Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Paradox of the Trump: Grass Root Americans Want Him-- The Republican Party Does Not! 
For years, I have urged the Republican Party [whatever remains of it] to seek a viable presidential candidate who was a businessman and possessed charisma. Instead, they chose Mitt Romney whom I thought was not electable. He lost for many reasons. Yes, he was an attractive man but without any true grit and a questionable understanding of the working American public-- once he had deigned to descend from the anoxic heights of wealth and privilege. Now, we Republicans, have a candidate whose very personality is the gravitas of his future performance in the White House—bombastic, self-assured, provocative, and exceedingly accomplished in manners of business.
Trump is an American writ large: arrogant, industrious, risk-taking, entrepreneurial….. and….a Presbyterian Christian [the basis of our country’s moral foundations]. Despite an uncanny, visceral connection with us, the grassroots supporters, he is deemed unfavorable by the official mainstay Republicans; as well as, overseas gamblers. I’ve read that Marco Rubio has been unofficially designated by some wagerers abroad to become the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential. 
Of course, I disagree. I think that this determination will mark the final end of the GOP. To me, Marco Rubio, is a younger version of a tragically flawed John McCain; whose nomination was a self-destructive Republican initiative bereft of any other viable candidates. Neither the man nor the narrative were convincing, forget about truthful. Now, the mainstay Republicans, once again, clumsily anointed another disaster-in-the-making: Jeb! Bush. He is an entitled opportunist of little, or no merit.  

As I predicted half-a-year ago, he would spiral into a cauldron of ineptness and financial excess. He was, like his brother and father, a clone of past criminal behaviors and unintelligible, contradictory mutterings. Jeb!, like the GOP, failed again with awesome predictability.
In contrast, the recent tour de force by Hillary Clinton in front of another Republican fiasco will guarantee her the nomination for the Democratic Party. She deserves it! Yes, she is morally corrupted but who isn’t?

Let’s remember that almost all presidential elections are rife with miscreant behaviors. For example, George H.W. Bush’s ascendency into the White House was abetted by ex-NH Governor, John Sununu; whose expertise with electronics and voting machines [he was a MIT alumnus] certainly made the difference for a presidential candidate who had no capacity whatsoever to act gregarious or even connect emotionally to the everyday American. Similarly, George W. Bush’s questionable election to the White House was abetted by former Florida Governor Jeb! Bush’s literal “hanky-panky”[mistress] with the attractive Katherine Harris who had to determine the “Florida election recount”. Then she just mysteriously disappeared from public view.

Similarly, Bill Clinton’s non-predictable ascendancy to the White House was not determined by the polls, initially. Instead, he had stolen the election abetted by the illicit practices and money from China; Sam Walton; as well as, the notoriously corrupt Arkansas political machine. That state was riddled with corruption over a fifty year time line starting with the Mafia’s involvement in Hope, Arkansas [1930’s]; then, spiraling all the way up to the completely illegal CIA- infused- cocaine drops in Mena, Arkansas, circa the 1980-90’s. All of this chicanery was white-washed by the future Deputy Secretary of State, Time magazine’s Editor-in-chief [and Bill’s roommate at Oxford University]—Strobe Talbot. 

Next, out of nowhere, we, Americans, were delivered a completely unknown Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama for the presidency. A blank, unavailable background delineated this man without a history of accomplishments or achievements. Only a few ‘privileged’ individuals knew who or what he was and why he would not be more than the first African-American President. His pedigree was vetted by the notorious CIA clandestine services; along with the former “Chicago Mob”[Al Capone] family—the Pritzkers [Hyatt Hotel, Continental Airlines]. I think by now, dear readers, you are getting the idea that the key ingredient to winning a presidential election is what Joe Kennedy, father of the ‘assassinated John Kennedy’, knew all too well –buy, steal, or co-opt the votes –by any means possible.
For the present time, Marco Rubio whose association with Norman Braman [old Philadelphia/Miami Jewish gangster] and the Cuban Mafia [Rubio’s relatives were involved in drug trafficking] will not be sufficient to make him, the Rubio, the next presidential contender.
Dr. Ben Carson, a member of the Seven Day Adventists Church; as well as, a distinguished physician from John Hopkins Medical School, will not have the criminal gravitas to carry him beyond the initial beauty contest in front of the ‘Christian Evangelicals’ [who are not the majority voters in this country]. 
That, of course, leaves Donald Trump. I can say with some authority that not only will he be able to garner the election votes necessary to win but as he has said repeatedly-- ‘he knows some very effective people; but they may not be very nice people, who can help America’.  From my point of view, having grown up in the crime-ridden streets of NYC, I understand Trump’s message. He will get the necessary support from all the unions and racketeers who have been involved in the construction and running of his successful hotels, resorts, and casinos. The aforementioned Trump statement is a simple warning to those who many see the “JFK”-outing as a possible route to the WH  [namely Clintons and Bush] that it will not happen with Trump. 
You see crime really does pay when someone wants to win the Presidency. So, one of two things will happen. Either Trump will be the next nominee for the Republican Party; or, the party will mysteriously evaporate into an ether of self-neglect and self-abuse—never to be seen again.
As for Hillary, she will keep on chugging through all of her adversities and barring the presence of Trump, she will win the 2016 presidential election. It’s really up to the American people and the absence of a defunct, ossified Republican establishment in order to garner a successful election in 2016.
The message to the republican party as well as the overseas gamblers is quite clear—Don’t Mess With Trump!


  1. Replies
    1. Dr.P why the fuck do you wanna be a Republican?

      Are you really so much a part of the military industrial complex that you want to be a Republican? The party of Carl Rove, Dick Cheney, W. Bush and Bush Sr. and Richard Nixon and Richard Seacord and Wall Street and Gordon Gekko and R.J. Reynolds tobacco and Richard Pearl and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and every other sorry mother fucker like Ronald Reagan and Casper Weinburger and Justices Thomas, Roberts and Alito???????????????????????????????????

      The Democrats have their problems but it's the Republicans who are the war loving, false flag running terrorist 9-11 scamming assholes of the world.

      I freaking hate Republicans with a passion for their blood soaked war loving patriotism and their flag waving savagry.

      Whatever stupid Leftee nonesense the Democrats do at least they don't love war and torture and rape and sodomy like the Republicans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Look at Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert!!!!!!!!

      That perverted mother fucker was fucking High School boys he coached while wrestling LOL

      And that's YOUR party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You're totally wacked.

    2. Ok MIT, you got me to look up Dennis Hastert on Wikipedia.

      "Hastert is of Luxembourgeois and Norwegian descent on his father's side, and of German descent on his mother's."

      Now I'm wondering what I need to know about the Luxembourgeois.

    3. Anyone of German and Norwegian descent, as I am, is per se "uberaryan" according National Socialist doctrine, and is therefore tall, blonde haired and blue eyed like myself.

      It is impossible for the fat ugly toad Dennis Hastert to be of that genetic or racial stock.

      His ancestors may have lived for a time in Norway and Germany but they are not racially or genetically Norwegian or German.

      He is an untermenchin, meaning sub-human, and is closer akin to a slav or something.

    4. Sibel Edmonds has had the dirt on Hastert for quite some time, but was gagged by John Ashcroft from spilling at the time that Hastert was Speaker of the House - a position he held longer than any other. According to her, Hastert was a pedo sex tourist in places like Vietnam, Morocco and elsewhere in his pursuit of very young boys. His "special tastes" had graduated far beyond the teenage wrestlers he molested in Illinois. She (in her novel The Lone Gladio) also alleges that there is a snuff video in the CIA's possession starring Hastert and two unfortunate boys who prefer death to his fat, slimy paws. With the recent news about Hastert breaking - and really only touching the tip of the iceberg - she has been trying to get "the rest of the story" out, but is exasperated that it isn't getting much traction even in the alternative media, let alone the mainstream...

