Monday, April 22, 2013

Net Assessment of USG Capacity to Handle Domestic TerrorismBOSTON MARATHON ATTACKMajor Disaster for POTUS;  WH National Sec Staff;  FBI;  Mueller;  Eric Holder; CIA;  Boston Police Force;  Governor Deval Patrick.

The horrendous handling of the Boston Marathon bombing proved once again that an ACT OF TERRORISM is 96% successful in creating its initial intention—FEAR.  But in this particular case---a so-called act of ‘terrorism’ created the ABSOLUTE DREAM of ANY WORLD WIDE TERRORIST---COMPLETE PARALYSIS and LOCKDOWN OF BOSTON AND it’s ENVIRONS!!

The Boston Bombing paralysed a metro area of 4 million through fear alone and the subsequent inept handling of the siege.
In crisis management,  there are three basic principles which the founding fathers of Counter Terrorism and Hostage Negotiation initiated and taught over thirty years of experience: 
[1] Control –Media, Violence, and Complexity of Situation.
[2] Minimize the Theater of Fear and Terrorism—this is the most inviolate principle which differentiates the amateur from the professional crisis manager.  The press is borne and embedded as part and parcel of the theater of terrorism. 
The more media coverage,  the greater the impact of the fear. 
The reporters become the RESONATORS and AMPLIFIERS of the fear factor.   The job of the professional is to eliminate that factor by not reporting events or ‘managing’  the media coverage.
In my experience,  I literally cut off the access of the networks to the perpetrators.   Even in the age of the internet it is even easier to control the ‘official’ media coverage through silence and ‘no responses’.   But once the media is asked to help in the apprehension of the perpetrator,  the crisis is now controlled by the terrorists.
The FBI’s decision to release the pictures of the perpetrators and requesting the public to help in the apprehension of the two brothers may have been good police work but it was terrible counter-terrorist crisis management.
I have run crises with 500 Hostages in three buildings in Washington DC with several already dead, my one and only job was to free the hostages, minimize the impact the fear of the terrorism in Washington DC and protect the office of the presidency.
[3] NEVER ESCALATE the CRISIS to the level where the POTUS is involved in either decision making or the appearance of decision making. 

The reason is simple.
  If the POTUS gets involved as OBAMA invariably did and Jimmy Carter had wanted to do [but I threw him out of the crisis room], it places the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY and THEREFORE the SYMBOL of the USG as a HOSTAGE to the ACT OF TERRORISM. 
This is a no-no!
It was the professional obligation of the FBI crisis manager and especially his boss,  MUELLER,  not to involve POTUS or the WH in any of the decision making process. 
But as usual, the FBI failed.  
The FBI should have insisted on a gag order on any and all participants to minimize the fear factor but once again,  they did the opposite….
So who won in this CRISIS of “TERRORISM”? 
The terrorists made Boston look like the catastrophes that our own military has created in Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Somalia. 
  This terrorist action brought home the atrocities that we americans don’t see when we illegally invaded and destroyed muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria. 
  So what are the lessons that we American citizens have to learn from this tragedy?
[1] We should demand from our legislators an independent investigation of the FBI handling of the crisis. What went wrong??
[2] Mueller, the Director of the FBI, should be investigated for incompetence,  starting with a history antedating the FALSE FLAG 9/11 Attack.  Seems our legislators are afraid of him,  as they were of J Edgar Hoover, so it will depend on the American public to insist on exposing Mueller’s actions during the 9/11 cover up and now his mishandling of Boston.
[3] The Boston Police Dept should also be investigated for the way they handled the entire situation.  It’s standard procedure.  Where did they make mistakes and where did they succeed. 
[4] The WH National Security Staff –filled with novitiates—should be seriously cross examined for their incompetency and lack of demonstrated experience in Crisis Management. 
In particular, Lisa Monaco, rumored to be the next head of the FBI.  Who is she? What are her qualifications for counter terrorism other than political cronyism? 
Denis McDonough –has proven to be one of the WORST CHIEFS of STAFF in the past thirty years.  As far as I know,  he was basically a speech writer who wandered into areas in which he was completely incompetent to run,  like foreign policy or domestic crises. 
It is the prerogative of Obama to choose any one he wants,  but clearly his inexperience in both domestic and foreign policy has become so blatant.  Crises after mis-handled crises….real or not, it ain’t leadership, folks!   Osama bin Laden “faked” killing,  the real death of our ambassador in Benghazi,  the false flag of Sandy Hook,  Arab winter,  sanctioned torture and now this mess in Boston-  this is what Obama hath wrought.   With leadership like thiswho needs it??
But where is our favorite group in all this mess in Boston?   Constantly Incompetent Agency worked with these two brothers and the Chechen terrorists.
The Russian FSB asked our FBI about one of the brothers and his activities in Chechnya with the so-called islamist terrorists.  The FSB knew what many of us in the Intelligence world knew, that the CIA has been creating strategic tensions around the countries called the CIS- all those in central Asia which separated from the Soviet Union in the 1990s.
Let’s ask our CIA for a briefing on how the Chechen family received political asylum in the early 2000s ??  then why the parents returned back to Russia leaving their wealthy sons to live in Cambridge Mass?   I don’t see a conspiracy,   I see a FUBAR by our USG both domestically and in Foreign Policy!  
One of my readers maintains that we just need 3% to start seriously questioning and demanding answers:
Why are we at war?  
Why do we commit and sanction torture?
Why are we spending money on police/military equipment when our schools and roads are deteriorating?
Why are we shipping 10 billion dollars worth of military equipment to Israel and the UAE?
What is this Homeland Security monster that is sucking all of our taxpayer money?
Keep at it, they are messing up like crazy.


  1. Terrorism is theather.

    All that was really needed to catch the two offenders was a couple of detectives viewing the surveillance tapes and responding to the citizen in Watertown who found the kid in his boat when no one else could do it.


    Instead every police and intelligence bureau of the city, state, and national government had to be brought in because they have nothing else to do.

    I agree completely that the way the media and public responds to this kind of bloodshed amplifies it beyond any necessity.

    But that's what the public wants - they love the drama and turmoil of it all. It's entertainment to them, and speaking on a psychological level it's their lurid attraction to this kind of thing which fuels the whole issue.

    In realistic terms many more people were killed and injured here in Texas in the plant explosion.

  2. Fox news today went really hard on anyone pointing out that the US kills innocent people all the time in drone attacks.

    According to Fox those deaths don't count because all that matters is that the US "didn't intend" to kill those people, and their deaths were "an accident."

    Well that's not exactly true.

    The US does intend to kill innocent people, maybe not those particular ones, when it decides that collateral or mistaken identity deaths are an acceptable practice to permit these kinds of operations.

    But additionally, in my book intention isn't really the most important thing.

    To me the most important thing is results.

    I don't agree with anyone using these tactics, but I don't condemn them either given what the US has done, and that their choices for reprisal are so limited.

  3. Mueller is "retiring" in June just like Hillary: he will lose his ability to recall.
    I thought your premise was a FALSE FLAG????

    In that case, it was a drill for martial law lockdown: that was the TRUE INTENTION & DEVAL Patrick was the participant.
    Why was there a CUFFED naked man placed in the back seat of a patrol car?
    Jake Tapper CNN INTERVIEWED an eye witness who stated on camera that a few min later, G-men arrived pulled him out of the car put his clothes on him pushed him against something face down, & put him face down on the ground . I WAS UP & SAW HIM FACE DOWN ARMS STRETCHED FINGERS FLAT. Then they ran over hiim, not the brother, & he was shot up. The morgue photo showed curved fingers, which is when deceased.

    Here is his Facebook page:

    Why didn't he kill the owner of the car?
    They had a car: Honda civic.

    I think they were in a car chase with the FBI WHO HAD BEEN STAKED OUT IN FRONT OF THEIR HOUSE. The FBI CALLED THEM AFTER THE EXPLOSION. He told his mother that he told the FBI " that's your problem." Sounds like the Feds set them up to divert attention from the real pyrotecnician.

    Chief of Watertown police was asked by Piers Morgan tonight who was the NAKED MAN?
    He became TWITCHY & nervous stuttering & blew it off attempting to redirect topic. He said that was s different person!!
    Check out the video yourselves on the previous post here beginning with the comment "THE PLOT THICKENS".
    THAT IS HIM! & if they could they would have murdered the younger one : they have murdered Andrew Breitbart Aaron Schwartz, Phil Marshall, aurora colorado newtown connecticut nice & clean. No one to dispute evidence.
    I DISAGREE: those patsies were a backtrack after a false flag gone bad.

    This will continue because OBAMA HASN'T BEEN CAUGHT YET. The courts will not even recognize BONAFIDE PRIMA facie evidence of SOCIAL SECURITY & SELECTIVE SERVICE FRAUD !!
    All are WIRED ' intimidated into complacency.

    OBAMA WANTED A LOCKDOWN DRILL IN A CITY & he is quite happy.
    Remember he does not think rationally the way an American thinks.
    He WANTS FEAR: full government control of the people to protect us is his sinister men's rea. The sheeple are being hypnotized with SOMA.
    Bostonians TRUST THE GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT THEM. Gun possession is a MANDATORY 1yr sentence.

    "The eye of the Beholder." (CONFORMITY) check out the MD's face!

    My mother always said " God helps those who helps themselves."

    This was fabricated terrorism with all ammunition, guns crudely made by the BATF & planted in his dorm & house during the search & seize this weekend & today.


