Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Anyone Want to Buy a Deanship and Place Your Name on the Once Prestigious Cornell University Medical College? 
Please Inquire with the corrupt ex-Citibank Financier, Sandy I. Weill and his new ex-Big Pharma Protege: Dr. Laurie H. Glimcher. 
In 1898, the prestigious New York Hospital and Lying-In-Obstetrics Hospital [both started in the late 1790’s] merged with Cornell University Medical College [CUMC]. During the 100 plus years of the esteemed CUMC, a number of distinguished physicians/researchers graduated from the school. On that list was my mentor, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, as well as, Everett Koop, Robert Atkins, Father Peter Le Jacq, James Peake, Richard Hooker and many others.

I make this bold statement because when I was accepted to CUMC in 1964 and barely made it through to 1968, I was perhaps one of the least distinguished medical students in that graduating class of 88 students. Yet as an alumnus, I receive constant updates from my alma mater.
A month ago, I received an email from the new dean, Laurie H. Glimcher, peremptorily announcing that the Weill Cornell Medical College had changed its already bastardized name into the “Weill Medical College”. I found both this email and announcement bizarre and almost criminal.  Where did Cornell Medical College go???

Truth is that Jewish “ganoff”, Sandy Weill, who could have never gotten into the CUMC, just erased almost two centuries of landmark medical history with a large check and a willing accomplice—the new dean. Of course, this new dean, Dr. Laurie J. Glimcher, a self-aggrandizing scientists/researcher from one of Dr. Fauci’s labs at NIH was trained at Harvard Medical College. Her research, whether impressive, or not, garnered her a baker’s dozen collection of awards/medals/honors that would make a four star general blush with shame. 
Now Sandy Weill’s history of irregular financing and corruption on Wall Street made him a legend even in the rogue’s gallery of miscreants. Unlike many of the other Jewish gangsters who were dressed up in suits and ties and professed some semblance of decency, Sandy was the poster boy of corruption.  He made certain that he could repeal the Glass-Steagall Act (which kept banking and insurance business separate) by having recruited the ‘professional services’ of both ex-President Gerald Ford [Republican] and  Ron Rubin [ Clinton’s Sec. Treasury]. As a result, Sandy delighted in his new found wealth of about One Billion Dollars despite the fact that he had created a major precipitant for our subsequent financial crises in 2008 and beyond. In order to make amends for being a corrupt individual, he did what all wealthy crooks in America have done since Andrew Carnegie/John Rockefeller—he become a “philanthropist”. He and his ‘caring wife’ donated over $250M to CUMC and effectively bought their way into the soporific minds and malevolent hearts of the Cornell University Trustees.
The Welils continued to splurge more and more money on Cornell to assure themselves that the once prestigious university would be subsumed within the Weill family nameplate. As if that were not enough, Sandy wanted to make certain that his legacy of philanthropy would not be tainted in any way; so he personally selected Dr. Gilmcher on the recommendation of his former colleague at American Express/Bristol Myers, James Robinson. James recommended her because she was really good at hustling research grants. Guess from where? You guessed it.. NIH and… the private sector (Big Pharma).

No slouch in her own right, Glimcher played the best role that a woman scientist could play in an age where women were restricted from running med schools. She made certain that she became involved with Big Pharma despite the fact that Bristol Myers produced a very dangerous drug for osteoporosis---Fosamax. I happen to know a little bit about Biochemistry/ DNA/RNA and I really was not very impressed by her research.

It doesn’t matter because medicine is no longer about research or teaching clinical/diagnostic skills, its about BIG Business. Think of the dermatologists who spend more time on wrinkles and double chins and using Botox because it generates beaucoup bucks. Or the Psychiatrists who are now drug dealers and distributors for Big Pharma and know nothing about psychotherapy. You and I could go on….

However, this disturbing realization that medicine was no longer an honorable profession where it was hard to make a decent living had transformed itself into potpourri of lab tests, procedures and medications which have really nothing to do with maintaining one’s health. Weill and Glimcher are the natural extension of a corrupt money-driven profession invested within the folds of Big Pharma---whose profits far exceed anything the oil companies had garnered during their heyday.
CUMC is gone.
Effective, medical clinicians are gone.
Nonsensical, highly subsidized research to make new drugs is now the keystone of 21st  century medicine. The new trend is to allow a computer-driven scalpel to incise your prostate, if necessary. The fact that you have a great chance of becoming impotent is clearly secondary. No one is accountable. Big Pharma can buy its way out of lawsuits and tax evasion through inversions.  Cornell isn’t the only medical school to corrupt its heritage: David Geffen has always had his signature placed on the UCLA Medical School and Mt Sinai in NYC became the Icahn School of Medicine. The fact that Judaism prohibits one from designating a charitable gift in the name of the person who is giving—is completely irrelevant. 
Good luck as a patient, you’ll need it.


  1. Cheaper to dispense pills than to actually "treat" patients. The big HMO's know this, as does big pharma, as well as our "Gub'ment".

    I'm glad to have been a witness to what was once the "golden days" of medicine, when fee for service, actually incentivized continuity of care. And this being to restriction of trade, prior to the "Stark safe harbor laws" going into effect, when doctors could actually invest in business models like physician owned imaging centers.

    My late father who had a Doctorate degree in Pharmacology saw the ushering in of "third party payors" and was lucky to get them (insurance carriers) to pay him a whopping $1.50 profit per prescription filled.

    The "dumbing down" of medicine has been in effect for a while, and has had many fronts.

    I witnessed this with the following policies and actions; affirmative action quotas for med students, (who were borderline illiterate), doctors being replaced by physician assistants, burgeoning post secondary diploma mill schools leaving a swath of student loan debt going unpaid for inadequate and poorly regulated allied health programs etc etc.

    1. Typo "and this being prior to restriction of trade..."

  2. It's all about the almighty dollar. Which unduly influences research results and even FDA approval of various medications, that should not have entered the marketplace.

  3. But can you imagine having enough money to actually buy your own medical school, not to mention the nepotism that inevitably follows when a dumb relative wants to go to that medical school?

  4. In today's day and age it's buyer beware more than ever as it applies to healthcare. One must not only vet future Presidents, but their family doctor and specialists as well, including the facility, so God forbid you make it through the procedure, but succumb to some nosocomial infection incubating in the hospital or surgi-center.

  5. On the news today a pregnant patient gets the wrong prescription, similar patient name mixup, and gets and takes methotrexate.

    Then the Quaid baby's, who received the adult dose of Heparin in their I.V.s due to a labeling problem; two different shades of blue on label distinguishes two different dosages and but nurse didn't check dosage number on the bottle.

  6. The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God. They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one.

  7. Another example of another Jew in the business of speculation.

    Jews need to wake up and realize how non-Jews see this kind of thing.

  8. The foundation of BIG PHARMA was built by NAZI's brought here through THE O.S.S. (OPERATION "PAPERCLIP") during the TRUMAN ADMINISTRATION; and President Harry S. Truman was "Traitor" who served THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)! Moreover, President Harry S. Truman (Traitor) formed THE C.I.A. and signed The National Security Act of 1947! The National Security Act of 1947 laid the foundation for THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY ("N.S.A."); and THE N.S.A. covers any and all criminal actions of THE C.I.A.!