Tuesday, July 16, 2013

George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty! 
The American Jury Spoke and Justice has been served!!
So let’s call an end to any ‘inflammatory rhetoric’ from Al Sharpton and any other Agent Provocateurs [AP]!
In case any one out there does not know what an ‘agent provacatuers’ are then think of a person who acts as a ‘demagogue’ spouting rhetoric that inflames the public on whatever issue that may be considered ‘inflammatory’.
Al Sharpton made his AP ‘bones’ with “Twana Brawley Case”.   I don’t want to spend any time on discussing that 1987 inflammatory case.   Suffice it to say that Sharpton has a proclivity to stir up emotions for whatever reasons,  actual or manufactured.
  As far as I am concerned,  the defense for George Zimmerman made a clear,  articulate argument for his verdict of non-guilty.
  Of course,  the media was engrossed in covering the case because they were looking for angles that fueled their mandate to entertain/get ratings- anything  dramatic and /or salacious.
  Unfortunately,  for the media,  there really were none and the defense played them like patsies.   As usual,  the Florida prosecutors were inept as witnessed by the mishandling of the Casey Anthony trial.
It’s not unusual for Florida to produce inept prosecutors.   They usually are bright,  eager,  inexperienced trial lawyers who want to get their respective bona fides by becoming a prosecutor for the state,  learn the ropes and soak up the names and personalities of the Florida judicial system,  and then like all good lawyers,  go into private practice to earn a handsome sum of money.
  Capitalism 101.
As for the merit of the case,  there really was no case.   “Stand Your Ground” is the basic law of Florida.   Very simple.
  If you are duly licensed and you feel that your life is in threat from anyone,   you have the ‘right to stand your ground’ and ‘defend yourself’—be  you  white,  black, or Hispanic as Zimmeran was and never really stated that fact purposefully.
  During one year of the Zimmerman trial,  over SEVEN THOUSAND BLACK PEOPLE WERE KILLED BY BLACKS.
Now what can we make of that fact?
  To me that is sheer racism on the part of the administration,  the media and Al Sharpton –the most bigoted racist I have ever heard—white or black.
I can say outright that I feel our President,  Eric Holder and Al Sharpton are Black Racists who have a problem existing in a white/Hispanic/mixed society.
  Why do I say that?
  First,  as most of you know,  I grew up in Harlem on 108th Amsterdam Avenue and went to Booker Washington Jr HS.
  I learned black racism and anti-semitism from the black ‘hoodies’.
  Before I could really speak English [my lingua franca were Spanish and French],   I learned from the blacks in the ‘hood’ the following words and subsequent identities:
--“Honkie” –white.
--“Dough boy”—white.
-- “Mother Fucker”- MF
--“Cock Sucker”—CS
You get the idea.   The famous porno writer of the 1940s and 1950s,  Henry Miller,  had nothing on the ‘black hoodies’.   They were the exemplars of English illiteracy and slang.
  Needless to say,  when I repeated those back to them,  I got the ‘shit’ beaten out of me.   So I learned how to fight back with bricks, sticks, and pipes.   I learned how to use a ‘zip gun’ – a precursor to the more advanced AK47 that the gangs in the hood use now.
  Did I become a ‘racist”? YOU BETCHA!!!
  That’s the natural reaction when you are frightened,  vulnerable and there is no one around to protect you [especially your immigrant parents and liberal frightened Jewish friends].
In the hood,  I learned the strategies that would eventually make me an effective in my later career as ‘regime changer’ and ‘counter-terrorism expert’.
  I learned the strategy of ‘divide and conquer’.   I learned how to ‘take out the largest guy in the group’  through intimidation,  fear and outright confrontation

When the vulnerable are no longer frightened by the intimidating forces,  it’s quite a powerful position to be in.
I learned the techniques of ‘psychological warfare’ in ‘street fighting’ and ‘how to organize allies’.
I could have become as one of my teachers so aptly put it,  a ‘major gang leader’. 
Alas,  I took another path.   One that was afforded to me by Governor Nelson Rockefeller—The NY State Regents Scholarship which allowed 800 of the top scorers (out of a pool of 2million) in NY State to attend Cornell University or Columbia.

