Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mitt Romney: 21st Century Joseph Smith

As many of you know, Mitt Romney is a Mormon. But I suspect very few of you have really learned much about the history of Mormonism---not the theology.
I am not writing this blog to attack the religion or Mormons. Like any people, there are good,  the bad and the awful.  But Mitt is neither one of those three.
  He is my opinion the 21st century Joseph Smith.
Joseph Smith invented the religion of ‘mormonism’ in the early 1800’s in Palmyra, New York.  He was illiterate, ambitious, and organizationally quite savvy. He saw a ‘vision’ and as a ‘result of some tablets’ he derived ‘revelations’.
  You get the idea. The story or narratives of most religions go pretty much the same way. Joseph was a clever, cunning fellow who could manipulate, deceive, and extract false promises wherever he went. 
  In the best American tradition,  he was an early 1800’s Elmer Gantry.  He lied, cheated, and committed bigamy and manipulated and deceived those who followed him.
He was the first real American to create a truly American religion based on individual enterprise, ambition and dreams of greater glory. 
Nothing wrong there!
We had, in 1800’s,  a slew of new religions and self-proclaimed prophets in abundance as we did in the days of Josephus.
But what made Smith quite exceptional was two things. One he created a very successful religion based on all kinds of financial, political and personal chicanery, bobbing and weaving whenever and wherever he needed to do so.  Secondly, he had the incredible audacity to proclaim before his untimely death, “that no man knows my history”. The point of fact is that we in America know everything but everything about Mormonism.  It has been documented, studied and investigated.
I don't want to go into the history of this successful American religion but rather to demonstrate one single point that I realized last night while watching the final debate between Obama and Romney.  And that point is that Mitt for all of his slickness and guile reincarnated not the personal traits that made Joseph Smith so successful.  Those traits were sheer ignorance….but rather a characterological quality which is a major capacity to lie and deceive others as well as himself.  Mitt is just brash enough to think that those of us who might know something more than a ‘smitten of foreign affairs’ would be convinced by his performance.
In thirty years of being a registered Republican,  I have never, but never witnessed, a more inept candidate for the presidency who knew less about foreign affairs than Mitt. 
Months ago I had written a blog saying that Mitt had one of the best foreign policy teams in the Republican party.  But this evening that was not apparent. When Obama had to explain to Mitt’s statement that we need a larger navy force, the President correctly pointed out to him that we did not need more ‘navy ships’ and that ‘the bayonet and horse had disappeared’ and that in the place of the navy vessels we had submarines, cyberwar, Space War, etc. 
You get the idea. 
  What makes me upset is not that I find Romney incompetent. I have said that along time ago to my friends in the senior Republican circles.  But what was more disturbing is that he clearly did not utilize the wisdom of some of the real political operatives whom he had on his team.   Quite frankly, even though I supported John Huntsman, who's qualifications were stellar- a former Ambassador to Singapore and China, and a Deputy Trade Representative for the US and a man ten times wealthier than Mitt, the senior operatives of the party---Mallick, Rove, Ailes and others decided to go with an obvious loser.
I wrote, over a year ago, to a friend of mine who works for Mitt that Mitt has a serious characterological failures---flip-flop, insincere, deceitful, self-delusional, arrogant, untutored in the ways of the world, and really illiterate about matters in general that involve the gestalt of American society and world affairs.  It would have done him some good, if he had only read a series of Stratfor Reports on geopolitics and force structure.  It would have helped him to learn about psychological warfare, counter terrorism, covert operations, Counter Intelligence, military transformation, the importance of Cyberwar and cyber terrorism.  It would have been important for him to have learned the history of submarine warfare and it’s importance in the Cold War. It would have been better if he really knew anything about Reagan, other than Newt’s absurd comments on Reagan’s economy.  It would have been important for Mitt to understand how Nancy Reagan helped Reagan to decide on the take down of the ICBMS. It would have also been of some value of someone in the group had mentioned something about the exceeding importance of George H. W. Bush Sr and James Baker in the take down of the Berlin Wall and the de-Sovietization of Eastern Europe. 
  But of course, when you have incompetent Republicans like Condoleezza Rice, the worst NSA and Sec State we have ever had and Karl Rove,  a despicable detritus than there is very little that can be done to help someone as arrogant, ignorant and bullheaded as Mitt.
Here is the real problem for me.  Mitt is only about four years younger than I am- He is better looking,  in better health and richer.  But he failed the one test that I had always demanded of my leaders—Democrat or Republican—that they serve our country for only a while.  Not a life-time.  Not in the military only but just serve our country for nothing more than a foolish concept called ‘duty, honor and gratitude’
Huntsman served our country many times as I have already mentioned.  Bush Jr did not. Clinton did not.  Bush Sr did.  Reagan did.  Ford did.  Nixon did. And Carter did.
And here is the clincher. As much as I disliked the lie that Obama had killed Osama bin Laden because OBL was already dead for over ten years, Obama and his relatives had served our country nobly.

