Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am about to post my comments on a corrupt judge (who pretends otherwise), here is a link to one of the many news articles from today on the subject that stirred me up and "made me blog"


  1. The agreement between himself and Clinton was implicit-good 'ol boys do favors upon request. Clinton has a mens rea. You know that.

    I lost my "AAA" Lehman income, I attribute to Buffet's diabolical business acumen. Recovery via bankruptcy is nominal. I wrote it off as a loss, but that doesn't erase my disillusionment with what has happened to the banking system in the USA.

    Our country has become a corrupted hard drive, impersonating a "hologram of Patriots", most of whom have sold their soul.

    Part I:

    Have you read any of the 47 "White Hats Reports"?

    It is a surreal nightmare of epic proportions. Rakoff is merely dicta compared to the alleged Cabal in America. If true, "Poppy" Bush has brought down the world financial system to retain Control for his posterity. Everyone has been paid to maintain their silence: Obama, the Clintons, Biden, Romney, Geithner

    I'd like you to take the time and read the information and share your impressions with your readers:

    here is a synopsis:

    "..George Soros, Harry Reid, and
    others wanted to get together from April 8th thru the 11th (2011) to discuss breaking down the FED and establishing a new financial system without current bankers and the US currency...calling it a Soros - Bretton Woods meeting in Bretton Woods, New
    Hampshire. It will be attended, they said, by as many as could be convinced to go, three members of the Rothschild family along with their primary banker, four members of the British parliament, Paul Volcker, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, David Dewhurst,former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and some World Bank executives.."

    6-28-11: "Since our White Hats Report # 16 wherein we explain that President Obama had moved the funds from the Vatican Bank into a trading program with Josef Ackermann at Deutsche Bank, his trading profits have
    far exceeded 3 Billion Dollars according to Falcone’s investigators. At the present time, Obama has closed out his accounts at Deutsche Bank and is no longer trading directly with Josef Ackermann....This evening, Obama informed the World Court that as long as he was President of the US, he would not sign off on the Global Settlements." ($15 Trillion owed to the EU from the Federal Reserve)

  2. Part II:

    10-11-11.."Bush Sr. continues to use Obama, the Clinton's, Geithner and other cohorts like pawns, to continue to interfere and derail any solutions to this financial crisis. Their goal is to collapse the world financially, rush in and take whatever is left to fulfill their own greed and narcissism. The Bush family in the last few weeks has started to pack up and transport their stolen riches and personal belongings to their 100,000 acre hideaway haven in Paraguay, South America, with other well known worldly criminals...Bush Sr. has been tricking us for a great many to never look for the evil behind the curtain.. Bush Sr's history in the CIA taught him how to control and leverage people."

    1-18-12..."The money stolen from and owed to Ed Falcone would have been used to fund United States projects including Florida, the Gulf Coast region and Katrina victims, as well as city regeneration, jobs, taxes, recovery, and dignity for Americans. Instead, Falcone’s money ended up with the Bush Cabal, U.S. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Vice President Joe Biden, Michael Herzog, Paul Guenette, Texas Lt.
    Governor David Dewhurst, his brother Don Nevin, and the CIA agents used to launder it across multiple banks for Bush Sr. and Biden...we have Romney being prepared for office - A dubious man who stole Ed Falcone’s funds and pocketed a Billion for himself. We also have an illegal President with no Birth Certificate, with his hands in the pockets of Wall Street, with some very dangerous socialists and communists advisors, and America’s own fanatical version of Dr. Strangelove...

    1-27-12..."Mitt, the White Hats think the American people need someone better than you to represent us, to lead us and make decisions for us. Take the pay-off money from the Bushes and go away. Hide behind the other recipients of the stolen money ... the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. America needs leadership, a small feeling of truth in it’s candidates and integrity. You maintain none of the qualities required to lead America.."

    Well, Dr. P., those excerpts should give you pause..the rest you can read, at your leisure.. The last entry was August 16, 2012. As you might surmise, this information has filled me with anxiety and many restless nights.

  3. Within the human universe, not only is everything relative but those who helm and drive it would like everyone else to imagine that they, the comptrollers are, somehow, absolute. Hence absolute power corrupts absolutely and the way this corruption is realised it through mesmerising those who are wilfully ignorant and vanquishing those who are wilfully conspiratorial/over-informed, the latter via taunts if only because the duty of a concept or a principle is to replicate. Afterall, greed begets greed, be the object of the greed, material or behavioural.

    Within humanity, the road to humanity is through awareness and nowhere is wickedness unexposed than the corruption of the judiciary. Kudos to the courageous few who expose these most vile of miscreants who lurk behind some imaginary absoluteness of humanity. As the trickers know only too well, wearing, say, a wig/robe is a good start to maintain the illusion-delusion. Judges, like other figures of apparent authority, are just the same as any human when it come to habits and behaviours. To be exact, they are EXACTLY the same "normal" people. They gouge their noses, spit venom, cough blood, scratch their bottoms, lie, cheat and beat their wives, children and especially those who are at their mercy when facing The Judiciary, oka The Potential Might of Power. When such a creature is afforded some position akin to an 8th wonder, they'll behave like an absolute. One reason why their misdeeds are seldom the target of that Tentalce of The Bookie, The Organising through Disorganisation Mass Media, oka Propaganda, unless it is time to reinforce the delusion of balance for their mesmerised readership by occasionally going honest for the odd inevitably/unjustifiably crooked patsy judge.

    Authority comes from The Maturity that is Morality and is not something given, gifted or back-patted much like Freedom is not having the means to be abandoned but being free[d] to be sensible and to expresss Truth/Maturity/Morality whenever the situation presents. This reality eludes the vast majority of The Stupid-Dumb, oka the merely breathing human, the well-entertained Living-Dead, because their version of maturity is dependent on having the ability to copulate, rationalise and corrupt. Perhaps it is time to appoint virgin judges to reinforce the message that the 5-sensed human universe is one of variety and variability, that of the having all the psychedelic colours you'd want without first having chosen between White or Black. The overly-developed human/brain, oka the overly complex, oka The Stupid [whereas the overly simple are The Dumb]. Between these 2 tethered opposites, all will have to bear the accessorised load of figurehead/donkey judges and their "sponsors, presidents".

    There is no such a thing as Democracy when absolutes are not only lacking but seldom invoked. Then, there is only Demonocracy where the majority are fed tidbits but told that they are given the best in order to buy their silence and further their ignorance. Witness how Jews were pitted against Jews in the Nazi concentration camps. Yes, the culture of human misbehaviours are the best of pals, transcending that of blood, creed, race or humanity. Then, the reality depends on where you are placed along the scale of that culture. Humanity? You must be joking if not merely The Stupid-Dumb - those who 'fink that they are free if only because they could see others being debased and they were not, Freedom being merely another word for Truth, Truth being who and what you are and not something you own, imagine, told or conveniently, hypocritically, expediently expressing. Truly, crooked judges are the most wicked and dumbest of humans because they truly think that they are getting away with it. Not when all have to die, death being the message of renewal which eludes almost all other than blind faith.