A scholarship took me out of the ghetto and it’s racism turned me toward pre-med and literature studies.
Years later,  I was personally involved as a military officer in the Washington DC Riots,  with it's black on black violence and then decades later I witnessed first hand the consequences of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.
I don’t like any type of killings. 
But I detest those individuals who instigate riots in the name of any race when they have nothing to lose but their brothers/sisters do.
Namely,  I accuse Eric Holder,  a precious son of Barbados family,  fortunate to attend the prestigious Stuyvesant High School and Columbia who makes ‘inane statements’ about judicial intervention on ‘civil rights’.
  Then of course,  we have our Mulatto POTUS,  who is completely lost in what he is supposed to do or be.   He really should retire for lack of vision and leadership and the complete INABILITY  to put any action in place.
Neither Obama nor Holder would not have lasted one day on 108th street!
  As for Al Sharpton,  you ain’t no Adam Clayton Powell or even Malcom X.   Both those gentlemen knew the virtues of organized leadership and self-empowerment.

Al—get your narcissism in check!  OR CHECK OUT OF AMERICA and find yourself another country that could use your savage,  inane rantings.   Perhaps you should choose the Congo where you could incite racial violence with the M23 rebels!   Here you are just a paid circus performer doing the biddings of “the white media”.    I think Orlando Patterson was correct when he referred to you as a racial arsonist.   This is NOT about race,  its about poverty and “no way out” for kids in the South Side of Chicago or in Liberty City or you name the ghetto in one of our American cities.   Al,  do us all a favor,  channel your considerable talents to something more positive while you are still on this planet.   How about a scholarship program in your name to get smart kids out of the hood and into the Ivy Leagues?   Or maybe a tech school named after Trayvon Martin so other kids can have a chance to get out of the thuggery conundrum that cost Trayvon his life.


  1. Tonights homework makes for depressing reading! What I think I did detect was that the Texas border school which did relatively well suggested to me that because of the high influx of immigrant students they seemed eager to take the opportunity to further themselves maybe because of the poverty endured from wherever they came from(not unlike your experience in new Amsterdam) whereas the other schools you clearly feel a sense of hopelessness especially as there are no jobs to be had and any companies that do employ in these areas enjoy enormous breaks! Pardon my pun but it really is black & white!! If everyone pays the fair rate of tax then everyone can benefit! And what I mean is tax is put into education ect. Yet you get the impression the powers that be are quite happy for this urban decay to spread and this isn't just in the USA. I have a theory that government actually get people hooked on welfare benefits then slowly withdraw these payments rather like a drug addict whereas your grateful for any crumbs from the table! Farfetched? Maybe but there's next to no industry in the western world as such as the far east has all that! So what's left? The few crumbs offered and not surprisingly the bottom of the heap are intelligent enough to know that it doesn't get better save to say the odd few! But even this isn't enough because like some twisted game they even play races off one another as that's a nice diversion from having very little and like you say its divide and conquer! There's so much going on nowadays it no longer surprises me who pulls the strings behind any event anyway that's my ramblings over and I look forward to reading other opinions!

    1. When negro race issues are involved the media get the story even more distorted then they normally do.

      1."Stand Your Ground"

      a.Was not an issue in this case. When Zimmermann fired on Martin, Zimmermann had no where to retreat to because he was flat on his back. This was a straight-forward self-defense case and "stand your ground" turned out to have nothing to do with it.

      b."Stand Your Ground" isn't really anything new. These laws are nothing more than statutory permissions to allow victims to do what was commonly allowed until a murky recent history of alternative standards started finding their way into the law. Those new standards are ambiguous, mostly case law, and run contrary to victims's rights and what most people consider necessary when assaulted and therefore are counter-intuitive.

      2."Zimmermann Had No Right to Confront Martin"

      Not true. Following someone and then approaching them and asking them what they're doing is completely legal in all states. The person being approached may not like it but any citizen has the right to observe others in public places, approach and speak to them. Neighborhood watch standards do not encompass this right however because it's safer NOT to approach perpetrators with malicious intend. It's safer for the watchmen to call for assistance and keep observing, but he's within his rights if he wants to approach. Zimmermann approached because he thought the police would arrive to late to investigate.

      3."Citizens Don't Have the Right to Detain or Arrest; Only 'sworn officers' have that authority"

      Dead Wrong.

