Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Water Wars Waged by ISIS!
In a recent OSINT [November 25, 2015] an analyst detailed the center of gravity of the ISIS strategy—controlling the waterways/tributaries along the Tigris/Euphrates River in both Iraq/Syria. Over the past couple of years, I have explained how the Syrian Civil War was initiated by a drought which compelled the Sunni farmers to flee from Homs/Hama to overwhelm the Alawite-led  Damascus. The rest is history. Now, ISIS has developed a three-prong strategy for advancement across the Middle East.

The first part of their well-conceived plan is based on developing a sophisticated psyops/propaganda worldwide recruitment program to entice ‘true believers’ to join them in any part of the world where they might be fighting. The second part of the strategy is to create acts of terrorism [poor man’s war] which force the leaders of the attacked country to impose a ‘state of emergency’ resulting in cessation of all civilian activities [Brussels, Belgium]. The third part of the strategy is the one that interests me the most—ISIS’s control of the dams, rivers and water sources surrounding the Tigris /Euphrates River; running from Iraq into Syria.
In contrast, I have heard many present and past generals [including Petraeus, Allan,] whose explanation of our non-existent strategy includes many convoluted non-sequitur ideas which entail a potpourri of nation/state building, extensive consultations/co-ordinations with alleged allies. I found it mind-numbing. These generals and so-called terrorist experts speak of strategies that have no chance of gaining even a modicum of success against ISIS which as we know was created by the CIA/MI.
The airstrikes by all nations are unproductive. Too bad these experts didn’t study the well-documented history that shows the ineffectiveness of bombing during WWII, Korea,Vietnam, Iraq/Afghanistan. Thanks to the confusion of means and methods, we, Americans end up in a nonsensical squabble about a 17 second Russian flight over a Turkish land mass which places us in a continuous awkward, deleveraged position. Americans are now viewing the Redux of the tragic incompetency of the Vietnam War where no president or his advisors were the least bit qualified to run a war which cost us 50,000 dead soldiers—and 250,000 wounded.. 
On this Thanksgiving Day, I repeat my concern that our intel/military leaders under a novitiate POTUS have led this country into another self-created morass of wasted bullets and money to justify nothing at all. Our national security has not and will not be endangered by ISIS----except if we continue to manufacture our own boogie-man to fight as we have done for centuries.

We have entered a dizzying fantasy land where wishful thinking and denial have substituted for a focused, ruthless, incisive overall strategy that targets the greatest vulnerability that ISIS has ---maintaining the access to water ways along the Tigris Euphrates River, spanning Iraq/Syria. According to, the following towns along the Tigris Euphrates River are vulnerable to attack by our forces: Maskana; Raqqa; Mosul; al-Bukam;Rawah; part of Ramadi and Fallujah. It does not take Alexander the Great to understand that these points of vulnerability should be targeted and immediately co-opted from ISIS by whatever means necessary
Instead, our military [along with 65 other nations] has diddled around the major issues. They have responded with all types of verbiage that involves resurrecting Iraq and the necessity for the US to work with indigenous forces. Remember: Iraq is an artificial construct created by the “Queen of the Desert”[ the MI-6 operative -Gertrude Bell] and her mentor, Winston Churchill; to facilitate the delivery of oil from Tikrit and Basra to England in 1923. I am afraid that America has become paralyzed by the panoply of incompetency that exists at all levels of the USG—from POTUS  on down. 

After thirty years in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, I can assure you that we have had far more deadly insurgents, who were more ruthless than ISIS –including the Khmer Rouge; the nuclear-armed Soviet Union; and Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini. The strategies and tactics used to defeat these aforementioned nefarious entities did not require one bullet or even the death of one American. It was executed with lethal precision, at almost, no cost to the taxpayers.We did it once and we can do it again, if only the right experts are brought back into the present day scenario. Nothing changes that much in the world of terrorism. Factions struggle to control precious resources, this time around its the water, stupid.


  1. Dr Steve, Are you surprised by this following article? “Catholic Church Facilitates Muslim Invasion!

    1. Not from my side, if I may : the Catholic Church is filled by many infiltrated traitors.
      The rest are globally emasculated ideologic people (for the best), but boardly speaking, unable to understand they forgot the real Christic/gnostic teaching on their way to temporal power...
      Christendom is an open-door fortress thank to them...
      Actually, the real history is a little bit more complicated/rich... :-D

  2. First, I know of no evidence indicating that ISIS was created by CIA or Military Intelliigence. On the contrary I think the claim that it was is contrary to all circumstances.

