Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dr Nidal Hasan , M.D, A U.S Army Major Psychiatrist Should Be Indicted and Executed As A Terrorist For the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting.
  The fact that I have to even write this blog surprises me.
On November 5, 2009,  Nidal a devout muslim of Palestinian birth, and a military psychiatrist, killed in cold-blood 13 people, 12 of whom were specifically targeted for being US Soldiers in uniform.  There were also 43 injured.  The fact that he is still alive is both absurd and a travesty to US civilian and military court of justice. The Department of Defense under Panetta still classifies this attack as ‘an act of workplace violence’.
  To show you how absurd this diagnosis is,  let me tell you a little bit more about how our ‘misunderstood muslim psychiatrist’ went about his cold-blooded assassinations.
  Hasan entered the Guns Galore store in Kileen, Texas on July 31, 2009.  He purchased the FN Five –seven semi-automatic pistol that he used in the assassinations. He spent hours researching it’s ‘lethal kill capacity’how many people can he kill in a sweep of the weapon without having to reload it.  Not an example of someone who exactly has a ‘problem at the workplace’ or has any other motivation than to kill as many US military personnel both in Uniform and out of uniform. 
  Then just to make his intentions less ambiguous to someone like myself who has  ‘neutralized’ countless ‘terrorists’,  Hasan came back into the same store and bought hundreds of rounds of 5.7 X28mm SS192 and SS197 SR ammunition.  Not exactly the kind of ammo one finds in WalMart in “order to go deer hunting”. 
  Then he went to Florence, Texas and he spent countless hours improving his shooting skills at silhouette targets at a distance of up to 100 yards.  One has to be in a pretty disturbed, very large workplace in order for such a someone to create 'such an act of workplace violence’. 
  So far,  I think you are getting to see the absurdity of the fact that this killer is still alive and categorized as someone who was involved an ‘attack as an act of workplace violence’.
Of course, this ‘workplace violence’  does not stop here.   Believe me, even I could not have written this scene. Hasan then walked nonchalantly,  oh by the way, after having first cleansed himself and wrapped himself in the ‘muslims’ requisite ‘white sheet attire’ before a suicide bombing, into the Soldier Readiness Processing Center where military personnel receive routine medical treatment before and after deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq. 
  He then started firing at non-armed US military soldiers in uniform yelling “Allahu Akbar!” [God is great!]  while he focused his FN Five seven pistol (which he had enhanced it’s accuracy with two Lasermax  sights: one red and one green. This was done so that he would not mistake the US soldiers he was intentionally killing ) Then he used a Smith & Wesson .357Magnum revolver [an old model –but it still carries a wallop in the “work place”].  For the most part,  the assassinations were like any other ‘terrorist assault’ in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia, Colombia, Panama, Germany.
  Hasan got wounded in the ‘workplace violence’ by an exchange of 9mm  M9 pistol---  a typical workplace instrument .
  The reason I am writing this blog is because, at the moment Hasan was killing our brave soldiers in FT Hood I was in contact with my military friends in Washington DC.  These friends are pretty sophisticated and had seen a lot of combat and were not easily fooled by any psychological problems like PTSD. But almost immediately they informed me that this was a case of PTSD and I wrote back ‘no way jose!’  “This was pure, calculating Islamic jihadist,  terrorist murder!”  I had no doubts. Having served for over thirty years,  way before it became fashionable for Bush Jr to identify in his infinite wisdom the fanciful concept of ‘War On Terror’ [It’s like saying we have a war on emotions. Terror is fear not an object. But what could you expect from an Andover, Yale Cheerleader who avoided the draft? ],  I had fought, captured, negotiated and ‘neutralized ‘ terrorists from Latin America to the extensive Middle East.
  But in all my experience,   I had never been equipped as well as Hasan, as a matter of fact,  I carried very little in terms of weapons for fear of being interrogated or arrested. And quite frankly, my terrorist opponents were nowhere near as well equipped as Hasan either but that fact,  I attribute to the notion that they may not have been as rich or fortunate as Dr Hasan- who, after all, was well-trained by the US Army in both psychiatry and in killing.
  So in the world of terrorism, I must admit that I as a professional counter-terrorist operative and psychiatrist I was not as well prepared as Dr Hasan,  a US military colleague, for ‘an act of workplace violence’.
 The point should have been made by now….

It’s time for the US Brass at DOD to get off it’s ass and do something about Dr Hasan. It’s been three years since he massacred all those innocent military personnel. Their families received pathetic medals and condolences. But they did not receive the necessary justice that is accorded a soldier of the US Army. 

