Friday, October 5, 2012

Memorandum:  Major General Qassem Suleimani, Commander of Quds Forces, [“Jerusalem Forces]. Islamic Revolutionary Guards [IRG]. Special Forces.
CC: Supreme Leader of Iran , Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Subject:  Iranian Sanctions: The Fall Of The Rial And the Beginning of The End For The Regime. 
From: Dr Steve Pieczenik MD, PhD, Hostage Negotiator, Iran Hostage Siege, Psychological Warfare, Agitation Propaganda, Expert in Regime Change. 

General Suleimani,  let me express my admiration for your incredible accomplishments as strategist and tactician of the Islamic Revolution initiated by Ayatollah Khamenei’s  father Ayatollah Khomeini whom I knew quite well from my negotiations during the Iran Hostage Siege in 1979. There is no question that without you, Ayatollah Khamenei could never have fulfilled any of the mandates that his brilliant father had imposed on both Iran and the Islamic world.  So if you might excuse my impudence,  I write this memo, first to you and then copy Khamenei  because both you and I know all too well it is that you and not he is the real genius behind the amazing success of Iranian influence around the world against the dysfunctional Saudi Arabian regime,  consisting of profligate and debauched Sunnis  and of course, the bellicose Zionists of Israel. 
So, if I may,  I would just like to reiterate to my readers the successes that, you alone had accomplished.  But because of your personal loyalty to your patron Khamenei,  you appropriately gave him his dues attributing your successes to his spiritual leadership when, in fact, you know that he had nothing to do with them.  
Unfortunately,  Khamenei’s  father,  The Truly Supreme Ayatollah Khomeini confided to me in a moment of personal reflection during my negotiations with him when we both digressed about our respective families,  (something that I had felt professionally obliged to conceal until now) that his son, Khamenei, was not the brightest of his children. But also that Khomeini was concerned that like the Shah, his son had no knowledge of how to run an efficient, non- corrupt  government. That assessment, he further confessed to me, would eventually end exactly like the Pahlavi regime’s ending, with disaffection of the bazaar merchants who brought him, Khomeini and the rest of the Islamic Revolution,  to power.  Also,  Khomeini felt that his son was too weak to stop the rampant corruption that the mullahs and IRG were engaged in.  As you know,  General Suleimani, most of the IRG are now in possession of all the major industrial sectors.  But I am certain that you and your Quds would never engage in such rampant corruption. 
But, again, I digress from my major point of explaining to you how your successful expansionism has really led to the inevitable downfall of your own Islamic Regime. Please bear with me for a minute because like you , I have had quite a lot of experience in Regime Change, and let me congratulate you on your extensive exploits. 
  First, let me explain to my readers how you started during the Iran-Iraq War and then literally expanded all over the world because of your unusual talents. 
Thanks to you , the IRG supported the Kurds against the heinous acts of atrocity committed by Saddam Hussein. Then you supported the Bosnian Muslims  fighting against the Bosnian Serbs during the Yugoslavian civil wars. Of course, I do not need to mention how you had worked so effectively with our CIA and Mossad operatives during that time  and how handsomely you were compensated for your ‘freedom support’.  Also, there is no need for me to explain who you worked with- our CIA again in their famously described successes [see “Charlie’s War’ for CIA self –aggrandizement propaganda] against the Soviet War in Afghanistan. And then you even went so far as to help our ally, Massoud, in the war against the Talibans.  Remember how much you helped Condi and her gang of operatives to gain a foot hold in the Northern Region of Afghanistan.  Again, there is no need to mention how much you and the IRG received in remuneration for those ‘brave freedom actions’.  During that time, you and your cronies were fighting with the USA.  But clearly Khamenei received a significant part of the CIA cash that was handsomely distributed around. You and I know all too well how dollars are an amazing cementing force for ‘freedom’ and ‘Islamic Fundamentalism’.  There is a synergy there, which by the way , I will soon bring up with concern that I have about your personal well-being. 
  But onto your further adventures where you and the Khamenei  decided to go off on your own.  As you and I know, you advertised your services around the world as organizing, training, equipping, and financing foreign Islamic Revolutionary Movements.  I must admit that this sobriquet by which your people in Iran know you by is quite catchy. If you don’t mind my saying , you and Khamenei are comparable to the Bush/Cheney duo of creating our illustrious mercenaries called ‘Blackwater’ now known as “Xe” working for no other than Bahrain. They even hired our former Chief of Police – John Timoney and others,  whom you well known from former “US Freedom Fights”. 
But for my readers,  it is important for them to understand that you and your boss specialized in four areas of expertise:[1] Hezbollah operations in Lebanon;[2] Iraqi Kurdistan;[3] Kashmir , The Bulouch and Afghanistan; [4] and Yemen. Of course, the most lucrative area of fighting and monetary coercion has come from the Pakistan /Afghanistan regions where you were paid by all sides to support one or the other side at convenient moments. Your game was so good that even our own General Stanley McChrystal tried to convince me that working with you was not against our policy dealing with terrorists but was in ‘our national interest’.  But what is one SOCOM Commander?  You have dealt with so many of our self-promoting Generals and Admirals,  Directors Of CIA and CIA operatives that it is amusing to both you and me that the American and Israeli citizenry  really considers you a ‘real threat’.  Remember that time when you and your accomplices were identified as ‘trying to assassinate’ a Saudi Ambassador.  Now that was a real hoot!! You even made our Attorney General Eric Holder, an accomplished prevaricator and incompetent,  look even more absurd as he announced that particular threat.  Fortunately for you and America , the Head of the FBI, Mueller, a more judicious, competent, level-headed professional , said ‘tongue-in-cheek’ that this scenario sounded like a ‘fake movie’.  Well, so much for our competency!  But you know exactly what our capabilities are and are not.  As you know the Israelis' all too well. Despite Bibi’s bombastic ravings about the “Holocaust” you remember all too well which Mossad operatives , Shin Bet and Israelis Air Force officers worked with you and the IRG.