    Second, your statement that airpower was ineffective in past wars is not correct. Air bombardment played complex roles in all the wars you cite. It played a critical role in WWII as rail infrastructure was devestated and air bombardment of German forces in France decided the outcome of the campaign there. In Korea it was critical again, as all communist armour was destroyed by American air attack, as in France during WWII, and bombardment and interdiction was the only thing which saved allied forces in Korea. In Vietnam is was pretty much a wash..ineffective. In the first Gulf war it played a role in destroying command and control as well as destroying armour in theater. In the second War it probably was unnecessary.

    ISIS cannot be dealt with through psyops or other non-lethal means...I'm sorry. ISIS is being slowly degraded and it's being beaten back from it's furthest controlled cities. This is not a small thing. ISIS is unable to hold onto any city in which Kurds and other coalition forces choose now to fight. They are being killed by the score everyday. They are seeing horrendous casualties and they're actually desperate. This is the reason why they struck in France. It's not an offensive "strategy" as you's really an act of desperation. ISIS claims that they will always win in each and every situation and will always expand because it's their devine destiny.

    Now all that's exposed as crap.

    I wish there were a greater effort, or that their was some effort at the beginning to have squashed them. But all we have had till now is indifference.

    The attack in France has turned the corner of public opinion. In France each day over a thousand young men volunteer to join the French army!

    ISIS is history, and it was NOT created by the CIA.

    1. short answer about only bombing here :
      1-bombing on railroad infrastructure were surely efficient.
      2-bombing against civilian were globally inefficient, speaking only about military efficiency here)
      But I am pretty sure figures would show 10 time more of 2 than 1...

  3. Now as for Thanksgiving....

    I agree with Noam Chomsky that America is the freeist country in the world.

    I also agree with him that America is perhaps the richest country in the world....or was.

    Anyway it's still a fabulously rich country and if you are a part of the middle class here you can still get a degree or a few degrees and earn a good living.

    Anyone born here is so much better off than ninty percent of those born on this planet in horrible places like India or Pakistan or Africa or central America or China or Indonesia.... Those places where most people live are hells.

    But America used to be much better and could be better still, and on that I agree with Donald Trump. Higher education is too expensive and it's costs need to be reduced to those which existed thirty years ago when i went to college. That's a major thing.

    Police and law enforcement needs to go back to the way things were....we now have millions of people in prisons who don't belong there, and the police and courts are out of control. The people need to get the courts out of our families and go back to being our public servants the way they are described by statute instead of our morality minders.

    We need to get rid of our academics!


    We need to fire all the phony Professors of Macro Economics who have given us the false doctines of free trade and a world without borders.

    We need to fire all the Liberal Arts Professors who have given us the doctrine that culture and race doesn't matter and that all people are exactly alike.

    We need to fire all the Scientists who follow corporate and foundation money to make false claims about the safety or vaccines or the certainty that the planet is warming from carbon dioxide.

    We just need to turn back to clock and realize that there has been no continuous improvement and no social progress and that everything was much better in the past.

    1. All I have to do is break out my Nat King Cole albums and I know for certain things were much better here than they are at present.

      "The very thought of you, and I forget to do, all those little things that everyone ought to do."

    2. btw

      I had Thanksgiving dinner at Dennys!

    3. Has anyone heard of a television series about the Kennedy years and the CIA and Allen Dulles and everything that went on and the assassination, and how it follows all the characters who were involved, and then follows the deaths of all the witnesses like Dorothy Killgallon and DeMorenschidt and Roscoe White, and it is supposed to be a five year series which goes over in detail every single thing and person such as the Cuban missile crisis and General Curt LeMay, and everything with Lyndon Johnson and the investigations which were in full swing until he became President and shut them all down....

      Anyone heard anything about this amazing five year series or who is producing it?????

  4. It appears that Russia's air campaign assisted by some meager ground forces from Hezbollah and Iran are slowly and inexorably pushing ISIL back. They have no choice if they are to survive into the future.

    The Western diddling around the issue is by design. The design appears to be to foment trouble and grow the Muslim rebellion in the old Soviet Muslim republic by building terror squads.

    I guess Turkey, the Saudis, and the Emirates et. all feels that they can contain the trouble and point it North. Turkey's influence would grow nightly hence they are supporting the flow of arms in and oil out to their great profit no doubt.

    Lets see, transmission pilons blown throwing Crimea into the dark. The Muslim Tartars are keep all but their from being repaired. Turkey shoots down a Russian jet bombing oil convoys and Turkish supported terrorists, A Russian civilian airliner is blown over the Sinai, Europe extends its economic sanctions over Russia. The Saudis openly send in more TOW missiles to ISIL and Al Qaeda. The recent Paris terror attacks have thawed the view towards Russia.

