Thursday, November 12, 2015

Trump's take on who's important in the race


  1. I liked how Trump got serious and calm here, I was surprised with this smart manoeuvre. He should use that move smartly down the road, he still have that card to play, and he have enough time to surprise others this way, just how I was now. Trump & Kasich... Only I am afraid it would be too strong combination for Sanders and who knows who else ... Will go look now ...

    1. Elisabeth Warren, er,,, nope, could not pass - she is too phlegmatic for older gentleman like Sanders.
      But this lady could do it, she is crazy like whip, but enthusiastic, and she would really believe that she is representing great country while meeting other leaders because she is not 100% inteligent...
      I would choose her maybe
      If guy, then he must be of minority or he must be homosexual...
      For instance Tammy Baldwin

      or seems to be best choice if looking at pictures

      Or Bernie Franks (ok now i am joking)

      Of negro stock, what we have there...
      Cornel West?

      Or Hollywood could pass
      Oliver Stone
      Sean Penn

    2. Liz Cheney could be running mate of Sanders, (ok again joke), but all those others above mentioned (where it is not written joking), they could really work.

  2. For what it is worth, I think Ben Carson may be using Biblical prophecy to guide his recent foreign policy statement of "China being in Syria". Note this statement then was changed by Ben to "China wanting to "exert their influence in Syria".

    Also I must correct an earlier statement I made about graduating from high school, in light of the Presidential vetting process of Ben Carson, and in case I run for office (i.e. Chief Dog Catcher), I attended College beginning in 1974, not 1975 as stated earlier.

    Thru the years, I like Ben, was given certain assurances about various professional programs from Med School to Dental School to Pharmacy school by people who had the power, connections, gravitas- authority to open those doors based upon a verbal assurance.

    So I believe Ben Carson when he says he could've gone to West Point, after all I think he got a scholarship at Yale, as I think Dr P pointed out.

    But it was Ben, disavowing a working relationship with some nutritional company that I felt was untruthful.

    I felt Ben could have been more forthcoming with that working relationship.

    Anyway Ben won't disclose which advisor gave him the China-Syria link, so I will say it's a Biblical source or reference is my best guess. And that seems like an unusual thing to hear from a politician.

    Also MSNBC asked I think Susan Rice about it, and she "knows nothing of China being in Syria".

  3. So maybe to get into Ben's head one needs to "bone-up" on the Books of; Daniel and Revelations". Eschatology (last day events), because I have a feeling this is where Ben's foreign policy -framework is coming from at this time.

  4. On a more humorous note, Pastor Olsteen or whatever his name is had a quote attributed to him that went something like this; " We must reject what Satan is trying to ram down our throat, and let Jesus come first".

    I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the poor choice of words. But I think I know what he meant. Rofl!

    1. Wise, wise, my mum is now avoiding demons in her head successful (as she was thinking before that some man made idols matters, like professional obligations and work you left behind you), (for instance capitalistic propaganda about private entrepreneurship, or even thinking that you have to do something because God cannot do that with someone else) but as Satan do not want to relinquish his possession so easily he is now attacking her by demons in other peoples heads... For instance she was almost over run by drunk driver doing left turn in crossing while she was crossing zebra while she was leaving church. Yes it is very dangerous crossing because of speeds, making every driver wanting to leave crossing very fast if doing left turn, on expense of pedestrians safety on zebra, but when they are drunk it is real fun. That is why I cross that zebra when it is red light for pedestrians as I can see cars can better coming from less dangerous direction...,16.4279152,3a,75y,67.87h,79.53t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1snSF-f43w4fup9wGVRNMA6w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    2. Or being superstitious to thinking that God will do such stupid thing allowing demons to attack by sending you such drivers after Church can again made to be target of demons attacking you via drunk drivers.

  5. Paul Craig Roberts made wonderful article with few links. But i do not agree with his what is bad and what is good.
    I as communist, I am for abolishment of private profits, therefore all profits must go as repayment to debt, we need that sytem because in communism profits are of public and public decide about profits.
    For system to work for people, we just need to abolish those private capitalists to which right now all profits are going, and we ONLY need to democratise corporations...
    We CANNOT return to micro capitalism where profits are private because it is not sustainable.
    Main reason why we cannot return is because of high price of needed propaganda needed to "explain" to people why someone who inherited land and sold that land for 3,5M $ will be rich and one who was not so lucky will not be rich his whole life.
    Cost of such propaganda is unsustainable and is eating more money then interest on debt.
    We just need to hurry up in creating central committee, FED, with noble people. Who are going to rule. They can also be great patriots and military people. They will rule but they will not be rich them self and they will be known to public. Chinese model, maybe we does not even need to go to better North Korean model with living hereditary totem.