The US Military Code of Justice is very clear on this matter. US soldiers were killed in action by a known enemy combatant [former FBI reports as well as DOD intel link Hasan to the well known terrorist Awlaki who was killed by a US Predator drone missile in 2011. ] 
  There was no doubt in this person’s mind then when he committed the action and now three years later when he has been ‘rehabilitated’ that Dr Hasan is , was , and will always be a ‘terrorist’ dedicated to the ‘killing of US soldiers’ past, present and future.
  May I remind my officious, pompous, lackadaisical military generals and officious officers, that if you fail to act now, as you have failed to carry out your promise to take care of our brave veterans returning from the wars, you will be known by name, rank, and serial number as accomplices of ‘cowardice and failure to act in a professional manner’ in a time of crisis and war. 
  And for that the Families at FT Hood and the American public will never forget your names and malfeasance. 
As the Marines often like to say:
 “You can be America’s best friend or America’s worst enemy! It’s up to you lazy bastards in the Pentagon to decide!”
  Remember your collective failures in September 11, 2001, Afghanistan, Iraq, and paradoxically September 11, 2012. They all still haunt your legacy of ineptitude and or collusion, or perhaps both.  

For once, stand up, and act like men!!! 
If you can’t find yourself able to act like warriors, then try to act at least like “workplace managers” who monitor potential acts of workplace violence’. And then maybe you can make a report to your bosses in order to ‘cover your collective asses as well as your civilian boss’s asses’.  
  At least give the families of the victims some-- Peace of Mind—that’s the least humane deed you can do. 
  Please don’t give the families medals or rationales or excuses---Americans deserve more from you, especially from their military officers to whom our mothers and fathers entrust their children into your care. So do something that is more mature and brave. 
  Execution of a terrorist is SOP- in my thirty years of experience.  Ask the FARC, The PLO, the Red Brigade, Khmer Rouge, the Japanese Red Army and many , many  of my other ‘working place confederates’ who have/had committed ‘an act of violence in the workplace’-- what happened to them. 
  In my humble world of a .38 Special,  I discovered as someone once said so eloquently—“a bullet, no matter what size, never lies!”
So execute the Psychiatrist bastard!    


  1. "...The Defense Department has refused to award Purple Hearts to the families of the soldiers murdered by Hasan, or to those who were wounded in his attack. It has refused to compensate the families of those murdered or the survivors who were incapacitated at the level the US military compensates the families of soldiers killed in the line of duty and soldiers wounded by enemy fire.

    This year Congress tried to rectify this obscenity by including Purple Heart citations for Ft. Hood casualties in the Defense Appropriations Act.

    Obama said he would veto the bill, (and thus deny the military funding), if they didn't remove the clause about the medals. That is how far Obama is willing to go to keep up this fiction, cover up the existence of enemy forces within the US military, deny the threat posed to the US by radical Islam, and in the process, punish and dishonor American soldiers who were killed in the line of duty in an act of war against the US by a self-proclaimed "Soldier of Allah."

    There is no precedent in US history for this sort of behavior by an American president. None."

  2. fascinating blog dr pieczenik and thanks for offering a real insight into world affairs your comments regarding president ahmadinejad shared my own thoughts and not the so called free press! i read his latest address to the un in full and to say it differed to what the media offered was a gross understatement! what puzzles me is the walk out by representatives when surely when representing us they should listen to the full address? once again thanks for your comments and i will do all i can to make people aware of your blog, thanks del stead england

  3. Hello Steve,

    I just wondered what you think, as a psychiatrist and an experienced psy op professional, of the Charlie Sheen's dramatic psychological change. It seems awkardly coincidental that the huge change in is public lifestyle only followed his very personal and genuinely serious engagement in the 9/11 truth movement and his public accounts and questions to the officials... It could be a very interesting case for a person like you to analyse...

    1. didn't know this...I will look up. if there is a link let me know, if he started telling the truth, I wouldn't doubt that he would be shut down. thank you so much for the comment.

  4. Well if you're saying that this monster Hassan,(who was created,like so many murdering U.S.soldiers,more by the U.S.government itself rather than by 'Islam' as they anmd apparently you would have us believe), should be executed as was Timothy McVeigh by President W Bush - then I don't agree ! In fact if I had a say which I don't,W Bush among many other criminal acts,wouyld be charged by me with destroying evidence,(i.e.-Timothy McVeigh),from a crime scene.
    Ex army murderer Timothy McVeigh had he remained incarcerated long enough and not drugged or brain washed out of his memory,mi8ght well have decided to talk and killing either him nor Hassan proves nothing or solves nothing anymore than would killing the verious U.S. MURDERERS AND RAPISTS WITH WE HAVE INFESTED AFGHANISTAN WITH.
    As a psychiatrist I thought you might know this and as a psychiatist how do you fel about MKUltra that as it turns out Henry Kissinger's old buddy ,Nelson Rockefeller, had much to with.And speaking of religious fanatics,how could hundreds or thousands of psychiatrists be so wrong and treat former CIA and MK Ultra monster Ewen Cameron as if he were their guru and name him president of the American Psychiatric Asssociation,the Canadian Psychiatric Asssociation and finally the World Psychiatric Asssociation ? Doesn't that say as much or more for the U.S. 'government' and the murderers it endlessly as well as the psychiatrists-prostitutes and murderers turns out as it does the U.S.Army psychiatrist Hassan himself.I'd say they they got in Hassan just what they wanted more U.S.government created terrorism ! They,Hillary Clinton,Barack Obama and the CIA should be congratulating themselves for having created Hssan and probably think it 'cute'.The government that created Hassan is more dangerous to us 'little Americans' than he is or ever has bneen,after all he is their 'product' more so than 'Islam's'.