    Sounds like a pretty active battle space. Both economic and kinetic. Not by chance but by design.

    1. You're wrong. There's no design here. There is design in a lot of things...9-11 was by design, so was the ending of the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Carter Administrations...

      But ISIS is not designed by anyone. It's the fucking chaos left when the US cut and ran. The US destroyed Iraq because it was in Israeli's interest and the Saudis thought it would be a good idea too....

      Having destroyed it there was a failed state there, and I've seen that time and time again.

      It was just like Yougoslavia and Sierra Leone in the 1990s....just came about because of neglect and indifference until things couldn't be ignored any longer.

    2. The Best cogent presentation about these matters I've found in this piece by Peter Dale Scott and David Talbot

      Every American should see this informed and intelligent conversation/presentation

    3. Every American should read David Talbot's book,

      "The Devil's Chessboard"

    4. I've actually purchased the short book you wrote about a year ago, the one you did through the "African Justice Institute" about the international crime syndicates and the money laundering and the blood diamond wars (which was actually a great read by the way).

      Didn't the chaos in Sierra Leone in the 1990's come about because of the need to launder money? I recall French-Ukrainian crime syndicates being mentioned in there.

      Do you still think about that book to this day? How do you feel about it? Is there anything you would include/change now that it's been some time since you've completed it?

    5. That's amazing. I almost forgot about that book.

      The corruption in Sierra Leone was horrific since the 1960s, after the tyrant Shaka Stevens came to power after independence.

      But what happened in 1990 was that foreign crime syndicates recruited a Liberian criminal, Charles Taylor, to come to Liberia and take it over to use as a base from which they could launch a phony civil war into Sierra Leone to steal it's diamonds. Taylor was actually robbing banks in the US and was sprung out of jail in Massachusetts so he could go to Liberia and institute this plan. The diamond areas of Sierra Leone are closer to Liberia than they are to the Capital of Freetown in eastern Sierra Leone.

      At the same time criminal groups in Angola and Congo were replicating what they had done in Liberia/Sierra Leone in one fashion or another...

      But the bottom line is that billions of dollars worth of US hundred dollar bills were used to by these syndicates to purchase diamonds from these places. In all these places miners and dealers were paid with US one hundred dollar notes. All these notes were notes which had been held by narcotics dealers from sales in the US, and were going to be made obsolete because of the new US Treasury program to replace all these bills with new ones.

      The billls used in the 1980s when billions left the US from cocaine sales were being replicated in Columbia by the "Super Note" which was so good a reproduction that almost no one could tell it was not genuine.

      I concluded that the US Treasury program to replace all the existing notes is what provided the incentive to foster these wars, because it provided access to unload all these old bills to the diamond dealers in areas they would then control.

      Otherwise without people like Taylor and others they could never have unloaded that quantity of notes.

      I was involved in one transaction where there was twenty million in notes unloaded at one time in Liberia, through a banker in Grenada. His bank and Grenada was shortly put on the FINCIN list and barred from business for years....

    6. Today the huge scams in West Africa are these...

      And they are huge....

      In Guniea, which is north and west of Sierra Leone there has been discovered an iron ore deposit worth many billions. It is far more valuable than all the diamonds of Sierra Leone. There is another crooked Isreali involved with it, as in Sierra Leone and Liberia where Yair Klein and other nasty isrealis were practicing their blood soaked trade...

      Watch for what happens there.

      And in Ghana...

      The "Jubalee Oil Field"

      The Chinese have leant the President of Ghana billions of dollars for future exploitation of the field, the government's royalty value !!

      These billions are being deposited into the President's personal accounts in Switzerland.

      So the future wealth of the country is already in the personal accounts of the Ghana President before the oil is even out of the ground !!

      Now you know why I dispise the Chinese.

      And go to Youtube and see the Chinese women convicted for selling drugs as they are taken off for execution.

      China executes over 5,000 people a year for petty crimes and for political acitivity.

    7. Dr.P with your permission I may start a bulletin on here called,

      "West African Plunder Scams"

      All the latest news on plunder by Africa's own leaders who don't give a shit about their countries or the lives of anyone who lives there.

    8. And for all of you bleeding hearts in America and the West like from the Carter Center or the Gates Foundation....

      Wake Up!

      The reason why you can show up in these countries and find all these things to do is because their own leaders don't give a shit about them.

      These country's leaders could have provided all these clean water wells and vaccinations and health clinics and micro loans a long time ago but they stole all the government monies and sent them to their private accounts in Switzerland.

      Why do you bother when their own people don't give a shit.

