Monday, July 29, 2013

National Lampoon’s  Animal House Reprises in FISA Court’s “Double Secret Probation”   All FISA Judges Appointed by  “Harvard’s Favorite Son”:  John Roberts Jr,  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ----The New JOHN BELUSHI!!

By now,  everyone should be attuned if not socialized to the following names:  Edward Snowden [Paradise Lost];  Julian Assange [ Don’t prosecute me! Vote me for me! [“Kangaroo Justice”!]; and Bradley Manning [MAD Magazines new Alfred E. Newman—“What Me Worry?”]
But there is one name that has never been whispered or even hinted at.   That name does not engender fear [“Incredible Hulk”] nor an ominous future [“Only The Shadow Knows”] ---John Roberts Jr. – a Harvard progeny who attended both Harvard undergraduate [in THREE YEARS—no slouch here!] and Harvard Law School in four years [sorry about that] is now the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Whatever that means!
  I must admit that I was shocked when I read a recent article in  NYTimes / Reuters (posted earlier)  that claimed that Roberts had appointed all 11 of the FISA judges over the past decade.
  And that all 11 judges were pretty much conservatives [whatever that means]—in fact to be more precise:  86% were conservatives and 50% had been prosecutors and federal officials before their SEVEN year appointment  [one of those magical numbers; remember the Old Testament—7 years of Locusts and 7 years of Famine] .
And they all think alike!!
  So what are we supposed to make of this fact?
  First,  I thought this was pretty serious business.
  I thought I should discuss the history of FISA.   But then I thought better.  You readers can look it up in Wikipedia.  The Foreign Service Surveillance Act was created by Senator Ted Kennedy [The only Senator who killed an American ‘non combatant’ on Martha’s Vineyard].   The bill was then passed into law by President Jimmy Carter.  The rest of the story becomes even more absurd.
  After our non-foreign attack by Bush Jr and Cheney on American soil,   FISA was amended by the unpatriotic, “Patriot Act” of 2001.
Get the idea?   We started to make more surveillance laws for terrorists who never existed and allowing the real culprits—American politicians and their coterie to literally get away with murder.

Now we get to the fact that Roberts whom I do not know and will not impugn his character is literally the CZAR OF SURVEILLANCE. 
   First we had a DRUG CZAR (how's that working out for us?) and now we have a SURVEILLANCE CZAR a new imperious character by the name of “Roberts” who literally assigns FELLOW TRAVELERS of ideology and thought to monitor our conversations,  email traffic,  tweets and in the case of Anthony Weiner –his obsession with “Moby Dick” [sorry Melville;  but, you are really too hard to read and understand].
Here is what Reuters concluded about Roberts and the Double Secret Probation Court—FISA:
--From 2001-2012,   FISA judges approved 20,909  surveillance and property search warrants.   They only REJECTED TEN REQUESTS OUT OF 20,909.
  --They had to Amend 1000 warrants .
Now that’s what I call American Justice !!!
I am not a lawyer but as an American citizen I do have a few questions of this new John Belushi who is destroying our American Justice System:
[1] Who makes the necessary questions about assumptions in this ‘group think’?
[2] Where are the ideological counter balances to this so-called ‘conservative ideology’?
[3] What are the consequences for wrong decision?  Where is the appeal process? 
[4] Who other than Roberts can evaluate these candidates for ‘competency’ –whatever that may constitute in a SECRET COURT RUN by SECRETLY SELECTED CONSERVATIVE JUDGES.

Roberts,  whom I affectionately call  ‘our new John Belushi’,  who had screamed for a ‘food fight’ –has in effect EVISCERATED OUR CONSTITUTION –if not the FOURTH AMENDMENT.
  But who was around to stop him?
I ? NO!
You? NO!
Our Legislators? NO!
White House? NO!
Other Superior Court Judges? NO!
The American Bar Association? NO!
A Military Tribunal? NO!

