Monday, October 1, 2012

Overthrow King Juan Carlos I: The Crooked Monarch Keeps Raping An Impoverished Spain.

The modus operandi in maintaining a failing state like Spain is to re-establish economic viability and political legitimacy.  Unfortunately , since my last blog a week ago, demanding the independence for Catalonia and the Basque provinces from Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s dysfunctional central government of Madrid has deteriorated to the point that Spain has descended into a Cantiflas-like parody of absurdity. 

Prime Minister Rajoy did exactly what the economic markets had expected –announced that the European bailout for the major Spanish banks was no way near catastrophic as portrayed by the EU auditors.  He made certain to emphasize the fact that three of Spain’s largest banks—Banco Santander SA  , Banco Bilboa Vizcaya Argentaria SA and CaixaBank SA---all won’t need to be subsidized.  Similarly,  smaller banks,  like Banco Sabadell SA,  Bankinter SA,  Kutxabank and Unicaja are also solvent.  Rajoy may be right as long as he does not properly allow the EU auditors to mark the toxic mortgages to a discount of almost sixty to eighty per cent of book value- but rather have his corrupt Madrid officials use his meager , if not existent , mark down of thirty per cent.  In other words, Rajoy,  like most politicians,  around the world, make up numbers as well as stories in order to justify his faltering leadership in a country where there is over 50% unemployment in the youth and the GDP is bottoming out into bankruptcy.

The second part of trying to salvage a faltering state and leadership is to reinvent a narrative that can seem credible enough that the legitimacy of the Spanish Republic can withstand the searing forces of regional independence.  In this case, Rajoy encouraged the ailing and crippled King Juan Carlos I to reassert his prerogative to rule Spain.  Juan Carlos, never born directly to the throne of Spain, instead he was appointed directly by Franco as HIS Successor to transition the state into a democracy. For that, Juan Carlos gets kudos for the successful transition from fascism to democracy, such as it is.

But from the very beginning of his life,  Juan Carlos was cursed to literally kill innocent victims,  animals and eventually a republic. 
When he was eighteen years old,  he accidentally shot his younger brother Alfonso -firing directly into his brother’s forehead. The story goes that Juan Carlos thought the pistol was not loaded.  Then the young king became even more famous for having killed the following animals:  nine bears [one was pregnant] in central Romania; a drunken tame bear [Mitrofan the Bear] during a private hunting trip to Russia. Then of course there was the infamous expensive hunting holiday to where he fractured several parts of his hip, trying to kill an elephant.  Due to his despicable record with the World Wildlife Federation,  he was subsequently defrocked as the Honorary President of the WWF,  portending his present imminent situation as the newly deposed Spanish King of Spain. 

What makes this narrative of regal legitimacy a fallacious prerequisite for leadership of the republic is also the fact this his past financial miscreant  behavior is his well-known sobriquet as ‘the king who rules barefoot Spain while he owns 70 cars’.  Bank records reveal that through unsavory financial ties with Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz  Al Saud, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and his lethal Syrian henchman Mohamed Eyad Kayali,  Juan Carlos amassed a personal fortune estimated at several billion euros  despite an annual royal household salary of 8.4 million euros.

So we come back to the real question: why does Spain need King Juan Carlos?  And the answer is quite obvious. Spain has no need for this inept, non-remorseful animal-killing, corrupt individual who happens to have been picked by an illegitimate Fascist dictator as his illegitimate successor. So it is up to the Spaniards in the regions demanding independence—Barcelona, Navarre, Andalusia, and Basque--- to rightfully overthrow this Sancho Panza as well as his cohort, Don Quixote—Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy—and start all over again. This time, let the Spaniards disband the Republic Of Spain and allow the separate regions to reassert their respective autonomy, break their tie to the Euro, and reinstitute their respective currency . Without their own printing press to make their own monies, Spain will always be hostage to it’s old Axis Partner -Germany which will control it’s destiny through the fiction of the Republic as a civil or regal entity centered in Madrid.  Let the truth arise and freedom spread through all the provinces of the Confederation of Spanish Regions---the New Spain. Helas!!      


  1. And put him in a cell with Sheldon Adelson when he comes to open his next gambling joint, prostitution ring and ring and den of iniquity in in Madrid.What will Madrid and Spain get from Romney backer and Israeli Zionist Sheldon Adelson ? They will be supporting more terrorism against Palestinians including the few remaining Christian Palestinians in their former homelansd and helping continue the lie that white scum who call themselves 'Jews' are 'Semites' - which of course they are not !End the religious dark ages BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

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  2. If the Head of State is to be a criteria for the breaking up of Spain into separate and independent states - and I have no problem with the Spanish deciding the time is right and acting - I suggest a look closer to your home.
    If ever a nation was completely devoid of any decency or legitimacy for a Head of State its the USA.
    A choice between a clear usurper who is occupying the WH and a candidate who blatantly broke evry rule in the GOP book to take the Republican candidacy.
    Both men are corrupt, greedy and liars not to mention warmongers and both for turning the USA into a fascist police state - not much to go on that one.
    If ever a country had a good case for state seccession it has to be the USA.
    Sadly the Americans haven't the guts to do a Spain, Greece or Egypt.
    So they just gorge their way into perdition taking the planet with them. One wonders what it would take to see them actually do something.

