Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am asking the readers to start questioning and posting the scheduling of these "drills" happening all over the country...document on your own blogs, FB, twitter etc....why are we having these expensive "emergency preparedness drills"?  How much are they costing us taxpayers?  Where are the municipal and state authorities?  Why are we spending money on military vehicles, ammunition, high tech surveillance, crowd control?  Why aren't we building roads, fixing bridges, repairing schools, building high tech factories?  Follow the money trail, who is getting paid for these drills for the FAKED WAR on terror?  Who is getting the fat jobs, the lucrative contracts?  Who has been compromised?  Follow the money and you will find the cars, computers not police state equipment!  Learn to fight back.

These pictures are from Boston not Beirut!


  1. Dr. Steve

    When you were in SK I mentioned a Dr. Webster Tarpley as your new ally in the fight against false flag terror , government deception & lying

    Dr Tarpely's World Crisis Radio is covering today the Chechen connection to the CIA and their foreign ambassador to the US , that lives in the lap of luxury in Washington DC paid for by the US tax payer. And the escalation of the war in Syria Dr. Tarpley been to Libya Syria and Iran in the recent years

    Dr Tarpley has many similarities in experience to your Bio , travels and lectures worldwide , speaks as many languages as yourself / Russian , German , Italian , French ect.

    Please inform us if you two can team up in a fight against Oligarchy Suppression Thank you

    1. Webster Tarpley is a nut job who claims connections between groups for which there is no evidence of any connection at all.

      He is a serial confabulator and exaggerator who isn't taken seriously by anyone except the woofully ignorant.

      He is a crackpot.


      I'm writing a screenplay about all this...

      "5 DAYS IN MAY," (no, wait, it's still April)

      "THE TOWN" (that's already been done)

    3. Which is the more shameful....

      That hundreds of officers from dozens of agencies, with armored trucks and helicopters, would be needed to find one wounded teenager who's asleep in a boat?


      The cheering crowds of college students and working joes who think this is a victory for America as in a hockey game LOL!

      It's a pissa!

    4. One good thing that may come of this is if the government is STUPID ENOUGH TO TREAT THIS TEENAGER like a foreign combatant.

      That may take this whole idiotic set of issues to the Surpreme Court and have it done with once and for all.

    5. PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE OF JOHAR TSARDAEV (sp) the only person on this board who knows anything about the topic [me].

      Above average intelligence, emotionally-sensitive, the subject was disturbed by childhood insecurities related to politically-derived phisical threats to his family causing them to move to a culture vastly different from that of his upbringing, a culture characterized by immorality according to the norms of that of his childhood.


      Extreme concern with adaptation/integration to the new culture. This manifested in these ways:

      SMOKING POT WITH OTHER KIDS when he'd rather not

      LISTENING TO RAP MUSIC when he'd rather not


      OVERUSE OF TWITTER AND FACEBOOK when he'd rather not

      The subject is an obcessive people pleaser who is HIGHLY SUGGESTABLE and doesn't know who or what to believe...

      The suggestion by his pious brother that all the rap music and dope and meaningless sex and bad atire MADE PERFECT FUCKING SENSE TO THIS KID!!!!!

      Can anyone blame him given what kind of scum of a country he was thrown into!

    6. FURTHERMORE.....

      People who use bombs to kill do so from a distance and are often very sensitive and even kind people who would never have the violent temperament to kill any other way.

      Actor Jimmy Stewart was a sweetheart but he killed a lot of people with the bombs he dropped from his bomber in the war.

    7. Sometimes nice people are influenced to do terrible things.

      Clearly Johar Tsardaev is one of those.

      I think the real cowards were the hundreds of police who were to timid of this teenager to even approach the boat he was in.

      They were such cowards they yelled at him using a bullhorn for him to give up when all they had to do was walk over and say hello.

      And then they handcuffed him as though he could escape or something.

      Our authorities are a joke.

