Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please read and follow your conscience


  1. It makes me think about cultural relativism. I have never had a personal relationship with a horse but I have a strong emotional connection with my two dogs. In some counries, Vietnam or Indonesia, I think, dogs are eaten. Some are probably specially raised to be tender delicacies, and they would probably taste great in a stir fry, but I wouldn't want to eat it. The emotional connection with the dog species would make it like cannibalism for me. I would have less trouble eating horse meat. I'm sure they eat horses in many countries. Is this worse than butchering cows? Or is it worse than hunting deer? Is eating a chicken or a fish not as bad as eating a fellow mammal? Maybe it's safest to be a vegetarian.

  2. Dr. Pieczenik: Heard you again.

    Please keep in mind The United States Constitution.

    It is the bedrock foundation for protecting Americans' inalienable rights.

    It's the document most likely to keep Americans from being irreperably divided by elites who make it a science to Divide & Rule the people.

    You are right, it takes the public's disgust at the present situation before they will take concrete action.

    The elite will take any action to paralyze the public from calling this out as a false flag.

    I've seen the pictures. It does appear more than one person was involved and it seem there is a whiff of military overlay.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. An Arrest, that wasn't.

    This false flag hasn't broke in the major media (for obvious reasons), but believe me, the angst in the talk show hosts is palpable. CNN jumped the Gun and now nobody is taking the main stream media at face value.

    (Could CNN have jumped the gun on "the long wolf" theory -- which was the plan -- but the pictures available by Chan 4 and AJ show that there were multiple suspects making the "long wolf" theory untenable?)

    But what are they, the elite, going to do now?

    I think they may have just screwed the pooch (again).

    There is what is known as Cognitive Dissonance in a large portion of the public.

    They don't want to disbelieve the mainstream media in this instance, but the false report of an arrest has brought them face to face with uncomfortable facts.

    This is the first sign of cracking at the base of the dam.

    And it is a dam.

    Once everybody starts talking about it, then they won't be able to stop because for many of them it has been a repressed perception: That the government can lie and lie about the most important issues and situation of the day.

    The government is actively attempting to subvert American Freedoms which have been taken granted for by generations.

    This is the nut cutter for the elite.

  4. Horses are no different than cattle, sheep, hogs, and other barnyard creatures people commonly eat.

    Get over it.