Friday, October 12, 2012

Memorandum: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, Chairman Of the Ruling Justice Development Party [AK Parti].
Subject: Warning! Restrain Turkish Military Intervention and Work With Vladimir Putin
From: US Operative Who Had Worked On Soviet Regime Change.  Also extensive experience on instigating and preventing overseas military coups.
For over thirty years, I have had the good fortune to be both a professional and personal friend of Turkey.  I have great admiration for the Turks.  I am even proud of my centuries old heritage as a direct descendant of the Pecheneg tribes from Mongolia.  Also I have many successful family members who have lived in your beautiful country for over four hundred years.
  So as as a ‘friend’ of Turkey and admirer of your incredibly effective tenure of Istanbul and the leader who singlehandedly improved the overall Turkish economy, I would like to offer a word of 'professional’ advice.
In simple terms: Don’t mess with the Russians. And in particular Vladimir Putin. 
I give you this warning as someone who has worked against the Soviets and understands the psychological/political dynamics of Vladimir Putin –Ex KGB. 
The recent scandal with your forcing down of a Syrian Airline’s plane,  flying from Moscow to Damascus, and publicly accusing  Russia of ferrying military equipment to the ‘rebels’ at best was not smart and at worse, it makes you and your country very vulnerable to Russia retaliation. 
From past experience, I have witnessed Putin’s ability to retaliate economically, geopolitically and psychologically. When the Ukraine sought distance from Russia, Putin changed it’s regime. When the Lukashenko, the thug running Belarus, decide to defy Putin, gases prices went up. When the US invaded Afghanistan , Putin charged us money to transport our goods into Kabul and then even allowed us to use his Soviet helicopters because ours could not reach the proper elevation in Kandahar Province. 
May I remind you,  Erdogan, that Russia provides nearly two-thirds of Turkey’s gas supplies and provides it with more gas when Iranian exports are diminished.  In short, Putin has you ‘by the neck’ or may I rephrase it to say he has you by the ‘oil and gas pipelines’. 
May I also remind you that Putin intends to build it’s 63 billion cubic meter South Stream pipeline through the waters abutting Turkey  right to Europe. 
As you can see Turkey is in a delicate financial symbiosis with Russia. But more importantly, I would like to tell you a little about what I know about Putin.
  The Turkish Intelligence may not be aware that Putin’s Spymaster father was really a Jewish East German by the name of Marcus Wolfe.  Marcus Wolfe was the premier of spymasters around the world. Even our own intelligence service paid a high compliment to him by never having prosecuted - a Stasi East German spy system that had over one hundred thousand operatives working around the world. Where they are now? I don’t know. But I can assure you that Putin was under Marcus Wolfe’s tutelage for at least eight years and speaks German with an accent as well as he speaks Russian.
His second ‘Spymaster Father’ was  a man I admired and worked against—Andropov --- the brilliant head of the KGB before he died of cancer. 
So what you are dealing here is not with just a man called Putin but a collective Gestalt of spycraft that would the be envy of any Ottoman intelligence officer.  
The last point that I would like to bring out- I recently returned from a wonderful week of doing business in Istanbul, Turkey and I talked to the all the Bazzarri.  None of the businessmen had one iota of a desire to go to war. They love to do what they do best---sell, haggle, negotiate, tell stories, and make money [dollars always preferable].
In effect, you would not have the backing of the populace of business men behind you. That’s not a good domestic position to be in , considering the fact that Turkey is economically growing by double digits.  If you were to divert that growth,  you would bury yourself into deep domestic political problems which could have been avoided. 
Furthermore, the recent arrest of the twenty officers for an ‘alleged’ military coup against you is not conducive to leading a  professional military that has had from it’s inception a deep mistrust of the Islamic State. Remember, in principle the military owes it’s allegiance to it’s brilliant founder Mustafa Kamal, a military officer. So as you send , two hundred  thousand and more soldiers into Syria and around the border, you are in terms of military jargon ‘on a strategic and tactical tightrope’.  

1. Publicly and privately apologize to Putin and make certain this type of outburst or impulsive behavior won’t occur again.
2. Pull back your troops from Syria.
3. Use the Chinese, Russian and French alliance to work out your differences.
4. Respect the US Representatives, especially Ambassador Marc Grossman, whom I know that you know is the best of the best in our American Foreign Service and has had decades of experience in dealing with Turkey.  He,  too, despite being Jewish, is a true friend and ally of Turkey.
  In conclusion, thank  you for taking the time to read this blog, if I can be of any help please talk to Ambassador Grossman and he will  know how to contact me. 
 Best of luck !!


  1. Steve, wait a minute! I also would like Turkey to listen to Putin and stop supporting the NATO-Saudi financed Sunni terrorist mercenaries against Syria. But Marc Grossman is "the best of the best in our American foreign service"? You're a deep one Steve. From what Sibel Edmonds says - a lady I would call "the best of the best" - I must presume that by "best of the best" you really mean "worst of the worst".

    This is from an article in "The American Conservative"

    But on Aug. 8, she was finally able to testify under oath in a court case filed in Ohio and agreed to an interview with The American Conservative based on that testimony. What follows is her own account of what some consider the most incredible tale of corruption and influence peddling in recent times. As Sibel herself puts it, “If this were written up as a novel, no one would believe it.”

