Monday, May 19, 2014

Boko Haram: Who, What, Where, Why?

[1] What does Boko Haram [BH] mean?
“Western Education Is Sinful” in Hausa,  Nigerian Northeast dialect.
[2] What’s the history?
Islamist military group founded in northeastern Nigeria involving killing over 10,000 people since 2002,  located in a variety of northern Nigerian societal institutions-- Christian churches; police stations; United Nations; and government installations. They have achieved public notoriety since the kidnapping of the 300 school girls.
Their Strategic goal:  to impose Sharia law throughout Nigeria.  They are occasionally referred to as the “Nigerian Taliban”.  
Since 2009,  BH had become extremely militant after the death of their founder/leader, Mohammed Yusuf.  Their new leader is named Abukar Shekau.
[3] Whom does BH really represent?
Like most intra-national or trans-national terrorist groups,  BH represents far greater political interest groups than just an implementer of terror.  The tragedy of Nigeria is that for the most part,  it has not been a unified government or nation.   Nigeria is a oil rich nation which provides the USA with about 43 % of our oil requirements.
As you know by now,  oil = corruption + political divisiveness  between the haves/have nots.
This is no different in the sad case of Nigeria.  The north of Nigeria which the BH primarily terrorize is bereft of any of the benefits accrued from an exceedingly lucrative oil business located primarily in the SOUTH OF NIGERIA or in the NIGER DELTA.   Most of the so-called ‘responsible politicians’ from the North/East of Nigeria use the BH to put political pressure on the nominal head of Nigeria,  President Goodluck Jonathan

Unfortunately for the innocent 300 kidnapped girls,  the President Goodluck is neither “Good” in his job ; nor is he “LUCKY”.  Therefore,  the lack of any response to the girls’ kidnapping was neither a surprise nor unexpected.  Fueling the present political impasse between the Muslim and Christian factions of Nigeria is the fact that Goodluck is seeking re-election literally over the ‘dead bodies’ of BH.
The northern politicians are using this episode with the 300 girls to apply more pressure on “Goodluck” to increase both the CASH FLOWS and POLITICAL PATRONAGE FROM THE NIGER DELTA which also has its own terrorist group called “Alahii Muiahid Dokubo-Asari”.

[4] What do I think will happen next? 
  BH terrorism has been confined geographically to the northeastern states of Nigeria:  Borno; Adamawa; and Yobe.  They have the ability to attack ‘soft targets’ in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city; or in Niger.  They are capable yet have limited their attacks on other countries like Chad or Cameroon.   American special forces have entered into the fray as well as Israel, France, and other countries.
For the most part,  BH has achieved their goal—WORLDWIDE PUBLICITY for their cause and embarrassment of President Goodluck not! Jonathan.  If BH were to carry out their stated threats dramatized on the video that went viral they will have lost any leverage that they had gained in mocking and marginalizing the Nigerian President and his inevitable, eventual concession on greater cash and political distribution to the politicians of the Northeast of Nigeria.
  The ‘Game of Terrorism’ will have been played out successfully by BH when they receive the PAYMENT from an “AUSTRALIAN INTERMEDIARY” and then the girls will be released.   As for BH,  their credibility will rise as a terrorist group which will then translate into greater political power for the northeast of Nigeria and greater distribution of wealth from the Niger delta.
  Remember: terrorism is not a ‘strategy’ contrary to the inane words and actions of our American leaders and their sycophants,  it is merely an ‘economic/political weapon’ used effectively---almost 98% success rate all over the world—to REALIGN ASYMMETRY of POWER AND WEALTH.  Unfortunately,  the true combatants of terrorism are rarely soldiers but innocent victims who are helpless.

Just ask the families of the 3000 innocent Americans who died in the World Trade Center what they had done to George Bush Jr , Cheney, Condi, or Rumsfeld??! !  Now,  you get the idea,  no one creates a “War On Terror”,  unless you are GREEDY,  INCOMPETENT or COWARDLY.   You don’t need to go to Africa to see the barbarism of terror,  we have it right here in America!!  Hell,  we even built a museum to our own American terrorism!
  What do you want to do about that problem…. American Citizens? 



  1. Dr. Pieczenik, what do you think about the gift shop at the museum?

    1. That event was used as a pretext to invade several countries and murder and torture and rape millions of ordinary people....

