Friday, April 19, 2013

A faithful reader says this is a great read, so I just ordered it for myself....educate yourself before our next more Clintons, no more Bushs


  1. description of book

    Book Description
    Publication Date: October 1, 1997
    Cited by White House press secretary Mike McCurry as the origin of every major Clinton scandal story, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has done more than any other journalist to expose the truth about the Clintons. Now Evans-Pritchard is breaking the biggest scoop of all: an assiduously documented expose of "the black-water scandals" - the scandals that have gone unreported in the American media, but that characterize the Clinton presidency as the most corrupt in history. Among the secrets Evans-Pritchard exposes: The Oklahoma City bombing as a government sting operation that flew out of control when the stingers were outstung. Evans-Pritchard tells the story that the FBI and the Justice Department don't want you to know. Eyewitnesses to corruption in Clinton's Arkansas - many have met with brutal harassment, physical intimidation, and, in some cases, even suspicious death. Those who survived tell Evans-Pritchard their story. Bill Clinton's involvement in the drug underworld of Arkansas. Evans-Pritchard talks to the smugglers, the Arkansas state troopers, the federal agents and prosecutors, and the young girls who were the victims of "the good times." The true story of Vince Foster's death - what the official report won't tell you, but what eyewitnesses saw, and why the government is being sued for falsifying sworn testimony. In the aftermath of Vince Foster, the shocking story of the murder of Jerry Parks, head of Clinton security in Little Rock. Why Parks predicted his own death. Why the Left was right about Mena Airport: Evans-Pritchard discovers the missing evidence.

  2. Or there is the documentary called the Clinton chronicles available on YouTube doc for a quick overview of this blatant corruption! Appreciated the interview on Alex Jones doc that was powerful stuff that demands attention then surely action?? What next I wonder? Anything is possible, also a big shout for patriarch and his great work

  3. Oh please....

    If there were an ounce of truth to any of this shit Ken Star would have found it.

    Ken Star spent a fortune on a witch hunt based on this CRAP of false allegations, none of which turned out to be verifiable.

    The Clinton Chronicles is garbage - not an ounce of truth in it.

    Clinton has survived all these stupid accusations because of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" which actually DOES EXIST and Richard Scaff and others have had plenty OF WHISTLEBLOWERS who have come forward and explained how they were paid to confabulate these STUPID LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. MITmic you didn't read the book therefore read it before you make a statement. The book is extremely well documented and doesn't draw conclusions but rather points to the documents and lets the reader decide. Secondly I'm curious is Ken Starr your workout partner? Do you lift weights together or watch Jane Fonda videos? I'm asking because just the fact that "MIT" is in front of your blog handle doesn't really make you the expert on Ken Starr or any of his half ass investigations. I say this very respectfully until you layout your credentials on your own website as to your own credibility do us a favor and shut the fuck up!

  4. I don't like Clinton because he was a bad President. He was indifferent to anything outside of the US, he went along with every false economic and social idea of his era such as "free trade, deregulation, inclusion, etc...."

    Clinton is a shallow, intellectually phoney man.

    He governed like Calvin Coolidge, and had the same mentality.

    But these false allegations have been discredited by Ken Star.

    Move ON!

    1. I don't think we can dismiss the allegations about Clinton so easily MIT but fair to say I haven't heard of ken star and will look him up save to say first off Clinton is a pathological liar who lied over Lewinsky straightaway and there is no doubt shady going one's surround him and his family(look at Chelsea's in laws) but your right Clinton along with the other usual suspects survive all the time but there is just too much surrounding Clinton and maybe that is what the people who really dictate policy have on him so therefore Clinton gets the job done, I don't know this of course but it seems to me if you want the power or status or wealth ect your selling your soul for it! Maybe I'm wrong but the information is there in reams for anyone who wants to look for it. I agree with you 100% about the decline of morality that you earlier posted and to me that's become a weapon! People look like shit people are eating shit people are watching shit and more importantly we are listening to shit! And that's not exclusive to the USA! I don't have any answers because frankly I'm not bright enough but at least I'm questioning more and that to me should be a basic! Believed me before 9/11 I wouldn't of entertained any of this but I don't entertain skyscrapers falling in their own footprints or airline jets "vaporizing" it doesn't happen! I don't think we need to elaborate a great deal just that we have to deal with the obvious and its obvious to me that there is a "rabbit off" the truth is rarely plain and its never simple!!!

  5. Take a look at Webster Hubbel (attorney general .& Hillary's rose law firm colleague)
    & Chelsea --what do you see?
    Why no siblings?
    Rumor is Bill is an illegitimate Rockefeller.
    & so it goes, from generation to generation.
    Dr. P. referenced Hillary's sexual appetite on Alex jones.
    At her age, I would surmise she is androgynous.
    Her problem with bill's need for constant attention is merely image, PR, & public decorum. She accepts his behavior, not the humiliation.

    Bill is over medicated on warfarin & beta blockers.
    He'll be checking out within 3 yrs.

    Here are some interesting links:

    The Mena connection: Clinton bush & the CIA ( full length documentary)

    Malcolm X Obama Paternity: