY"--not the best, but decent!

  14. Dr. Pieczenik please appear on The Alex Jones Channel A.S.A.P. to discuss Israel, illegitimate (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) Obama, and Iran! The is complex and simple at the same time! To get there, it is complex! However, to see the END RESULT is actually very simple! Basically, Israel, the UNITED STATES, and Iran (with current Iranian deal) ends with a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST; and this is exactly what THE NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" want, which is the "MASS-GENOCIDE" of about 7 BILLION PEOPLE of the "entire" WORLD'S POPULATION!

    1. That is why you must kill every rich. Especially after nuclear war you must kill them all. We can make sausages from them like we do with pigs. Here is video, do not watch, if you do not like see how people hit pig with sledge-hammer in to head.

    2. Raymond,

      Just remember this....

      "Between the parted pages and were pressed in love's hot feavered irons like a stripped pair of pants."

  15. Thanks FOX news...
    Violent anti-capitalism protests erupt in London - FoxTV United States News

    Fox news telling us we do not know what what we wants, and that we already having that... We want you dead, that is all...

    1. One my friend sold land here he inherited on island for 3,5M euros. His land was not even nationalised because this was communist partisan village. His life is now ruined and his good fight of his family is now jeopardised.,16.4481842,3a,75y,11.04h,81.67t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJgwM0qTSzRWWwBVN3OG6Dw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    2. On fox news they did not show that that rich cocaine user hit protester with Aston Martin after and run over him. You must take sledge hammer and hit rich in to skull and leave him to live like that for few hours. People should know that there is really nothing personal in breaking their skull.
      Look this incident with Aston Martin.


    Profit makers and job givers are foundation of this fascism.

    1. There will be another song for me for I will sing it...

      There will be another dream of me; someone will bring it...

      I will have the things that I desire and my passion flows like rivers to the sky...

      And after all the loves of my life...

      After all the loves of my life you'll still be the one....

      I will take my life into my hands and I will use it...

      I will win the worship in their eyes and I will lose it....

      I will drink the wine while it is warm and never let you catch me looking at the sun...

      And after all the loves of my life...

      After all the loves of my life I'll be thinking of you.....

      And wondering....why???????

  17. Comrades, yesterday I was working, I was carrying some heavy stuff, and today I could sleep like baby, I today I do not want to kill all rich, because my brain and hands are reprogrammed in to slave mode and we working drones we want work.
    This is warning to rich, GIVE US jobs or we will cut your heads off.
    Most us are who cannot work because there are no job will not take DRUGS...
    You cannot drug us all. Working slave drones wants to work. We needed it to sleep well, that is BIOLOGY

  18. He he today, there is shock in Croatia, newspapers owned by German capitalists talks against this new reactionary small experimental political party created by CIA, as they told people that new party wants to introduce taxation on real estate, which are none here, privatisation of health, test meaning for social protection... People feel cheated as they were never told anything about their plans by them... HA HA HA

    while newspapers owned by masonic CIA media (fake left) and Russian CIA capitalistic media (fake left but super right wing in economy) supports them, talking how cuts will be done...
    Seems that germans capitalists and masonic capitalists cannot find common ground what cuts to do... Masks are falling down...

    1. Hitler knew that is best to play on differences among capitalistic class.

  19. Donald Trump speaking how other candidates have kids on drugs, he does not, he does not drink, smoke and does not use drugs. He reminds me of real leader.