Monday, April 15, 2013

Valley Meat is the culprit here, people!  You need to read this and understand what is happening slowly  but surely to our beloved creatures that built America on their backs, our horses.   Cheap meat, high profits sold to foreign buyers.  I am a dog lover and just cuz fido gets old, I don't sell him to a kill auction


  1. Sadly, this has been going on for a while.

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  3. It's called the cycle of life..the balance of nature.

    I'm not any more sentimental about horses than I am about cattle, buffalo, or other large dumb animals.

    There's nothing more malevolent about eating horses than buffalo or hogs.

    Hogs are far more intelligent than horses. I've dealt with them both.

  4. Furthermore...

    I'm suspicious about dog lovers.

    I love cats because they're very friendly and have dignity, which I admire.

    Dogs on the other hand are hostile to anyone not thier "master," and live in a pecking order based on domination and fear as the basis of bonding.

    I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People that feel a special bond to dogs are people who want someone who'll love them even if they beat the shit of fact will love them more!

    And that's fucked up.

    I love cats. They smell good. They purrr....