Monday, May 12, 2014

Congressman Trey Gowdy [R-SC] is Leading yet Another Committee to Investigate the Benghazi Affair!
  For the first time in several years,  the American people may finally have a fair,  balanced hearing regarding the often debated Benghazi Affair where four Americans died.

In contrast to the constant carping of the Democrats who failed to establish any semblance of an effective investigation despite the fact that they fetched two well-known names,  Admiral Mike Mullen and Ambassador Thomas Pickering to oversee an ‘impartial’ investigation.   Both of these distinguished TV personalities failed in their supposed mission to uncover the truth and hold officials accountable.
  The reason for their lack of perspicacity or veracity in both hearings is quite simple,  neither Mullen nor Pickering are completely divorced from the military/industrial complex.   Like most senior government officials who have exhibited less than any semblance of American entrepreneurship,  both men resorted to protecting their vested interests, including their continuing security clearances and access to the present administration in order to solicit more business for their respective corporations/institutions.  Many of these greedy career bureaucrats,  be they civilian or military,  are bereft of any virtues that we American citizens respect.   For the most part,  they exhibit egregious pandering and obsequiousness to the bureaucratic systems that spawned and nurtured  them.
What we need in the new investigation into Benghazi is someone who was not a product of the military/industrial complex.  It seems that John Boehner may have found the right man in South Carolina Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy.  He was born of a medical doctor father and he became a distinguished federal prosecutor with no past history of retribution or purposeful malice.
  Therefore,  I would propose, as someone who has been in the business of intelligence/counter-terrorism and often having to neutralize my own country’s para-military/CIA inspired foolhardy escapades in the past thirty years,  to offer a list of suspects whom I believe should be subpoenaed in front of the committee.

First and foremost the committee should focus on covert operations and not the much maligned State Department which may have some culpability in the cover-up; but I sincerely believe that they were as usual passive participants.
  From my perspective I would start with the Obama White House.
[1] Subpoena John Brennan,  ex-counselor for Counter-Terrorism To Obama and present DCI.  He was the one who ordered the SOCOM, paramilitary unit to undermine then DCI Gen. David Petraeus.
[a] Was this building a CIA ‘safe house’ used for torturing alleged ‘Al –Qaeda’ as well as a transit point for illegal shipment of guns to Syrian rebels?
[b] Who was involved in the interrogations of the prisoners? 
[c] Under what authority?
[d Why was Gen David Petraeus’s DCI authority undermined or ‘sabotaged? And how? Who gave the orders from the Military, the White House, and the Director of National Intelligence? 

[2] Subpoena Special Assistant to the POTUS, Valerie Jarrett.  What was her role?  What did she order?  What authority did she have? 
[3] Subpoena Ex-DCI Gen David Petraeus.  Same series of questions as above.
[4] Subpoena Director of the National Intelligence—Gen. James Clapper. 
[5] Subpoena ex Director of the National Security Agency and Director of Cyber Command, Gen Keith Alexander
[6] Subpoena ex Sec Def Leon Panetta
[7] Subpoena Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey. 
[8] Subpoena Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.  Ask who ordered what, where and why? 
[9] Subpoena Commanders of Naval Forces working in and about the Libyan area including all submarine commanders; all surface war fare commanders; as well as Marine officers, Commandants and any other naval officers involved or dismissed because of the Benghazi affair.
[10] Subpoena ex-General Ham, AFRICOM
Key questions for all military and White House personnel:
[a] Was there any order for a ‘stand down’? 
[b] Were there any military officers in any of the military branches who offered to assist the struggling warriors in Benghazi? If so, who were they? What happened to them? And were any dismissed or ‘retired’?
[c] Were we monitoring the situ? (of course we were)Where are the recordings? emails? voicemails? texts? phone calls?
I am convinced that the focus of Benghazi has always revolved around Sec State Hillary Clinton who clearly incompetent; negligent; and  a well-known prevaricator; this was not a very fruitful exercise.  She was like the rest of the ineffective State Dept—dumb,  silent and basically incompetent.  Of course,  she will tow the party line for the promise of future rewards.
  What needs to be done is to go back to past congressional/senatorial investigations,  not to the Iran Contra affairs but rather the most devastating investigation of CIA and covert abuses- THE CHURCH COMMITTEE HEARINGS of 1975.

There DCI,  William Colby,  a decorated military/CIA operative and over-reaching DCI was clearly implicated in the abuse of his powers and using illegal covert actions which were not properly overseen by President Gerald Ford and his cronies-- Dick Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld; Henry Kissinger;  John Marsh [Sec Army]; Philip Buchen [American White House Counsel-Ford legal buddy]. 
If you want to find the culprits hiding behind the laws of secrecy and the slimy actions of the covert lizards then go AFTER JOHN BRENNAN,  he will lead the path all the way to possible IMPEACHMENT of POTUS!!