Now what do I mean? 
  Obama’s mother was a CIA operative in Indonesia.  She was trained at the East –West Center in Hawaii in both Russian and Indonesian . She volunteered to go into a dangerous zone where military coups occurred on a daily basis. 
Obama’s grandmother worked in a bank in Hawaii that was a front for the CIA where she was in effect a ‘paymaster’ for CIA assets. This fact was also true of his maternal grandfather.
  So Obama who was sold as 'community organizer’ and Lecturer in Government had given of himself by also working as an asset for the CIA.  His mentor was none other than Peter Geitner,  the father of Tim Geitner, our present Secretary of the Treasury. Obama’s history was correctly blacked out for ‘national security reasons' which I don’t happen to agree. 
  What I am saying now is not a secret but a deduction from a Four Time Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under President’s Nixon, Ford, Carter and Bush Sr.
 Also I worked extensively to provide ‘cover’ for our brave ‘intelligence operatives’ all over the world.  But it is not violating any oath of office that I did not take or have to take to make these declarations. 
So when Mitt was talking like a ‘poorly prepared rich school boy’ , he was in fact talking to a President who in my humble estimate and those of other senior operatives in foreign policy deserves a B plus for the work he has done around the world
But the real problem is not Obama .
The real problem lies within an antiquated, arrogant, self-delusional, regressive Republican Party that chose to support someone whose past records screamed out ‘incompetence’, ‘deceitfulness’ and most disturbingly, ‘cowardice’—failure to serve our great nation in time of war.
  In the 1960’s when I was drafted into the military,  I was against the war in Vietnam.  I 'understood' the war from my teenage years growing up in the failed state of France that had been losing Indochina for decades.  But despite my personal and professional dislike of that war,  I was honored to join the Nixon Administration and also join the military to serve on the Evacuation of the Saigon Embassy and deal with the beginning of the downfall of the Soviet Union.  At the very same time that I had joined the military, Mitt Romney the man who professes to ‘love this country so much’ ran off to Paris, France  in order to avoid the draft in order to convert the Catholics of France [which included the Corsican part of my family] into Mormons. 
 Of that episode the embellished it into a narrative that made him sound ‘brave’, ‘steadfast’ and ‘fortunate to have survived an accident’.
  Mitt created the fanciful lies and tales just like Joseph Smith,  to hide his tendency to distract, deceive and run away from serious world problems and hide into the insular world of solipsism and shadowy nonsense. 
In my world, he was and is a coward. Simple as that.
  In fact, his need to parade his stepford family and ken-doll looking sons convinces me more than ever that he and his wife live in a bubble of fantasy and fiction. It is fascinating that not one son or member of his entourage offered to serve in our military.  Instead the poor sons with the silverspoons in their mouth were given as a present ‘ten million dollars’ to start their own hedge fund. 
How patriotic and how entrepreneurial!

Welcome back Joseph Smith! Mitt,  you and he did more financial chicanery to deceive the federal government and innocent investors than an other ‘true blooded’ American I know, other than your bankers, Goldman Sachs.
  So, my final message is not to the inevitable loser -the Republican Party who deserved to be slammed down with their arrogance, ignorance, bravado and obscene wealth, but to us the ordinary American Citizens ---let us wish for two new candidates for 2016—General Petreaus and maybe Michael Bloomberg. 
But of course no one knows what history holds in store for us.  