      You might say it's old news, but really it gets to the heart of what ails this nation. With Congress approval ratings at all time lows, we begin to see the answer as to why congressmen are doing such a lousy job of representing their constituents while defiling the Constitution - the PATRIOT Act after all was passed under Hastert's watch.

      To borrow the words of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, the question we must ask of each and every congress person who betrays his or her constituents is this: What is it? a video of a live boy or a dead girl in their bed that they are being blackmailed with? In the case of Hastert, it was two dead boys.

    5. I don't believe for a moment that there's a video of Hastert with dead children, or that a child in the sex business would prefer death to sex with a fat old man.

      Children in the sex business are used to sex with fat old men so chill out.

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    1. Trump at 9/1... Now that seems a good Bet!! Certainly worth a punt at them odds especially with Dr Pieczenik's endorsement as a hoodie wearing harlem gangsta!!!!! I couldn't help but smile and thought of Paulie Walnuts for some reason

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I am sorry, but those are betts for president, not for nomination... On nomination I would bet...
      Why? Well because it was said that Trump lost 1% to 2% by company! While he is on debate conducted by company, (in case of CNBC), receptions was cold, directions was shown, compromise is possible, but warmth must come from side of Trump. It is question of hierarchy.

    4. Company could have said that Trump lost 10%. But company did not.

  3. I'm glad I just helped save people's lives, because I don't have the stomach for politics.

    Ironically, there is a shit load of politics at play, within the Hospital environment. Can't get away from it no matter how one tries.

    1. I worked for a hip and knee replacement company which had a Director for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs who had never finished High School and bought a degree on the internet which showed that he'd taken four years of college when he hadn't taken any college classes.....

      Because conditions there were so aweful we shipped out thousands of contaminated, adulterated implants which caused death and suffering in many of the patients.

      The patients sued but their attornies were afraid the company would go bankrupt so they conspired with the company to hide all the criminal activity going on there....

      The FDA did absolutely nothing, and the local FDA officer was a buddy of the Quality Assurance guy with the phony transcript.

      The local FDA officer wrote a report to FDA Headquarters praising the Quality Assurance guy and claiming he was a hero.

      Go figure....

      American medicine sucks. It's the worst in the world.

      Standard practice procedures are defined by the Pharma companies, and anything they get approved by the FDA necessarily becomes standard practice per se...immediately, and any MD who fails to use the newly approved vaccine or device or medication risks being run out of the profession.

      Science and evidence and research means little.

  4. All of the above make the US a very large Banana Republic, with dodgy elections, where Politicians exploit the economy for kickbacks and power. The 'Bananas' are probably military hardware exported all over the World. Trump could bust through Politics for private profit, simply because he does not need the 'dosh'.

  5. Republican nomination betting odds over in Europe:

  6. Who Killed the Liberal Arts? Stop Calling Them Liberals. They Are Progressives, Socialists and Marxists -

    1. in 1901 on hight of decadence inside UK, sons of capitalists were learning only nice literature and philosophy--- they should have to learn about profits and how to share profits... because if you can share profits you more people will invest more...

      stocks does not work, because if someone can have more stocks, of course that you will not invest in such company

    2. Tell me honestly, would you rather invest money somewhere where system is one member one vote or in to stocks.
      This video explains all... It even have discussed american presidential candidate mentioned.

    3. I call them "Leftees" or "the Left" because they are not socialists like I am, as I am a national socialist, Nazi, nor are they progressive because they do not advocate for progress......

      What the modern Left in America is rather is a gaggle of minority intellectuals who can't stand the fact that society rejects them because of their race or gender.

      They hijacked Academics and allowed the Right to grind the working man into the dirt because at the time, the late 1960s, all working men were white men and these Leftees hate them....

      This is why social conditions for 90 percent of Americans are far worse than they were fifty years ago.....

      I cite...

      1.poverty in America has soared
      2.wages are depressed to nothing
      3.a tiny fraction at the top now owns everything
      4.executive compensation is off the charts
      5.millions are in prison for victimless crimes
      6.police kill unarmed people everyday
      7.anyone's property can be taken without due process
      8.habius corpus has been suspended
      9.The President can kill whoever he wants unions are dead
      11.girls are now all over the military where they're easy prey for sexual predators....

