Sunday, November 15, 2015

I did a volume II of blog book.  Sold out LY.  Should be available on my site next week sometime.  Good gift idea for the "Truthers" in the family.  I sign everyone of them.


  1. In Soviet Union champion among workers (worker striker) would get black coat, and licence from government to buy unlimited amount of wine:
    1. therefore he would become socially attractive
    2. he could sell wine to others who were not allowed to buy unlimited amount wine
    While in capitalism you get hit in ass.

    1. The solution to the insecurity problem in France and such places is to not permit any young Arab males into the country. Females, children and old men can be refugess, but young men need to stay and fight for their country anyway and not be looking for asylum.

      Ban all the young men and the terror problem is solved.

    2. Our POTUS is either unable or unwilling to follow your salient advice on this simple matter MIT, and I have to wonder why. Perhaps it's as people around me say? That Obama hates America?

    3. He doesn't hate America but he is uniquely, pathologically indifferent to the suffering or well being of others. He's not called "no drama Obama" by those who know him for nothing. He just doesn't care about anything except himself. He's pathologically narcissistic.

      Listen to his speeches and note his flate affect. He merely reads the words and even if the content is about something extremely dramatic he just reads them as though they have no particular importance or meaning. He can't understand why other people make such a big deal out of anything.

      The twenty plus years he was in Chicago he never accomplished anything as a community organizer....nothing. He never built anything, created anything, or solved anyone's problems. He just spoke a lot. As President when he's challenged for not doing anything about a particular problem his reply is always..."But I've spoken heavily about that. I've talked a great deal about that...."

      He doesn't understand what action is. Regarding ISIS he doesn't care what suffering they are causing anyone. He doesn't want to act. Some people are uniquely incapable of simply acting or doing anything and substitute statements of support or well wishing for action.

      He's really as very sick person and it's been pointed out to him that his speech lakes conviction so he's recently tried putting emphasis on certain words when he speaks, but this emphasis is totally phony sounding because he's not even a good actor.

      Like W.Bush he is exactly the wrong person needed at a particular time.

  2. Chronic philanderer Dan Rather's fall:

  3. November 9, 2015
    "Dear New Haven office FBI Agent Clifton, and FBI Director Comey c/o Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Rand Paul;

    ...Fast forward to Oct. 31st, a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard from the two agents. I called, left a message, got no answer. I called again on November 5th and Agent Clifton told me I would have to go to another office of the FBI, and tell my entire story all over again. He said he couldn’t take any more information from me. He cut me off mid-sentence. He said he couldn’t tell me who he gave the Folino information to. I told him I feared for my safety. He said to go to local police. I told him, that New London Police were probably going to be on the side of Folino. Gentlemen: I must be the most naïve person on earth. I had this foolish idea that the FBI cared about organized crime, they cared about people threatened by it, victimized by it, scared by it. Is it all the fault of Agent Clifton? I would say, probably not. I am scared for him now. Who “got” to him? Who wants to demonize those that are legitimately skeptical about Sandy Hook? How powerful must these “powers that be” , be? Gentlemen, I’m scared for myself, but I’m scared for America, even more. In effect, Clifton told me America is over now. Gone, fallen privy to agenda-driven hoaxes, that the media is “in” on, as well. We and our Constitution are shredded, our sovereignty is a quaint concept of a bygone era. We are the appendage of the UN with its small arms treaty, that I have feared, and addressed in numerous letters to Congress....

    Gentlemen, know that the Committee on the Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster filed its “situation report” on Sandy Hook on December 12, 2012. THIS WAS TWO DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT! I sent the umbrella group, the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society a certified letter, asking for an explanation. My letter got ignored, just like every certified letter I’ve sent to the Ct. Legislature and Governor Malloy’s office. Know also, Gentlemen, that former Harvard Psychiatrist, John Woodall , a resident of Newtown, is affiliated with this Mass. Psychiatric Society, and he is founder of the globalist organization, “The Unity Project”. The mental health aspect of the Sandy Hook Hoax, cannot be understated, but now I’ve shown you that the psychiatric community was among those who planned the Goddamn thing!
    And Senator Chris Murphy, and Senator Blumenthal both need to hang their heads in shame- that is, if they HAVE any shame. Murphy’s dad’s law firm Shipmen & Goodman, handled all the legal contracts for the Newtown School system, as well as hundreds of Ct. towns....

    Letting the “powers that be” get away with the most vial hoax in history not acceptable, for as I said, it will mean that America is over for good.
    I pray to be heard, I pray that America can survive this level of corruption.


  4. Price and postage costs to UK please sir more than happy to forward my email address

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  6. I must apologise to Dr., we do not hold Portugal, socialists will give "back" all money they "must" return to private rich. Socialists are not communists.
    People must starve little more and must move more to left...
    Same how Stalin was wise and decided not to help German social-democrats in 1932 election by allowing coalition between communists and social-democrats against Hitler. Let s not forget, that only wise policies of generalissimus Joseph Stalin gave victory against Hitler. USSR under Stalin was superpower before WW2, mostly economically. How capitalists were scared in 1930 of soviet economy under Stalin, mmmm. USSR never really recovered from devastation of WW2.

    1. New site, very different perspective... Very informative...
      Just hurry up to see titles...
      Strafor is central committee of Komsomol.

      compared to them...


  7. Really USA is master of getting out of trap, USA, just when i was thinking it is over for USA, when I was yelling 4 months ago:
    1. Where was push back against ISIS and US inaction in Syria, against USA by others... I was saying that were no push back because Obama was black... And then we had intervention of Putin
    Problem solved...
    2. Then we got, no revolution
    3. Then summer was ending, then I started thinking now it over, where are they, I do not see You, mmmm, this going to be good for revolution, mmm everything is silent, good good, lets talk about details, BUM refugees
    4. Then that goes silent, I started to think, mmm look Portugal, this is going to be good, BOOM, bomb in Paris...

    Hey MFs, why you are not little bit central planners in economy for people... It is going too good in this...

    1. Patriarch,

      What on earth are you droning on about? You're not making any sense. No wonder the FBI won't take your calls.

      Jews are supposed to be intelligent. It sounds like you are exaggerating something.

      Chill out. Life's too short.

  8. Look forward to this as a Christmas present to myself!

  9. A link to Carson's military advisor:

  10. My mother rightly said that those refugees had to sent to USA, now she is saying she was right.
    By now NATO would be have over had USA stood still. But now French had honour to become part of globalism, American people recognised importance of French culture. No matter English is official on Facebook and YT. Beautiful, we commies, we now can talk but american concept of humans right on life is again important, not any more economic rights of people.
    Problem is that I think that movie must continue.

    1. Who says that USA cannot create equality among classes on american term. We all can get bombed by terrorists, and look how right on life is important.

  11. Sanders & West ticket could work...
    With this ticket USA would get TTIP, military bases in Belarus, Uzbekistan, Angola, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Armenia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka without any problem...
    Who would be able to say anything against Holly Wall Street...
    China would have to apologise...

    Only Nike would be allowed shoes, Apple products would have monopoly... I would give my patent to usage...