      The only authority that peace officers have that other citizens do not is the authority to detain or arrest for suspicion or accusation of Disturbance of the Peace. Otherwise any citizen has the authority to arrest anyone who can be proven to a magistrate to have probably committed a crime and must therefore be held over for trial.


      Where I live in Austin the white police officers each year shoot and kill at least one negro or hispanic youth unnecessarily and get away with it. American police today have the authority to shoot and kill anyone when the police feel subjectively and emotionally that they are in fear of their lives. Police in the past rarely ever abused this lax standard by today they're trained to shoot repeatedly to kill anyone who is believed to be handling a weapon regardless of the circumstances. In Austin these circumstances always seem to apply in ridiculous claims by officers that the person killed by him was likely to use his 'weapon' when the facts are clearly otherwise, and these situations always involve minority youths and are in my opinion expressive of murderous levels of hate against those youths.

      I believe there are such hate crimes that go on all the time.

      The sad thing is that the Zimmermann case isn't one of them.

      What happened is that Martin was angry and assaulted Zimmermann with extreme force when Zimmerman approached.

      The only person in this case who over-reacted with unreasonable and malicious violence was Martin. That shouldn't be surprising given his other behaviors.

    2. Oh and one more thing....

      Negros have no right to be asking anyone not to be frightened by the appearance of black thugs.

      Any security or safety expert will tell you that when the circumstances of a situation causes you to subjectively feel alarm that you should act.

      Subjective feelings of alarm are what has saved my skin, and life, in the past. I think this is common sense. Such perceptions should originate from observations and experiences combined with a new situation that you're trying to interpret and understand.

      Black thugs go out of their way to appear menacing and intimidating to others. The black thug image is simply that of a malfactor and a bully.

      It's pretty clear that Martin wanted to dress like a thug.

    3. And for the record....

      Obama isn't mulatto. Mulatto is a mixture of negro and hispanic.

    4. Mark Zuckerberg dresses like Martin. It wasn't his dress; it was raining that night. It was his aberrant ambulatory behavior due to his imbibing of pot. it was only 7:00 pm.

      Children live what they learn. Travon was a showoff and the inference is he was attempting to brag after the fact to Rachel.

      Most likely his parents divorced because they fought physically.

    5. Excellent points! By both but no doubt this will rumble on now Stevie Wonder is boycotting Florida I've read! I fail to see the relevance along with Potus comments that if he had a son he'd look like trayvon!! I can't help but feel there is an a agenda behind it but I may be wrong

    6. Mit, your legal analysis is correct.

      The evidence was weak, actually, the evidence was, in my opinion, either, by the 'preponderance of the evidence' (more than 50% of the weight of the evidence), or even 'clear and convincing evidence' (a fuzzy legal standard somewhere between 'preponderance' and 'proof beyond a reasonable doubt') that Zimmerman acted in self-defense.

      Yes, the media wants to get ratings, but I think there is more to it. Making blacks hostile and furthering a 'divide & control' stratagem to keep blacks in a voting block seems to be at least part of the intent. Notice how many Democratic Party leaders were sympathetic to the black demands for "justice" even though most legal analysts, including many black legal analysts concluded the case was never proved 'beyond a reasonable doubt'.

      Seemingly, many blacks don't want to look at the facts & evidence in an objective manner, but rely on emotion and past victimhood.

      Hey, when the lead investigating detective in the case supports the defendant on the stand, you know you got problems with the case.

      Mit, you are right about police violence, but partly that's because so much violence & crime happen in black communities.

      Black leaders, or any leaders for that manner, need to address 'black on black' crime because that's the most common form of violence in black communities.

      But, other than a few, Bill Cosby among them, the black leaders in politics, not necessarily the black ministry, can't bring themselves to confront this "shit in your own nest" destructive behavior.

    7. I'd add that "black on black" crime exploded after the 1960's civil rights movement.


      Harlem in the 1920's was a stable community with children born to married parents at roughly same percentage as whites, 70% in wedlock.

      But racism was at a height (KKK making fully-hooded parades in Washington [the original "hoodie"] and lynching out of control -- any lynchings are too many) during the 1920's.

      Again, why the explosion in crime & unmarried births in black America after the civil rights movement?