      It's a fool's errand and if the shoe was on the other foot none of these people you are helping would do the same for you!

      Find something else to do.

    9. and while I'm at it....

      Let me say that all over Africa the Indian and Lebanese communities have been a fucking disgrace.

      In every situation they have done nothing whatsoever to add even the smallest bit of civilizing influence and have plundered and looted til the buffallos came home....

      Ever see an African Buffalo pick a lion up with it's horns and toss the lion into the air like a rag doll..

      And then when the lion lands on the ground the other buffalos stomp it to death...

      OMG it's just aweful.

      I love cats...all cats.

      I hate crockodiles, hyinas, coyotes who kill our neighborhood cats here in Texas, and I will kill any hyina, buffalo, crockofile, or even alegator I come across....

      I will them all.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. I just wanted to say that I finally got around to mounting the SWFA fixed 20 power by 40mm scope on my Remington 700 Long Range Hunter with the 26 inch heavy barrel in .25-06 and I can say that it gives the .257 Weatherby magnum a run for it's money. I am most happy with the combination and the SWFA scope is as much as I need and was very affordable.

      I just can't afford the 1,500 dollar scopes like the Nightforce of the new SWFAs or the Trijicon or the Vortex Razor. They are the best but for now I have to stick with what I can afford, and the fixed twenty power is good for in excess of 1,000 yards with the 6.5mm cartridges I am fond of. Even any of my 7mms are okay with that scope.

    12. If you want to know why the .257 magnum was Roy Weatherby's favorite just purchase the new Weatherby Vanguard in .257 Weatherby and buy the expensive Weatherby ammo and you will see the bullet fly out of the 24 inch barrell at about 3,800 feet per fast that I don't see how the barrel can stand it for more than a few hundred shots but there you have it. It's such a flat trajectory and so little recoil and it has such devestating effect because of it's velocity that you won't want to ever shoot another .30 caliber again.

      My next project is the vintage Winchester 100 with brass features I rescued from a pawn shop and it's in .284 Winchester! What a find!

      The .284 Winchester is sort of a short action 7mm and it's sort of like what the .308 is to the .30-06 in that the Winchester .284 is a short version of the Remington 7mm magnum only shorter.

      I don't know where I can find ammo though...

      If anyone knows please advise.

    13. The reason why the German 88mm gun was so perfect for anti-tank roles was that it was designed as a flack gun to shoot shells high into the sky and so it shot a cartridge that gave the shell 3,700 feet per second velocity!!!!! At that velocity the shell would go right through any kind of armour or any tank on the planet, and it would do almost anything else. But I don't know how many times you can shoot a barrel at those velocities. Maybe that velocity is the point at which it doesn't yet damage the barrel too much. Or maybe the steel they were using was particularly strong... Anyway the Germans were way ahead in those kinds of engineering feats.

    14. I taught my cats to leave the lizards alone and reward them for killing mice and rats. I have a friend who created a foundation for cats, and through her tireless work, she's taught the community that having controlled feral cat populations is not such a bad thing. This woman started teaching volunteers who were already feeding the cats, to trap them, get them fixed and return them. She bought a 5 acre place that had a few warehouses on it and turned it into a retirement home with 500 or so cats living around the property. She knocked out the back wall of her own house and built out an 1100 sqft 'Catery' to house 100 or so of her favorites. Her place really makes the local humane society look horrible.

      My aunt is a cat freak that has a dozen strays she's adopted running around her house. She's cares for a colony in one of the richest neighborhoods here and became public enemy with the socialites. One morning, she caught a big time developer shooting at her babies with a bb gun and this 77 year old woman had this guy on his knees begging for forgiveness.

      Anytime I hear somebody say they hate cats, I always take the time to educate them on the fact that 'without a feral cat population there would be plagues everywhere'. I cannot believe how ignorant people are not realizing that plagues and diseases are mostly spread by rodents and the feral cats are nature's only real defense.

      Mine are rescues and have built in street toughness even though we raised them indoors. My dogs which are much bigger are smart enough not to cross that line with these pussies, proving that cats are the king of the jungle.

    15. PS, thank you for your postings. It's not often a qualified perspective is offered without agenda. We appreciate your's and Doc P's quality insights and analytics.

    16. Anyone who cares for cats is a hero to me. Thanks.

  5. thank you too for your insights friends.

    although I believe the Iraki mess is a design. Obilishing its national secular army was obiously a very important decision in such big and multireligious contry. A kid would have understood it.

    The colors and winter revolutions create chaos. A chaos necesarry for some elite barbarians to pillage the national ressources.

    it is very easy to plan and create chaos and design its explotation. yes, some time the plans must be change. but there was a plan.