Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize for 2012: European Union Wins For Uniting Continent.
In the midst of major economic, political and psychological crises, the EU won a peace prize for having promoted democracy and peace!?!
Thorbjoern Jagland, the Nobel Committee Chairman  announced the following, ” The stabilizing part played by the European Union had helped to transform a once-torn Europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace”.
  Well, as far as I am concerned,  that statement pretty much summarizes a narrative replete with lies, distortions and arrogance.
  Let us remember that this same committee awarded President Barack Obama in 2009 the Peace Prize for basically being ‘nice to muslims’ and ‘improving the atmosphere for international diplomacy’.  For those of you who remember this particular Peace Prize, then please recall that literally the next day, Obama declared an unnecessary war against ‘Al Qaeda ‘ in Afghanistan. And he certainly demonstrated his proclivity for peace when he, and then DCI Panetta,  spewed forth dozens upon dozens of drones over the penumbra of ‘so-called terrorist areas’ in Pakistan, Afghanistan , Yemen, and the Sudan. These drones killed thousands of innocent men, women and children.  Obama and Panetta called the deaths of these innocent people ‘collateral damage’ and the military  used the ludicrous term ---‘unintended consequences’.  The covert operatives loved Obama despite their public protestations that this President did not understand the DDO.  Nonsense!  Obama has been by proclivity and heritage [mother, maternal grandmother, maternal grandfather—all CIA officers], one of the favorite Presidents of the CIA and our SOF. 
Clearly, Obama loves covert actions and ‘collateral damage ‘ more than he loves the Peace Prize.  But Obama’s award of the Peace Prize belies the incredible lies that underlie this fatuous, if not, completely cynical, award. 
Let us start with the Alfred Noble,  the Swedish chemist, engineer and armaments manufacturer who donated the money for this award.  Basically he was the Swede who discovered dynamite and manufactured armaments for war. His family and he were in the  armaments  manufacturing business for centuries. The Nobel Family [remember not ‘noble’] produced the major armaments for the Crimean War [1853-1856]. Not satisfied with producing the ineffectiveness of their ‘killing machines’ Nobel and his family went into the business of manufacturing ‘nitroglycerin ‘ and ‘dynamite’, ostensibly for mining purposes.  However,   these  chemicals are still important today in the present day Nobel Companies called Dynamit Nobel and Akzo Nobel in Norway.
So now you have some idea of how the origins of the so-called Peace Prize started---from the manufacturers of ‘killing machines and deadly chemicals’.  No apologies here from the Norwegians or the equally hypocritical Swedes [but this issue of the nefarious Wallenbergs we will discuss at another time] who still remain ‘merchants of death’. 
Now why do I call the Norwegians ‘merchants of death’?  First, despite their hypocritical  recognition of the importance of the EU,   every Norwegian refused to enter the EU for fear that their economy would be harmed by interference from Brussels [already a disaster]. Unlike the financially strapped EU countries, Norway is blessed with unlimited oil reserves from the North Sea and, oh yes, it’s a monolithic ethnic group of nine million people with no government debt.  How patronizing of the Nobel committee to praise the EU countries composed of 27 nations and five hundred million people, most of whom can barely make a day’s wages. 
But this Norwegian hypocrisy does not stop here, Conveniently,  as times goes by, the Norwegians would like the world to forget the name of their most infamous Vidkun Quisling who seized power in  a Nazi-backed coup d’etat and served as Minister-President from 1942-1945 . The collaborationist government participated willingly or unwillingly in Germany’s Final Solution of the Extermination of six million jews, gentiles, gypsies, homosexuals, Catholics, muslims, and many others. 
Thus the Nobel Prize becomes a clear counter point to Norway’s nefarious past and continuing hypocrisy.
 But there is unfortunately one more variable that is present in the presentation of the award to the EU and that is Norway’s deliberate distortion of French /German history [remember Norway was Germany’s axis ally] or simple ignorance.
  The EU was created by the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman who had proposed on May 9, 1950 [five years after France had lost WWII] that  France and the Federal Republic Of Germany pool their collective coal and steel resources in a new organization that other European countries could join.
Contrary to Mr Jagland’s disingenuous comments that this was a ‘peace initiative’.  In fact, this French initiative, like all other attempts by France, to control Germany had nothing to do with peace- but everything to do with France trying to reinsert  it’s political and economic pre-eminence in Europe after WWII.  What is important to understand is that France was not very effective in fighting the Germans and had, like Norway,  more collaborators than they had Resistance Fighters.  Unfortunately,  I knew this from firsthand experience after my father having fought in the so –called French Army for six weeks was told to leave and  ‘save  your life’. 
  So the point to remember is that Schulman wanted to have France as the pre-eminent power that would control the most valuable asset ---the Ruhr Valley coal and steel resources that was the basis of several wars between France in Germany.  A little known fact is that both the Polish and French Armies ‘invaded’ Germany’s Ruhr Valley in 1926-27 in order to seize the resources in a Germany that had been defeated in WWI –again not by France—but by US forces.  So what we had here,  was clear power play on the part of France to grab the German resources in what was then a fragmented Germany.  At that time, Germany had been defeated by the Allies and split up in so many pieces between the allies and Soviets  that the ‘brave French Politicians’ thought they could make pre-emptive move against a future Germany and once again- claim their imaginary grandeur and prowess that General Charles DeGaulle falsely claimed on their behalf while in exile in England. 
  Forty years later, I was privy to witness a phenomenon that few people would have imagined back in the 1950’s.  Under the leadership of Secretary of State James Baker and Robert Zoellick , the two statesmen unified East and West Germany and in the process tried to make certain that Germany would not present an economic threat to France.  But thanks to French arrogance under President Mitterand  and a citizenry that had very little desire to work, France had found itself not as the economic leader of the EU but as the ‘financial hostage’ of Frankfurt, Germany. The central bank of Germany had effectively outmaneuvered the failed attempts by the French Ministry to contain German industrial might and economic superiority.  And now , all of Europe has to depend on the generosity of one person---Chancellor Angela Merkel,  a PHD physicist from East Germany whose father , a Lutheran Minister,  had enough courage and conviction to move to East Germany in order to dedicate his life to ‘taking down ‘ the Stasi Regime.
  In conclusion,  it’s clear to see that Norway should cease from making any awards other than to explain to the world it’s nefarious past as well as the ‘merchants of death’--  Alfred Nobel and his Swedish progeny along with the Wallenberg family. 
  As for the story of France and it’s attempt to take over EU power, it’s time that France admit to itself what DeGaulle had once said about his countrymen: ”It’s a pity that France belongs to the Frenchmen”. 
Remember Lord Acton’s warning: ”Power corrupts. And Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely” .
The Europe Union had nothing to do with preserving peace or maintaining cordial harmony, it was a bold, naked grab for power which failed and became the very destructive instrument of worldwide financial chaos. Thank you Norway!    