      Even during slavory, blacks fought to be married & protect their families (to the limited extent that was possible).

      We are losing a generation(s) of black men.

      America can't afford that loss.

      It's troubling for many whites, myself included, but tempered by the hostility displayed by many blacks towards whites and the FACT that blacks commit far more violent crime against whites than vice-versus by orders of magnitude. To the extent that groups are alienated from each other, then they don't care about what happens to the other group, even when it's happening to them, too.

      We are not living in Jim Crow America anymore and blacks need to acknowledge that fact. This perpetual "victimhood" status doesn't help the black community move forward (yes, racism still exists, but not the institutional racism by official policy and rule of law).

      Part of it is economic -- there aren't enough blue collar jobs and many people look down on physical labor or even trades that work with their hands -- idle hands are the devil's workshop.

      Working class blacks & whites need to keep their eye on the ball, their economic interests are similar, yet this kind of stuff keeps them separated and their politics alienated from each other.

      (Possibly a motive here by the powers that be is to prevent blacks from seeing an awakening by working class whites that their economic interests are similar to black economic interests -- and this awakening is happening on the Republican side of the aisle as a backlash from the amnesty bill in Congress -- sadly, the Republican Party is viewed as the "white party". And with the Democratic Party in full cahoots with cheap labor corporatism [as is a sizable part of the Republican Party], there was [and still is, although much harder] an opening for blacks to move away from the Democratic Party [Obama has done a very bad job in terms of black employment, despite being black]. Amnesty will hurt American blacks the hardest with American citizen Hispanics close behind along with working class whites. Think this is far-fetched?

      Possibly, but consider the lengths that the powers that be have gone to control various groups deemed hostile to the powers that be's economic interest -- that's how they roll, 'divide & control'.

      The leaders of the black community are seeing the destruction of their community, i. e. Detroit, but seem powerless to stop it.

      That is the true shame & tragedy of what is unfolding in America, today.

    8. Can I also add that I agree with Dr. Pieczenik that "race hustlers", i.e., Sharpton, want to keep blacks dependent on them, as leaders.

      What better way than inflame racial animosity?

      And these "leaders" depend on the Democratic Party for institutional support from the larger political community.

      Are there any black "race hustlers" that depend on the Republican Party for institutional support from the larger political community?

      So, it would seem, also, in part, this tragedy has been played up to keep blacks in the Democratic Party, despite Obama's seemingly indifference to the economic interests of working class black America, just as he has been indifferent to working class white America.

    9. The fact that otherwise intelligent negros like Professor of Physics Eric Dyson are claiming this as a hate crime, and that all negros of note are saying the same thing.....

      And that none of them is able to perceive that...ZIMMERMAN WAS ON HIS BACK BEING PUMMELLED when he shot....

      Says that the need within the negro culture for total, absolute, and complete solidarity on the issue is ASTONISHINGLY PROFOUND.

      Anyone who thinks that all negros are dense enough to beleive that this couldn't have been self-defense are misinterpreting events.

      Believe me, all these negro leaders know full well that this was self-defense. They're lying when they say otherwise. Lying in unison about matters of history, culture, and other provable facts is a hallmark of negro culture.

      And I'm sure most of those same black leaders also claim that the pyramids were built by negros and that it wasn't negros but whites to captured and sold other negros into slavery.


      The one negro [he's really on part negro] who I haven't heard say anything is that Profesor guy from Harvard. You know the guy. That one who had the beer meeting with Obama because he was arrested in Cambridge entering his own house??? That guy is honest about negro history and he hasn't said anything.

  2. This is a terrible tragedy! The actual facts show there was a misunderstanding between two individuals that led to physical confrontation! Therefore, the relevant question: At what point was it necessary for lethal force to enter in concerning "SELF DEFENSE"???? The next question: Could this have been avoided??? Zimmerman could have monitored the situation from a distance and waited for police to handle the situation. However, Zimmerman, for what ever reason, decided to confront Trayvon Martin; and a physical confrontation occurred. Trayvon Martin decided to beat Zimmerman's ass, and Zimmerman was not going to allow Trayvon Martin to win, therefore, LETHAL FORCE!

