Friday, April 5, 2013

More notes from Seoul Man April 5 2013

Lots of psyops going on here, not a good idea to "suggest to Russians that they may want to evacuate their embassy in North Korea"….Russians don't take to suggestions too well.  I chatted with some soldiers from SK this morning, they complained that there is no real strategy since the cold war…..just same old can't figure out how to boost the economy so let's start a war strategy, oh, shocker!  War is good for Business!  EU is selling fighter jets to South Korea.  We need some leadership here from Ms Park Geun-hye and we need it soon…..don't let the stallions rattle your cage, sister!  I am here if you want some advice on the finer points of how to deal with these "boys"…..
Here's today's update….
As the U.S. media hyenas continue their recklessness as tools of the USG/military industrial interests (CNN is the absolute shameless mouth piece of MI special interest), the SK government and the citizens remain extremely cool and determined not to fall into the trap of the USG's warmongering machinery.  Likewise, the U.S. SOF guys that I talked to are courteous, well trained and impressive in their composure.  The problem is not with these guys…its with the LEADERSHIP both military and civilian…..let's get rid of these generals that are bloated, over paid, over pensioned and are not willing to stand up to corrupt civilian leaders.   We are TOP HEAVY in the military and I am not talking talent, too much fat at the top, time to clean it out.   These civilian leaders who can't figure out any better ways to feed the money machine and boost the lagging economic situation than start a war…..somewhere, anywhere, oh, let's make the bad guy North Korea.  Lots of bidding out of high stake contracts from EADS, Lockheed Martin and Boeing going on, they smell big sales and big profits if South Korea needs to replace its aging air force fleet.  C'mon America, wake up, here we pay for this crap out of our paychecks.
This is what I see:  ROK military preparations are completely in adequate to stop 2.2 million NK soldiers from executing a frontal assault across the border.  However, such an action would spell THE END for both North and South Korea military and politics… it is an unlikely conflagration.  NK nuclear strike on Seoul or other city would be self destructive and we know that NK is not irrational nor crazy.  Our state dept and CIA have extensive knowledge on NK and how the leadership operates.  I was there many years ago and frequently met with Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung as a DAS and psychiatrist.   This is the old game of "bang, bang" ..then we have NK making concessions and then NK gets paid some money (trust me, they need it).
The current leader of NK, Kim Jung Un, is a spoiled rich kid out of touch with the reality of his country and he is completely controlled by his aunt and uncle and Li Peng of China.  Li Peng needs to cool down Un's tantrums without creating a crisis if he wants to stay in power and solve the "island issue" with Japan, Viet Nam and the Philippines.  Meanwhile the people of SK remain calm but curious why the USG/media behaves in such a war-promoting manner.  The media, especially CNN needs to cool it and let the experts at the state department quietly use diplomacy and statecraft to solve the problem.  
talk soon.


  1. Just a passing comment Dr p! Seems you are on the right horse once again! What I mean is you correctly predicted that its the far east is where the west should be concentrating on as opposed to the middle east. My money is on you doing a little more than sightseeing in Korea! I'm more concerned about our respective governments actions than the actions of this rotund swiss chocolate loving so called supreme leader! I'm also sure Putin will be bringing into line this disobedient pup with chocolate buttons and throwing him the odd basketball to chase

  2. Wag the dog: obama is in big trouble with his identity.
    Brennan is making ALL DECISIONS ON WAR BAITING.

    Another Benghazi pre-emptive strike by Putin's contractors to scare the shitt out of Obama...coming to a cable station near you this week....

  3. Yes, it's the Korea's issue.

    So, I'm glad the South Koreans are calm.

    A field assignment: Assuming this incident cools down, where to go from here?

    Is there an alternative to the smoldering war of words which flares up seemingly out of nowhere?

    What would count as peaceful & stable?

    But for North Korea, Northeast Asia would be a stable geo-political region.

    Ah, but there is North Korea.

    North Korea wants something, but what?

    If food will keep it quiet, perhaps providing food or some other face-saving pathway can be provided for The Great Leader to climb down.

    In this situation kicking the can down the road is an acceptable, if not ideal, arraignment.

    But there needs to be serious brainstorming in the State Department. The status quo is limping along.

    Although, I'll take "limping along" over War on the Korean peninsula.

    1. "As a PUBLIC SERVICE, this site offers an unprecedented amount of free research. If society cannot learn from its past mistakes, then we are doomed to repeat them over and over. Indeed, history repeats only because the passions of man never change from century to century. War only takes place either to achieve economic gain, or retribution for economic loss. Look well to the underlying economic trends and you will understand the future..."

      it was Russia that provided North Korea with the technology to deliver ICBMs. The ties between Russia and North Korea are far greater than the press has let on.

      Russia is the greater danger and Europe has weakened its economy so they have no real power to defend. North Korea is grabbing the attention, but do not turn your back on Russia.

      Cycle of war or political change every 25.049 years:
      NORTH KOREA 2014
      Russia/China 9-1989
      Gulf of Tonkin (lie) 8-1964
      WW2. 8-1939
      WW1. 7-1914 100 yrs to N Korea
      Bookmark this blog;

  4. Just heard the broadcast on Alex Jones! How much more straightforward do we want information?? Absolutely fascinating breakdown with a short history as well! I find it difficult to digest mainstream news these days its lazy journalism by the big corporations at best!! This is a very serious situation and should be reported seriously, here we have background, the agent provocateur, a likely outcome and a possible outcome! I'm not ashamed to say that I'm hooked to these insights! Its great to actually learn then when I discuss with friends (who may hold the populist opinion) I can offer a better opinion through what I'm learning! The best line of the interview was" Alice in wonderland on steroids" we don't get that on BBC news!!!!


    2. Here is a better link:

      Listen live on Sunday 4-7-13 5:00PM EST
      Updates by dr. Pieczenik (BETTER THAN KISSINGER WITH ALL HIS "consulting " could EVER DO!)

  5. Who are the "experts" at the State Department who are going to "quietly use diplomacy and statecraft to solve this problem"? Let's see, now that the wonderful Hillary Clinton has moved on, we have John Kerry. Is this going to be an improvement? So there are career FSO's such as yourself who will handle it at the DAS level, then? I hope you understand NK's behavior. I'm really missing something, which isn't surprising, given that all I know is what I see on CNN. What I see is North Korea led by a fat kid throwing a temper tantrum for no apparent reason. He's talking about "settling accounts" with the United States while simultaneously pissing off the Russians by "suggesting" they evacuate their embassy in South Korea. Is this just hysteria, mental illness? Has having a giant, nuclear-tipped type-o-dong 2 missile gone to his head? I have no idea what North Korea's beef is. Or is CNN somehow misrepresenting the situation?

  6. The photo only confirms that near-sightedness is at epidemic proportions in S.Korea...