      And you're upset over a gift shop?

    2. Hey MITmichael, I wanted to hear from the Man himself. I wasn't trying to start a blog war. I know what you are saying and I agree. I am just trying to say that a gift shop is absurd. People don't go to a museum about the Holocaust and buy a toy gas chamber. That whole museum is a grave yard. They have unknown remains, ( bone fragments ) that are there and they have a gift shop.

    3. And, that Museum is a fraud. They wont chronicle what happened. Like the radio transmissions from the first responders that were there. Building 7 and the fact that the World Trade Center was undergoing the largest elevator modernization in history 9 months preceding the attacks. Its f**ked up, I know. But you know, " Go Dodgers, " and " Justin Beiber. "

    4. Hey MITmichael, after reading some of your comments about " Negros, " and," African Americans. " you sound like some kind of COINTELPRO provocateur. Or, your just an ignorant fool.

    5. An ignorant fool that needs to be taking his pills and not blogging on this site!

    6. I agree that I should be taking pills, I just don't know what kind.

    7. Bill Clinton is now bragging about all the lives he's saving in Africa by showing up at villages and cleaning their well water. This is the kind of thing the Gates Foundation likes to do. And if you're a megelomaniac like Clinton and Gates you need someone to help and be patronizing too, so off to Africa you go where you can "save lives" by doing all kinds of mundane things like supplying clean water and vaccines.....


      If you get to know Africans well as I have what you learn is that they view their traditional way of living, which is primitive to us, as being.................


      To tell them that they need to change and improve and do things differently or their lives are not worth living is like telling them that all their parents and ancestors lived lives that are not worth living.

      They don't clean up their own water because their water has never been clean and they liked their lives before just fine.


  2. Johnson rules like African Americans politicians govern in the United States, or like African/negros govern in Africa, which is that same as they rule in the Carribbean like Haiti, Jamaica, etc...........

    All this political correctness about the equality of negros in the United States and Europe has blinded the public to the simple truth that no matter where you go in the world negros are incapable of a human characteristic called EMPATHY.

    The reason why racists have distain for negros isn't because the racists are knuckle-dragging, cruel and ignorant pigs. The reason why racists such as Sterling and billions of others such as everyone in Asia and southwest Asia and most people in eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.... because negros don't give a shit about each other or anyone else. They are brutal killers at worst and indifferent predators at best.

    Spend any time in Africa and you will learn that not only is this true, but the Africans themselves will be the first to tell you it's true.

    Africans know themselves all too well. It's a shame they carry on a charade in the United States and places where they can conduct their game.

    But if you can't go to Africa just go to the negro ghetto in any American city and you'll see what I'm talking about. And I don't mean just passing through, but actually living there with the people for months or years at a time as I have.

    1. And their game is so transparent, so ridiculous and silly. All they need to do is smile and smile like Obama, grin a lot and show a lot of teeth and say a few words and THESE ABSOLUTELY STUPID WHITE PEOPLE believe everything they might say despite that there is NO EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE for anything they claim about themselves.

    2. So we've become accustomed to two kinds of black male faces.....

      The ones that grin and smile all the time while they're picking your pocket....

      And the scowling, angry faces of the hip hop assholes who are trying to intimidate everyone with their belligerant stares.

      Both are horrible.

    3. I mean let's be real about this.

      SUB-SAHARAN Africa where negros live is a jungle. It's never been civilized, but has always remained the one vast area of completely uncivilized barbarism and savagry.

      If you believe in evolution and adaptation then why on earth would anyone ever acquire the traits of empathy or sympathy?

      There's no empathy in a jungle, and the one thing which will keep someone alive is to have no sympathy whatsoever and kill and enslave and rape all the time.

      That's how genes are passed down in a jungle, and if you've ever been to Africa you'd understand without any reservation whatsoever WHY African negros have NO SYMPATHY.

      The very idea of anything like that possibly existing in such a place is ABSURD.

      Negros are adapted to a kill-or-be-killed jungle.

      They should remain there, remain uncivilized, away from any kind of technology and the like...and stay the hell away from the rest of us.

      There's nothing wrong with the primative ways they always have lived, and that ASSUMPTION IS SHARED BY THEM THOUGH NOT BY US !!!!