    8. Maybe the people who have him can do what was done to that American kid who was caught in Afghanistan in 2001 and tie him to a board and take turns urinating all over him.





  2. There is no doubt that Webster Tarpley has done great work in this area. His 2004 book 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA is a classic. The latest edition now has "the 46 Drills of 9/11" and provides a theory and history of false flag attacks that makes them easy to identify when they occur. These counter-terrorism drills are very often involved.

    1. Tarpley's collation of others' work on 9-11 is okay, but less okay are his claims that British bankers and British intelligence services and the Queen of England are behind every civil conflict in the world for the purpose of sinister ends.

      He uses the model of the Chinese opium wars to seek to explain everything.

      It's pathetic.

  3. However, it may be difficult for Tarpley and Pieczenik to team up given that Tarpley says he was trying to save Aldo Moro, the Italian Prime Minister, from the Red Brigades, and he thinks Pieczenik was on the other side and got Moro killed. The Red Brigades were not "Communists" but fascist stay-behinds who were part of Operation Gladio. Pieczenik has hinted that he was told to save Moro but after he got to Italy he began to realize that his bosses in the State Department did not really want to save Moro. I do not know which of these things is the case but I think it would be hard for them to trust each other.

    1. Oh brother now that's really stupid.

      It's true that different terror groups on the far right and left were cynically used BY ITALIANS THEMSELVES at different times for political advantage.


      There is no evidence that any outside group or power, such as in "GLADIO" did any similar thing in Italy.

      The P2 and other facist groups in Italy were all about these acts, not NATO or the US or anyone else, and anyone who knows Italian covert politics [like me] knows that simple truth.

      The people who took Moro have been rotting in jail a long time and it's absurd to claim they were anything but what they appear to be.

      Moro died because the Prime Minister Andriotti wanted him dead because he reached a deal for the neutralization of the communists in Italy. The Red Brigade didn't want the communists neutral, so they targeted Moro also. Between Andriotti and the Red Brigade Moro was a dead man.

    2. Andriotti didn't want the communists to be neutral [no ties to the USSR] because the center right needed the Soviet threat to stay in power. With the Soviet threat out of the equasion the communists could have won majorities and have taken over.

      Whether Andriotti was in league with the Red Brigade I don't know, but when Moro was taken Andriotti refused to negotiate for his return and that was a death sentence.

  4. Also read today's Sibel Edmonds post on Boiling Frogs Post:

    She knows about the Chechnya from first hand from her time as an FBI translator.

    1. Sibel Edmunds is the cutest translator I've seen in a long time.

      She's even cuter than that spicey latina Jodi Arias, who will be aquitted of murder very soon.

    2. The asshole Jodi stabbed to death deserved it.

      I'm totally on her side.



      You definitely have BPD and possibly ASB:

      look em up in DSM-IV

    4. What I have is VLPP combined with HCIMT syndrome, and was once MIA and because of it everyone was on the QT.

    5. Furthermore...

      When I was MIA it was because I was with the VP, who is a VIP, and when we went MIA everyone was put on KP, and that's why it was on the QT.

  5. Great Information Tony

    Yes , the Aldo Moro debacle might not make them best of friends
    But they certainly sound identical along a lot of the lines against the opposition
    Dr. Tarpley dosen't have to hide behind a black cloak And Dr. Steve better for
    his best interests .

    Which means together, they could point to the main body of world corruption
    Both agree Putin is a positive force in world affairs !

    1. Yeah and that's where they're bot nuts because Putin has destroyed any chance Russia has for democracy and has merely traded his crony mafia oligarchs for the previous ones who tried to remain independent from him.

      Putin is a short, psychopathic, murdering gangster.

      Everyone should see the film "Putin's Kiss" about this guy.

      Tarpley and Pieczenik are nuts.

    2. Best thing is for old warhorses like Steve
      and Wesbster is to stitch up old wounds and
      ride out as a team like the Duke and Jimmy

    3. Look Buddy....

      I have my problems with Pieczenik but at least he was a real Medical Doctor and a government insider [which to me makes him evil] whereas...

