Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Congratulations to the NJ Rutgers University Students and Faculty! 
Refusing to Allow Former Sec State Condoleeza Rice the Honor of Making the Graduation Commencement Address!

Just at a point in history when it appears that all righteous indignation has faded from the landscape of American Academia,  Rutgers,  a prestigious New Jersey State School,  reaffirmed that the collective American sense of right and wrong is still very much alive.
  In a recent rebuttal to the mercurial Rutgers President’s invitation to pay the ignoble Condi the wholesome sum of $35,000 for a commencement address, a spontaneous group of former Iraqi/Afghanistan Student Warriors and their academic counterparts  initiated an effective, constructive protest against having Condi deliver a commencement address.
  The protest was focused around the issue of Condi’s keystone contributions to having created lies,  distortions and deception in order for our brave American soldiers to die and become maimed in an unnecessary faux war.
  I salute these brave students and academicians who articulated the collective anger and resentment of a country that was hijacked by a repressive Presidential regime (BushJr/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice) in order to fulfill the dreams of the megalomaniacal cowardly administration to create Pax Americana in the Middle East.
Throughout the next few years,  the dregs of both the Bush Jr and Clinton administrations will offer themselves for all types of occasions,  including Hillary Clinton, for the tidy sums of $250,000 per speech, to expound on nonsense and trivia which signifies nothing but reaffirms  their own unrelenting self-love and disdain for America.
  Unlike Rutgers, very few civil and military organizations have taken the time to analyze and comprehend the moral implications of inviting previous ‘senior officials’ to any august occasions.   Silver shekels will be exchanged for the appearance of these American Judases into the temple of American academia and businesses without scorn or reprimand.   Accordingly,  history will scan these seemingly irrelevant moments of existential choice and judge them to be wanting.
  So Harvard, Yale,  Princeton and the rest of the so-called elite of both the east and west coasts,  Take Notice!   Amidst a grinding state scandal involving their own Governor Christie and  “Bridgegate”,  Rutgers and New Jersey stood up for America!  These students refused to recognize nor give tribute$ to the likes of Condoleeza Rice.  Rice and her cohorts will become the ignominious characters in the opening chapters of 21st century American History. Go Rutgers!

Hail these Conquering Moral Heroes! 


  1. Yes they deserve massive credit and it the subject matter reminds me of Tony Blair and his Meteorical rise in the wealth stakes since following orders and backing the so called war on "terror" as well as the multi millions also the title of "peace" envoy I'd like to remind you all! I wish George Galloway all the best with his documentary called " the killing of Tony Blair" because as George rightfully points out Blair has indeed made a killing!! No doubt just like our friends Condescending Rice , Shill Clinton ect ect! Still I'll say this! They'll all end up in a box the same as the rest of us and there are no pockets in a shroud!!!!

  2. Dr Steve, The rejection of this bitch certainly has caused major headlines like this Y/T video shows! 'Media "Watchdogs" (LOL) Try To Blame Condoleezza Rice As If The Media Has No Responsibility On Iraq!

  3. Condi Rice deserves to be in jail.

    Evidence points to her fore-knowledge of 911 (Willie Brown warned to stay out of New York on September 11, 2001 and other high-level African Americans also warned).

    Condi Rice is up to her neck in War Crimes from the Iraq War.

    Condi Rice is only one of many.

    Dick Cheney deserves to be indicted, tried, and if found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury, executed by hanging.

    Bush -- did he know in advance? Most commentators say, "yes", but there are some who say, "no", he was informed after the fact.

    Although there is evidence Bush watched the first tower get hit by a plane on closed circuit T. V. -- Bush, twice in public, was recorded on video claiming to see the first plane hit the tower via T. V. when in fact nobody saw that video on the day of the attack.

    That Neoconservatives get any air time at all on corporate media, especially television, is testament to the corruption of journalism and Washington D. C.

    The neoconservative, serial policies of aggression in Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine, by the Obama administration is testament to the ongoing control of neoconservatives over two successive administrations, even after Bush's failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the rejection of those policies by the American People.

    Neoconservatives don't just deserve zero air time, they deserve to be tarred & feathered naked and put out on the Washington Mall for all Americans to see.

    1. Some will say Bush was confused and meant the second plane, but he said he saw it live and everybody knows Bush was on stage at a grade school reading a children's story about goats and did not see the second plane hit the building live.

      So, he claimed to see the first plane hit the building live... he likely was telling the truth... and guilty of Treason.

    2. With enough time I hope someone somewhere will indict Rice, Cheney, Bush, Powell, et. al. for the massive crimes which they intentionally perpetrated.

      They should be sharing a cell somewhere next to Charles Taylor of Liberia and subhumans of his ilk. If so Taylor can regale them with tails of the best way to stew human livers, the tastiness of which human muscle is best for roasting! While in the dock at trial Bush and Rice can confront the eleven year old schoolgirls in Iraq who had their legs amputated when American bombs hit their homes. They can meet the uncle of the fourteen year old girl who was raped by four American warrior "heros" who then blew her head off and of course shot to death all her family members in front of her before they raped her. They can also meet the family member of the girls imprisoned at Abu Grahb who killed themselves after they were raped by American prison guards....and the male prisoners there who were raped by having various items inserted into their rectums.....

      Thank you for your service to Satan...uh..I mean "our country" all you warriors and heros.


      if after you're service you show up at the VA for medical care and they tell you to fuck off...all the better.

    3. Oh and another thing....

      In the German army during Nazi dayz rape was punished by death, and thus never happened. Not that there was any risk of it anyway because Germans are very un-prone to rape or such crimes.

      Compared to the Nazis the American military is indeed the army of Satan.

