Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In Defense of the USG Military:  US Army Protests Congress Pushing Production of Abrams Tanks
Congrats Pentagon!!!
  Finally  the Senior Military Officials including  SecDef Chuck Hagel are purging  programs that the military consider UNNECESSARY or TOO EXPENSIVE to ensure that there’s enough money for ESSENTIAL OPERATIONS,  TRAINING and NECESSARY EQUIPMENT.
Now we have our brave military fighting our hypocritical, crony capitalist legislators like Senator  Rob Portman [R-Ohio] who had been Bush jr’ Director of the Office of Management and Budget and a fiscal conservative!?!---ONLY WHEN IT SUITS HIM POLITICALLY. 
  Here is what PORTMAN had to say about his “pork belly “ defense of the Abrams tank :
“Look [the Lima plant] is in the 4th CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT [in my state of Ohio] and MY JOB  IS TO REPRESENT THE 4th District Congressional District.   But the fact remains,  if IT WAS NOT in the BEST INTERESTS OF THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,  then you would not see me supporting it like we do” 
  “The Army is on record saying WE DO NOT REQUIRE AN ADDITIONAL M1A2’s [Abrams] tanks.”
“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate!”
Congress:  Cease and desist,  forcing our soldiers to spent their time fighting your pathetic career battles, be you Democrat, Republican or Tea Party.
  Let that military do what it does best, ask, request and implement those assets which are beneficial to the MILITARY AND NOT TO THE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT!!

If these fiscal conservatives can’t understand the Pentagon or the will of the American people,   lets identify them and VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!!



  1. As I've said before, US servicemen are not "brave" by any standard. US servicemen join either because they need the college tution, they can't find another job, or because they are violent sociopaths seeking a pretext to kill ordinary people. Furthermore, given that US military operations have no justifiable purpose and have nothing to do with the safety of Americans there can be no "bravery" involved with what US servicemen do.

    Frankly I could care less how many of these US servicemen are killed or maimed in the course of their malevolent activities abroad. The United States has no business attacking, occupying, or conducting operations in any of the theaters in which it's currently involved. The forces opposed to the US in each of these theaters are not angels, but they have every right to resist the US force presence in their countries, as I would resist any foreign country's soldiers in my country.

    I don't consider myself a patriotic person because America is a corrupt, indifferent, decadant and sick society. However the US is my home, and has it's better points too, and if any foreign country sent armed troops here and started killing people I would kill and maime as many of the foreigners as I could. And I would do so mercilessly without any consideration as to the motives of the foreigners I was killing.

    With that said.....

    The US military is planning for deep cuts in the future as the debt crisis gets worse and worse.

    The budgeting technocrats, many MIT trained, in the bean-counting bureaus of the Defense Department are laying out the severe cuts will must occur in the future.

    In my opionion the US should simply withdraw from the hundred-plus countries where it maintains a military presence, and stop this idiotic planning concerning the Chinese.

    We don't need any force projection to counter the Chinese. All that's a bunch of bullshit by the brass hats who are afraid they won't have any mission in the future, which by the way they don't really have, and so they're confabulating phoney threats.

    The US doesn't have any real threats, except for the occassional kid with a bomb in a saucepan.

    Go figure.

  2. If the US weren't killing innocent people in the middle east those two kids would never have been motivated to put a bomb in their saucepans and set them off in Boston.

    Central asians would much rather be steaming rice and goat in their saucepans rather than using them for black powder bombs.

    Those two kids saw themselves as moral people who found themselves in the belly of the beast of the evil empire, repleat with rampant drug use, cruelty and bullying everywhere, callousness and coarse behavior, raping, moronic, idiodic and HIGHLY MILITARISTIC and VIOLENT TOWARDS OTHER PEOPLES.

    I can understand why they thought they were doing the "right thing," although I strongly disagree with their actions.

  3. I can't understand why tanks at all. Tanks are only really any good against other tanks in industrial type wars in europe. Even then america always gains air superiority first which means that tanks are death traps for their crews. So the age of the tank has more or less passed away, as it were. It all stinks of silly old men lining their pockets with kickbacks...they chose tanks because theyre still mentally in WW2.
    the trouble with the US military is this; it is far too big. and its members come from the same overall deeply paranoid mindset of the rest of america. nobody needs all that. you have; up to 4 million available men under arms. thoudsands of aircraft some hundreds of which are top flight war machines. hundreds and hundreds of capital ships. literally scores of subs no one can guess how many carry huge loads of nukes. its insane. your soldiers appear to be crazy going by some pics i have seen. your generals are so deeply enmired in perversions and corruption i wonder they get the time to put their uniforms on. everybody is wading through intrigue and sleaze. everybody appears to be in reach of assassination at all times. your president is a fake, a muslim plant and in the pay of zionazis, your entire country is owned by foreign powers, your elections are blatantly rigged and congress is really an open air bath house and then theres 800 fema camps, moves to herd vast herds of people around...its sick. america is crazy. not only doesnt she need all that hardware but she doesnt appear capable of ruling its very worrying. the army must be cut down. your finances put under sane control. in that context its not tanks america needs at all. its sedatives.

  4. all i can tell you is something gay said on the upper levels. we happened to be talking about america. he was jestig a bit; but what it was was...''oh they will never believe it but as you see it, its communist america fighting to the death with capitalist russia''...but thats not what i see now ...i will tell you what i see. american soldiers look like german storm troopers act like japanese monsters in burma? atrocities. and the sort of islamics they train to takeover are really nasty criminal types like pirates. hairy and filthy. its the same phenomenon in israel. if you look at israeli soldiers on parade they are nazis from nazi germany. theyre all morphing into things that were past some 60 years ago? its my belief that someone fucked up timelines back then, and during americas beginning, and are doing so now. history is replaying. its very dangerous. i think americans are being enslaved by the zionazis. funny how jews are acting nearly as sick as the germans were. see you cant play with time they way they thought. karma rules. i think whatever happens now the people who did this are thinking ''if america dies we will take it all down with us'' and so of course do the jews. ASSHOLES. you were never under any threat. you did all the attacks yourselves. america is mad.