      But all of this means nothing to the American Left.

      They've declared that we live in a better age because sexism and racism have declined.

      Personally though, if I were a black man, I wouldn't give a shit what any white man thought of me as long as I had a good paying job or owned a successful business...

      This is what the Left will never understand.

    4. 1. yes because there are not workers class wanting to kill rich in violent revolution.

      2. why should they care about wages, wages are determined by markets controlled by them, but because slaves thinks that markets are determined by invisible force, that means that slaves thinks that gods are determining markets, therefore slaves are thinking that gods are determining wages. slaves to believe that private initiative will solve all problems, we have to believe it because there are no alternative as Churchill said.

      3. Classical republican Darrel Issa says that american poor are better of then poor India. also profit is bigger when wages are lower, everything is ok.

      4.profits are private

      5.profits are private

      6.why should rich who controls government invest in to police to protect poor people if rich have private security
      which is much cheaper to them then to spend it on you, plus they have more money for private security this way

      7. that is good practice, but problems is that that is done to poor not to rich

      8. such facades are costly and are not needed in right wing global fascism

      9. problem is that he cannot, rich decide that

      10. yep

      11. -

      American Left is the most progressive left in implementing all left ideas, but problem that they are vaccinated from any left ideas concerning private profits and shared economy. That is tabu.
      Right wing capitalists will allow sometime if it is needed, something to get nationalised, to be privatised again later. But they will never allow shared economy by groups of people.

    5. The labor markets are like most other markets....they are not "free."

      The American Left doesn't give a shit about workers or the masses.

      We Nazis always did.

    6. Same for communists. Communists don't give a shit about the conditions of workers.

    7. In Europe and asia trade unions care about the conditions of workers but not trade unions in America, because they've been hijacked by Leftees who care more about the welfare of all people than the interests of their members....

      Trade unions in America were hjacked by criminals and they could in no way compete with the lobbying and public relations of the Right.

      The Left and workers in America are in the pitts because they deserve it.....they are too corrupt and without any virtue so the Right was able to sweep them away....

      Gordon Gekko wins.

    8. Trade unions are controlled from top to down, just look how it is impossible to have one organised... Only Tito and Hitler liked workers.
      State was biggest enemy of "communism" also. For instance USSR did not have labour union at all. government said they were not needed. Hitler cared too much about workers, he was 50% right, like everyone on world. After defeat of France he introduced peacetime economy (big mistake) but just because he wanted to help people and switch to good of wise use. His made pact with capitalists, i will not touch you, but you will give me toys for war. Big mistake... They gave him shit tanks, mr Stalin was always keeping eye that Christie chassis made for light fast tank BT-5 and BT-7 given to Stalin by english and americans can sustain new medium tank T-34, that production was given to be developed by tractor factory, mr Stalin rightfully was just always having that worry, and best medium tank was made battle ready and operational in 1939. Central planing victory. Comparable tank by american was never made until 1945. by British in late 1943 and by German, Panther...
      Private profits are most dangerous, we see that private profits are not important and dangerous because superb Me 109 can was made and based on superb sport plane, while British entered war with Hurricanes, and French with Ms 406... Heavy and small planes with weak engines.

      This is British Medium Tank

      This is Soviet T-28 derivative of British Medium

      This light fast BT-7 derivative of American Christie
      Christie and BT-7 was also foundation for cast shape of turret and hull of T-34

      all those come in to fast but heavier medium T-34, only possible in central planing... while Christie chassis went sleeping as private project of some inventor in USA, it went to all British cruiser tanks.

    9. AAAAA!! MIT here is something for you!
      In my head some numbers just went messed up by viewing this...

      World is definitely, 100%, strange place... And
      I am 6-7 years without any alcohol...


    -with great video inside article...

