Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spain’s Road to Self-Destruction: Refusing Catalonia Independence
I have reported in my previous blogs that Spain’s corrupt central government was on the road to both fiscal and political self-destruction.
As predicted on October 10, 2012 -Spain’s corrupt politicians in the lower house of parliament voted down a motion to allow Catalonia to hold a referendum on independence. The motion was forwarded by the Catalan ERC Party, but it was voted down by both conservative and the opposition socialists.  At this point in time, more than half of the Catalonians want independence.
  So as I have described in my previous blogs, what you my readers will witness in the next few weeks is the beginning of riots, fire fights, police confrontations and eventual full scale rebellion by the Catalonians and other supporters of regional independence including the Basque , Navarre, Andalusia and Seville as well as many others  which are tired of supporting a corrupt, fiscally irresponsible government centralized in Madrid. 
  As I have reiterated in the past,  Madrid has absolutely no legitimacy other than the control of police and paramilitary units which, in my opinion,  should learn the lessons of the Spanish Civil War----if you kill your countrymen for a false ideology , you become “war criminals”.  And that will mean that the security arm of the state can no longer hide behind the false flag of Spanish patriotism and “love of country”.  Those statements have been long thrown into the garbage bin of historical fiction.
  Fight On Catalonia!!! You have the support of the Freedom Fighters around the world.  

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