  So, let me tell you my concern and the real reason I am writing this blog to you and Khamenei [but remember he is not all that bright both in running a country and more importantly in corruption]--- I am concerned about your personal welfare. 
  As one professional to another- who has spent most of his life in Regime Change and offering leaders a chance to leave their country before all hell breaks loose,  I am writing this blog or message to you.  I am genuinely concerned that the egregious corruption of the IRG has gone so far that you and even your Quds can’t stop the consequences of this outrageous corruption in the name of The HOLY PROPHET MOHAMMED. …to me that is a sin! 
But I am not a clergyman, just a simple operative like you. Here is my concern:  Your rial is falling precipitously and the merchants in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz are getting very upset.  I know,  I has been there and even talked to them recently.  It’s one thing to create a war in the name of some ideology but it’s another to bleed the very people who had funded you in the very beginning.  As Khomeini once warned me during the Iran Hostage Siege, that if we Americans had stopped the Bizzaris –those merchants in the Bizarres—from funding him, then the Islamic Revolution would be all over.  Well as you know, I could not.  I had only eight out of four hundred FSOs who spoke Farsi. But now, you have accomplished with his not too bright son,  Khamenei, the very warning that Khomeini gave me. That’s why I congratulate you. You have singlehandedly spread the Islamic Revolution around the world only to find out that it’s biting you in the ass,  right in your back yard.  I am so sorry for being so crass. But you get the idea. Your success begot your own and Khamenei’s downfall.  As we say in Greek which I know you did not study: ”Hubris Ate Nemesis”. Translated: ”Pride is your own downfall.” That of course, means a little bit more when someone like Khamenei is not very bright, that multiplies the problem even more so. 
But enough of that psychological/political  nonsense,  let me get down to the practical issue at hand.  The end of the Iran is inevitable,  you know it and I know it.  When the students and merchants start to riot [believe it or not, even without the help of the CIA. MI-6 or Mossad] the Persians will fight and destroy the very IRG and Islamic institutions that you and your cronies had created. 
  So here is my proposition: [1] A book contract for one million dollars to be ghost written about your life and tribulations.  I guarantee,  it will be a NY Times Bestseller, I know,  I had twenty –six NY Times Best Sellers. [2] A Movie/TV/Cable Option for about $ 500,000. Right now, that’s a lot of money in Hollywood.  They lost most of their money on the Osama Bin Laden and True Valor film both authorized by Admiral McRaven and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta [a California walnut farmer—not too bright –something like Khamenei]. [3] Speeches—here you can easily get about $40,-50,000  based on the speaking fees that our illustrious experts on the MEK received for eight minute speeches.  If you don’t believe me, please look up the names of Gen James Jones; Mayor Rudolph Giuliani;  DNC Chief Howard Dean M.D.  [he may have gotten more because he is a physician]; Ex-FBI NJ Mobster Luis Freeh; Governor Edward Rendell. Listen, you will be in a great company of liars, con artists, and money grabbers.  I say this only to assure you that you really have accomplished something rather than these pretenders. 
If you add up my proposal, you would make at least TWO MILLION DOLLARS in todays’ money.  In Rials that would be about 6.8BILLION RIALS in TODAY’S BLACK MARKET. 
May I suggest that you make up your mind ASAP.  As you know the value of the Rial will fall even more and we may not have enough paper to print the Rials.
In summary,  I have offered many leaders a chance to leave their respective countries before everything turned to chaos, of all the ones I dealt with, Gorbachev,  is now happily ensconced in San Francisco,  teaching about the ‘Evil Empire”. Think of it, besides the money,  I can offer you a teaching position at MIT, Cornell [where all the neocons came from ] and Harvard [Elliot Abrams domicile] and there , you can lecture on the once extant Islamic Revolution.  Think of it... You could be the new Trotsky of the 21st Century.  It beats being hung or tortured by the very people you tortured.  Best to you and your family.   


  1. After thinking about it, I believe I understand this post a little better. This post supports the Ahmedinejad faction against the Khaminei faction within the Iranian government. So what do you think will happen in Iran? Will Khamenei and Suleiman wind up on the faculty alongside Gorbachev while Ahmedinejad takes full power as president of Iran? That would be the end of the Islamic state, the rule of the clergy. This has nothing to do with the fact that Ahmedinejad is a very pious Muslim. Why can't Iran peacefully evolve from an Islamic state to one where the separation of church and state is practiced as it is in this country? That would be a very positive development. But first we have to prevent Israel from starting a war. The pyramid of Zionist control over Israel may be rather narrow. You suggest, sir, that maybe somebody with the interests of the Jewish people and the rest of the human race at heart should do to Netanyahu what was done to Rabin. I know why you say this - if you could assassinate Hitler, would you? I don't preclude this completely, but exposing his crimes, including complicity in 9/11 would obviously be far better.

    So, Steve, does General Dempsey know that 9/11 was an inside job? If so, why doesn't he hold a press conference and say so? If not, why don't you tell him?


    Good Presentation by Miko Peled the son of General Peled.

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