Thursday, April 18, 2013


"You do not have a Commander in Chief! He has been INDICTED FOR WAR CRIMES!"

-Former Naval Captain and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State,
Dr. Steve Pieczenik


On Tuesday, the Constitution Project, a Washington, DC think tank, released a 577-page report by its “Task Force on Detainee Treatment” documenting WAR CRIMES committed by Clinton, Bush and OBAMA including unthinkable atrocities punishable by life in prison or death.




  1. how and where do I get started ??? it might sound dumb ...... but I want to be the most affected !!!!!

    1. I thought the same thing!! When I first heard this I believed it and everyone tells me how idiotic I am for believing this rumor!!!!
      So I hope for my sake and all the people I've told that's its true!!! I need more proof!!! Show me a pic of Obama in front of a jury sweating his balls off!!! Anyone have any pics? Didn't think so!!!

  2. 3 interesting scenarios: Means, Motive, Opportunity

    1. Patsy Lee Oswald:
    ..."Stories are changing exactly like Benghazi in ANALGATE, exactly like 9 11, exactly like the Kennedy assassination, exactly like the Sikh shootings, exactly like the Colorado Joker, exactly like Gabrielle Giffords, exactly like bin Laden in Obama having the Sheik's DNA matched before it could in a lab, and exactly like Sandy Hook.

    A bogus story is being manufactured again to cover up what really took place by the cartel and this Obama regime, as this regime is nothing but complete fraud..."

    2. Benghazi gate on Boylston:
    ..."These 4 resided in San Francisco. They were approached at an Obama fundraiser by the Eric Holder fringe NSA cell which has been the covert operational team that has been melding the brown recluse and Obama policy with the hatchet man of the government assets.

    The deal worked out was if they would agree to run a rogue operation that Kim Jong Un did not know about, that they would then be backed in the regime change that Obama was engineering against Kim.

    This was a 9 11 styled event in drama. These 4 Korean operatives were to fly to Boston for the marathon, pick up BATFE bombs made for them in Massachusetts, and set them.
    They would be given free reign to accomplish this mission, including provision of the trash cans, and all operational knowledge of sweeps and cameras.

    The operation was for the 4 to plant the bombs and then flee America by airliner back to North Korea.

    What took place is and was an "FU" to Obama. The 4 took the BATFE bombs and cannibalized them, to point the fingers at the sub Asians. There were 3 bombs. The third was left for security to find, but the fingers were to point to the Pakistan area and not at Americans or North Korea, as was intended.
    They were to have a North Korean "signature".

    The detonations went off an hour early. Protocol stated for a 5 pm eastern time drama, in bombs located and then disarmed, in another 9 11 Al Gorelick drama, but it played out instead exactly as 9 11... " MORE

    3. Obama's useful idiot:

    That is what this blog noted from the start, that she is akin to a pet dog on a leash in mental realty, as I have known brain injured women, and they can function, but they are not all there. They are intarded.

    Gabrielle Giffords did not run for Congress as she could not do the job. She flaps her arms around like a duck and while she poses in what is becoming a most bizarre twin of Hillary Clinton, in fashion, look and hairstyles, which makes me wonder with concern where this is coming from, if this is her husband's Hillary fetish or if Gabrielle is delusional in trying to look like Hillary and not injured Gabby, only a psychological test would reveal the reality, but the entire psychopathy is sympathy stops when an invalid, starts throwing sucker punches for Barack Hussein Obama in calling the Democrats in the Senate for being afraid of their American Constituents who demand their Second Amendment Rights will not be infringed upon....

    She should have went off and been an advocate for brain damaged people, to assure their protection from exploitation, but instead she morphed into a pariah who exploits brain damaged people...

    ...Brain damaged people will have sex with anyone. Brain damaged people do not know right from wrong. Brain damaged people have no boundaries. Brain damaged people become liberals.
    On that evidence, liberals are brain damaged, and a Gabrielle Giffords suffering from a double dose of brain damage in being mentally intarded, is nothing a competent person would ever listen to.

    Unless of course one is Birther Hussein Obama, a like mind."

  3. For the skeptic here is an easy to understand synopsis in video form :
    25 minutes of your patriotic Attention:

  4. Steve - thanks for all you do keep up the awesome work.

  5. Doc P. If you can be considered a modern day Paul Revere, who do you think would make the best modern day George Washington?

  6. Major General Nathanael Greene "It had been happy for me if I could have lived a private life in peace and plenty, enjoying all the happiness that results from a well-tempered society founded on mutual esteem. But the injury done my country, and the chains of slavery forging for all posterity, calls me forth to defend our common rights, and repel the bold invaders of the sons of freedom." I say pony up my fellow Americans. I'm ready for action!!!!!!