Maybe Americans can finally fight for and then successfully attain the truth,  thanks to all the journalists/bloggers and patriots on the so-called alternative media and some main stream media.   God knows that whatever we used to call the news is now just a paid mouthpiece for the powers that be.
  We know who they are.  This story has just begun.
  Don’t let the McCarthyism from the Democrats cloud the truth.  It’s there! Just find it beneath the dregs of lies, deceit, and deception.


  1. A good choice of witnesses and questions that if posed and answered honestly will resolve the differing versions of what went down that night. I take it from your comments that you've read or are familiar with this e-book: -where it is argued that Petraeus was kept out of the loop of Brennan's operation. Others -Wayne Madsen and Webster Tarpley- have written that this was an October Surprise operation coordinated by Petraeus on behalf of Romney's neo-cons. Yet others - "Lame Cherry" - have written that this was an October Surprise gone bad, intended to make Obama look good -Stevens was supposed to be kidnapped, then rescued, but he ended up dead instead. In all of these accounts, however, the pipe-line to Syria figures heavy, though Stevens's role varies -he was either part of it or he was opposed to it. We'll see if Gowdy can get to the bottom of this... Issa has thus far proven to be a limited hang-out.

  2. Gowdy seems to be an ill-tempered guy, humorless and maybe even angry. I hope you're right about his record, but personally I have profound suspicion of all prosecutors.

    The problem here is that if the rumors are correct all that was happening was covert, and cannot be aired in open forum or Court. "National Security" and "classified" can be invoked.
    I can hardly imagine open testimony about a program as sensitive as the one you are describing.

    One problem with Covert Action is that when things go wrong with public awareness of damage it just isn't possible to publicly get to the bottom of the matter.

    That's just the way it has always been and remains so today.

  3. DCI Colby "over-reaching..."

    Colby was one of those devote Catholics Dr.P likes to warn us about. Yet after his kids were grown he surprised his wife telling her their Catholic faith was no barrier to him leaving her and beginning another life on his own.

    You should see the short, skinny, puny and bespeckeled Colby in 1975 being interviewed by the press in front of his house as he explains with a straight face that the new DCI will of course be an OUTSIDER and someone whom the public can trust because that person will have had NO EXPERIENCE in the dirty world of intl....

    By that time the choice had already been made, and it was GEORGE H.W. BUSH !!


    Colby was as runt of a man, harsh and cruel to his family, humorless, always lying about everything.

    Colby never admitted any truth about Vietnam, and tireless lied to Congress, his own CIA officers there, and the public about every aspect of what he was doing there, first as the Chief of CORDS, and then as Station Chief, overseeing PHOENIX, which he says didn't assassinate anybody.

    Colby was a madman, a small worm of a man who believed in spanking, in striking the hand with a ruler when naughty, in crew cut haircuts, the American way, and the necessity of torturing and killing any person on earth who might harbor the naughty and impure thoughts of communism, even though all the French resistance operators he fought with in during the war were just that.

  4. I'm sure in private Colby used to like to be tied up by Dominatrix and whipped savagely.

    He loved the discipline and rights and wrongs of his upbringing.

  5. In the Church hearings Colby "came clean" with the "family jewels" of documents that we are supposed to believe encompassed every aweful and naughty thing the CIA ever did !

    Colby said that "I believed differently than everybody else at CIA that secrecy in our form of government wouldn't work, and that we should tell the Congress everything we know..."


    What a joke. That little shit culled personally through about 100,000,000 documents and pulled out about 50,000 and claimed it was all there was.

    And then he staged this catfight with Helms where Helms pretends to be miffed with Colby because Helms believes in secrecy of the brotherhood and Colby has "broken the faith."

    What a load of shit.

  6. Did you the movie that his son made about him? Interesting to say the least....."in search of my father" or something like that.

  7. Meant to write: Did you see the movie...tired, goodnight.

    1. Yes in the movie the son says, "my father never said anything heartfelt..."

  8. Helms was a ruthless and unimaginative man but at least he was a human being. Colby was this choir boy weirdo disciplinarian who was all twisted up inside - a sicko if ever there was and obviously so. My God how could anyone have promoted someone like that?

    The Station Chiefs in Saigon were a rogue's gallery of the weirdest and most sinister guys. The Vietnam thing was unique in that it was the one place where 90% of the population sincerely wanted to be communist. The game had to be to convince not only the American public, but also junior CIA officers and the military, that the Vietnamese didn't want to be communists but were being terrorized into supporting communists committing atrocities and evil deeds. In reality the atrocities were all committed by the ANTI-COMMUNISTS who were terrorizing the population into not supporting the communists or becoming communists.

