Thursday, May 8, 2014

VA CHIEF,  Eric Shinseki Should Resign!
  A recent article in the WSJ, “VA Chief Says He Won’t Resign”, May 7, 2014, written by Ben Kesling (posted earlier)  highlights an issue with which I have been having big problems.  I have for years,  requested of my friends in the national security areas to release former Army General Eric Shinseki from his duties as the VA Chief.  In more blunt terms,  I have learned over the past several years that Shinseki has been much less than an effective manager of the dysfunctional VA system.
I can’t tell you for how long and how many times my medical colleagues complain about how dysfunctional the VA has become.   I had learned from my many conversations that poor management was placed into individual VA hospitals in lieu of providing more effective medical care.  Doctors, nurses, and health care providers were replaced by arcane,  complicated rules and regulations that had very little to do with patient outcome.

  It was the equivalent of “Nurse Ratched” or Bureaucrat Ratched who had become the new nemesis of efficient,  effective medical care of the wounded warriors.  As most of you know by now,  the suicide rate of the recent Wounded Warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan [gifts from Presidents Bush Jr and Obama] have approached the frightening rate of 40% of those who served more than one tour of duty.  Unfortunately,  the US military shuffled off this problem to the VA and the VA shoved this problem into the bin of ‘MIA—Missing In Action’-not the soldiers but the VA employees.

The consequence of a poorly run VA:  increased levels of suicides,  murder, and mental illness.
  From the very beginning of Shinseki’s appointment to the VA,  I could quickly surmise that he was not really qualified to understand,  let alone run a major medical facility that treated 90% of our honorable veterans since WWII.  The fact that Shinseki had been wounded in Vietnam and was treated in the VA somehow appeared to President Obama and others who have never been in the medical field or even worked in a mental hospital,  sufficient to make Shinseki the VA Director.

Unfortunately,  a patient in a hospital is not a sufficient requirement for the position of Director of the VA.  It may be interesting that Shinseki  had been wounded in Vietnam, but it certainly does not provide SUFFICIENT AND NECESSARY SKILLS TO MAKE HIM AN EFFECTIVE MANAGER!!! [my emphasis]. 
If you don’t believe me,  let’s see what the American Legion which represents 2.4million Veterans said:
“..CALLED FOR MR. SHINSEKI and two top VA EXECUTIVES TO STEP DOWN AFTER ALLEGATIONS OF MISMANAGEMENT that contributed to PATIENT DEATHS AT SEVERAL VA FACILITIES.”   If the US Military can’t take care of our brave warriors and then they are shuffled off to the dysfunctional VA,  then it’s time to fire our top military generals and Mr SHINSEKI!
  In war and in taking care of our WOUNDED WARRIORS THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ERRORS or MISMANAGEMENT!!   Certainly,  not after I and others have asked for Shinseki’s RESIGNATION YEARS AGO!  How many WOUNDED WARRIORS lives could have been saved if not for Shinseki’s PRIDE and INEFFECTIVENESS?
Veterans,  their families and friends must go to social media,  go to blog sites- comment and share,   write to their congressman and DEMAND resignation of Shinseki!  This is an American Tragedy and we are allowing it to continue while more veterans waste away in poorly equipped and poorly run VA hospitals!
How many times do our patriotic servicemen/women have to suffer and die until we right this wrong? 

Yours truly,  Veteran;  Dr Steve;  Navy Capt.(Ret.);  Eight plus- overseas “combat tours” –CLASSIFIED!! 


  1. Why don't we create a petetion on Ill sign it and share the article. What say you Dr. Pieczenik?


  3. What makes you think anyone else would do any better?

    Why do you think there is any solution to this?

    Every veterans organization has praised this Shinseki person for many reasons, yet despite of his greatness the medical system is still overloaded due to lack of funding, available MDs, and other resource issues over which no one, not Shinseki or anyone else, can deal with.

    Unless you are willing to spend another hundred billion or so building up more infrastructure that then you won't be able to ever take apart then go sit in the reception room and take an number and wait your turn like everyone else who has to depend on a bureaucracy for their needs.

    These wars of aggression where American soldiers raped girls, tortured and murdered untold scores of patriots fighting the American invaders, bombed and bombed killing housewives and grandmothers and kindergarten attendees...........

    Yeah the craven American invaders got their arms and legs blown off by bombs...I that's what a mine is called.....a mine or a bomb...not a "IED" or an "Improvised Explosive Device" or any other such moronic name!!!!

    Yes the American asshole raping, murdering killers got their arms and legs blown off and many had their brains dislodged by concussion over and over again because they serve a dozen or so tours. So am I supposed to cry over these invaders who were injured by the patriots who were defending their country against them????

    All these people joined for the college tuition, for the excitment, or because they were stupid enough to believe that invading and killing people 12 thousand miles away was defending America.

    Fuck 'Um.

    I'm not paying shit for their injuries and I don't give a shit what happens to them.

    I only care about the amputees, many children, in Iraq!!

    I will buy a wheelchair or an artificial limb or a lifetime supply of xanex for any Iraqi or Afghani harmed by American assholes invading their country IN MY FUCKING NAME!!