    I will never believe these boys were killers. Cambridge Latin School & academic scholarships do not breed killers:

    These boys were impressed & believed in the CIA & FBI: their Uncle in Baltimore is CIA according to Madsen & now works for a CLINTON TRANSPLANTED OIL OPERATION IN LITTLE ROCK.

    Their dad is coming soon. He will be muzzled & told if he shuts up they will not kill his son. He will never speak hoping they will honor their word. The FBI lready threatened the Aunt in TORONTO NOT TO SPEAK TO REPORTERS.
    The FBI is a scorpion.

    1. I disagree that the FBI is a scorpion. I think it's more like a hilamonster.


      Which is why the younger was swearing continuously in the ambulance.

  4. Here is the Twolight Zone episode:

    I am mystified that you are perceiving this as a real attack by foreign entities.

    This was a government test just like the ones on TV to test the emergency broadcast system.
    That is not the case.
    On another SERIOUS MATTER.
    the dollar is being replaced by the IMF with SDR as the international currency on 12-23-13.

    " The dollar is a currency as dead as it can be.
    First it killed my country & now it's killing me.
    All are dead who made it.
    All are dead who saved it.
    All are dead who spent it,
    Lucky dead, they'd disbelieve it!"

    Get your $$$ out. The banks will seize it.
    Merry Christmas....

  5. Sibel Edmonds: the feds want to concentrate on FEAR.

    start at 14 min 30 sec:

  6. Family Backstory:
    7 min. mark to end:

  7. Means, Motive, Opportunity, an expert interpretation:

    In 2011 Rezwan Ferdaus was accused of planning to send miniature planes carrying explosives crashing into the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon, the FBI went even further. According to the London Guardian (Sept. 29, 2011), the FBI provided money to Ferdaus to travel to Washington and to buy an F-86 Sabre miniature plane for the attack. "The prosecution case also reveals how Ferdaus ordered the plane and rented a storage facility in which to keep it and then took delivery from the FBI of 25 pounds of C-4 explosives, three grenades, and six AK-47 rifles." (Emphasis added.) The official FBI press release, on Sept. 29, 2011, explicitly acknowledged that the FBI provided Ferdaus with "approximately 1.25 pounds of actual C-4 explosives."

    This operation was publicly DEFENDED by both Richard DesLauriers, the head of the Boston FBI office, and Carmen Ortiz, the United States Attorney — both of whom are still in place overseeing the Marathon bombing case.

  8. Dr. Pieczenik let me be so presumptuous to answer your questions regarding WHY the government behaves the way in does.

    It's a bureaucracy.

    They've spent all this money creating all these positions and jobs to perform these functions.

    Once that's been built there's no pressure to dismantle it or scale it back the way the armed services were de-mobilized in 1945.

    The people who pay thier bills and vie for promotions in this system will believe and promote any doctrine that supports their mission.

    Everything is bent by this situation, and the public permits it because they are frightened because of the profit motive driving the way the media handles things.

    It can be no other way.

  9. I think we should all go back see the film "Network" from the '70s about television producers doing reality TV shows about domestic terrorists.

    This whole topic is so old it's not even funny.

    Gore Vidal was of course right when stating we are the "United States of Amnesia."

  10. Back to basics again, let's say this was a murder case or serial killer ect wouldn't the relevant law enforcement agencies withhold most of the major evidence?? Seems to me we are overladen with information regarding this bombing! I find it difficult where to see this will go other than two young men being fitted up(regardless that they may have done it they are Patsy's) then a new law or legislation enforced or possibly overseas actions!! One thing for sure is I concur with the authors above remarks that actions should carried out quietly and effectively and not the pantomime we witnessed in Boston lately , it has now become the coup de theatre along with seal team slicks and Osama bin lying! And now we have craft!!!! Who makes this stuff up?? Craft alright! Can't Remember A Fucking Thing

    1. Residents of Boston say that they started to feel better after the Bruins game began, and that they felt everything had returned to normal once the Red Sox game was underway at Fenway!

      If that doesn't tell you the mentality of this whole stupid mess, who's catering to it and why, than I don't know what can.

      We live in a country of idiots becoming more idiotic everyday...

  11. As I would expect, based on Dr. Pieczenik's experience, he is correct.

    If it is real terrorism, downplay the fear, as, obviously, the generation of fear is the objective of terrorism. Don't promote fear.

    But what did we have in Boston?

    Seemingly, the authorities did everything possible to promote fear, particularly the shut-down of the city, aiming guns at innocent people and creating a media spectacle.

    Patriarch, I agree. The naked person does appear to be the older brother and it appears the police did their best to kill the younger brother (filling the boat with bullet holes), but he wasn't dead and the press were there to record the encounter and possible arrest, so, the cops couldn't kill him, outright.

