Monday, October 8, 2012

For the past several months, I have been exceedingly disturbed by the vitriolic words of hatred and racism I hear from American Jews who know little or nothing about Obama and his personal and professional relationship with the Jewish religion.  But first,  let me make it clear, that I am not religious nor partisan.  I have served four Republican Presidents-- Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush Sr and one very maligned Democratic President Jimmy Carter [who was the only one to ever personally create a treaty between Israel and Egypt and is not an anti-semite].  
At present,  I feel that both Romney and Obama are wanting in their qualifications for the leadership of the Free World.  However, I find it more disconcerting and irrelevant in these discussions of who is the candidate that is  ‘best for the jews’.   This  question belies the more important issue of who can serve this country best-- not Israel.  Believe it or not, Israel can handle its own state of affairs without American Jewish intervention.  It’s convenient for the Israelis to manipulate  American Jewish sentiments but that has little to do with the underlying strategic and tactical requirements of both countries with regard to their respective interests in the Middle East.
  As I have written before,  the Iranian Nuclear Bomb is not, and will not be, the central concern of either country.  The key issue will remain the ongoing contest between Saudi-sponsored hegemony through Sunni fighters versus Iranian domination utilizing Hezbollah , Hamas and the IRG.  Furthermore, the relationship between Israeli covert operations and the CIA /military cooperation are time-tested and well embedded into the fabric of both countries’ national security structures.  For those of you who might visit Tel Aviv,  Israel- take time out to visit the statue erected by the Israelis to the father of CIA counter-Intelligence---James “Jesus” Angleton [also view the film “The Good Shepherd”].
  As for Obama and Judaism,  perhaps the following points of fact might be of interest to American Jews and others who are rabid pro-Israel supporters:
[1] Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff and now the Mayor of Chicago, worked during the 1991 Gulf War as a civilian volunteer assisting the Israel Defense Forces repairing truck brakes in one of Israel’s most dangerous bases in the northern sector of the country. Furthermore, and far more importantly, his father, Dr Benjamin M. Emmanuel, a Jerusalem–born pediatrician, was once a member of the terrorist group the Irgun Zvai Leumi or ETZEL led by former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. 
This credential signifies to me a greater commitment to the state of Israel than the ‘empty verbiage’ and the ‘cowardly’ history of most of the Jewish Neocons whose parents were either ex-Trotskyites, conscientious objectors, or justly simply ‘ineffective’ during WWII as thousands of jewish refugees were refused entrance into the USA even after they were off the shores of Miami [see the movie “The Ship Of Fools”]. 
[2] American Jews will be most surprised by the fact that Capers Funnye,  first cousin once removed of First Lady Michelle Obama,  received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Jewish Studies and Master of Science in Human Service Administration from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago.  He is the Chief Rabbi for the mostly African –American Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation of Chicago.  He is also the first African-American member of the Chicago Board of Rabbis and serves on boards of the Jewish Council On Urban Affairs and the American Jewish Congress of the Midwest and is active in the Institute for Jewish and Community Research.  He was ordained a rabbi by the Israelite Rabbinical Academy of 1985. He presides over a congregation that is somewhere between Conservative and Modern Orthodoxy. 
Unlike most American Jews, who were born to their ancestral heritage, Rabbi Funnye was raised a Methodist and converted to Judaism- feeling a sense of intellectual and spiritual liberation in the constant examination that he saw Judaism encourages. 
  I think that most American Jews should listen to the following words that the Honorable Rabbi said before they  make any untoward comments.
Rabbi Funnye said, “ I am a Jew , and that breaks through all color and ethnic barriers.”


  1. I will not comment on Obama's policies further than to say he has created a police state but, as a Brit, if you Americans including Mr Pieczenik are happy with that so be it.
    I just wish you wouldn't spew bombs and drones around the planet murdering folk to force them into your twisted concept of democracy.
    A democracy the world has just watched being completely distorted and corrupted in the presidential primaries and which is being bought and sold as we watch.
    Corporate fascism of the worst kind.
    Where I do have a problem with Obama is that he is not a legitimate President.
    Regardless of the red herring of where he was born his father as a Kenyan and british citizen at the time of his birth which means he was born a dual citizen and therefore not natural born.
    And I use the legislation of the John McCain case to clarify natural born.
    John McCain had two citizen parents - that is natural born. That was defined at that time.
    So the USA has an impostor in the WH imposing American might throughout the world with the use of the most vile means either directly or indirectly - an impostor the US courts and politicians refuse to do anything about and you Mr Pieczenik say leave alone.
    I fail to understand your logic.
    I can find nothing about the man which shows he is a human being never mind POTUS.
    Mitt Romney is surely WORSE but at least is legitimate.
    How anyone could vote for either defies belief.

