Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Here is a little Homeland Security funny for you,  sent to me by a friend.  Funny but alot of tax dollars goes to these guys...


  1. Hi! This was a very funny video!

    By the way Dr. Pieczenik, why have you changed your YOU TUBE CHANNEL??? And, why have you not posted anything for a month??? Is it my comments??? I would like to hear from you. Contact me at your YOU TUBE CHANNEL, or reply to my two (2) posts within your FORUM!

  2. sorry I don't answer my youtube channel comments much, forum I get to when I can. I really am only 1 guy and I still work a day job but give me a couple days and I will get to your stuff. I usually answer my blog comments if they are directed at me so if its super critical, try me here. thanks for reading!
    dr s

  3. This is SICK--pathological evil MALFEASANT & malignant.
    Anything to get a salary. Faustian