      Tarpley is just a blowhard crackpot who's never accomplished a fucking thing.

      While Pieczenik was in the government doing real things (mostly bad) Tarpley was WORKING FOR LYNDON LAROUCH LOL....

      There's no comparison here dog...

    4. It's because Pieczenik is a real [though distrubed] person that I read his shit and post here.

      Do you think someone like ME a REAL PERSON would bother posting on a board of a crackpot numbskull entertainer like...

      Webster Tarpley! LOL!


      Tarpley's mental abilities are a diminutive as the stature of that 'other' Webster, that being Webster the little black kid on the 1980s sitcom featuring former NFL personality Alex Kara RIP.

    5. I meant Alex in peace.

      I could never understand how that guy got a career as an actor, or made all those appearances on the Johnny Carson show in the 70s before he even had any kind of acting jobs...

      kinda funny

    6. Yes, Putin is the only bulwark against the Empire now, until we can get rid of this Wall Street stooge British Empire lackey CIA phony Obama and put in a real American.

  6. Part I: "Brave New World Redux" by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebebah, Malik Shabbazz.

    The Bostonians are have been lulled to sleep with SOMA by the Mockingbird media and the Wag the Dog playbook. (It is like the Jews believing that Hitler was a joker, and he would never get away with his evil was all talk.)

    They have been played and bamboozled.


    These young men were good kids: I am sure the Boston Regional FBI director has been thwarted at every step. He never should have allowed Mueller and Holder to see their files. They were American patriots, helping Americans.

    Did you see him licking his dry tongue & parched mouth (lying through his teeth) when he was briefing the press after the kid was captured? A visible sign of pathological prevaricating..

    Did you read this FBI j'accuse pieces posted on an earlier blog. VERY RELEVANT!

    Do you know the translation of "Tsar"?

  7. Part II: "Brave New World Redux" by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebebah, Malik Shabbazz.

    Obama will continue to instill fear until some brave whistleblowers come forward and expose his sinister mens rea:

    “Our primary task is to build a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary movement. The American system is racist, capitalist and imperialist. We must arm ourselves. I believe we are going to have a revolutionary change in society." -Michael Klonsky 1969 SDS Center, Washington, DC (with Bernadine Dohrn and Allen Young)

    Revolutionaries thrive on chaos. Protests offer opportunity to spread chaos and in nearly every protest, trained agitators of the Progressives appear on site to inflame passions, foment disorder and violence.

    WARNING: There is going to be a bigger & BETTER staged event within 90 days at a larger city, Cleveland, Louisville (Derby), Indianapolis (500), Miami, wherever he can garner support for his restrictions of liberties-hit different demographs, kids, students, vacationers, minorities.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he blows up a causeway to Miami Beach, or the Lincoln Memorial. HE IS SO LOST IN HIS OWN NARCISSISM, HE HAS NO CLUE HOW HISTORY WILL RECORD HIS PSYCHOPATHY.

    Holder is nothing more than a LEX LUTHOR impersonator.


    The DANGEROUS part is Congress is colluding. the MAJORITY ARE GREEDY SELF AGGRANDIZING DUMB and CORRUPT: Frank Lautenberg is a dangerous proxy puppet, 90, my age. (He should be relaxing and surfing the net as I am!) John McCain is a SERIOUS LIABILITY FOR AMERICA..VERY STUPID PERSON.

    "Since Obama was "elected" in '08, DHS has HOARDED billions rounds of .40 caliber ammunition (an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, one year contract with 4 option years). Hollow points are not used for target practice. IRS & the Department of agriculture has ordered hundreds of thousands of rounds of mixed caliber ammunitions.
    Are they planning a cable TV episode?