    * * *

    PHILIP GIRALDI: We were very interested to learn of your four-hour deposition in the case involving allegations that Congresswoman Jean Schmidt accepted money from the Turkish government in return for political favors. You provided many names and details for the first time on the record and swore an oath confirming that the deposition was true.

    Basically, you map out a corruption scheme involving U.S. government employees and members of Congress and agents of foreign governments. These agents were able to obtain information that was either used directly by those foreign governments or sold to third parties, with the proceeds often used as bribes to breed further corruption. Let’s start with the first government official you identified, Marc Grossman, then the third highest-ranking official at the State Department.

    SIBEL EDMONDS: During my work with the FBI, one of the major operational files that I was transcribing and translating started in late 1996 and continued until 2002, when I left the Bureau. Because the FBI had had no Turkish translators, these files were archived, but were considered to be very important operations. As part of the background, I was briefed about why these operations had been initiated and who the targets were.

    Grossman became a person of interest early on in the investigative file while he was the U.S. ambassador to Turkey [1994-97], when he became personally involved with operatives both from the Turkish government and from suspected criminal groups. He also had suspicious contact with a number of official and non-official Israelis. Grossman was removed from Turkey short of tour during a scandal referred to as “Susurluk” by the media. It involved a number of high-level criminals as well as senior army and intelligence officers with whom he had been in contact.....

    Sibel's testimony goes on at great length and in detail. You can read the whole article at:

    The same secret government of CIA crooks runs Turkey as runs the US and the rest of NATO. Grossman is obviously a top operative of that network. He is no "friend of Turkey" but as Ambassador to Turkey he probably is Erdogan's controller. So maybe I should take this post as a warning to Marc Grossman. What do you say, Steve?

    1. Thanks for the comments, I will look up Sibel Edmonds- vaguely remember her name but need to take another look at her....I am now curious about certain statements in your post....please continue to contribute.

  2. I think now I have it. It is a warning to Erdogan NOT to trust Marc Grossman, who is the one behind Turkey's policy against Syria. Well I tell you what, why don't you send Erdogan the Sibel Edmonds article in American Conservative, or a copy of her great new book, "Classified Woman"? "Best of the best???". That's a good one! But by the same token, can Erdogan trust Obama/Clinton either? It's looking like they are as bad as Grossman. This will destroy Turkey too. So get rid of Grossman and move closer to Putin.

    Meanwhile what are we supposed to do back here in this putrid mess we used to call the United States? Not vote for either one. Instead, participate in the founding assembly of the United Front Against Austerity being organized by Webster Tarpley on Oct 27, just before the election, in NYC. See and for details.

  3. Diverting from growth (and happiness in the Bazar) to debt and fear of the unknown is the wrong turn.

    In the later Ottoman Empire, debt to the West (because of wars) was one of the causes for the Ottoman state's eventual decline & fall.

    Right now, Turkey, through robust economic policies is generating self-sustaining capital growth & reserves at the macro (government) and micro (in the Bazar) levels of society.

    Turkey being in control of its own destiny is in sight, if not already in its grasp.

    But war would entail borrowing from the West.

    Money would dry up in the Bazar.

    The citizen protests already popping up would grow.

    How long would it take of economic stagnation before once thriving economic engines, the cities, would be turned into centers of dissension & division?

    Is that a possibility one wants to risk, when cooperation with Russia keeps the Turkish People on tract to grasp & benefit from all Turkey's natural advantages without being in the yoke of debt-service to the West.

    Mark Twain said, history doesn't repeat, it just rhymes.

    Turkey would be wise to stay clear from the intrigues of others, especially those holding out Turkey as a cat's paw: A Russian bear claw might slam down and break bones in that paw.

    Is that what Erdogan wants to risk?

    Would that cause Erdogan to lose the confidence of his government, thus, precipitating his fall from power?

    Something to think about.

  4. Indeed, the rewards for being in NATO or part of the crumbling EEC are rapidly shrinking. Turkey has no place in NATO. It should withdraw. Turkey is now on a path to dismemberment and destruction. An alliance with Russia would be much better for Turkey. Get rid of that loathsome maggot Grossman. Deal with Putin.

    1. Turkey will remain in NATO, just look at your map. Turkey is trying to maneuver its way into the EU, and is also being guaranteed a cut of Syria if the borders are redrawn post-'Armageddon' (or whatever you want to call the next blowout.)

      Dr Steve: several days ago I asked if you could talk on Rafiq Hariri assassination as I knew the next bomb was coming. And here it is:

      Please comment on Hariri operation of 2005? Or Elie Hobeika? Thanks again for the fascinating and historic material you present here.

  5. Tony Wicher,

    The Anatolian peninsula and the Bosphorus strait have allowed Turkey and before that the Ottoman Empire to have a window on both the West and the East.

    This is an advantageous geo-political position.

    Turkey is well-situated in terms of its alliance, which has facilitated a continuence of having a window on the West and its cultural contacts in central Asia promote its window on the East.

    Turkey would do well to stay where it is in terms of formal alliance, but it can pursue an independent path, which furthers its economic & political security.

  6. At this point NATO is an international gang that has hijacked the governments of its member countries. These people are completely treacherous and any alliance with them is bound to be detrimental. Turkey would never have become a member of NATO if it had not already been hijacked.

  7. More by Sibel Edmonds on the best of the best of the best of our magnificent State Department: