Monday, November 16, 2015

France: The Miscreant Sanctuary of Foreign Refugees and Inhumane Internment Camps.
Starting in WWI to the Algerian Wars and to Present Day…
The recent attack on Paris was clearly reprehensible but not unique nor unexpected. This is in contrast to Hollande’s public statements, of course. France’s bucolic landscape of wine, cheese and quaint villages, is littered with remnants of internment/concentration camps that, at one time or another, contained French Communists/ French Resistance Fighters, Austrians, Gypsies, Jews of all nationalities, Algerians, Germans, Americans, Muslims, Kurds, et. al.
Please know that as we hear today’s well publicized French laissez-faire/joie de vivre attitudes, the truth is far different;  and far more insidious and nefarious.  For well over one hundred years, France and its various forms of ruling government have created countless efficient internment camps to house their own citizens or those who dared to defy the ruler of the state. Unbeknownst to the world and probably most of the French students, the great French Republic has had an impressive history of creating internment camps for those who oppose the whimsical political fashions of the day implemented by the various ruling elites. 
As far back as WWI, France has developed the following internment/ concentration camps:
WWI- Germans, Austrian, and Ottoman prisoners were all interned in the department of Mayenne, Fort-Barreaux in Isere.
1920’s/30’s- Armenians were placed in camps located in Marseille [Mirabeau Camp].  
1912- Gypsies were rounded up into camps at Arc-et-Senans.
1930’s- Camp de concentratio d’Argeles-Sur-Mer used to intern the Spanish Republican refugees who fled Spain’s Civil War. (I grew up in Toulouse with some of these Spanish internees who would describe to me in detail the horrific nature of Franco’s regime and the ensuing battles between brothers.)

Here is some more history:
On August 20, 1941, the French Vichy government ordered their police to assist the Nazi Gestapo in rounding up 75,000 French Jews who were sent to Dracy; and then 4,000 or more, were eventually deported to the Mauthausen Concentration Camp where they were slaughtered. There were other Jewish Camps in Austerlitz, Levitan and Bassano. The only real French created “extermination camp” was created at Natzweiler-Struthof in Alsace Province, near the German border.
The French police under President Petain were incredibly adept in incarcerating their own people who tried to resist the Nazi regime. These were the brave French men/women who were part of the Communist French Party [PCF]. Most of them were executed at Aincourt; in Seine-et-Oise, on October 5, 1940. In the suburbs of my city, Toulouse, many of the resistance fighters [whom I had met in my youth] were tortured by the French police at Recebedou in the Haut-Garonne region. Yet real “piece de resistance” was the camp located at Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe Toulouse where the French police learned to become proficient in water-boarding, torture, and brutal forms of death.  This camp had the unique reputation for interning ‘militant communists’[translated anti-Nazi French/Polish/Russian/ Jewish/Catholic Resistance Fighters]. If they did not die there, they were then deported back to Eastern Europe, Auschwitz, and Buchenwald where they met their fate.
For most of my childhood, I listened carefully to the stories of those brave Christian/Jewish Toulouse resistance fighters who managed to survive, for one reason or another. Yet there is more to that story then most people know. Innocent Americans/British civilians who happen to be visiting France during the outbreak of the “Real War” were summarily detained at Besancon in the Doubs; Saint-Denis, near Paris; and Vittel, [Frontstalag 121] near the spa in Epinal in the Vosges department. There was no attempt to repatriate them during the war; despite the fact that they were innocent of any malfeasance.
Similarly, the Vichy, Pro-Nazi French Government, also created in both their overseas colonies-- Algeria and Morocco-- internment camps for Jews, Communists, Muslims, Christians, at the following sites:
Algeria:  Abadia, Bechar, Bogari, Bourafa Djefa, Kenadsa, Meridja.
Morocca: Missour, Tendrara.

As if the aforementioned camps were not sufficient examples of French brutality and indifference to human life; then they achieve the apex of their barbarity in  the French/Algerian War lasting from 1954-1962 where they practiced all the statecraft of torture/isolation/ waterboarding at ‘camps de regroupement’ [regrouping camps] all over Algeria. 

This elaborate, extensive prison system had incarcerated over two million innocent Algerian citizens in order to ‘PREVENT THEM’ from falling under the influence of the FLN Forces [indigenous Algerian opposition forces]. On March 19, 1962, another group of internment camps [separate from the ones above] were disbanded; releasing thousands of “Harkis” [Algerians who fought on the French side]. In 1980, the Kurdish refugees who fought in Iraq were also released from some other internment camps. 
I have presented you with a brief glimpse into what the French mean when espouse the following nonsensical verbiage: Fraternity, Equality, and Liberty. To state the obvious: in war, France is both inept and cowardly. Yet in peace, they are the masters of deceit and mass incarceration and torture. 
President Hollande decried the horrible, inexcusable terrorist attacks in Paris. Perhaps, it behooves such a professional card-carrying socialist to understand that the Paris attacks are a delayed reaction to the insidiously lethal draconian policies that France had carried out secretly while outwardly espousing liberty and freedom for all people. France might want to understand that terrorism does not arise in and of itself. Terrorism is simply a technique which is used by those who have been haunted by the injustices of the past.
It’s important that you look to the past for the answers to your future course of actions against the terrorism that had just transpired in November 13, 2015. Now ISIS and others who lived under French oppression, will attempt to correct that imbalance of justice.
Bonne Chance! Good luck! .. France!  


  1. One local citizen-observer/M.D., from Southern France, described the events in Paris as "a settling of a score" by these "terrorists".

    Pretty brutal reality, and God awful stuff.

    1. Dr.P you have provided a very distorted and melodramatic view of the civil conflict in France during the 1930s and 1940s.

      If it were not for General Franco overthrowing the Spainish government and defeating the "Republican" forces Spain would have fallen to Stalinist communism.....period. The "horrors of the Franco regime" were real, but less of an evil than the genocides and gulags and terror state of the Soviet Union which the Spainish communists were seeking to replicate in Spain. Read your history and you will see the atrocities and outrages carried out by Spainish Stalinists prior the civil war which prompted Franco, with German collusion, in bringing about the war to defeat them. Once the war started the Soviets took control of all the "Republican" forces including the niave American units under the "Abraham Lincoln Brigade," with most of the Americans leaving once they realized they were being used by the Soviets.

      The situation in France was divided so fiercely between Stalinists and non-communists during the fighting in Spain that the Leftist French government under the National Front couldn't do anything. If the National Front had aided the "Republicans" the non-communists in France might have staged a coup or otherwise overthrown the French government. This EXTREME ideological split in France of course persisted into the war with Germany. Much of French society was opposed to war with Germany, which was undertaken by a declaration of war by the French government for ideological reasons which had nothing to do with any defense of Poland.

      That's the reason why World War I hero Marshall Petan had the support of over half of the French population when he led a pro-German government as the only people left to oppose German occupation were the Stalinists [who Dr.P refers to as "brave"].
      The fact was that there were few purely nationalist French like DeGualle and 99% of the French resistance were Stalinists who wished to bring the gulags, slave labor, collectivation of the one-party Soviet Union to France, and then Italy and then Belgium and then Germany......

      This is the real "horror" Dr.P, not the outrages you point to as the means to defeat communism in France, Germany and Spain.

      It's too bad that the only people willing to take on this fight were also anti-semites, but that's the nature of revolution and zealotry.

      The anti-communists and far right were very flawed but far...far better than the pure hell of Stalin and Mao....

      That's rather obvious.

    2. Now Dr.P I want you to consider something very carefully.

      You appear to be honoring the Stalinists in Spain and France merely because they are opposing anti-communists who are anti-semitic.

      Unfortunately it's this kind of thinking that led anti-communists to round up and slaughter Jews all over eastern Europe once these areas were liberated, or conquered, by the Germans in 1941 and after...

      If you or other Jews consider only the way Jews are treated as the only issue of importance in the communist vs. anti-communist struggle then your support for the communists will guarantee that anti-communists conflate all Jews with communism.

      That's exactly the reason why the Germans and their anti-communist allies in Ukraine, Lativia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belorussia and Russia considered all Jews to be communists and therefore killed them both together.

      Your portrayl of the anti-communists in France as demons and the communists as heroes is exactly this kind of thinking.