  1. Another way of bringing peace to The Stupid-Dumb is to drug them into peaceful slumbers be the drug of Fame, Fortune or Immortality. The drug which puts all into a stupor will ensure that no wars will ever be made again - not the physical one at least because the war is then transcended onto the emotional and intellectual levels, just like enslavement or its euphemism, colonisation. As those who have yet taken to peaceful/material slumber know only too well, when physical colonisation was ended, its emotional and intellectual counterparts merely made up for that slack. Wouldn't it be great if all EU citizenry are gifted a free new "governmented" peaceful PhonyPoddyPaddy everytime its latest incarnation escaped from its zoo, the wetdream of those Mothering Fathers holed up in some genius of a lab furiously labouring their lifetimes to unleash a new gadget every year. Yes, have a Merry and Peaceful XMas playing with your new mollyfying thingy as the true war against one's evil self is yet again redirected to the war on others' evil.

  2. Mr Pieczenik

    As a Norwegian I most wholeheartedly agree on the stupidity of the peace prize this time (and other times as well). But I have a couple of comments:

    First just a factual. We’re five million people, not nine as stated. But we are working on it ☺.

    I would also like to point out the fact that most Norwegians are disgusted or confused by the Nobel Prize this year. We do not want to be associated with the committee’s decision. So please do not do the same mistake the Chinese are doing: To see the price as decision of the Norwegian people, resulting in a Chinese business boycott of Norway.

    Not wanting to be associated with that committee, applies even more to the chairman Thorbjørn Jagland, who has forced through a couple of disastrous prices. I would not give him credit for any cunning political moves with this price. He has always, as a politician, loved the EU in a naïve way. The fact that Jagland was a former prime minister candidate in Norway is also horrendous; it makes the prize far too political.

    And it shows. Norway is a puppet state for the major countries in the west. The result? Peace prices to western politics, and to political dissidents in other parts of the world.


    1. Thank you for your comments, very enlightening....I will make a note of population stats. I appreciate that the people of Norway want to distance themselves from the corrupt "Nobel Peace Prize" have many good things going on in your country- the farce of the prize diminishes these accomplishments.

  3. As an American, when I initially became aware of the idea of a European Union, I thought it was a good idea. Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery and a "United States of Europe" seemed like immitation to me and I fell under the influence of that flattery.

    It also seemed like a good way to prevent European general war.

    But as I've studied & researched my opinion has changed. A general European war wasn't going to happen before the formation of the European Union.

    In that sense, World War Two literally beat the desire for war out of the leadership of Europe.

    The Nation-states of Europe are not comparable to the 'several states' of the United States of America.

    The Nation-states of Europe are seperate and distinct countries with unique histories, customs, and traditions, even seperate languages.

    Each European country has its own social contract between citizens and the citizens and their government.

    The Euro currency and its operation has fundamentally interfered with the social contract between citizens and the citizens and their respective governments, particularly Greece and Spain, but it is effecting all the Nation-states of Europe in various ways.

