Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The G.O. P.“Grand Old Party”—Without a “Grand Old Plan”? or perhaps,  I Am Just Ignorant!!!

Dear readers before I begin this blog concerning my own ignorance regarding a political party I had once belonged to,   I just want to invoke the wise words of Cicero---which I can assure you all,  I had never read in the original
Here they are:
“I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know.”
This quote should CYA me on my complete consternation over the GOP really stands for;  as well as,  who are being considered the leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential Elections. 
(see previous post NYTimes)
First and foremost,  it appears that Abortion has emerged once again as the leading litmus test for a candidate.
  How that can be relevant in the 21st century when unemployment is at all time high;  the economy is in the toilet;  there are no jobs for recent college graduates; and our infrastructure is one angstrom unit away from total collapse—is a complete mystery to me.  Oh,  I forgot to add our healthcare and educational systems are failing miserably.

Then we have an immigration bill that still does not address the problems of America as a nation in distress.
  How will immigration and abortion address the past bankruptcies of Detroit,  Stockton, Oakland?
  And how will impending bankruptcies of one hundred more cities and counties be averted in the next few years?
  But for those of us who have pensions and are about to receive pensions,  of one type or another  [i.e. 75 million retirees],  who in the Republican Party has even dared to address the basic conundrum of  all the pension plans—unions,  labor,  teachers,  firemen,  police,  federal,  state,  county,  precious social security et  al. –are  completely “UNDERFUNDED”!!!!
If you think that Detroit with an 18 Billion dollar deficit was a problem,  trust me when I say,  "You ain’t seen nothing , yet!!"
  Imagine hundreds of pension plans declaring bankruptcy at one and the same time?
  There isn’t a printing press in the world that could address the amount of money required to bail out those bankrupt pension plans—all of which are in resting dormant until the right time.
Then I ask myself,  in a quiet moment of desperation,  who are these “Wise Men” –forget the fact that there are no women in the spotlight (oh not counting Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman?!)  not even in the wings—who profess knowledge and competence to run this country in 2016?

I start with Governor Chris "surveillance-of-u.s. citizens-is-good" Christie of New Jersey,  a jovial enough,  experienced man of the north east.
I personally enjoy his ad hoc comments on everything and nothing.   But,  somehow, despite his Falstaffian Presence and cunning wit,  he seems to lack a certain gravitas and savoir faire.
I have nothing against New Jersey,  the home of the Italian and Jewish Mafia.
  Fort Lee,   off  of the GeoWashington Bridge,  has always been a landmark of distinction for me,  regarding the rise of Longie ZwillmanMeyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano.
However,   the state has given us such formidable intellectual luminaries as  FBI Director Louis Freeh [eat your heart out –Penn State.].
Next in succession of candidates is a Pro-Life Candidate from Texas,  Ted Cruz.   He was schooled at Princeton University and Harvard Law School.   Unfortunately for him,   he had never received an Ob-Gyn Medical Degree;  but,  he seems to appear as an expert on fetal heart development with respect to abortions.
Ignorance and arrogance never stopped a candidate of any party.   But Cruz may have topped the "Weiner Factor" by implicitly hinting at the fact that he may be a Republican Presidential Candidate in 2016 –despite vehement , effusive denials.
  I could only find one Major Problem with regards to Senator Cruz.   He was born in Calgary,  Canada to a very rich oil family.  SURPRISE!!!!
  As far as I know.   Neither ex-governor Schwarzenegger nor I could ever run for the Presidency because both he and I were not born in the USA.
  Now,   unless I don’t something about the US Constitution that prohibits anyone not born in the USA from running for office then,   I would say that Mr. Cruz is “Cruising On Empty”.

I have my particular favorite Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.   He professes to espouse Libertarian proposals,  much like his father.   But he, as a Board Certified Physician trained at the impressive Duke Medical School,  wants government to LEGISLATE AWAY abortions.   I find this a bit disconcerting on two points: 
First, as a physician,  Dr Rand Paul, M.D.  knows all too well,  that GOD DOES NOT RIDE ON THE HEAD OF A SPERM.  That’s basic ObGyn 101.
Secondly,   if he were a true intellectual “Libertarian”,   something his father was,  he would stick to the simple pronouncement of getting ‘government out of  both our bedrooms and businesses'.    As far as I know,  there is not such school of thought as SELECTIVE LIBERTARIANISM.   Pick and choose those parts you like for column "A" and place in near column "B".     Your selective Libertarian menu is nothing more than  “a one-a-day political prescription”  that we, citizens,  cannot afford to indulge in on only a Sunday.   Or is it Libertarian only if you have big money or well connected enough to get around the rules??
Therefore,  both Dr Rand’s inexperience and a lack of intellectual consistency place him in the sidelines –until he can better reason his apparent illogical  and non-medical reasoning.
Then we have "Frito Bandito",  Marco Rubio,  The Political Insult to all of us,  Cuban born Republicans.  What a loser!
All  I can say for now is that I have spent enough time trying to do him justice in another blog.   But if,  “Rotund Beatific Rubio”,   is the choice of the Republican Party;  then, he will perceived as the poster child for political cronyism and pandering to the Hispanics.   This guy has NEVER had a real job,  he is a born, bred, and brainwashed  political hack.

