Thursday, May 22, 2014

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  1. Dr Steve, Like this website says "NATO changes its strategy: In the future, Russia will again be seen as a potential aggressor.
    Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 21 May 2014: NATO chief Rasmussen calls for the upgrading of NATO countries and a new doctrine for the Alliance. Russia’s division of Ukraine creates “a completely new security situation in Europe,” NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. ” What we have seen in Ukraine is outrageous.”
    “Now we see the Russian doctrine that Russia claims the right to intervene in other countries to protect the interests of Russian Communities.” In addition, Rasmussen accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of lying. He had already announced three times to withdraw the Russian forces (from Ukraine´s border), “but until now we have not seen one single withdrawal” . However, there was no “military solution” for Ukraine!

    1. NATO's Chief and everyone else beating the drum for preparedness should read some history. What Russia is doing in Ukraine has nothing to do with NATO or any threat to anyone other than the traditional states the Russians have been intervening in for the last twenty years.

      No one in NATO complained when the Russians intervened in Chechnya or South Utasedia or Georgia or wherever.....

      But oh no all the sudden when they intervene in a big country like Ukraine that the west would like to have as it's own then all the sudden it's a threat to everyone and we must consider the Russians as bent on world conquest!

      What a load of crap.

      The best way to bring about a new cold war with the Russians is to carry on such completely unnecessary belligerancy.

      This is the same old way that major wars have started. The Russians have far FAR more reason to fear American and western aggression than the other way around.

      If we continue to push this thing it's going to spiral into a lot of danger and unnecessary trouble and expense.

  2. The leaders of Russia and China don't have to worry about elections, and can focus on strategy.

    The American system elects feckless politicians focused on electoral success and lying about everything all the time to get elected. They have no strategy for anything, and are complacent because they wrongly believe America is the strongest power in the world and doesn't need any strategy.

    America is in big trouble economically.

    There is no one left to buy America's debt so it's central bank is having to do it. This is an unprecedented situation where the economy is kept afloat not by revenues raised from taxes, but from fiat currency created by the Federal Reserve which isn't being lent to the banks, but is being given to the Federal government as the only way to meet half it's budget. And the budget is being used to fund things the states and cities need because many of them can't meet their needs by taxing either.

    Never in history has a government lived off fiat currency in this manner.

    It is not harmful of itself, and is totally feasible, but it speaks to an UNACKNOWLEDGED WEAKNESS in the economy....

    Why do we need to do this? Why can't we meet our expenses through taxes?

    Something is wrong.