    DHS has purchased Mine Resistant Anti-personnel Carriers (MRAPs) for deployment in the United States. They are preparing to work with police departments and the TSA to respond to civil uprisings that will happen when there is a financial panic. DHS is prepositioning assets in strategic areas near urban centers all across the country. Storage depots. Armories. And even detainment facilities (FEMA camps).

    PLAN: The chaos plays out for a while, making ordinary citizens beg for troops to be deployed to restore order. but it’s all organized to make them appear as good guys. Big cities first. This is a continuing operation that involves many of the same people on both sides of the aisle in Washington. This is one of the reasons why no one wants to talk about Obama’s past. He is the product of a continuing intelligence operation, put in power to oversee the dismantling of the U.S., with the economy being the lynchpin of our destruction. the perfect storm is the economy - the U.S. dollar collapse and hyperinflation, racial or class riots sparked by a high-profile incident, and another mass causality event involving guns. Watch for these three things to happen all at once, or in close succession.

    The executive branch has the unfettered authority to execute American Citizens deemed “a threat.” (NDAA)
    Gen. Martin Dempsey openly admitted to Congress that their authority comes not from the U.S. Constitution, but they take their orders from the United Nations and NATO, over which the American people have no democratic influence.

    Look at the events taking place in Cyprus. It’s coming to America. It has already begun.

    People need to wake up. Believe me or don’t. It’s their choice."


    1. This is all true. The driving force is the collapse of the trans-Atlantic economic system, just as that "nutcase" Lyndon LaRouche has been saying for a long time. Only passing HR 129 to restore Glass-Steagall will prevent the collapse. Call your legislators and tell them to support HR 129.

  8. Thanks for the warning.

    I hope all the gold you bought collapsed.

    1. Mit

      You are turning into a hate freak.
      Lay off the booze!

    2. Hey I don't hate everyone...

      Just the cowards and scum which compose the American public and their pius, sanctimonius government.

      I like individuals like Jodi Arias who have the balls to strike back.

      That's why I sympathize with Johar...

      Because although I don't agree with maiming innocent people he at least had enough sense to see that...


    3. What gets my goat is the sanctimonius pundits like O'Reilly and the assholes on Fox who villify this kid when the other kids and society he was thrown into are a bunch of dope-using, rapping, gang-banging jingoistic hypocrits.

      I feel sorry of Johar.

      He was doing what he felt was the right thing given the morality he was brought up in, and anyone who can't see that is a FUCKING MALICIOUS TOAD!

      O'Reilly and the others who condemn Johar are toads and evildoers themselves.

      How many amputees did the US make by bombing Iraq and Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Can anyone blame middle easterners for wanting to do to the Americans what they've been doing to others!!!


      Isn't it true the US has been bombing and amputating thousands of innocents?


  9. When the US kills a dozen innocent people in a drone attack or bombing in Afghanistan they don't have hundreds of police or helicopters to send to catch the people who did it.




  10. Another reason to hate Putin is that IT'S HIS BARBARIC SAVARY in Chechnya which has created this whole mess in Boston.

    Johar and his brother were just two misguided kids who were willing to sacrifice themselves to make a statement about the evil and hypocracy of America.

    I don't agree with what they did, but they were courageous and principled fighters for what they believed was the right, not the wrong.

    The spoiled, dope-smoking, decadent, jingoistic, indifferent-to-others-suffering, only-care-about-Americans, gang-banging assholes who cheered when little Johar was caught are the scoundrels and cowards.

  11. And hey if what I's saying isn't true why are so many American veterans of these wars killing themselves every day?


  12. Look at the construction of the bombs they used and you'll see they had MAXIMUM RAGE FOR THEIR TARGET...


  13. MIT Michael

    Well , Putin is no Puritan. Peiczenik called him an opportunist capitalist at best playing the game with the CIA war with the in Afghanistan . And making a big buck
    I guess I described him as some kind of savior of humanity . i wouldn't think so. just playing the world game that comes his way.

