Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ben and Jerry's

From a FB contributor, :)


  1. The favorite flavor of Cone-gress.

    1. Over 50 killed in violence in Egypt!

      I knew there was going to be a disaster the moment I heard that the new President was going to be Morrissey. That guy is a tone-deaf jackass who can't even hold a tune. "Weird" has always been what that freak and his cult fans have been about. Now that he's old he's grown into a fat, sweating blob who looks even more ridiculous in his velvet jackets. The last thing anything country needs is for Morrissey to be involved in their politics in any way much less as President.

  2. I just wrote up an "Impeach-mint" entry for my website. The flavor dates to at least 1973 and the pre-resignation Watergate days of Richard Nixon. There was an "impeachmint" ice cream, but also an "impeachmint" chewing gum (like Doublemint or spearmint) and an impeachment cocktail. In 1998, during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, there were "Impeachmints" breath mints. The Ben & Jerry's joke was cited in print in 1999.

    OT FYI, armed with the new information on "Uncle Sam" (discovered by me and also Boston's USS Constitution Museum, a seemingly reliable source), I sent it to the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, USA Today, and others. No one would even respond to me. The big news this July 4th weekend seems to be rehashed stories about grilling, to-the-minute reports of the murder trial of non-celebrity George Zimmerman, and the 100th story about Paula Deen. It doesn't matter what I send to politicians or the media about the heritage of this country--no one listens.


    "The nation's top special operations commander ordered military files about the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden's hideout to be purged from Defense Department computers and sent to the CIA , where they could be more easily shielded from ever being made public.

    An acknowledgement by Adm. William McRaven of his actions was quietly removed from the final version of an inspector general's report published weeks ago. A spokesman for the admiral declined to comment. The CIA, noting that the bin Laden mission was overseen by then-CIA Director Leon Panetta before he became defense secretary, said that the SEALs were effectively assigned to work temporarily for the CIA, which has presidential authority to conduct covert operations.
    "Documents related to the raid were handled in a manner consistent with the fact that the operation was conducted under the direction of the CIA director," agency spokesman Preston Golson said in an emailed statement. "Records of a CIA operation such as the (bin Laden) raid, which were created during the conduct of the operation by persons acting under the authority of the CIA Director, are CIA records."