    But here is a fact that needs running down:

    Boston Globe tweets at 12:53 p.m., Eastern time zone.

    "BREAKING NEWS: Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block on Boylston Street

    12:53 PM - 15 Apr 13"

    official record of Boston Globe tweet

    (The tweet record also shows the tweet was re-tweeted by several other tweeters.)

    Let's be clear, the '600 Boylton Street' tweet is dated with an Eastern Daylight savings time. And that time was approximately two hours before the bombs exploded at around 3:00 p.m.

    And what is the significance of the 600 block of Boylton Street?

    The first bomb exploded in the 600 block of Boylton Street.

    "The first exploded outside Marathon Sports at 671–673 Boylston Street" -- Wikipedia

    So, who did the Boston Globe reporter, Jeff Simon, talk to? Which government official told Jeff Simon about a controlled explosion at 600 Boylton Steet two hours before the bomb exploding?

    That must be investigated.

    It sure suggests prior knowledge of a drill and that the first real bomb explosion happened in the very block referenced by the tweet.

    1. You couldn't be more wrong.

      There's no reason to expect that the government would act rationally or purposefully.

      The government actors are acting perfectly according to their institutional and career interests, which is what government bureaucrats usually do.

      I have no idea who these brothers were, who they might have been connected to, etc....

      But the theory that these two kids pulled it off on their own is possible. It takes very little accomplish what they did, and it was the first successful explosion of any kind in over two years of waiting for something to happen.

    2. I meant to say "in over ten years of waiting," not "two years..."

      (what was I thinking?)

    3. New photos of the shootout between the brothers and police:

      Daily Mail

      This series of photos and the statements of the person who took the photos tends to confirm police reports that a shootout took place and in fact the younger brother did run over the older brother.

      This series of photos tends to disprove the idea that the older brother was taken into custody, stripped naked, and then put in the back of a squad car and then later removed from the squad car.

      Inspect the photos and statements yourself.

      But that still doesn't answer how a Boston Globe reporter tweeted a warning about a controlled explosion in the 600 block of Boylton Street two hours before the actual bombing which did happen in the 600 block of Boylton Street.

    4. MITmicheal,

      Could they have done it alone?

      Sure, but please deal with the Boston Globe tweet. That's hard evidence.

      MITmichael, you have a tendency to ignore facts & evidence which don't support your opinion.

      And, note I've linked the Daily Mail and retracted my earlier agreement with Patriarch about the older brother.

      I'd also allow that after a shootout like that the police had reason to be jumpy and taking no chances with the younger brother.

      Yes, I'll change my opinion if the facts don't agree. I follow evidence where it leads.

    5. Here is the quote, no mention by the photographer that the younger brother drove over his brother, just that he was down.
      "This is a zoom-in from the last image and the red circle highlights where one of the brothers was taken down and still laying in the street. The black SUV proceeded to accelerate towards the officers and drove in between the two cars at the top of the picture. The SUV side swiped both cars taking out doors and windows and ultimately broke through the vehicle barricade and continued driving west on Laurel St. This was the last I saw of the black SUV."

      I saw a guy on the ground live in real time on TV with a zoom lens as it was happening, in jogging pants.

      he might have been stripped after he was cuffed.
      I still maintain it was a black G-man SUV that ran him down.


      Read some of the comments on his blog:

    6. Patriarch, you're a good man. You search for the truth, what really happened, that's all anyone can ask for.

      And I appreciate your information, I hope I am searching for the truth when I'm your age.

      In that vein, and considering the video that does show an individual who matches the older brother's physique and head silhouette, I will keep an open mind.

      But, sadly, in my opinion, it won't break the authority's narrative.

      I see no one has chimed in to dispute the Boston Globe tweet of 12.53 p.m.

      "BREAKING NEWS: Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block on Boylston Street

      12:53 PM - 15 Apr 13"

      Boston Globe Tweeter feed, 12:53 p.m., Eastern Daylight Saving Time

      Again, who told the Boston Globe reporter, Jeff Simon, that a "controlled explosion" would occur in the 600 block of Boylston Street?

      The same block where the first bomb exploded!

      Tell me or tell me off, but at least provide some reasonable explanation for that tweet.

    "Why are we spending money on police/military equipment when our schools and roads are deteriorating?”

    Watch American-now-Israeli Jeff Helper explain why in this Seattle 2010 interview "The Global Pacification Industry.”

    If you don’t have much time, start around minute 10 and watch to 25 min.

    1. In addition, why are police wearing military uniforms? What are they trying to get the population softened up for?

  13. Dr. P,

    Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now!

    Also, Glenn Greenwald, "The same motive for anti-US 'terrorism' is cited over and over — Ignoring the role played by US actions is dangerously self-flattering and self-delusional"

    1. More...

      Don't miss this either: