Sunday, May 26, 2013

they are building a new school, tearing down the old one, who's money?


  1. Part I:

    There is quite a bit of residual evidence in them there walls. The CT. Legislature will be voting to seal (at request of DHS) the crime evidence records:

    Obama is voting in favor of the UN International Arms Treaty on June 3.

  2. Part II:

    "In July 2012, the Preliminary moves were made. The American ‘State Dep’t’ under Hillary Clinton was in discussions with the United Nations in regard to an ‘Arms Trade Treaty’.

    I. On the 20th of July 2012, midway through those discussions with the United Nations, there was a ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre at the Aurora Theatre in Colorado. This was only the preliminary stage, and although there were some mistakes and the ‘Lone-nut’ patsy survived, the original plan continued.

    The plan required a ‘double whammy’ a second and more heart-wrenching massacre so as the Obama Administration could say that had the required ‘Changes to the Constitution’ been permitted in July 2012, then this massacre would never have taken place.

    There were two ‘teams’ selected. Team ‘A’ was to escort the ‘patsy’ to the site of the massacre, conduct the massacre, kill the patsy at the site of the massacre, making his death appear to be a suicide and then retreat and wait for the Team ‘B’. Team ‘B’ was the ERT, and as the protocols require would only have been told enough to complete their task properly, thus they would be unaware of the purpose behind their actual positioning.

    II. On the 14th of December 2012, the second planned massacre occurred. The selected patsy, Adam Lanza was escorted to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, after his mother had been murdered. Lanza’s escort consisted of two police officers. A third police officer began to leave a cache of rifles and shotguns within the proximity of the school. The fourth member of the team, armed with an AR-15 rifle that could fire on fully automatic, and fitted with a 100 round capacity magazine then entered the school and after entering one classroom, murdered the entire class by herding the students into a huddle and then spraying them with bullets. This resulted in the students being shot between 3 to 11 times as reported by the Coroner.

    The gunman then shot the school principal and two there staff in the hallway as they approached the classroom. The gunman then moved to the second classroom and began to murder those occupants, but stopped halfway.

    This abrupt ending of the massacre is extremely telling - the gunman was able to listen in on the police communications, that the report to 911 had occurred was of ‘shots being fired’, not children being murdered,instead of calling for the Emergency Response Team at Carmel,the dispatcher gave the call to the local police who were able to respond so quickly that they almost caught the fleeing gunman.

    The gunman had 45 seconds to finish the shooting, leave the school building and get into the waiting ‘escape red/maroon van’ registration number 872 YEO, (the first police responders saw leaving the school and requested details).

    The gunman in his haste had failed to leave the murder weapon behind; he took it with him, along with the 100 round capacity magazines.

    The other members of the Team ‘A’ are now caught in a serious situation. The members escorting the patsy, ‘Adam Lanza’ then execute the patsy with a Glock pistol, making it look like a suicide. They though now have to leave this area without being seen, so, to ensure that no school staff or students risk peeking out of their classrooms, they fire their pistols as they move away from the killing zone. The entire shooting incident took just over three minutes to complete, but the local police were able to ‘arrest’ the three remaining members of the Team ‘A’.

    Trooper J. Paul Vance corrupts the location of the weapons evidence, and the criminal acts have been hidden. The Sandy Hook Elementary School will be closed down and demolished. Another vacant school building which has been refurbished will replace the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the Obama Administration will continue with their efforts to remove the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution...."