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    1. Wow! Such a well crafted slice of the real PitRobMe. Love your essays. Makes my day.

  2. glad to oblige....I have more coming, probably a few more posts later tonight. If you get a chance check out the Fawn Brodie book (published in 1945), we Americans are amazing.

  3. Holy cow!

    The resemblance between Romney and Smith is striking.

    No wonder Romney can lie without a conscience.

    1. I meant physical appearance depicted in the photograph and painting, respectively.

      In terms of shear capacity, dynamism (however outlandish), Mitt Romney is no Joseph Smith.

  4. Dr Steve,

    Nice post. Before I get into the Mormon thing I'm curious as to the Obama Family CIA connection. I agree if they served in the intelligence apparatus especially during the times that you say we had actual living breathing assets rather than mercenaries working for the organization, Than they are indeed hero's and served our country well. My question is however how can we find this information.? Would a freedom of Information Act Request work or No? Especially the fact of Obama being a CIA asset. This just adds to the plot of his interesting story. I believe what your saying but your one person saying it and is there any other source to pull from for this FACT.
    On to the Mormon thing. I was raised Mormon through my childhood. Actually an Atheist step-father who was a school teacher and Mormon homemaker mother. Let's just say Mother's faith took precedence over the home. What I'd like people to understand is that there is essentially two parts to the Mormon church the actual church you attend on Sunday and the temple. The regular church is like any other basic Christian church you go to church,partake in sacrament, sing hymns, and read the KJV of the bible. Now the temple gets kind of Jewish kabullah almost. The point I want to make is most Mormons don't even really get into the deep temple aspect of the church like some and the there is a major difference between Utah Mormons and East Coast Mormons in my opinion.Now keep in mind I am no longer a member of the church but I have alot of respect for Mormon people and they are a unique and kind bunch. I'm very interested in reading your book suggestion I'm sure it will be a good read. I'm probably rambling at this point but it is a topic I COULD GO ON AND ON ABOUT. So my last point I listen to Glenn Beck's radio show to more or show watch dog so I can debate talking points with Beck fans. What bothers me so much about Glenn is that he dismisses alot of things as nonsense and I get to thinking wait Glenn your Mormon!!!! Not many people are aware of this but Mormon's believe as doctrine That the Founding Fathers as well as Christopher Columbus appeared to Joseph Smith and the Gang in Kirkland, Ohio in their temple to get their temple work done. Proclaiming to Smith that he hath restored the true church to the Earth. Now I'm not saying that people are not entitled to their own beliefs this is fine but when Glenn Beck gets on his pedestal and says that an idea or information is non-sense remember he believes as a matter of faith and doctrine that this actually happened in OHIO of all places. In Closing I'd like to tell a joke my grandfather always used about Mormons. There was never really a Brigham Young. When Joseph Smith was in Salt Lake City he had other Mormons go back east to bring wives for the men and he yelled to them as they were leaving "Bring Em' Young" Thanks again Doc for your great posts I'm slowly turning my family on to you blog Mormons and Gentiles alike.

    1. Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist, reported similar findings with substantial detail over a year ago.

    2. CIA family info can be found on the internet, Obama specific info is still classified but he worked for P Geitner (business affairs counsel- CIA CUT OUT) which is NOT classified, have fun researching! Thanks for the Mormon perspective (and the joke), change in the brain comes slowly, keep working on friends and relatives....and as always, thank you for your comments.

  5. Excellent dissertation Dr. P; I am still saddened that you are 86'd from infowars after your incredible Sunday interview about a month ago. To me, the most dangerous geopolitical situation today is the Syria-Iran-Russia brewing confrontations. Which candidate has been a 35-year close friend with the madman Bibi and which candidate snubs him? As bad as Prez O has been in some things, he has done a reasonable job and has not called out Russia as our greatest enemy.