    As for Tarpley he told Larouch to take a hike long time ago. Tarpley may not be this or that to you MIT But his plan to Tax Wall Street for the depression is dead on . His opposition to the Paul-tards Austrian nonsense got him disqualified from coming on the Alex Jones show ever again. For which I believe he doesn't really give a hoot .

    If by any grace of god we could indict and convict these last Three Presidents for their War Crimes? Then we'll have to have a whole new paridime of following a greater society that doesn't take advantage of the present system. Tarpley as an historian does understand this even if you deem him a blowhard. Show me your books not just Jokes

    If Us Americans could ever turn our sins in to a New Beginning , Then Putin might not have to follow the US around and clean up our worldly miss-adventures.

    1. Well Putin lets us slaughter people in Iraq and Afghanistan and he slaughters in Chechneya.

      I agree with Tarpley on the Tobin tax and several other things. Aside from his British conspiracy school nonesense he also holds a lot of other conventional views though which I disagree with such as his love of the US civil war and Lincoln, and his love of FDR and the second world war. He's a war lover, and couldn't find any fault in anything Kadaffi did, which caused about 80% of his supporters to throw him under the bus...

      No US president will be indicted because the American public overwelmingly love the US, right or wrong, just like most Russians loved Stalin no matter what he did....

      Most people are evil, and their evil governments reflect their evil.

    2. Furthermore....

      I think the US would be much better if it returned to the limited government role which existed 200 or 100 years ago...

      However even in those times US society was really evil, evil permeated every aspect of American life.

      Local governments were sooo terribly corrupt everywhere in the US, and American society has always been extremely violent.

      Criminal violence in the US has always been sky high compared to other countries. In the 19th century there was more criminal violence in the east, south and midwest than in the western frontier, contrary to myth.

      In New York until recently most people walked around with guns hidden in their clothes --- that's how Colt arms sold 1,000,000 pocket pistols and model 1903 automatics between 1903 and 1940!

  14. The US is the only country in the world where trade unions regularly had to face murderous repression from robber barrons AND THE POLICE...

    No other country has the history of labor violence that the US has.

  15. Webster tarpley is no nut job! I think he understands the geo political game very well! OK he may not agree on everything the doc comes out with but they share an awful lot in common with their understandings, and clearly MIT is very educated but I can't help thinking of the term agent provocateur!! Look let's all agree on one point(the most important) and yes its follow the money! And there can be no doubt it is indeed a western military industrial complex that isn't building roads and infrastructure and creating jobs which in turn benefits everyone, tarpley is spot on with his 1% wall street tax that would a great initiative! I wouldn't dismiss as ludicrous the notion of the "British empire" controlling finance either! In so far as that is where decisions couldbe made, the truth is over here we have system where we swoon over royalty yet its the very same system that looks down its nose at us! Hell we pay for Thatcher's funeral at a cost of 10 million sterling whilst social assistance is slashed and there is the introduction of a bedroom tax!!!!!! As far as I can see its the same game over here that is played out over there! God I'm digressing but the political situation is the same in so far as its two cheeks of the same arse I'm afraid to say! Same old same old!!!!

  16. Anyone who wants to know how weak the British are should look to several things.....

    1.Suez 1956
    The British made this horrible blunder because they were bankrupt. When it failed their financial system collapsed. If they were as purposeful and cunning as Tarpley claims this would never have existed.

    2.Iran 1953
    The British goal was to keep on plundering Iranian oil wealth because without it they were bankrupt.

    3.Read Kim Philby -
    If the British system were as crafty as Tarpley claims this never would have happened. Philby reports that British intelligence is hopeless inept and bungling. By the time he and Burgess and the others got involved British intelligence and their whole social system was in collapse.

    The British upper crust are nothing but a gaggle or decadent, weak, degenerates.

    They have no cunning, craftiness, or strategy for anything.

    They are just like the upper classes, idiot sons of idiot sons everywhere in the world.

    They are degenerate morons.

