Monday, July 8, 2013

Internet Surveillance Creates Acute Panic Attack And Major Identity Crisis In This Blogger: Who Am I? 
In a moment of respite  from  some of my recent blogs about the Egyptian Revolution and the failure of political Islam,  I decided to take a break and read all my emails.
  What a Major Mistake!
  The massive internet surveillance that watches all over us for better or worse has suddenly created  a crisis  in my identity!
I recall the famous lines from my favorite film "Analyze This"  starring Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro when Crystal is asked by the head of the Italian Mafia who is he, he responds,  “Who am I?”  He then pauses nervously and stammers, "Who am I ? That is the question for the ages."
  As for me,  I just had a bombardment of identity clues that confuses me as to my sexual identity,  my personal proclivities and even questions what my profession really is.
"al-gore-rhythms" that knew my buying habits and could even delineate my behavior patterns created a major identity crisis in me.
For example,  in one onslaught of advertisements which  I presumed were specifically selected by
  And here is why:
--Male Enhancement.
--Vaginal  Dryness Cream.
--Laser Hair Removal 70%.
-- Minoxidal 5%, 3months supply [makes hair grow].
--Fifty And Over Female Companions.
--Twenty-Five And Over Male Companions.
--ADHD Treatment.
--Learn To Be A Nurse on line.
--Memory Enhancement Formula.
--Become A Social Worker.
--Erase Mortgage Debt.
--New Mortgage Credit.

I think , my dear readers, you get the idea by now!
  So what could I do?
  I could go and talk to myself as a psychiatrist.   But that was too boring and a waste of my time.
  I could shut off the internet.  But then I would not know what happened to Kim Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy,  Kanye West. 
And what about Anthony Weiner? Could he “penetrate” the NYC mayoral candidacy to become the ‘biggest Dick’ of all?
Or Slick Willy Clinton and his incessant verbiage on the Existential Importance of Nothingness.
  And then how could I follow the desultory statements of POTUS talking about Tanzania when our country and the world is an economic crisis?
Then I thought long and hard.   In modern terms that is a ‘nano second’ and did the only reasonable thing a psychiatrist in an identity crisis can do:
I Pressed the DELETE BUTTON .
  And suddenly,  I felt that I was who I am.  Whomever that may be.
So I remained as I have always been in quiet search of an identity—whatever that may be.

Thanks for reading about this moment of respite.
  Why don’t you take a break?
  It’s kind of refreshing.


  1. Wake Up People!

    There's already a private company, owned by Israelis who give everything to Mossad, which has been collecting all the billing information for all phones in America for years. I can't think of the name but they already have all the data the NSA has been collecting.

    In addition there's another Israeli long distance company which has the contract for all of the Federal agencies' long distance service, so they have all those numbers too and have been caught passing along Federal Law Enforcement calling information to organized crime.

    Now the Israelis are using a South African agent of theirs, Elon Musk, to seek to monopolize all US space launches through his company SpaceX. He's already ahead of major auto manufacturers in electric car development with Tesla.

    The US citizen has little to worry about when it comes to their own bumbling bureaucrats in NSA, FBI, CIA, etc keeping mega data. The real threat is "trusted" foreigners who've been caught time and time again selling our information to our enemies, assassinating our officers and agents, etc.....

  2. Your Spam is everyone's spam regardless of your interests; just a melting pot especially if you do not have a private email account:

    I think it is LONG PAST THE TIME FOR WHITE HOUSE & DOJ STAFFERS TO SPY ON THE 3 Amigos & report their crimes:

    OBAMA JARRETT & HOLDER, the true RACKETEERS WHO HAVE BURNED OUR BILL OF RIGHTS. (Holder is the biggest criminal; Obama is clueless without him.)

    "Do as I say not as I do". He has an impervious blackberry, at least he thinks so.

    SCOTUS filing today:

  3. Ha ha! What happened to the days when spam was something fried and put into a sandwich?(northern England dish with Americas famous"meat product"? Yeah everybody's watching us now not just the NSA CIA mi5 mi6 ect ect! Its a great shame bin laden didn't require online penile enhancement or maybe a remortgage on his compound and he may of been tracked down! Though the memory enhancement formula would tell the truth on that one! The vaginal cream may benefit as we are constantly being f#*k-d by the powers that be! I'd love to erase mortgage debt due to my already arranged mortgage credit the hair on my head is falling out whilst the hair in my nose grows at an alarming rate! And due to failing health service I'm already trying to be an online nurse if this is a sign of ADHD I may need the services of an online social worker! Anyway I digress and MIT is correct over the above post and I think the contractors are called VERINT and another is NARUS

  4. as I am laughing, I am also crying...thanks for that!

  5. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. I desperately need your assistance, because the C.I.A., SKULL AND BONES, and the BUSH FAMILY have a personal vendetta against me! This has been going on since October 2006 (E-Mails to illegitimate President George W. Bush Jr., THE C.I.A., some of the U.S. CONGRESS, and some of the mass-media stating to STAY OUT OF IRAN (TRIGGER TO A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST))! Since October 2, 2002, "WEED AND SEED" OPERATIONS (very corrupt parts of the O.C. SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put together by prior SHERIFF (Colorado federal prison)) have been trying to annihilate me! Therefore, since 2006, it has become the PERFECT "F***"! They have taken-out my ENTIRE BACKGROUND (including S.S.A. HEALTH RECORDS for my prior S.S.I., VITAL RECORDS, CRIMINAL RAP SHEET (since December 30, 2010), and FINGER-PRINTS (since December 30, 2010)) by illegally "ERASING" and "MODIFYING" all my RECORDS! Various corrupt police and people claiming to work for the C.I.A. have admitted to me! In addition, I have sufficient "EVIDENCE" (various documents) to substantiate my CLAIMS! Therefore, I desperately need a LAWYER (CIVIL and CRIMINAL) that can practice law in California, because the ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDERS OFFICE has also screwed me over! Former O.C. PUBLIC DEFENDER and CHIEF PUBLIC DEFENDER were wined and dined in Europe by the "ELITE," concerning me during the FALL OF 2008 ("supposed" vacation with both of them at the same location)!