Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ohio Governor John Kasich: The Practical/Experienced Candidate!
Once again, I was brow-beaten by my significant other to watch the fourth Republican Debate. Like most normal people, I had enough of the verbal trick or treat repartee among candidates and the “enlightened media”. There were no new revelations; nor, even nanoseconds worth of impressive intellectual reflections. However, I did catch a glimpse of Republican practicality, long gone since Nixon and Rockefeller in Ohio Governor John Kasich.
From the very start of the debate, he started to explain how his life-long pursuit of practical solutions was the keystone factor in his personal zeitgeist of legislative and gubernatorial power. Then, somewhere in the middle of the tiresome debate, Kasich went into an elegant riff explaining how he viewed America’s national security problems from China to the Middle East. I was impressed by his one minute round-the-world assessment of America’s foreign policy concerns and initiatives. Kasich explained that many of these problems could be handled in an effective manner without having to resort to bellicose rants or ineffectual military actions [which is pretty much what the rest of the candidates were spouting]. The one exception in the “make military stronger” ridiculous mantra was the voice of reason from Rand Paul, who seemed particularly confident and eloquent tuesday evening.

Kasich interrupted the debates to return again and again to the issue of creating a balanced budget and a job plan that would increase jobs in a multitude of diversified industries. He never fell for the Trump bear trap of personal insults; nor did he ever enter into ad homonym attacks on anyone on, or off the stage. Kasich has that rare combination of being humble and intellectually forceful at the same time without appearing stilted like Jeb, Cruz, Rubio—or the rest of that pontificating crowd of aspirants.
Somehow, one senses that he came from humble refugee origins which had instilled in him a resolve to make it in America by daring to defy all political conventions throughout his thirty year ascendency to the governorship of Ohio [a key swing state]. Hopefully, if Trump does not make it to the White House, we, Republicans, have John Kasich as Donald’s back-up----or even his Vice President.
We could do worse!


  1. Kasich will have to be the VP of anyone so that Ohio will be carried.

    But maybe it's time I look at Kasich for the No.1 spot.

    I just don't know anything about his views on defense and immigration. I've assumed his views are the same as most Republican politicians, would be right of Obama on defense and security, which to me is a no-go.

    I've gravitated to Carson and Trump because only non-politicians are capable of considering opposing the government line on the war on terror.

    I think 90% of the public is fed up with the war on terror, Homeland Security and the NSA and screenings at the airports,,

    It takes someone from the public to institute rationality into the topic.

  2. And I always thought of him as a Reaganite from the 80s, and those people are idiots. At that time only the total morons were enthusiastic about Reagan and anyone with any brains was appalled by Reagan, who was a disasater on every front. Reagan was a horrible President in every manner. Only a total idiot would have been taken in by his cheap actor Patriotism.

  3. The truth is that the US doesn't have any national security threats.

    If we wanted to we could scrap the military and no American citizen would be harmed.

    That's not to say we shouldn't get involved in conflicts overseas, such as in destroying ISIS which we are not doing anyway....

    But we can't use the military against China or Russia because it would cause a nuclear war. And besides them all the other issues are puny.

    So let's stop exaggerating "national security."

    Let's get rid of this large military, the aircraft carriers and bombers and general purpose forces.

    We don't need them.

    And if some problem arises in some shit hole place let's deal with it with Covert Action and maybe some special forces operators here and there.

    But otherwise stop alarming the public.

    We've been living in a nuclear age for a long time now so let's realize great power conflict is obsolete.

  4. Right on, TY! (as always) for your comments.

  5. "The illusion of choice..." The corporate sycophant has been chosen to cash the POTUS paycheck. Theater: "Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside! Come inside!"

  6. The practice of "Statecraft" is folly.

    It is always sloppy, crude, and made without any risk vs. benefit considerations or outlook into future consequences.

    The Iranians are paying a big price, and will pay higher prices in the future, to be supporting Assad in Syria. And all these costs are being paid for what? To try to keep Assad there because he facilitates aid to Hezbollah? Gimme a break. There are other ways to maintain support for Hezbollah. This minor factor should not overshadow the huge costs and risks of supporting Assad.

    Same for Russia. Their support is "to maintain Russian influence in the region." What influence? Do they have any idea that by supporting Assad that they are alienating themselves from 99% of public opinion in the Arab world? Do they have any idea that public opinion in the US and Europe is now rallied against them even more than before? And when Assad eventually goes then where will they be? Where will their "influence" be then? And what "influence" do they have now to "preserve." None to speak of.

    Commitment of force in these matters is almost always ill considered. And when escalation occurs it too happens without consideration of alternative, or the risks of war. "Statesmen" blunder into wars which destroy everything and result in utter ruin when the issue involved originally was not nearly as valuable as everything expended in the war.

    It's not reasoned or thought out or considered in any manner.

    It's all emotion.

    1. We can try to parse it down to "cognative rigidity" or "dissonance" or other non-rational cognative factors.

      But any way you want to slice it there just isn't even basic rational consideration of alternatives and costs of action. It's amazing because these are educated actors who in their other pursuits are very rational and calculating. But when it comes to state security matters they are in a fog, and the most important thing to them is to not appear weak in the eyes of their peers in government. "Groupthink" is important, whatever pop psycho-bable that term is derived from.

  7. Not a fan of Kasich at all. He is another Career politician. Says what you want to hear and does what he wants later. You are so wrong about him. Give me Trump and all his faults including his lack of vocabulary and polish. He wants what is good for Americans and he is all heart. Cruz is my choice for VP. He can speak about all topics and he too stands up for America. Just need to get his wife out of the CFR.

    1. Cruz is a psycho nutball. I don't believe for a moment he's really an evangelical anything or prays to God for answers for every problem under the sun. Like his father he's a phony preacher with a preacher's pitch. He's the Joel Osteen of American politics. He's full of shit, and anyone who'd fall for his line needs to re-think their gullability. He's an obvious fake.

    2. "He's the Joel Osteen of American politics" What a great line. His wife works for Goldman. You can be sure he is their point man.

      Dogs don't shit where they eat.

      Eliminate the IRS? Does he really think he can do that? That is the biggest BS line of all time.

  8. Trump Kasich, one have wives from Czech rep. and Slovenia, other one is from Czech rep. and Croatia.

  9. Kasich is the real deal. He would be a good set of hands to have on board any administration.

    1. I think you're right. He'll bring Ohio with him and win the election.

      Because of him Hillary is toast and either Trump or Carson will be the next President.

      Reminds me of 1976 and Jimmy Carter, and he was not a bad President. He could have been better but compared to others he was very good. He did no harm.

  10. Kasch = LEHMAN BROS.

    Hired by the RNC as a tight end for JEB!