      The reason why African leaders never lift a finger to modernize their countries IS BECAUSE THEY DON'T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE WAY IT'S ALWAYS BEEN!!!!!

      They have a completely different perspective on everything.


    4. American negros ARE NOT AFRICAN-AMERICANS.

      Egyptians and Moroccans and Ethiopians are AFRICANS TOO....

      And I'm not going to refer to negros in America by their continent when all kinds of semitic peoples and others who are not negroid live there also and always have.

      The proper anthropological term for their race is NEGRO.

    5. All people alive today came from only a handful of individuals from the Sans tribe in Africa, and they live today just as they lived 60,000 ago.

      All the other pro-sapiens like the australopithicus and so forth are pretty much way way way in the background because everyone comes from pretty much one woman and maybe one or two men from that tribe over 60,000 year ago....

      Personally I think that aliens took the DNA from two or three of those people and that's how it all got started for modern humans but what do I know.

      Anyway what happened is that the offspring of those two or three people lived in Africa for a while. Then some of them split off and went west, and those people became negros.

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      For that matter even before 60,000 years ago those humans had the brain developed for language acquistion, and that happened in only twenty thousand years or so and that's impossible by natural selection.

      It's obvious and undeniable that human brain development regarding language is ENGINEERED....and therefore all other traits of civilized man are similarly so.

      Negros are uncivilized because they were never meant to be civilized and are biologically incapable of it.

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    6. Acedemics who study the phenomena of "alien abduction" have concluded that a substantial number of people, in the hundreds of thousands or millions at present, are experiencing this genetic tuning by "aliens."

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      It's not about giving humans a cure for cancer or a new source of energy or anything AS STUPID AND MEANINGLESS AS THAT.

    7. Closer to the truth is that they do volunteer for it.

      Everything we do here is voluntary.

    8. These stupid humans who find out about this would have these "aliens" approach individual humans and tell them about the whole program and then ask for their consent LOL.

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      But we don't want any of the knowledge they have that we don't care for such as.......

      Jesus Christ was no prophet or God or the like
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      Moses was a terrorist along with the other Jew leaders of the Torah and the Talmud and other garbage......

      And furthermore I happen to know that aliens don't like baseball, basketball, football, soccer or rugby.

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    9. The like synchronized swimming too.

  3. Now as for Boko Haram.....

    Aren't they just the latest incarnation of the sixties group Boco Harem? "When a Man Loves a Woman?"

    I think what happened is that they got tired of the pussy-whipped image of that song so they went back to their homeland and became misoginists.

    That's what happened.

  4. Look at the Youtube vid of the 320 pound sixteen year old negro student attacking the elderly white teacher and you'll know what it's like for white teachers and students having to go to school with these people. As the 60th anniversary of "Brown vs. Topeke" has now happened, and the Obamas have lectured us about why it's the most important thing since the Magna Carta.....

    Remember that more than half of all suspensions are of black male students although they are only 6% of the student population, and that's reflected in the incarceration rates in jails, etc....

    It's time for negros to return to their own schools, swimming pools, etc., and stay away from other races. Other minorities such as asian-Americans, south-asian Americans, and Latinos will be the first to agree with me.

  5. The story of Stanley Dunham is an object lesson in what happens when you take political correctness seriously. She wasn't butchered like O.J.Simpson's white wife was, but she was ravaged and impregnated by a Kenyan tribal man passing as a single college student in Hawaii. He was of course married, and when he knocked-up Stanley she was seventeen.......

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    And now we're stuck with the offspring, the psychologically-fucked up politician Barak Hussein Obama.

  6. Now what about this Chinese Army [the "Peoples' Army"] Unit 61398 or whatever it is with such a name..

    Are they really stealing American technologies? Gee why would they do that?

    Anyway is that really the name of a Chinese Army Unit or is it just a Zip Code which has become confused with something else?

  7. Hey MITmichael, let me ask an important question. Are you Steve Pieczenik? Because if you are, I don't want to listen to you anymore. If you are not, you trying to sound like him and if anything bring about discredit. I would hope that your just somebody trying to dissuade and pollute his website with your bullshit thoughts because your either a genuine nutbag or some kind of asshole. Asshole!

    1. I'm rubber and you're glue. What you say to me bounces off and sticks to you.