  3. Excellento Motto. The Stone Dead living it up on top of the festering humanity pyramid teethering on its apex and ultimately coming down upon itself. Wonder how many will make the grade after the dust of humanity had settled from its descent. To the delight of TSD, perhaps 10% to 15% but not after they had learnt that they are not among the percentage. Who knows except that dreams may come true.

  4. Independence movements are a long standing issue in the Iberian penisula.

    I wonder if it's in that geographical region's (Spain) best interest to balkanize into seperate countries. Perhaps, a federal system, which recognizes the unique regions, should be attempted first before a breakup of the country.

    I understand there already is acknowledgment of the regions in the current system, but could there be more room for autonomy in a explicitly federal system?

    I have no opinion regarding the King's continuence on the throne.

    I think the Euro currency is on life-support and even the European Union is not working for the benefit of the seperate Nation-states or their respective citizens.

    The members of the European Union are Nation-states, each with their own history, customs, and sensibilities developed over many centuries (as opposed the the 'Several States' of the United States of America, which always had more in common than not).

    The transnational European Union overlay, especially the Euro currency is causing unprecedented social disturbance and unrest in post WWII Europe.

    Each country needs to come to its own social and political understanding or contract between its citizens, and the citizens and government, based on its own politics, history, and customs. The European Union is acting as a foreign power within each of these countries. No country, today, in Europe as expressed by its citizens, whether in the streets or as registered in polls, is happy with the current transnational relationships formalized by the European Union.

    The effort to keep the EU together is causing the breakdown of each Nation-state, in turn, like dominos.

    This is a mistake of epic proportions.

    But to balkanize within Nation-states will only place these balkanized regions at the mercy of transnational enities (transnational enities, whether private or nominally public, have no 'mercy', only a relentless quest for profit and/or control.)

    How will the Basque region or Catalonia operate as independent countries? Maybe just fine, thank you very much, but that is largely an unknown.

    I just know the Global Elite have no interest in the Nation-state, its independence & sovereignty, or the happiness of its people, so after independence for the regions, the Global Elite will continue their pursuit of profit & control. Will these newly independent states be able to fight back and maintain their idenity under the onslaught?

    Transnational enities exercising control over Nation-states are problematic at best and potentially the source of the greatest tyranny the world has every known.

    True Nation-states are good and the source of stability in geopolitical relationships, and the fountain of (God given) individual rights within those nations.

    The Peace of Westphalia, which recognizes the sovereignty of Nation-states is still the bedrock for a peaceful world.

    1. The Peace of Westphalia was thrown to the winds by a USA led NATO illegal war.
      They used the false flag of Racak to attack the christian Serbs on behalf of the KLA - an islamic fundamentalist terror group created by the CIA, MI6 and reportedly Bin Laden himself seen in Albania.
      After the completely illegal attack on Serbia, Illegal under the UN charter, NATO's own charter and unauthorised by Congress, although pushed through the Senate by John McCain and a few warmongers crossing the floor, they then proceeded to strip the Serbs of their province of Kosovo against every legal norm of a sovereign state and its borders.
      250,000 ethnically cleansed Serb Kosovans have lost everything and remain as refugees.
      Cleansed under the eye of Mike 'Bloody Sunday' Jackson and after the bombing of Serbia ' back to the stoneage' by Wesley 'WACO' Clark.
      They really chose two generals prepared to dirty their hands with illegal actions in those two.
      However the USA got Kosovo the European hub of the drugs trade and never forget the biggest traffickers are the CIA, funding their black projects.
      The Treaty of Westphalia well gone - Thanks Bill and Hillary Clinton, Madeleine 'half a million dead Iraqi kids a price well paying' Albright and the late unlamented Richard Holbrooke, Tony Blair et al.

    2. A sad chapter which needs to be studied & acknowledged. Most people don't know the facts & evidence, the circumstances of the Balkan wars. A classic case of the victors writing the history.

      The Balkans was before the internet was popularized and Americans weren't going to get a presentation of all sides of the situation from the corporate media.

      But as in the Led Zeplin song, Stairway to Heaven, "there's still time to change the road you're on."

      That's why it's critical to have an informed citizenry in representative republics (or any Nation-state), so potential events can be headed off before they happen because once the event takes place it's extremely hard to undo the damage.