  3. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. will you reply to my prior comments??? I would like to hear from you, concerning my situation. If you can not help me, let me know. I will understand. However, if you are looking at helping me, I need someone to hire an attorney (morally and ethically correct) that is willing to go up against the SYSTEM! And, I need someone to cover their (said attorney) ass from the C.I.A. "WET TEAMS"!

    Said "WET TEAMS" have already assassinated one of my prior instructors at SANTA ANA COLLEGE (2010 FALL SEMESTER/COMMUNICATIONS CLASS) and her husband during July 2011! Said instructor's husband was involved with military intelligence; and through her (said instructor), the C.I.A. was trying to "push my bottoms"! Both the C.I.A. and the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" were monitoring my behavior, given the said intentional mind games. The "ELITE" were looking to see if I was authentic, given my prior claims (communications via E-Mails and comments replying to articles at CBS NEWS ONLINE to the "ELITE")! I was claiming to be the NUMBER TWO PERSON WITHIN THIS UNIVERSE, and there is substantial circumstantial "EVIDENCE" to substantiate this!

    First of all, why would GOD assist me since 1985? During 1985, I was "supposedly" ("supposed" apostate over immorality) turned over to "DARKNESS" to be destroyed; however, GOD HELPED ME overtime, and I survived! According to GOD (communications with GOD during 2005), I am a special circumstance within HIS LAW and the FOUNDATION PREMISE! According to GOD (communications with GOD during 2005), I am actually the NUMBER TWO PERSON within this UNIVERSE! Furthermore, this is why I have met all the members of the COUNSEL OF TEN (Revelation Chapter 13:1)! I am the ELEVENTH COUNSEL MEMBER, and I am authentic!

    GOD established the current stalemate! GOD did NOT want 11CF0028 to occur; however, WEED AND SEED were busy fabricating a CASE with FALSE TESTIMONY and FALSE EVIDENCE during 2010 to put into PRISON (possibly drug trafficking)! WEED AND SEED, with assistance from the C.I.A., were going to serve a "BOGUS" warrant on me at SANTA ANA COLLEGE during the 2011 SPRING SEMESTER over said fabricated case; however, 11CF0028 occurred (violation of California H & S Code Section 11350(a)) at Standard St. and Edinger Ave. (Santa Ana, California)! Two (2) corrupt O.C. SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES from WEED AND SEED arrested my in the parking lot next to the said HOOD. Hence, I can not get my identity back, and they (corrupt GOVERNMENT) are having significant issues "FINISHING-ME-OFF"! In fact, the "ELITE" were expecting to have this "WRAPPED-UP" during February 2011 or early March 2011! It is because of GOD, the immortals, and favorable government that I am still walking around!

    1. Concerning 03CF1264, this is my CASE (violation of California H & S Code Section 11350(a) (possession of cocaine))! I was arrested on May 2, 2003 by SANTA ANA POLICE DEPARTMENT, while S.A.P.D. was conducting a REVERSE STING operation at Townsend St.. GOD wanted the arrest to occur to solidify my identity, because GOD knew that "WEED AND SEED" OPERATIONS (mostly very corrupt parts of the O.C. SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put together by the prior SHERIFF (COLORADO FEDERAL PRISON)) was still trying to "END ME" via an "IDENTITY SWITCH"! 03CF1264 effectively blocked "WEED AND SEED" until I E-Mailed (FALL OF 2006) illegitimate President George W. Bush Jr., the C.I.A., the D.O.D., some of the U.S. CONGRESS, and some of the MASS-MEDIA stating to "STAY OUT OF IRAN" (TRIGGER TO A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST)! Now (2006), "WEED AND SEED" got assistance at the FEDERAL LEVEL to ILLEGALLY "ERASE" and "MODIFY" all my RECORDS to substantiate an "IDENTITY SWITCH;" therefore, I would eventually and-up in PRISON with a "FLOATING IDENTITY"!

      08CF0024 is my CASE! SANTA ANA POLICE arrested me on December 29, 2007 at Townsend St. concerning a violation of California H & S Code Section 11350(a) (possession of cocaine)! I just picked-up about $40.00 in "CRACK COCAINE;" and as I was leaving the HOOD, there was a S.A.P.D. SQUAD CAR! GOD want this arrest to occur to solidify my identity, because the "ELITE" were in the middle of "ERASING" and "MODIFYING" 03CF1264 (MY ONE PRISON PRIOR)! This included my PAROLE RECORDS (C.D.C.:V43141 (July 12, 2004 to July 10, 2007))! Quan Nguyen (PAROLE AGENT/SANTA ANA I and transferred to REGION IV HEADQUARTERS because of my situation) was my parole agent for about 2 years (December 2004 to January 2007).