    1. Probably agree with most of what you say so let's hope the banksters of London town don't dictate world financial policy! But as I suspect you already know their hand is well and truly in this game! And I suspect your really a Webster tarpley fan

    2. Everyone in banking knows that London competes with New York for preeminence in the western financial markets. If London were as all powerful as Tarpley claims there wouldn't be this competition known to all.

      I know Tarpley's views inside out because I've listened to much of his radio programs because although his analysis is crazy he has an enormous amount of facts which others don't see fit to share.

      He's also fun to listen to because of his use of adjatives in describing people, i.e. "the DREARY historian of the classics Robert Kagan, the BLABBERING, IMBACILIC polemicist Pat Buchanon..."

      He's funny.

  17. CBS twitter account hacked:
    Sends photo of marathon finish line govermnment contractor with and WITHOUT HIS BACKPACK!



    Hollywood has found an Alex Karas look-alike and instead of the little black kid the new rascal with be...Webster Tarpley!

    See Webster get into innumerable scrapes and hijincks every week as he's forced to move in with his more fortunate relations after the City of London bankers have finally succeeded in getting him thrown off the radio.

    In the first episode, Webster has his bank account emptied when he gives his account information to a girl from the Phillipines he meets on an asian dating website!

  19. In the second episode....

    Bill collectors inundate the home of Webster's hosts as former Treasury Secretary Webster Hubble uses their address in a scheme to throw off lenders he's been ripping of for decades!

  20. "Webster you've gotta find a job," his host and second cousin Alganon Tarpley complaines to him.

    "But this is my calling," Webster replies. "I'm the only truther who can recount the entire history of the rennaissance and the role of Milan in fifteen-century European politics! I can't give up the fight now!"

  21. Major General Nathanael Greene "It had been happy for me if I could have lived a private life in peace and plenty, enjoying all the happiness that results from a well-tempered society founded on mutual esteem. But the injury done my country, and the chains of slavery forging for all posterity, calls me forth to defend our common rights, and repel the bold invaders of the sons of freedom." I say pony up my fellow Americans. I'm ready for action!!!!!!

    1. So contact the LaRouche political action committee and get yourself organized. Give them some money if you have any. It's not going to be worth squat pretty soon anyway. Right now the focus is to impeach Obama for war crimes and usurpation of power while restoring Glass-Steagall via HR 129, the Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2013. It currently has 53 co-signers but the banksters will kill to prevent it from passing. Larouche people have also gotten resolutions for HR 129 passed in three state legislatures and sponsored in a dozen more. Join the campaign to impeach Obama and restore Glass-Steagall. The LaRouche movement is completely non-partisan. They are the hardest working, most experienced high-level organizers in the business.

    2. Yes by all means!

      Send LaRouche whatever money you have!

      Sound advice!

  22. FDIC's Thomas Hoenig on the absolute necessity of restoring Glass-Steagall.

    1. Hey don't be a wet blanket.

      If you take all the fun out of banking the only people who'll want to do it are fat toads like Webster Hubbell and Bert Lance!

      We need more sexy studs like Jaime Dimon in the game!

      Let's keep banking sexy!

  23. Everybody has just got to read this great information assembled by the LaRouche EIR they just put out:

    Did the FBI Just Bungle The Boston Bomb Plot, or Did It Actually Create It?

  24. What about these pics? The video commentary leaves something to be desired but the pics do speak for themselves.

    1. I'm not sure what to make of these pictures. They could have been doctored, maybe to eliminate certain images. I do believe there were real bombs and people were really killed and injured.

  25. It's perfectly clear to me that the Tsarnaev brothers are really lab-created androids which have been switched for the real ones with their parents none the wiser since they moved back to Russia!

    Why else would their parents move back to Russia and leave them in the United States like that!

    This is what happens every time the government switches a real person with an android or a clone for the purpose of a false flag attack.

    It's classic New World Order S.O.P.

  26. The real older brother has already been spotted in Dubai, where he's started a new life as a real estate broker.