  2. If he were a decent president I wouldn't care where he was born. This is indeed a red herring. Attack Obama as a puppet of Wall Street a warmonger and a CIA operative, and I'm with you all the way. Obama wasn't born in the USA, he was born in the CIA. I'm so disgusted with him I'm calling him an Uncle Tom at this point. But this questioning of his biological ancestry is going nowhere, and it does smack of racism.

    1. Then presumably you regard the US constitution as unimportant and a document to be laid aside when it suits you.
      Unlike you, apparently many Americans believe in the principles of the constitution and therefore the special requirement - for only President and V President - that these two be 'natural born' citizens .
      Again you are confusing the issue.
      As a candidate John McCain, unlike Obama, was subjected to investigation by the Senate to ensure that he was in fact 'natural born' although born in the Panama zone.
      It was concluded he was - his parents were BOTH US citizens at the time of his birth and consequently he could be President. His parents were US citizens that is the crunch.
      Obama signed off on this as Senator.
      Having made this thorough investigation of McCain very strangely the same process was never used for Obama.
      Had it been - regardless of his birth the fact that his father was a British citizen immediately makes him ineligible. This has never changed.
      The long form birth certificate issued by the WH is clearly proven to be a forgery.
      The numbering on it is suspected of being that of a baby born on the 4th but who died within hours. Virginia Sunahuna. Her family have tried to get her birth certificate - their right - but this has been blocked by the state of Hawaii - for reasons that appear completely bogus.
      That Obama is not a President under the US constitution is not in doubt. You sir, appear happy with that, many are not.
      As a Brit I feel agrieved, strongly agrieved that this man can unleash murder and terror throughout the world as commander in chief when he holds that position illegally.
      It also shows the world how little respect Americans have for their own laws never mind international law which they trample on every day.

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  4. The reason we should not attack Obama until after the election is that a President Romney would mean immediate war with Iran. At least there is some distance between Obama and Netanyahu. In his foreign policy speech last night, Romney made it a cardinal point that there should be no distance between the U.S. and Israel. Romney and Netanyahu have been allies since they were in business school back in the 70's. Netayhahu and the right-wing racist Israelis, who are no better than Nazis in their immorality and treachery, want Romney. The right-wing racist Mormon church and the right-wing racist Zionists are a marriage made in Mormon heaven. I am nourishing this forlorn hope that maybe Obama is not a total Uncle Tom and that finally his inner black man is going to emerge. Maybe he will refuse to let himself be Carterized by this Stevens operation. Maybe his Manchurian conditioning will fail. Call it "the Audacity of Hope II".

  5. Look to Turkey,

    The Syrian War is going through Turkey.

    Turkey risks its internal stability and geopolitical stability.

    For what?

    It is a mirage, promoted by others, whispering in the Turkish prime minister's ear.

    The risks for Turkey outweigh the ephemeral benefits.

  6. A plane with nothing in it.

    (RT)- "Passengers onboard the plane intercepted by Turkish jets said that security forces were making the crew and passengers sign fraudulent papers suggesting that the plane made an emergency landing and no Turkish military were involved in the incident."

    "­Hours after Turkish authorities announced that the Syrian Airlines passenger plane intercepted by its F-16s was granted a departure clearance, the aircraft remained on the tarmac in darkness."

    Perhaps, this event will persuade Turkey to see their vital national interest is in de-escalation.

    Russian President Putin has delayed visit to Ankara.

    Positive relations with Russia is a vital national interest for Turkey.

    Yes, whose whispering in the Turkish prime minister's ear?

    (RT)- "Fatima al-Saman, a passenger and a mother of three, also told RT that the captain was being forced to sign a release stating that military planes were not involved and the plane just made an emergency landing."

    And, the Turkish leadership wonders if they have been mislead by those whispering in their ear.

    ...if they were so easily led into this embarrassment... What else unknowingly has befallen them?