    3. The fact is that the social divisions which led to the horrific French Revolution, it's Terror, and so forth were never resolved.

      After the Revolution French society remained divided along class lines in such a way that France became fertile ground for Stalinist revolution, and those divisions grew and grew through the 1930s.

      The election of the Popular Front government in France was a highly destablizing event, and the anti-communists and Right were preparing to overthrow the government at a moment's notice....

      The Right were enriching themselves largely by their imperial activities in southeast Asia and Africa.
      Once DeGaulle began the pullout from Algeria
      these forces tried to overthrow the French government through coup and assassination.

      DeGaulle narrowly escaped assassination several times and also put down several coup attempts by the military.

      When Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963 DeGaulle stated that Kennedy was killed by the American counterpart of the French Right who had been trying to kill himself.

      He was correct of course.

    4. The dominance of the Left in French politics has led to their current demise.

      The Left pushed through liberal immigration and multi-culturalist policies which have led to a titanic underclass of Arabs and negroes from Africa living in their mist as disadvantaged residents who are hated by most Frenchmen and women.

      Their welfare state has created a horrible business environment in which economic activity is all but dead.

      The Right cannot help but be aided by recent events. Rightest politicians advocate for manditory pork portions to be served in the public schools and for girls to be uncovered in public.

      I'm all for both.

    5. You are genius, (seriously), unless when you start to talk about Germany, then you get seriously biased, but these all posts above were genial because Germany was not mentioned... So they are true... No one could said it better.

      Dr. P. was thinking about Tito controlled communists who would take control of Spain, not Stalin...

      Here all those communists who fought reactionaries were considered to be cream of society....

      This gentleman (his house, passed away) was great fighter in Spanish civil war and noble guy of society...
      On any party meeting his words would be taken seriously even all decisions in communism was made hierarchically (by Satan him self) from up to bottom. Without democracy. That is why in Vatican they decide democratically who is going to be their dictator. There must be dictator but dictator must be chosen.,16.432778,3a,75y,42.17h,91.48t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s7ezMoEhiBXMs2YSLBo-uVw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

  2. Everything true 100% again... But in defence of French, French knows how to live, and they do not get fooled easily, they will never accept to get fooled and stop to know how to live...
    For that in capitalism you need camps here and there.
    Goal of French is to export French culture, that was and is their imperial goal. Because such culture protects that knowledge of how to live and how to not get fooled by "cross ocean barbarians"...
    But they had their chance to show how they are in expanding that culture on other peoples who does not have such luck to be part of that culture...

    City of Alger, capital of Algeria, had only developed centre under French, not even one blessing were given to muslim subjects they had... That is racism, that is anti-communist, that is anti-civilisational...
    From time they adopted capitalism and slave trade, and colonialism they are not so good in helping others so that others can learn good from them.
    They had good relationship on NA continent with Indians before capitalism, but just as other white settlers on NA continent...

  3. Sheriff Arpaio Informant: John Brennan Hired Hackers To Alter Obama's Birth Certificate in State Department Passport Records File; Got Bullet:

  4. Did John Brennan Suck As A Contractor? The CIA Thinks So. Posted on October 27, 2015 by Tim Shorrock -

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  7. Dear « iron ballz » doc, I have the GREATER RESPECT for you, but...
    GOD KILLS A BUNCH OF KITTEN everytime you are talking that way about France !!! :-D

    Although your points are globally (not right but) EXISTING...
    I am VERY SURPRISED everytime you give relay to a GENUINE PROPAGANDA, ESPECIALLY (ONLY ?) ABOUT France, speaking about consequences and not causes....
    ...although you would be very interesting in understanding it better, cause you faced it ! (I am thinking here about the plot against Aldo Moro especially).

    Let me take some points here (I could find 20 actually):

    1-What do you know about "french" jews who were given to the nazis? Please be noticed that... the FRENCH jews (equivalent of today's AIPAC) gave the list of the FOREIGN jews to nazis, as FRENCH jews understood their ACTIVISM wasn't peaceful.
    so that ***95%*** of the FRENCH "NAPOLEONIC" (point of history I will give you one day but you can find it) jews were SAVED.
    (your figures come from Paxton and are DESPERATELY FALSE - he NEVER worked on the right sources but ARE STILL USED for genuine GB/US/ISR PROPAGANDA)
    See a contrario the today's heroic French jew Eric Zemmour, who denounce it.