    2. Even though it's possible that you're being honest and you really are being persecuted, you're coming off as a paranoid schizophrenic and it's hard to take you seriously.

    3. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson will assist you.

    4. How am I a paranoid schizophrenic??? In any event, this is irrelevant to the issue! The issue being: My records have been significantly MODIFIED by the very corrupt GOVERNMENT (including the C.I.A.)! Furthermore, I have sufficient EVIDENCE (various documents) to substantiate my claims (RECORDS MODIFIED)!

      As far as me being the number two person in this UNIVERSE, there is substantial circumstantial "EVIDENCE" that substantiates this! Therefore, DOES THIS AUTOMATICALLY MAKE ME SCHIZOPHRENIC??? First of all, how many of all of you can withstand the ENTIRE MACHINE (A.K.A.: "SYSTEM") pointed at you for two and half years (January 2011 to present) and survive! The ANSWER: "NO ONE!" This means only one thing! GOD IS ASSISTING ME! How can HE, when HE supposedly turned me over to DARKNESS during 1985 over immorality (supposed apostate)??? However, according to GOD, I am a special circumstance within HIS LAW and the FOUNDATIONAL PREMISE! Hence, I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DESTROYED! But, "middle management" of DARKNESS (JESUIT ORDER and CITY OF LONDON) does NOT CARE; and they know, because they are the ones that took-out my identity (ALL RECORDS MODIFIED)!

    5. [correction] Case 03CF1264 was actually an "ATTEMPTED POSSESSION" of "CRACK COCAINE"! During said REVERSE STING, S.A.P.D. was serving FAKE SUBSTANCE that appeared to be "crack"! Therefore, it was an attempted possession, which is, by the penal code section, only half the required sentence. This is why I was sentenced to only one year in prison on July 12, 2004 (ORANGE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT DEPARTMENT C5, located at 700 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, California)!

      Case 03CF1264 is the center of my argument, as far as my said RECORDS being MODIFIED! At my arraignment (January 4, 2011) in Department C.J.1 (CENTRAL JAIL ONE), the COMMISSIONER did NOT consider any of my prior felonies--especially Case 03CF1264 (MY ONE AND ONLY PRISON PRIOR)! I tried to bring-up case 03CF1264 on a couple of occasions; and during both times, I was strictly admonished by my lawyer ("SHUT THE F*** UP")! After the said second time, the government men siting directly in front of the cage stated: "THANK YOU!" This was directed to my lawyer for keeping me somewhat quiet during my said arraignment! At that point, I knew I was "GETTING THE SHAFT"! I was in jail with NO EVIDENCE, with my RECORDS illegally MODIFIED; and my lawyer was hostile towards me! I was FORCED to plea-out to California Penal Code Section 1210 (PROP. 36) to get out of jail to try and fight this mess!

    6. Holy Shit Batman this sounds like a total mind fuck! Have you tried a hat with tin foil strips to deflect the gamma rays yet? If not I can try to get you one from that one guy who rides the bus and likes to sit next to me. Thank you again President Reagan for de-institutionalizing mental healthcare ! I now declare you sane ! At least sane enough to walk the streets of Orange County every now and then. But if it makes you feel any better, I sometimes feel like Number two also.

  4. Here is some homework for the case -

    1. Everyone opposed to this verdict is calling for the repeal of Stand Your Ground based on this case even though they know it had nothing to do with it.

      Opposition to this verdict would appear to be a litmus test as to whether someone has any integrity whatsover or is just a lying contemptable scoundrel.

  5. Drybones Summary:

  6. Off topic but just as timely:
    "Is it credible that William J. Wilkins, a well-trained lawyer with a history of counseling 501(c)(3)'s, would have learned of the political targeting of groups and not informed The White House?
    How is it that the systematic harassment of conservative groups continued at the IRS even after President Obama's man at the IRS knew of the previous targeting as of August 4, 2011? "