Saturday, May 31, 2014

These are actually entertaining and sooo over the top Hunger Games -esque.  Santa Barbara Hoax! Message to actors in this video:  do not quit your day job!  Have fun watching #notonemore hoax

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  1. I am starting to feel like Captain Paranoia, as I assumed statistically speaking that some of these 'incidents' must be genuine. However I watched the girl who was shot 5x and unless she is left handed, her eye accessing cues are all wrong as she 'remembers' the event. Also there are some very strange grief reactions like Sandy Hook and the icing on the cake is the lad with the branded 'not one more' T-Shirt. A small point but after these tragedies why is everyone so well groomed for the seriously would not give a shit as to how you looked considering the enormity of the event.I have been mentioning a lot of your stuff on Daily Mail online and by sheer coincidence after years my account has been blocked, I am still allowed on a major national phone in show in the UK called LBC as long as i tone it down with the pre-screeners.