    1. There is two sides to every story isn't there.

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  5. My favorite former Iraqi warrior and hero was Texas' own CHRIS KYLE !


    Chris Kyle was the high school dropout who was turned down for entry by the Marines until well into the war they had to lower their standards to meet their enrollment quotas....


    Oh and yes what a Marine he was!

    He claimed to have killed more people with his sniper rifle than any other American sniper ever had.

    And after he published a money-making book about it and lied about hitting Jesse Ventura in an argument over the rightness of the Iraq war.

    Chris Kyle was a lying piece of shit and one day another veteran got fed up with his bullshit and shot him dead.

    If that doesn't say it all I don't know what does.

  6. And the beauty of the Chris Kyle saga is that I was so upset about what he did and because he lived so close by to myself I actually considered killing him myself !

    And then suddenly on television I see that someone else has done it for me !

    Isn't this a great country !!

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  8. Dr P if you give me your email address I will send you nude pics of the Marine girl with the great ass! She was a sweetheart, just couldn't remember what she had for breakfast. But then what woman remembers anything accurately anyway!

  9. Mit you need to write an autobiography. Im sure it would be much more interesting than the ones on the shelves of former Presidents and such, with their usual white washing of events.
    Anyway as to the wounded soldiers, yes it is an absolute travesty and a disgrace, that the very "Patriots" who fight for America, can be treated so damn poorly. I've seen it first hand. And in spite of all of MIT's disdain, we owe it to ourselves firstly, to treat human beings in general with a great deal of respect, lest we be found less than human ourselves as a result of our own insensitivity towards the value of life in general. But truly these people for whatever reason; tuition, patriotism or whatever should be treated better than the pencil pushers and seat warmers in Washington that sent them into the fray in the first place, in my opinion. In fact I would encourage bloggers to spend a few hours at a V.A. hospital volunteering their time and talent on behalf of these wounded veterans &/or donate to any of the charities or foundations that help them in their struggles. Some I can think of off hand; Fisher House, Wounded Warriors, etc etc, or any you think are worthy causes would I'm sure be welcomed. I think they need our help as do their families, many have paid an awful price, that most of us will never have to endure first hand, thank God. Count your blessings, help a veteran. Most of you will feel great satisfaction from doing so imo. Thank you Dr. P for reminding us of the difficult plight of our veterans. And the incompetence of our "leaders "in appointing directors and managers of various governmental agencies.
    What I despise MIT are these politicians in their own "comfort zones", that so willingly sacrifice our good men and women of our military. Which if they had to send their own family members 1st, there would probably be less war mongering, and greater concerted diplomatic efforts, again imo. That is where the disdain I think should be directed. That and the lies that are precursors to war, i.e. "the WMD's", and then the subsequent bullshit coverups i.e. Benghazi and Hillary Clinton, and Rice, and those who gave her the BS talking points. In fact, I think it would be beneficial if they were ordered to spend time in a V.A. hospital, emptying bed pans, and suctioning patients infected airways, debriding their wounds, and emptying their foley cath bags, just so they can see the damage war does for themselves. In fact, they should make it a requirement for future Presidential candidates and for members of Congress imo to serve in this fashion, maybe it will curb their blood lust a bit.

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  11. I note that the VA plaque quotes Lincoln, who it's pretty clear was a war monger who didn't give a shit how much suffering was brought about by his illegal and treasonous warmaking against his own countrymen.....

    But what I want to talk about isn't Lincoln's evil mind or acts but the fact that he used to sleep with soldiers during the war.


    Lincoln had a couple of young soldiers stationed in Washington that he picked out to sleep with a share the same bed so Lincoln wouldn't sleep alone [God knows he didn't want to sleep with his wife].

    Now I know this sounds crazy but it's actually not.

    In times past nobody ever slept alone. Everyone shared a bed with someone, and it was normal to sleep with someone else.

    But even people who could have slept by themselves like Lincoln and others preferred to sleep with someone else because they would be lonely if they were sleeping alone.

    My how times have changed.

    So anyway Lincoln chose a couple of young soldiers he was fond of and they would sleep with him, but there was of course no sex involved.

    Another thing is that until recently it was common for men of the same family to kiss each other on the mouth. Men used to always kiss each other on the mouth if they were close, and that's just the way it was and it didn't mean they were was just the way it was.

    People and their habits of socability have been transformed in the last years so it's not even recognizable but I think before television and radio people really did have closer bonds to each other than what they have today. People really were linked to each other physically and in every other way that they are not today.

  12. Today people are so relieved of the stress of personal contact that all they do is text each other. They are too afraid to actually speak to anyone on the phone.

    That's progress.

  13. DR. P.,
    You were there but you never spoke up!

    No intuition at the time?



  14. George Burns used to tell the story about how he would invite Bobby Darin over to sleep with him. He knew that Darin was lonely and he told him if he wanted he should come on over and spend the night. In those days people used to always wear pajamas. They would lie around in Burns' big king sized bed and chat and fall off to sleep.

    No one would ever do that today, and that's not a good thing.

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