Monday, May 5, 2014

Former President of IRA Political Arm Sinn Fein,  GERRY ADAMS,  arrested for ‘alleged’ murder forty two years ago in a TERRORIST WAR between Irish Catholics and British Protestants!   This is a big mistake on the part of department of state and U.S. department of Justice.
  In their eagerness to be more holy than the Holy See,  American prosecutors at the behest of a misinformed US State Dept and US Dept of Justice have bombarded AMERICA and BRITAIN with subpoenas for ‘arrests‘ and ‘appearances’ in front of FOREIGN PROSECUTORS regarding “TERRORIST ACTS“ committed thirty to forty years ago.
Your American dollar is wasted not on indicting Wall Street bankers who fleeced our pockets or investigating crimes and misdeeds committed by our ignoble politicians at all levels of government…. But on helping FOREIGN GOVTS like BRITAIN to arrest GERRY ADAMS.
  Gerry Adams,  supposedly a terrorist,  allegedly  killed an ‘innocent’ woman 40 plus years ago.
  So why bring up this case now?
  Because our American prosecutors at the behest of their bosses at DOJ and DOS who are telling them to subpoena anyone or everyone that might have information concerning an act of terrorism,  OVERSEAS!  Not here in the USA.
You can read more about the details of the Gerry Adams case in the NYTIMES Article, “A Heinous Crime, Secret Histories And A Sinn Fein Leader’s Arrest”,  May2, 2014, written by Katharine Q. Seelye. (posted earlier)
  My professional qualm with this subpoena is that basically it is both illegal and provocative.  Terrorism is a tactic practiced all over the world throughout the history of mankind.   If we were to subpoena our American terrorists,  the list would include: George Washington; John Adams; Thomas Jefferson.   So yesterday’s American terrorists as determined by British Law became our founding fathers and our OUR AMERICAN PATRIOTS whom we deify!!

The first principle of world terrorism is that yesterday’s terrorists is the tomorrow’s world leader.  That was true of Begin [IZL]; Sadat [Muslim Brotherhood]; Mandela [ANC]; Castro[Cuba].
  The second principle  is the fact that ‘terrorism’ is not a crime but a ‘war tactic’ and falls within the rules of Military conflict and military justice.  Bush Jr made ‘terrorism’ an ‘ACT OF WAR’ where we sent troops and not policeman to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Obama fought the War On Terrorism with “DRONE ATTACKS” in Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, and not SUBPOENAS.  Please remember that Obama is a lawyer by training and decided to conduct his COVERT WAR with the help of the CIA and not the DOJ and their prosecutors.
  Terrorism is an act of violence committed against innocent civilians who are ‘treated as combatants’ by the ‘terrorists’.  That act of violence against the major power in an asymmetric warfare is intended to CREATE FEAR.   The terrorist’s intention in all conflicts is to force the enemy to place civil and criminal restrictions on the host civilian government. 
It seems that the past has had a major restrictive effect on the liberties of Gerry Adams and other potentially innocent victims around the world who may have been involved in a terrorist incident.  I argue even further that today’s American Prosecutorial Subpoenas on past acts of terrorism committed overseas may be interpreted in the future as a “STIMULUS FOR RE-IGNITING OLD HATREDS AND CONFLICTS” that have been buried through tireless diplomatic negotiations.
I argue that when DOJ and State order American prosecutors to submit subpoenas to Americans or foreigners involved in past terrorist incidents;  they are in effect,  SUIS GENERIS,  acting in a  COLLUSIVE,  DESTRUCTIVE ROLE which could SERIOUSLY DESTABILIZE a country that was in effect ordered to proceed to peace through an orderly process of conflict resolution.
Today’s American prosecutor becomes tomorrow’s POTENTIAL TERRORIST.   It’s paradoxical and counter-intuitive but the laws of ethnic/religious conflict do not follow the canons of America jurisprudence.
  Let me quote the son of my former North Cambridge Congressman,  Tip O’Neill (who had negotiated the peace between the Irish and the British),
  “There were brutalities on both sides…. For people of our side to justify this by SAYING THAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS OUTWEIGHED BY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS, WELL THAT CAN BE ARGUED… “
 Thomas P. O’Neill III. 
American Prosecutors: be wary of your actions at the behest of the your Political Bosses.
  The post WWII Nuremberg Trials proved that judges,  prosecutors or legal representatives will be held accountable for their professional and personal decisions and the morality of those decisions.  Maybe today’s prosecutors will have to testify in tomorrow’s peoples’ courts when there are new leaders in the USA.

  Long Live Freedom all over the world!
  Long Live the Right to a Fair Trial Without Fear of Our Police,  Prosecutors,  Justice Dept, State Dept, White House, and the ALL PERVASIVE SUBPOENAS!!!!


  1. Excellent post Dr P! Gerry Adams arrest has left me dumbfounded! Now I don't know whether Gerry Adams has engaged in "terrorism" or not but what I do know is that this latest futile arrest threatens to turn back the clock 30 years or more! Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness deserve huge praise along with Redcar member if British Parliament Mo mowlem for putting a process of peace in place! In point of fact Mo would remove her wig (she was battling cancer) to lighten the mood during negotiations!! Where is the sense in this latest arrest? As the readers are very aware deals are done to release prisoners of war as such so such peace processes are effective and for the most part its win win! But let's not forget it was Thatcher and a British government whom stood by and watched a democratically elected member of Parliament Bobby Sands starve to death on hunger strike

  2. Great post again, and turning back the clock is right. Let sleeping dogs lay, don't poke them with sticks. Its like a pointless cycle to spend years negotiating peace, only to drag people into a court years later. Any soldier who has served in a war can be dragged into court years later under this silly point of thinking. I'm glad you continue to shine a light on the truth and present common sense back into this country. If only this blog made front page...keep doing what you do. Ill be reading.

  3. I agree that American policy regarding terrorism has become absurd, but then all of American policy is absurd because the public believes myths about American exceptionalism and morality while it's government is pillaging the world in genocidal wars. Given that core truth it's impossible for American policy to be anything other than absurd.

    As for Adams the British had no choice but to act because the evidence against him is as credible as any, and the act was not an act of war but a simple murder of a woman who was a mother of many children. There was nothing necessary about killing that particular victim - she was not the British but merely a housewife and mother suspected of being an informant. It was a particularly aweful crime, and now that evidence has been proferred against Adams it can't be ignored.

  4. I might add that in my opinion terrorism should be off the table as a legitimate means of war fighting.

    In my opinion I think the US should have a consistent policy of opposing anyone who's used terrorism or other war crimes.

    I think when Beguin became PM of Israel the US should have announced it's dismay, and acted to reduce it's support of his government.

    The same goes for Mandela.