  6. Jon Huntsman & Harry Reid are Mormons, the former is so rich he can volunteer as a patriot. The latter is a dishonest bundler who exhibits symptoms of dementia & paranoia, a poor man who suddenly hit it big after being a menial Capitol Hill cop.

    Romney is somewhere in between.

    Whether Bari is truly the illegitimate son of Malcolm X (Little SHABAZZ ), calypso Louis Farrakhan has mentored him like a son, & he did spend 20 years sitting in a pew in a black liberation theology church commandeered by an anti Semite, Rev.Wright.

    Obama/SHABAZZ may have served his country indirectly, but he is a pathological liar.
    His 3 big mistakes were passing ObamaCare via Reconciliation when it was not economically feasible; lying about "killing" Bin Ladin 2 days after publishing a phony birth certificate to change the headlines. (Even Bush & Clinton didn't have the chutzpah to lie so brazenly.) ; & lying about the deaths in Benghazi, a gunrunning operation gone bad.

    3 strikes & you're out at the OLD BALL GAME.

    Romney was a good governor. I voted for him. He is really a liberal. I contend he was paid well to run for POTUS. I understand it was Bush 41 who selects both candidates, that is OBAMA & ROMNEY.
    Read here:

    "Poppy" Bush 41 wants obama out because he is going rogue. The 2nd term is recovery just more inflation. Romney draws undecided because he is not truly republican.

    That is Bush's strategy. He hired Rove for his son & for Romney. Romney had no intention of becoming an international negotiator/verbal encyclopedia on Monday night.
    His goal was psychological warfare which succeeded in winning over the undecided via diplomacy, unlike the prevaricating obama who only knew how to invalidate with ad hominem attacks for more than a year.

    As for Romney's service, it was his father who insulated him from Vietnam, as did Poppy for "W". I would have insulated my sons if they were of draft age.

    I also understand George Soros, the most notorious Ganif in contemporary banking, & a self-hating Jew, is a partner in the ballot counting machine company (Spain).

    What I resent is our country offers us no options as a true republic: Gary Johnson is an excellent candidate & he could only debate "off broadway" with the Green Party.

    Obama's advisors are pathetic. Romney will learn about foreign affairs if he is elected.

    His goal for Mondays debate was to win the war, not the battle.

    I am mystified you didn't recognize obama was checkmated.

  7. I do not believe you can minimize or excuse Obama's lying about the Osama bin Laden "kill" operation.

    For Obama to lie... claiming the "kill" is dishonorable. Then not long after the "kill", 26 SEALs, many participants in the bin Laden "raid", die in a mysterious helicopter explosion.

    For that many SEALs to be on one Chinook helicopter (an older National Guard issue, at that) is against protocol -- could it have been to silence the SEALs?

    If so, Obama killed honorable Americans.

    Obama is a creation -- via the CIA -- of Globalists of the Council of Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission variety.

    Obama is a CIA/Globalist Manchurian Candidate.

    Now, Obama has been caught red-handed in the Benghazi Stevens killing with release of e-mails showing the administration knew in REAL TIME that it was an organized attack, not a video protest run amok.

    So, how deep and pervasive does the lying, which leads to DEAD Americans, have to get before those who talk about honor, duty, country wake-up to the disgrace to the American flag which is Barak Obama?

    Romney likely will be a disgrace, I get that... but Obama ALREADY is a disgrace who dishonors the flag.

    It's troubling to have people who talk of honor, duty, country, and, yet, still seemingly give cover to Obama.

    I respect not voting for either candidate or for a third party candidate, but Obama has to be exposed for the disgusting piece of garbage that he really is. Obama has killed Americans either by incompetence or intentional selfishness.

    Romney is all the things mentioned in this post, but Obama is worse.

    Here is a political theory:

    The country's Elite is corrupt.

    There is a culture of deception that pervades BOTH political parties "inside the beltway" in Washington, which manifests itself in Rule by Deception.

    The American People need to understand this reality.

    Romney is surrounded by neoconservative foreign policy advisers. I strongly disagree with their ideas, but I am betting the American People are so sick of war that even these neocons will pause before plunging the U. S. into another war... Romney wants a second term.