Like John Belushi in “Animal House”,   Roberts reeked havoc with our lives.   Wittingly or unwittingly,   he implemented a nonsensical RULE OF LAW that  I have called “THE DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION”:
  You don’t know if you are guilty until I tell you are guilty.   And then,  I am going to put you away for what I think are crimes against society.   But I can’t tell you what those crimes are because I made up the rules of the game as I went along.  And,  by the way,  no one is allowed to contradict me!
  And so on, and so forth…Alice In Wonderland on METH!!!

Perhaps, I should have been more reverent upon reading this absurd fact. 
Here is a Roberts,   a man we know nothing about (who is this guy??) other than that he clerked for another MORON—Chief Justice “RENSHQUEST” [Nixon’s own deprecatory words upon appointing this ‘idiot’]—is now determining what you and I have the right to say or not say.   And he walks around all day in a BLACK ROBE—SPOOKY!!!
Roberts allowed one of his justices,   Judge Clyde Rogers Vinson of the Northern Florida Circuit Court to order on April 25, 2013  Verizon to provide all Metadata on all calls and systems on an ‘ongoing daily basis’.
What makes this entire situation more absurd than even the images of “Animal House” with John Belushi going array is the fact that there is no official professional training for a judgeship.   It’s a political appointment with no prerequisites in a formal education other than being a lawyer who may have been elected a ‘judge’ or ‘politically appointed to be a judge’. 
Think about what that means…..
  A non-existent profession that offers courses serendipitously determines the outcome of our civilian lives.
  Accordingly,   I should have been appointed to be a MEDICAL DOCTOR BY BIG PHARMAthat’s what it would have taken comparatively to be  ‘a so-called professional’.
  But the culmination of our new John Belushi’s havoc is the following proclamation that he made when he, Roberts,  a conservative miraculously supported Obama care:
“This is not the country that the framers of the constitution envisioned.”
  Maybe the Honorable Judge Roberts should re-visit our history in the American Revolution :
When Robert Morris and Benjamin Franklin ran a Secret Committee during the Revolutionary War to ‘illegally fund’ our militias through Cuba,  and other Caribbean islands where the Dutch and French could funnel moneys for our troops,  the SECRET COMMITTEE  was disbanded  ASAP during the Constitutional Convention at the request of the Lee Brothers of Virginia and John Adams of Massachusetts.
We,  Americans,  from the very beginning of our creation abided by no secret official government agencies.
It should be remembered that in the age of 21st  century transparency and New Democracy secrecy is the shibboleth behind which Political cowards and miscreants hide.
  We are not children.   And the secrets of the nation belong not to a few but to the those who deserve to know them not by dint of ideology but by dint of merit,  foresight and integrity.
Americans value honesty,  transparency and freedom.
  Unwind this ‘double secret probation’ before this absurd concept destroys the very nation it supposed to protect.

Let me quote Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter:
“The Court’s authority –possessed of neither the purse nor the sword—ultimately rests on substantial PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN IT’S MORAL SANCTIONS [my emphasis].” 

Lest, we believe the following,  from the words of Clarence Darrow:
“There is no such thing as justice—in or out of the court.” 
Thank you,  Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.   You have proven Lord Acton's axiom:  "Power corrupts,  and absolute power corrupts absolutely."


  1. Roberts rewrote ACA (OBAMACARE) after he voted against it, so he could vote for it as a TAX.
    Roberts adopted 2 foreign children from Ireland which is illegal.
    It is widely believed that he was & is compromised & highly blackmailable ( malleable ) --
    that he like NJ FORMER Gov mcgreevey is gay & is living a lie as is OBAMA.
    From this moment on....
    You and I babe
    We'll be ridin' high babe
    Every care is gone
    From this moment,
    From this moment,
    This very moment,
    This moment on.

    So taunt me, and hurt me,
    Deceive me, desert me,
    I'm yours, till I die.....
    So in love.... So in love....
    So in love with you, my love... am I

  2. Only Congress has the POWER to write laws -Roberts has become the star of doublespeak George Orwell (1984 ).

    Belushi was the star of 1941 which flopped.

    Both Roberts & Belushi are SELF-destructive.
    One overdosed; wait & see what will happen to the other.

    On this subject Edward Snowden's father SLAMMED ROGERS FEINSTEIN KING & Kerry on CNN TONIGHT.
    7-31-13 podcast