      "I always believed in the goodness of American power"

      -- Madeline Albright

    4. And once again....

      You either believe in self-determination or you don't.

      You can't have it both ways just because you want to accuse someone of something even when they're not in the wrong.

      The Germans had every right to repatriate all the lands stolen from them after 1919 because they were full of Germans who wanted to be repatriated. There was no "pretext" involved. Hitler was acting in the vital interests of the German people.

      As well Putin has every right to repatriate all the areas of Ukraine or anywhere else where masses of Russians live who are fed up with living under the rule of these Ukrainian idiots. Putin isn't employing any "pretext" and isn't going to invade Lithuania or Latvia or anywhere else after the Russians in Ukraine go back to Russia where they belong.

      I don't like Russians for a lot of reasons, and Putin is a little shit if there ever was.......

      But at least he has some pride, some reason, some sense of equity and morality and simple common sense....

      Whereas Obama and the Americans have lied to Putin about every topic everywhere, have double-dealed in every situation, support gay marriage and perversion and every kind of abomination.....have sought to surround Russia completely with NATO allies leaving Russia and Iran completely surrounded by American puppets and stooges who make billions of dollars selling herione........

      I'd take Putin the man over Obama the pussy any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Putin is a small insecure man but he's a man afterall and isn't a gay coke-snorting faggot like Obama.

      When Putin gives his word he means it.

      Obama is a lying, camel-smoking, coke-snorting cock sucker.

    5. In Russia it is a crime to voice support for homosexuality while in American married homosexuals are now adopting children.....

      Russia is looking better and better to me all the time.

    6. Mit and Dr. Pieczenik, here is a link I thought was provocative and counterintuitive:

      The Telegraph (United Kingdom) Why psychopaths are more successful



      One dysfunctional psychopath Dutton worked with used to have a competition when out with his friends: not to see who could get the most phone numbers from women but see who could get the most rejections. “It’s something anyone could learn from,” Dutton says.

      “Once you get used to being rejected it doesn’t hurt, you realise it doesn’t matter. Then your confidence gets up and you start approaching everyone – you’re coming across as less confident, less worried and your hit rate starts going up. It’s a great example of how you can turn this fear down if you work on it.”


      “A lot of the problems in relationships come from the fact that people stick in them when they’d be better off out,” says McNab, who had been married five times – though has been with his current wife for 14 years. “You have to know when to cut loose.”[...]

      Why psychopaths are more successful

      Well, Mit, what do you think?

      Dr. Pieczenik doesn't like to get clinical, but this is interesting.

  4. "GAG ME"

    HILLARY, the movie banned from the theaters:


    I. Executive Fiat Orders
    II. NATIONAL Security
    III. OBAMACare
    IV. Economy
    V. Executive appointments
    VI. Free speech
    IX. ADDITIONAL ABUSES OF POWER ( dismissing his mother's fugitive FBI status 6-17-2009 by a unauthorized DC FEDERAL COURT magistrate -Case#88-00145(DAR)

    If presented with identity fraud, all other crimes would be understood as to "means, motive & opportunity", even for the dumbest illiterate American.

  6. Dr. Pieczenik has been involved in real life spy stuff, written techno-thriller novels, and also been involved with Hollywood as a producer, hence his ability to vote for the Academy Awards.

    Dr. Pieczenik, then must know music is important in a movie or television production to build emotional tension, suspense, and climax, and also release of those emotions.

    Music can be a powerful inducement to emotional states of consciousness. It can also be part of the "suspension of disbelief" needed in a drama, whatever its form.

    Can I provide an example?

    Jazz can be a strong emoter. There is a reason John Williams has been called to compose for so many powerful scores of music for action packed adventure and thrills with a full orchestra.

    No, this isn't John Williams, but Hoyt Curtain, who composed many "brass" jazz instrumentals in the '60's.

    Take a listen... the second piece with trumpets and drums is well worth listening to, although relatively short on its own, but fits in well with the other pieces strung together.

    Hoyt Curtain

    Produced by studio musicians consisting of a regular jazz band of 4 trumpets, 6 trombones, 5 woodwind doublers, and a 5-man rhythm section including percussion.

    Yes, the music might not be as impactful if you never saw the production it goes with, but still I think it has emotive force on its own.

    And isn't it a fact that actual world events seems to be speeding up toward some sort of climax?

    Although, let me be clear, this "speeding up" of world events needs to be defused before it becomes too late, nothing is pre-ordained, it is in the hands of humanity, as to what will ultimately befall humanity.

  7. We in the UK have our own lying, liars headed by Tony Blair. I have always wondered what a Politician in the UK or US would have to do (apart from claiming bogus expenses) to be tried or go to prison. Also why do they all get paid so much for their speeches...they did not write their original ones in office, so basically it shows their ability to read!

    1. Paid speeches for those contemplating higher office, such as Hillary Clinton, are a form of political bribery.

      For past presidents, such as Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, it is a chance for people to be in the same room, a sad form of worship, with somebody famous, and also a payment for past favors.

      Good point about who writes the speeches, but the content isn't particularly important, it is the reflected "glory", as in, "we are an important group of people, look mom who came to talk with our group".

      Yes, those toilet fixture salesmen, all those, "king of the crapper" salesmen are important enough to warrant a past "grand poobah" coming and giving a speech.

      No offense to bathroom fixture salesmen, but your job isn't any more important than car salesmen.

      The import of your comment, to my perception, is that so many politicians of all parties are corrupt or so partisan, or indifferent that to prosecute one politician is to threaten them all.

      Tony Blair is a complete scumbag and errand boy for the powers that be, who sit in the shadows, and promote politicians who will do their bidding. Tony Blair was very good at that.

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