    Capitalism is great in putting you in to categories you are going to enter to with own will and accept it, and believe they are natural and great. I was amazed how in USA there is no lower position in companies lower then managers. Obviously there are no workers in USA. Here people are also getting nice and posh, we as nations are going in to harmonious society without conflict between capital and work. We also does not have workers any more as we all are now, deed doers. In communism manager was on level of middle party member, with obligatory Mercedes 200D. They will sell you even words. Every village bar (hole) have own, VIP sections, sure... They will draw even little crown on seat so it could be known. Cycle is over. Words does not mean anything, any more, reset (by all rich committing suicide) or democratise system...

    I mean what is wrong with this communist building, it looks so stable if you compare it to chaos of those private houses around.
    Such building are going to be attacked by private entrepreneurs, attacking it with their own beautification attempts which are on level of ottoman empire, down there in shops. And now German capitalist owner of factories filled with american money wants to put artificial wool on such buildings to make it eco effective bunkers. Just to sell their stuff and empty their warehouses while making governments weaker and weaker. People, there must be order and central planning, licensing, profit must be abolished. Private profit is ugly. It makes everything ugly.,16.4498816,3a,75y,292.66h,102.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYWlIyrT7KbKJRoSTJLK5fw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en

  8. The Western world is in the throws of a grass roots legal rebellion against the criminal class politicians and their backers. The political class and their backers will never give up power legally and they will do whatever needs to be done-no matter what- to keep power.

    The circles of power behind the scenes of each candidate is hard to pierce but the outcome is not. We are facing some mind bending epic events; murder, high level terrorism, war, financial chaos. One if not all created to head off the legal rebellion and quiet everyone down.

    Whatever happens, it will not end well. Modern history proves that out.

  9. Dr Steve, You seen this? Michael Savage: 'This is the Most Corrupt, Degenerate, Criminal Gov't in American History'

  10. Speaking of Strobe Talbot....

    I actually met him in the Spring of 1982 at the Thomas Slick Conference on World Peace in Austin, Texas, at the same time I met McGeorge Bundy, Richard Betts, and Dimitri Sims.

    I couldn't understand who the fuck Strobe Talbut was or why anyone would have a ridiculous name like "Strobe" or why a reporter would be at the same table as McGeorge Bundy,

    Richard Betts and Strobe Talbot were the two underlings there for sure, at the time were no bodys, but somehow rose to some level of recognition thereafter....

    Could it be that the Conference was really a tool by the Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group to vet and present the new talent for the next decades which would craft world politics and power?

    Na....prolly not

    1. Question MIT - How do you fit several hundred thousand ragheads a month into The Fatherland without inciting a nazi revolution?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. We are not like the French LOL.

      Once they're in the Fatherland doing our landscaping and washing our dishes we keep them in line.

    4. I hope you're right. Problem is, every time I see pictures of their droves, I don't see women and children with husbands and father's looking for work, I see soldiers...

  11. AAAA it was firework in London...

    There we go... boys... And again no one noticed me... And there is Easy Jet flight for 20 pounds... Weekend in London, with real english breakfast...
    Also we need to ban private universities so that rich cannot think that they send their kids there, yes ok i agree, we need some managerial bonuses, is sense that manager of one workers coop who made that coop to be in first 10% of paid salaries, made it to be in first 10% of new adopted patents, number of employees and so on, to have right to get 200 m yacht built by workers owned ship yard, meaning society must produce luxurious goodies for managers and first slaves of society...

  12. Per Lyndon LaRouche, supposedly, some time ago,
    Hillary was threatened. Then her personality changed.
    Who threatened, possibly controls, Hillary?
    (On drugs, her laughter a sign of mental illness?

  13. Putin will use nukes on ISIS for downing of plane, and I agree. All those who are not killing rich (like ISIS, while killing all others) are product of rich, and they should be burned with ground. They are counter revolutionaries.

    1. And also sorry, He have better videos then that girl with guitar up there.

    2. Wow look this party... On west you have to under drugs for this... In North Korea there are no addicts and no depression...

    3. They also have best and most stable political system... We see there that in parliament they also there have social-democratic party. Real democracy.

      Democratic party under wise leadership of comrade Sanders will I believe able to establish brotherhood between two brotherly parties.