Friday, November 20, 2015

South Korea: Student Riot for the Truth in the History Books!
General Park’s Collaboration in WWII with the Japanese Occupying Forces; as well as his Military Coup in 1961 haunts his daughter’s legacy as President.  So she says:
Throw out those history books! And start all over!
While the world’s attention has been properly focused on the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the indomitable South Korean students have been rioting in the streets of Seoul. The reason is important. These highly educated students are protesting to tell President Park Geun-hye to abolish the history books that she had ordered the students to buy/read. The students know what many of us do who worked in South Korea. Therefore, they want to read THE TRUTH in their history books.

The President is the daughter of General Park Chung-hee who was a celebrated collaborator with the Japanese Occupying forces during WWII. In addition, General Park took over the civilian government with an illegal military coup. None of these salient facts have been written into the modern-day textbook that Ms. Geung Park has ordered the students to buy and read.
Of course, she was the one who had her father’s ignoble history completely wiped out of the South Korean modern-day textbook. Subsequently, when the students of South Korea are pissed off, they tend to do what they do best—riot against the prevailing SK government! I have witnessed different generations of students in Seoul rioting through the streets and assault the police with some very sophisticated tactics. In turn, I have seen the police drive motorcycles right into the student crowds in an attempt to break up the rioters.
Often the police place acid and blue dye in the water cannons which are used to disperse the crowd. The blue color marks those students who disperse for a later time. The acid is used to make the student’s flesh burn; leaving a residual distinctive mark on their arms, legs or face. However, these riots are the just the tipping point of a country that does not trust its government.
Unlike most other students around the world, the South Korean students are exceedingly effective in their riots. They are well led. They often have an potent strategy which they more often than not, implement quite impressively. So, a word of advice to President Park Geun-hye: return home and throw out those lying, disgraceful history books. Try to act like a President, rather than the spoiled, entitled daughter of a famous namesake.

Create your own legacy of truth, honesty and hope. This would be the best legacy that the formidable, highly educated students of Seoul and South Korea deserve.

This statement by a famous man may or may not be true for you, Ms. Park:
“One father is more than 100 schoolmasters.”   


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    1. Korean students just like to riot. They will riot over anything. They've been doing this forever. Then the police come and they fight, and try to kick each other. It's what they do.

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    1. Chia,

      Could you do me a favor?

      I’m a relatively ignorant guy trying to learn something here, I’m almost always asking questions. And I'm not exploiting any workers.

      Any question I ask is surrounded by your flow-of-consciousness style writing and I wonder if that makes it hard for others to reply. I think you’re hindering this blog.

      Don’t get me wrong, you occasionally say something interesting, but you mostly repeat yourself and speak incoherently.

      So could you please tighten-up your writing or get an editor?

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    1. "ok... from now i will not talk any more"

      People scroll past long posts. Do not expect to make
      more than 2 points and have people pay attention

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  5. Many of our allied nations in Asia are run by the families of WWII Japanese collaborators. I would assume it was with the great white fathers blessing since they were the power after WWII.

    After all, someone had to be left to fight those darn commies. South Korean students are the bravest of the brave to take on the South Korean constabulary and army. They are ruthless


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