Friday, October 19, 2012

one of many links to news stories that inspired my latest blog


  1. Dr Pieczenik, please forgive me for changing the subject to M.E. affairs.

    Could you comment on the Lebanese situation, esp if you know about the Rafiq Hariri killing and surrounding events? (I asked you about this back on Oct 14 as I felt the next big bomb in Leb was coming)

    then today:

    Can you possibly shed any light on the events in Leb, or its history? I'm certain its bound to be of great interest to many of us here. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for the link, I always appreciate information. Please allow me time to collect my thoughts on your request. Keep reading and when you feel compelled, comments are always welcome.

    2. Thanks, dont mean to hurry you, but am worried that scene could spin out of control any minute. Seems urgent to somehow get the US-backed Turks/Saudis/Qatar to quit arming and inciting the flames over there.
      What should the average person do?

      Seems the Turks are now calling for Assad's assassination!

  2. As far as I am concerned, the whole medical "profession" are nothing but legal drug pushers, and the psychiatry part of it is the worst, most evil part of it. Bunch of MK Ultra mind-controlling brainwashing freaks. Why, because money is now everything and human beings are nothing, and if you think otherwise, these freaks will gladly give you a prescription to make you sane again.

  3. Turkey does not require Assad's removal, don't worry...Turkey has too many other problems with the Kurds. I am writing will be posted in a couple hours. Thanks for staying with me.