Thursday, October 18, 2012

Memorandum:  Vladimir Putin, President Russian Federation.
Subject:  Dr IronFist, Vitali Klitschko,  45 out of 47 K.Os as Professional Boxer To Become Next Leader Of Ukraine. 
Problem: Putin, let up on Squeezing the Ukraine. It benefits all. Give Dr Klitschko a chance!
Analysis:  Mr President Putin, as you and I know,  the Ukraine and Russia has had a long complicated sado-masochistic relationship with much brutality imposed on the Kulaks in 1933 when Stalin killed over 10 million Ukrainian Farmers who refused to collectivize their farms. But of course,  that was history, as bitter as it might have been, Russia really needs the Ukraine as much as the Ukraine needs Russia.

   The recent Orange Revolution in 2005 was not very successful and you were able to thwart that.  But quite frankly,  as one ex-operative to another, that revolution was quite amateurish.  So let bygones be bygones.
  Present issues of contention between you and the Ukraine involve the cheap oil Russia delivers to the Ukraine;  the Eastern Ukraine breadbasket that feeds most of Russia; and the ports of Crimea and Sebastopol that are in disarray.  But with goodwill between both you and the new Ukrainian representative,  Dr Klitschko , this can be easily settled.
  Putin, why do I think you and Dr Klitschko can really resolve a lot of the outstanding problems between past and present grievances between Russia and Ukraine? 
Its Simple!  You both are professional athletes.  In that past,  when I was asked by Admiral Turner why I thought that Begin and Sadat would make a peace treaty? I responded, ‘that they both were arrested as ‘terrorists’ and they ‘both wanted to enter history as ‘statesmen’.  That’s was pretty much on the nose!
In your case, your physical prowess is well-known around the world as shown by the numerous pictures involving you in brilliant exploits of flying, hunting , fishing, and most importantly fighting
  It’s that last point that I think makes you and Vitali extremely compatible.  As you and I know,  you, Putin, have been too modest about your exploits and extraordinary achievements you have made in Judo and Jiu Jitsu (despite a paralyzed arm).  You can be quite proud of that.  Also you have encouraged many of the youth of Russia to engage in sports.  However,  you don’t mind my saying this, I think your arrest of the Pussy Riot is really unnecessary.  Maybe , Putin, you may have been too young to remember when you worked for East German Stasi Spy Master Marcus Wolfe [See Movie “Spy Who Came In From the Cold’] , I had utilized the  use of rock ‘n roll to ‘take down’ the Soviet Regime.  So I think, as a side thought, that music and Rock music especially played by beautiful Russian women is a good thing for your leadership, let them go…good photo op.
  Anyway, let’s get back to the Vatali Klitshchko, a professional boxer who won 45 out of 47 bouts in a very impressive boxing career.  He is big and tough. The kind of guy you would like and admire. Since you admired the Israeli leader who just got out of prison for his sexual prowess [Ohlmert], I think you would certainly fancy this 6’ 7’’ ,  who received a Phd [by the way something that you Putin don’t have] in sports science.   Also remember,  if you get rid of your present corrupt officials in the Ukraine, who are really destroying the country,  their actions become burdensome to you,  you won't have to explain to the EU and the US why you support such corrupt morons bereft of physical and mental prowess like yourself. 
  In conclusion,  if you support the candidacy of Dr Vitali Klitschko, a member of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance Reform Party of Kiev on this coming Sunday , I will assure you as a former and present regime changer that you will be very happy with the results (not to mention the Ukraine, EU, and the US will also see it as a positive).
  By the way, think of this - on your eastern border, Vatali, a boxer, will protect Russia from invasion and on your southern flank you have that moron –thug, Lukashenko, an ex-wrestler , (who tried to arrest me in Belarus and subsequently had riots to contend with) protecting you.
  So from an athletes’ point of view, Putin, you are in a win-win situation.  So is Russia, the Ukraine, the EU and the USA.

Just a helpful hint from your former adversary and an admirer of your KGB teacher Andropov. That’s what he would do. Trust me!!!   Kto Kovo! Whose on Top Of Whom!  The strategic advantage of judo over boxing- you blunt and divert the direct force of the boxer.


  1. Very interesting stuff. I'm learning a lot. Thanks Steve.

    Look forward to your next blogs.

  2. keep on reading, because I have more coming. I appreciate the feedback! stay tuned and of course, when you think they are ready for me...tell your friends and family, they may not like everything I have to say but they will learn a thing or two, and that's always a good thing.