    2- the french police was indeed SOOOO efficient, they were backed by an intelligence network who warned french jews to move to their neighbours the time of the « official » police intervention. Or the police deliberately made mistake in the adress... once again : 95% were saved, so what ?
    But was this militarily worth to kill one german soldier to get later 50 innocent french civilian killed ??? the TRUE resistance was the backing of US « Invasion » (likewise 12.000 sabotages between 19-20 june 1944, behing Ru-Sov operation Bagration).
    But who backed communists ? Remembre Pétain’s word : the brits were ready to fight to the last drop... of French’s blood... therefore the comunist (SURELY NOT KILLED IN 1940 : THEY WERE ALLY OF THE GERMANS :-D) were hunted, cause they were only choosing the worse way to fight, these also shaving women at the « Libération »... yeah, true fighters...)
    BUT what do you know about GB-DE negociations during Montoire ? Hitler did not want to blact GB, he could have done this 5 time in Dunkirk, but did not : sure, he was at the base GB-financed to catch Russian-oil back to GB, BUT he ignored the power shifted meanwhile in GB... (see the patriots like Admiral Barry Domville or Guy Carr...this ended with a true patriotic reaction in extremis, december 1947, see below)

    3-from 1943 we knew the communists wanted to kill every clever non-red people to takeover France.
    -In 1944/45 they managed to kill many of our real operative (= non-Red, nor GB-breed, which means : pro-US actually : look a little bit for the reasons Amiral Darlan [pro-US] was assassinated by the brits [who breed de Gaulle]), with the help of the BRITS, for OIL reason !!! (GB wanted FR especially after WWI, to follow GB against US oil geopolitics : you are a GENIUS experts on your main fields, BUT what do you know about this ?)
    -Reds also took over political power the military could not assume, and KILLED those who disagreed (especially in the region of Toulouse : you cannot have TRIED to save ALDO MORO (who had to die anyway for superior reason you weren’t aware of...), and NEGLECT the raw fact that FRANCO SAVED SPAIN from the RED... ( see Bartolome Benassar’s book : ok, Franco repression was brutal as Bachar’s one against ISIS, SO WHAT ??? 300 years that Spain is stalling because of internationalism...). But of course as a child they told you Franco was nasty, precisely as ISIS fighter would today tell you Bachar do really is nasty. Iriez-vous pour autant croire ces impudents bâtards ???

    1. French capitalists are almost part of French culture, they sold France to Germany as they hated nationalisation and centralisation of french armament industry in 1936 by left wing coalition government.
      Communist were right, french bourgeoisie is super silent, most entrenched, most spread, capitalistic parasite group in any nation always able to react on most hideous ways against own people.
      Communists were right about needed span of needed reeducation on terrain and about reaction which would grow.

      This is communist street in town of Mondragon, this is houses workers self-management "co owners" built for them self because they were adopting Marxist principles...
      I do not see such quality houses built by French capitalists for French people...
      Communists were right about you...,+Gipuzkoa,+Spain/@43.0338243,-2.5070414,3a,75y,192.42h,84.92t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sEJPfiSrZ8LtZzl8TU9RHJw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0xd4fd67079c69cb7:0x45b0272898e38299!6m1!1e1?hl=en

    2. every capitalist is 5 th column of every culture where they plant their nests... and they will sell them self to any international fascists there is, just how french rich did to nazi invaders

      this move came to late by french to protect fatherland... and this is why you sold your people, you hated it, you wanted profit for every shit plane you produce even before war

    3. interesting points, but "red" BIAS.
      Every business people "english style " (buying cheap, selling dear") have no care about the people, and dislike state planification that prevent depleting ressources.
      Indeed. so what?

      reeducation of 'bourgeoisie" costed many millions of lives...
      But who financed the reds? Business top notches...

      We both need initiative and antitruse/state planification... every society creates monopoles, but what is the State's mission?
      Protecting the People : against military threat, but also against financial interests and also against ideologies... not letting them making the people want its own death...