    This was a unique mission and required Station Chiefs who not only were willing to lie to everyone, including their own, about what the game was....but also willing to torture and kill any ordinary person in the country, about 90% of them, because of their political views and opinions.....

    Now that requires a very nasty person, and Colby was that man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So about 1995 or thereabouts Colby goes out on his little kayack thing he likes to row about on the river the way Company guys from the 1950s are supposed to like to do.....

    And then he dissappears and I guess some time later his body is found and it's determined he died out there of natural causes.


    Another thing that's strange is his involvement in supporting whistle-blowers seeking public awareness over a huge ring of pedophiles in the government of Omaha. Apparently the city fathers of Omaha were fucking boys and maybe girls from orphanages and such places, and had this huge party going on for years and all the local police and prosecutors were in the fun as well, and there was this big black man, a con artist, who had some charity of some kind and he was key in all this.....

    And the principal witness seeking to draw attention to what was going on was being helped by Colby.

    1. The "big black guy" was Larry E. King- a big republican fund raiser. There is a book on him or a video somewhere, very sick bastard but bought his was to power.

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  11. Code Name: Renegade - The Dossier of Barry Soetoro

    1977 - Obama was 16 years old (if he was born in 1961) and probably started collecting a paycheck in the Honolulu area. His employer needed a valid SSN. Whoever obtained the SSN did a sloppy job since it can easily be traced to Connecticut.

    1985 - Obama began working as a community organizer in Chicago. This would have been after his disappearing act from 1981 to 1985. He claimed to attend Columbia University from 1981 to 1983 and earned a BA degree in Political Science although nobody remembers him. He worked as an apprentice for Business International Corporation while in New York. I think this is the period when he may have assisted the CIA to interact with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan during the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan. Obama has the Muslim language and culture skills to interact with diplomats in these countries.

    Obama admits to visiting his Occidental College friends Hamid and Chandoo in PAKISTAN in 1981 during Ramadan “and then to Indonesia to see his mother and Maya,” a three-week trip according to Obama biographer, David Remnick in “The Bridge". A biographer of Ann Dunham-Soetoro provides eyewitness testimony of a 1983 visit to INDONESIA by Obama. Was Barry Soetoro working for the CIA with Ann Dunham in INDONESIA and PAKISTAN between 1981 and 1985 under CIA Director William Casey (Reagan Admin). Casey oversaw covert assistance to the mujahadeen resistance in AFGHANISTAN, with a budget of over $1 billion, by working closely with General Akhtar Abdur Rahman, PAKISTAN Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

    When the SOVIET UNION deployed its 40th Army in AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN believed it would be the next target. They felt that because of PAKISTAN's strategic location and given the fact that it has warm water ports in the Arabian Sea, it was a prime target for future invasion. Since the top military brass believed that the Soviet invasion of AFGHANISTAN threatened PAKISTAN's national security, Pakistan's premier intelligence agency the ISI headed by General Akhtar started providing financial, military, and strategic assistance to the AFGHAN Mujahideen.

    The ISI received billions of dollars in military assistance from the CIA and SAUDI ARABIA to train and command the AFGHAN rebels in a bid to defeat the Soviets. This covert operation was known as OPERATION CYCLONE, and was executed with the CIA providing money and weapons, the PAKISTAN ISI training and commanding the AFGHAN Mujahideen groups, and the Mujahideen conducting Guerilla warfare, ultimately helping lead to the Soviet withdrawal from AFGHANISTAN. General Akhtar is widely praised for his crucial role as Director General of the ISI during the war.

    The AFGHAN Mujahideen benefited from expanded foreign military support from the United States, SAUDI ARABIA, PAKISTAN and other Muslim nations. SAUDI ARABIA in particular agreed to match dollar for dollar the money the CIA was sending to the Mujahideen. When Saudi payments were late, U.S Rep Charlie Wilson and Gust Avrakotos (CIA) would fly to SAUDI ARABIA to persuade the monarchy to fulfill its commitments.

    This may be how Obama became so friendly with the King of SAUDI ARABIA and his merry band of Princes. This may be why SAUDI ARABIA made a $10 million donation to Harvard University just prior to Obama's application being submitted to Harvard Law School. This may also be the reason why Senator Obama's jet was delayed in RUSSIA in 2005.

    Was Barry Soetoro some sort of covert diplomat who schmoozed with the money men involved in OPERATION CYCLONE? Was his job to party with the Saudi princes and show them a good time. Good Time Barry?

    Code Name: Renegade - The Dossier of Barry Soetoro

  12. “I am fully supportive of having justice served,” Brennan said.

  13. 3 hr. Benghazi Assessment:
    Etiology, & diagnosis.
    Hour 2 & final closing comments are most significant.


    Prognosis remains undetermined.