  3. One of the most wrong-headed statements to come from Mitt Romney is that "[Russia] is without question our number one geopolitical foe..."

    The first significant diplomatic interaction between Russia and the United States was when Russia sent two naval fleets to stand off New York and San Francisco during the American Civil War to discourage intervention of England (and possibly France) by diplomatically recognizing the Confederacy.

    At this point, there is no overriding or existential reason for Russia and the United States to be opposed.

    Many people subscribe to the idea that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was intended to set up an 'opposition' to Capitalism and the U. S. which would cause a "competition" that could be manipulated in favor of international bankers and the Military-Industrial Complex.

    I do think there is substantial evidence this is accurate (evidence transnational bankers financed Trotsky and Lenin).

    But now that the ideological Cold War is over, America and Russia can co-exist as competitive nation-states (yes, 'competitive' as opposed to "locked in a death struggle," zero-sum contest).

    Actually, there are reasons why the U. S. and Russia can have constructive, diplomatic relations, such as mutual interest in geo-political stability for peaceful economic activity and trade.

    But Romney and his neoconservative advisers want to demonize Russia.

    (To be fair, much of the West under the influence of neoconservative thinking, or 'something', as expressed by corporate media, are engaged in a "demonization" of Russia and, particularly, Putin.)

    Sure, Putin, is a "tough customer", who stands up for Russian interests -- that's what you would expect from a strong, nationalist leader (yet peaceful), but that still doesn't mean the U. S. and Russia can't get along.

    There are Elites who want to promote conflict in international relations as opposed to lowering conflict.

    Regarding Putin and Ukraine, again, there seems every reason for the two Nation-states to get along diplomatically.

    I'm exaggerating, for purpose of illustration, but I see no reason why Russia and Ukraine can't get along diplomatically in a similar fashion as the U. S. and Canada get along, or the U. S. and Mexico.

    Am I being naive?

    Could be, but it seems Russia has been restrained in the face of repeated United States provocations, since the end of the Cold War.

    Mutual benefit should be the objective instead of domination (and zero-sum political calculation) for the diplomatic relations of Russia and the United States (my, oh, my, what a novel concept).

    There is a "poison" in the U. S. body politic (and more generally the West's). The poison is the ideological belief the United States must dominate the world and/or specific geo-political regions.

    Who is spreading the poison?

    And for what reasons?

    I suggest it is that certain individuals and groups believe they will benefit from the effort, however, opposed that is to the 'common man' perspective of the United States (the national vital interest of the United States).

    Dr. Pieczenik, do me a favor, in upcoming posts, as it fits in with your ideas and purposes for this website, please identify the individuals and groups, who, in your opinion or personal experience, want to promote policies, which run counter to the vital national interests of the United States.

    I get asked, "'who' are these Elites?" I think a lot of people want to know.

    Your insights would be most welcome (in your own ways and methods in due course...)

  4. as always thank you for your most educated and thoughtful comments...upcoming will be my post on big pharma, big money and the ties that bind academia, NIH, APA and the psychiatrists themselves...always "follow the money" and you will get to the core of the truth. same with the "neo-cons" who have a financial interest in war not peace. keep reading.

  5. I think you meant to say ex Israeli President Moshe Katsav in regards to the rape rather than Olmert although both qualify as low life criminal scumbags and both were involved with British Israel Michael Zwebner and his fraudulent U.S. incorporated penny stock UCSY or Air Water Corp that claimed to get water from thin air but were really just selling worthless shares and laundering money to the detriment of Americans caught up in their fraud.
    I consider stock fraud to be as bad or worse than phycical rape and it leaves many more victims such as all those previously middle class Americans who had their life savings drained offf into offshore accounts of criminals such as those mentioned above and many more.In fact that is where Israel gets much or most of its dollars in my opinion - not by U.S. aid of a few billions of dollars a year or even arms sells as lucrative as theirs are for such as small country,but by stock frauds perpetraited against Americans with the collusion of cotrrupt U.S.SEC officials and attorneys who have made a career of aiding and abetting stock fraud -not ending it !
    The fact that Barack Obama replaced Christopher Cox, (who lied for NTU and Agora Inc founder James Dale Davidson, about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being victims of so-called ´naked shorting),Bernie Madoff NASADQ cronie Mary Schapiro and her fellow hedge fund and FINRA pal Douglas Shulman who sold NASDAQ to the Sheik of Dubai,,to head the IRS !