Sidebar: We , Cubans, are a small percentage of the millions of Hispanics living in the USA.   Most of the Hispanics,  living especially in Texas,  California,  New Mexico,  Colorado come from Mexico,  not Cuba.   Again, as far as I know,  these two places are different countries with two different cultures.   But,  please don’t tell the “Republican King Makers”  who are trying to come up with a token brown man.   You know,  according to the GOP,  we Hispanics are all ONE RACE,  ETHNIC,  CULTURE Group.   
  Now we come to the final candidate sailing precariously on the horizon,  Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.   He has executive experience.   He served in several Republican administrations with distinction.  He is a smart, honorable individual.
So where is the problem?
  My instincts told me years ago that he would have made an excellent Vice Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney,  helping to carry the state of Ohio and also presenting an elegant picture of serious men.
  But Mitt failed and I think that Portman failed with him.  Will Mitt try again?  Third time a charm?  Remember: Romney's Right!
  I base my prejudice on simple axiom.   All boats rise together and all boats sink together.   In a waning tide,   Portman has very little ‘wind to tack his sails’ and reach the harbor safely.
Where does that leave me,  the ignoramus?
  I think that I have to give up my illusion that there was in fact a real party called the Republican Party.   I think it died three decades ago after Bush Sr relinquished the reins of control to  his son Bush Jr and “SS Storm Trooper Karl Rove’.
  Therefore,  I end this blog with Arthur Koestler’s ominous words.
  Thanks for reading my blog, folks.
I think we have to create a new political party or , more importantly --- MORE THAN TWO POLITICAL PARTIES.
Or perhaps I can end on this Arabic Proverb:
  “It is good to know the truth.   But, it is better to speak of palm trees.” 


  1. For the love of God, Dr. P, please ban Raymond H. Carlson from your blog. Stop allowing him to post here. There are two types of people who come to the Pieczenik blog.

    1. Highly intelligent people who realize that there are barely any places to have honest discussions on the true state of the US.

    2. People who project their own paranoia/psychoses onto political affairs and get hung up on "The Elite", "Good vs. Evil", "Secret Societies" etc. These people provide nothing of use to anyone trying to get a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the United States because they're sensationalist fantasies have no connection to reality.

    Raymond, do you really not understand that in all of your posts, you come across as a paranoid nutjob?

    No wonder MITMichael stopped posting here.

    1. Are you happy now??? Dr. Pieczenik removed some of the comments!

      Concerning the "TRUE STATE" of the UNITED STATES, if it was not for a few of us that really know reality, YOU WOULD ALL BE DEAD! Because, the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON (ENGLAND) that reports to the JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus)) want to "EXTERMINATE" 7 BILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE! This is REALITY! Therefore, YOU CAN NOT HANDLE THE TRUTH! Furthermore, this is GOOD v. EVIL; and the EVIL want EVERYONE DEAD!

      Since there have been serious set-backs to the PLAN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER within the UNITED STATES, the NEW WORLD ORDER is looking at "EXTERMINATING" the entire "THIRD WORLD"! If this is implemented, about 4 BILLION PEOPLE will be "EXTERMINATED"!

      As far as a deeper understanding of the UNITED STATES, I guess I would have to have a deeper understanding of SATAN! Because, according to the GOD of this UNIVERSE, SATAN is the god (with a small "g") of this WORLD! Where did you get your deeper understanding? Let me guess: IT IS SATANWOOD or Hollywood--Fantasyland, not the one at Disneyland! Of course, that [Disneyland] might just qualify!

  2. I had been a lifelong Republican, but I'm so disgusted with the party that when I moved back to NYC last month (from Texas) I decided to register with no party.

    Thanks for the tip. Origin of "They only call is class war when we fight back." This was popularized by Occupy Wall Street in 2011, but dates to at least 2006.

  3. Dear Doctor Steve,
    The original Hippocratic oath said that doctors would do no abortions. I think this trumps the new way of thinking. A unborn baby is a separate person with a separate DNA ETC.