    Romney has the better ideas for the economy, but I suspect these ideas are still inadequate to turn the economy around (although I'm hopping the economy will bounce back), if that happens and the economy continues to slide (and if Romney is stupid enough to get us into a war, say Iran) his presidency will crash.

    There exists the distinct possibility if the above scenario happens Romney will not be re-nominated by the Republican Party. (There are a lot of Republlicans who, while supporting Romney, now, will be quick to dump Romney as they really never liked or trusted Romnney, such as myself.)

    Current Republican economic shibboleths will fall like so-called "free trade" and this drive to Globalism. And most important neoconservative foreign policy will be exposed as a total failure.

    With a series of one-term failed presidents, the American People will open their eyes to the corruption of the Elite: Wall Street, Washington, and the Military-Industrial Complex, along with domination of the neoconservatives and the corruption of 'realists' into the neocon witches brew.

    Now, let me be clear, I'm not hoping for that to happen, but I think, given the current trajectory of the economy and foreign policy, it is inevitable.

    So, as opposed to two-term presidents, one-term presidents will be like the American history of the 1840's and 1850's where a series of failed presidencies occured.

    This led to the birth a new third-party, the Republican Party.

    America needs either serious reform of the current two parties or the formation of a new third-party.

    Romney's victory will accelerate this transformative process.

    It's America's best chance to peacefully overthrow the current corrupt Elite.

    So, even though, I agree Romney is a liar, so is Obama, and with Romney's failure the scales will fall from the American People's eyes.

  8. I totally agree that America needs a third party (I will run, or you can) and people need to WAKE UP! As far as the economy--- the old world of exploitative manufacturing and coddling corporations is coming to an end as the "information age" progresses....our education system needs total reform so it better prepares young people to "earn a living" and maintain a "healthy mistrust of authority" but I always explain it more eloquently than I however, I think we both agree- we need serious "revolutionary" change. Keep up your comments, I love them.

  9. A historical exception to the 1840's and 1850's failed one-term presidents: James K. Polk (1845-1849). Polk was a "dark horse" compromise-candidate nominated by the Democrats, who upon nomination, promised to serve for only one term. Polk kept his promise and did not run for a second term.

    There are those who disagree with the Mexican War, which occured during Polk's term, but Congress did vote for a constitutionally mandated Declaration of War and it did lead to the current continental extent of the United States of America. (Abraham Lincoln, future president, was one of those who objected to the war at the time).

    Mexico was controlled by a corrupt elite, then, as now, which played with fire, foolishly confronting an energetic, dynamic United States. Mexico objected to the independent Republic of Texas becoming part of the United States. Polk had run on accepting Texas into the Union, which was supported by the citizens of Texas.

    James K. Polk was a strong nationalist who believed in the sovereignty & independence of the United States, he was a man of his times.

    While formal territorial expansion is not an issue now, the loss of America's sovereignty & independence is a critical, current issue of our times.

    The Globalists want to subvert American sovereignty & independence. For the sake of the freedom & liberty of the American People the Globalists must not only be stopped, but defeated.

    (Obama is the Council of Foreign Relations/Trilaterist puppet. Romney is the Neoconservative puppet -- both are Globalists.)

    Yes, there are competing factions among the Globalists.

    "Scholars have ranked him favorably on the list of greatest presidents for his ability to set an agenda and achieve all of it. Polk has been called the 'least known consequential president' of the United States." -- Wikipedia

  10. Thank You for all you have done for Truth and enlightenment and for ALL you have done the defense of this beautiful country. Many LDS (Mormon) people are discouraged with Mitt Romney for reasons such as his distance from his Father's disillusion with the Viet Nam issue as your earlier blog pointed out.
    Joseph Smith was a kind, truthful and amazing man whose sacrifices were extreme. He was prepared by God for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to America and the World. He is a true Prophet as are all the exemplary men who have followed him. We are one nation under God and many miracles occurred to make this country great. Many LDS are DISGUSTED with Harry Reid and pray that Mitt Romney will step up and stand for truth and all that is good.