    But it goes deeper than that, the attempt to harmonize the different European Nation-states has fundamentally undermined the independence of the each Nation-state. Yes, this was a planned outcome of the European Union project, but the ability of each Nation-state to be effective at solving their economic problems has been impaired by the structure of the European Union and principally the Euro currency.

    Frankly, after study & research, I'm much less supportive of transnational organizations and enities. These transnational enities seem to be vehicles to reduce Nation-states' sovereignty & independence and, perhaps, more important, set up a system where the citizens of the various Nation-states of the world have less control over their individual destiny and that of their countries at the expense of increasing power of Global Elites.

    The events of the last year demonstrate this concern is valid.

    The European Union seems intent to enforce "outside" solutions on the Nation-states of Europe. Does that lead to 'peace'?

    If war is politics by other means, then the EU is imposing "war" by means of a transnational politics divorced from democratic representation.

    The supposed solutions imposed from Brussels do not constitute efforts at "peace" deserving of a "peace prize".

    Look at the streets in Greece, Spain, even Britain and France. The Germans are also uneasy with this path, but are not on the streets, yet.

    I suggest on the current path, peace in Europe could be a causalty, not by general war, but by 'a thousand cuts', with the body-politic drained of blood just the same as if it had been by one mighty strike of the sword.

  4. excellent analysis! I agree, please continue to comment on my posts, you add incredible insights (trust me, I do not hand out compliments freely). Thank you.

  5. Dr. Pieczenik,

    Thank you.

    I appreciate your posts and look forward to your continued writings in this forum.

    I just want to express my thanks for your contribution to international conflict resolution.

    It truly is an art (that we don't have enough of these days).

  6. Dr. Steve,

    Life has been incredibly busy so it's been hard to comment on posts. Please keep up the posts it is nice to add them to my daily readings among other sources. I wanted to drop this link because I know you had talked about this topic before on the radio about Syria and Christians being murdered. Also this is off topic but if you have not seen the new movie out "BRANDED" it is an interesting view on marketing and is quite humorous at least I felt so.

    1. Thanks for the movie recommend, I will check it out......I will also look up LewRockwell, I see he is anti-war, pro-market so far so good in the compatibility department. You will see more posts this week...Syria is always at the top of the subject list. Thanks for reading.

  7. Greece is the focal point of the economic problems of the Euro zone with Spain following close behind.

    The Swedish foreign minister on the sidelines of an International Monetary Fund meeting in Tokyo suggested Greece leave the Euro currency and return to the Drachma:

    Finance Minister Anders Borg said that abandoning the euro would probably allow Greece to "find its competitiveness once again" and "get itself back on its feet".

    Later, Borg said Greece will probably leave the Euro in six months time.

    We've seen this type of prediction before, but not from a European Union member state's foreign minister.

    Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel is doing everything possible to keep Greece in the Euro currency.


    Because an 'escaping' Greece, should it recover or even stop the dramatic economic fall after leaving the Euro would set an example for the rest of the Euro zone: Independence & soverneignty.

    There already is an example outside the Euro currency zone: Iceland.

    Private bankers in Iceland facilitated by the Icelandic government controlled by the bankers, took on huge debt and in the '08 financial collapse, this supposedly Icelandic debt came due.

    But instead of protecting the bankers and assuming the debt, the Icelandic People jailed the bankers, kicked out the government officials and repudiated the debt, angering the European banks who held the debt.

    Result: Iceland is now in recovery (you don't hear alot about that in the corporate media, now do you).

    Think of what would happen if Greece was to recover after dropping the Euro and going back to the Drachma.

    It is said Greece could rely on tourism and shipping (historic economic strengths), but Greece has a potential secret asset: Petroleum.

    Several small oil deposits have been found in waters offshore of Greece and within their economic zone. But evidence exists of potentially giant oil deposits which Greece would either have complete economic ownership or partial control (with a sizable revenue stream to the state and the Greek private economy for decades).

    One of the reasons Norway stays independent from the EU is their huge offshore oil deposits.

    There is a geological formation known as the Mediterrean accretionary ridge complex South of Crete. It is a similar geological complex to the Middle East's Persian Gulf region except entirely under the Mediterrean Sea (over a thousand miles in length).

    The Mediterrean accretionary ridge complex while studied in terms of its geological structure, has been explored for petroleum only on a limited basis.

    An independent Greece with even a Norway sized petroleum reserve could be the new Switzerland of southern Europe.

    Now, do you think the transnational leadership of the European Union would want to see such a Greek transformation?

  8. Great comparison....Iceland's resolution to their financial disaster and what the future possibilities could be for the Greeks.....if they have oil, great, but do they have the "national character" to break free and re-build their country? That has to be answered by the Greeks themselves.....Catalonians have the will, spirit and leadership to become a nation, I don't know about the Greeks maybe that's what the EU bandits count on.....
    As always, thanks for your insightful analysis, I always learn something.