  8. -in decembre 1947 a GENUINE PATRIOTIC US (and afraid GB) REACTION saved FRANCE from communists... (See Patton’s/McArthur’s/Hoover’s word about internal plot in the US, Patton was killed for denouncing the consequences in Germany : reds [= deviant jews, see « rulers of Russia » and Co] wanted a reunified RED Germany[see « gruesome Harvest, the book talking about the TRUE reasons that led to Marshall plan... time to open your eyes : the US military were the most clever sources about ALL THIS).

    4- what do you really know about Algeria’s War ? From 1955 Rothschild did evacuate all his investments as he knew, but every insider knews...
    You talk about consequences here, mixing everything on a very bad way. Let me tell you something : we faced there the first internationalists « djihadists ISIS-style », GB-financed, althought US offered us an OIL alliance (then Canada+US) : that was not in ALgeria, BUT in Lybia (Fezzan). THEN the brits (not US !) delivered arms to the FLN as they delivered it to the French Communist resistance), and our Anti-Aircraft Artillery was prevented to fire on them... did you know this ? official, written in the Parliament report, but Yeah, we had a lot of traitors, for sure... as still today.

    SO :
    About your conclusion about the LEGETIMACY (!) of ISIS-revenge : do you really believe it, as you denounce the activism behindn 9/11 – ISIS for 14 years ? Are you sure you aren’t mixing some little things because you never recover from the red propaganda you were nursed with in France ??? ??? ???

    BUT actually you are totally right saying the french « REPUBLIQUE » is fully Rotten... but learn the real France isn’t 1789 (doesn’t mean I am royalist, too vulnerable as a political system as you know it) : we were submitted in 1817 (Rothschild artificial bonds crisis) : after France was only a shadow, and we only were « little soldiers » of England. I will disclose you many points step by step (I still have 30 others things to add/correct about your text here :-D)

    But if you really think french are worthless on fight, see better russian sources or even US one, than GB/US propaganda written by « pousse-crayons » [pencil-pusher] badasses, who never fought alongside us (especially the same kind of *deviant* globalists jews you denounces, who were behind 1789 as they were behing 1917 and 9/11... and the clever Jews ALWAYS knew it).

    Please remember this :

    And remember this :
    (I am getting things ready to rebuild FR-US alliance, you’ll be noticed soon :-D)

    And remember last, that both Sarkozy and Hollande are first of all genuine traitors, in addition of being nothing but cowards, and BTW as French as I am Bengladi, or as Obama is Americain...
    Reçu ? ;-D

    The real subject is : our History contains 5 schizophrenia that never were debrieffed : 1789, Dreyfus, 1940, 1962, 1968. More about this later, if you go on talking nonsense about France :-D

    1. you are better in constructing fantasies then your allies Serbs, Serbs were telling how Muslims in sieged Sarajevo were throwing serbian kids to lions in Zoo... Siege which lasted more then siege of Leningrad, and your capitalistic pig Mitterand went in 1995 to stop stopping of siege of Sarajevo by American liberators to try to stop demontage of Versailles capitalistic order which is responsible for every war from 1815 and Berlin congress. Even Syria today is war caused by Versailles capitalistic order.
      Wilson and Roosevelt in last moment understood everything.

    2. What is the name of the street in front of the Castle of Versailles? Rockefeller... get the symbol?

    3. They we agree, Rockefeller destroyed feudalism by capitalism that new democratic feudalism can be built... :) He is angel.
      You wonder why bucolic literature is not possible today... well it is because of evil capitalism
      Those capitalistic canned food worth something while capitalism was in competition with feudal markets around world, in whole 3rd world. In 2007 capitalism destroyed that competition, capitalism lost. Today we eat shit of food.

    4. actually, for 500 years is the "modern Capitalism" just trying to build a worldwide privatized sovitism. : coercition+private profits = Bankster's paradise :-D

      And this speculative habits is precisely a (deviant) jewish one, as noticed by Desaguliers (« Instruction abrégée sur les livres à double partie », Amsterdam, 1721), one of the founders of the FM BTW...

    5. mmmm nice info... yes they are trying all the time to get closer to communism, they just do not want to abolish private profits, they are like limes getting closer but never touching it

  9. Yes JeMaCoFra, enjoying your analysis. Happy to hear all of your points.