Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Mockery or Sandy Hook 2!  Brought to you by Eric Holder, Napolitano and our friends at Hunger Games....this is only 10 minutes and funny.  Thanks Barry!


  1. Dr. P, Can you help them Free Justina?
    Free Justina Pelletier & Oppose DCF/Psychiatry Saturday at 12:26pm Happy Sweet Sixteen to Justina Pelletier! Unfortunately, she has to spend it in a "behavioral" facility all because Boston Children's Hospital didn't agree with Tufts diagnosis of mitochondrial disease and instead said it was all in her head. She was taken away from her parents because they did not agree with this diagnosis. To find out more go to A Miracle for Justina or Nancy Beardsley Art

    1. The role of "protecting children" and interference in family life in this country is obscene.

      50% of all girls in foster care are pregnant before the age of 20 !!!

      Girls in foster care are sexually abused in each and every situation.

      The police now call Child Protective Services for any reason at all, and taking away one's children is now used as a threat to get women to comply with tax laws and other matters having nothing to do with the welfare of children.

      The government needs to stay the hell out of the family.

      Even a bad family is better than a foster home.

      All the laws allowing the government, courts and police to interfere in family life need to be eliminated - and that includes all the "domestic violence" laws.

      I've known several girls who were arrested for having arguments with their husbands or boyfriends. It's ridiculous.

      If someone assaults a family member that's assault, NOT "domestic violence" or any other special law brought about by sob sister feminists who hate men.

  2. In the suburb or Kyle here in Austin the last week the temperature outside never broke 83 degrees, so some women would leave their children in their cars while they go to the Walgreens or Walmart to buy tampons or frosted flakes.....

    But in Kyle it's a crime to leave kids in the car.

    They handed out 6 citations to the moms last week.


  3. The time has come for a revolution in this country.

    The time has come to restore the family, marriage, privacy and the right to due process and to put the monster back in it's cage.

    1. 100% Michael!!!!

      US FED is now like Nazis.

      STOP! NOW.

  4. NOW for some commentary by myself which I think is important.

    And this is all about today being MEMORIAL DAY.

    On Memorial Day I'd like to think about all the victims of American armed servicemen of all kinds.

    I would like to remember the Iraqi women in jail who were humiliated and sexually abused by Americans. I like to think about the Iraqi men humiliated and sexually abused in jail by Americans. I remember the kid the "American Taliban" who was tied to a board, blindfolded, beaten and urinated on by Americans while their officers watched and laughed.

    I like to remember the tens of thousands of American girls raped by their commanders while serving in the Army, Navy and Marines.

    I like to remember the millions of Vietnamese villagers who were bombed with explosives and napalm by Americans because they supported their own revolution against the American-installed puppets in Saigon.

    I remember the ordinary people of Iraq who were raped, tortured, or dismembered and amputated by Americans and their bombs delivered by American aircraft manufacturers.

    I remember the hundreds of thousands of ordinary housewives, grandmothers and children burned to death with their loved ones in Japan and Germany from 1942 til 1945, including the use of nuclear bombs.......

    I remember the genocide against the people of the Phillipines.

    And on and on....................

    Thanks for your service to "our" country!

  5. Your last post is spot on. Well said.

    1. Not only is sexual abuse common in foster care but so are other harms of all kinds.

      Here in Texas foster children are often the victims of homicide yet no one seems to care because they have no lobby.

      The lobbies are all for the do-gooders and sob sisters complaining about neglect or violence in home.

      Those are problems but the answer isn't to take away the child AGAINST HIS WILL.