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In Defense of an Italian “Stronzo” [Dung!] with Respect To His “Non-Involvement” in the Aldo Moro Kidnapping!

A Personal Testimony by Me on Behalf of Giulio Andreotti. 
Headline: Giulio Andreotti, Who Served as Prime Minister of Italy Seven Times , Dies at 94. 

For the most part,  Andreotti is not a familiar name to the American public.  And those who do know about him and his political fortunes as the founder and leader of the Italian Christian Democratic Party,  would have best described him as a ‘stronzo’ or a “shit in silk stockings”,  as Talleyrand often described the Corsican-born,  French Emperor Napoleon Bonoparte. 
John Tagliabue’s obituary is a very detailed,  insightful description of an Italian machiavellian politician who thrived on deception, corruption and illegal relationships with the Italian Mafia.
  These issues,  although interesting in of themselves,  are not relevant to my present blog.
  Now I would like to clarify one very important historical point that has troubled the Italian citizenry and politicians for almost four decades.
The big issue which John Taliabue clearly expounded on in his obituary:  When Andreotti’s oldest and closest friend,  Prime Minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped in a street ambush in Rome,  and five of his bodyguards were killed by the Red Brigade,  all the Italians blamed Andreotti for his friend’s eventual death.
  That contention is not correct!
  I can state categorically that President Giulio Andreotti had absolutely nothing to do with denying the negotiations with the Red Brigade WHO DEMANDED THE RELEASE OF THEIR COMPATRIOTS HELD IN ITALIAN JAILS for the safe release of Aldo Moro. 
There were many speculations as to what had happened.
  Many thought the CIA, Kissinger,  the Italian Mafia, the US military and other so-called nefarious forces had been at work in the kidnapping and eventual denial of the release of Aldo Moro from the ruthless Red Brigade.   This was especially true after Aldo Moro threatened in his last letters to reveal ‘State Secrets’ that would indict Andreotti and the rest of the Christian Democrats.
  The truth is that there were only two people directly involved in the decision of no-negotiation WITH THE RED BRIGADE which eventually led to the inevitable death of Aldo Moro:
One was the Interior Minister of Security,  Francesco Cossiga, a brilliant Sardinian who had been close to Aldo Moro and eventually became the next Prime Minister upon the death of Aldo Moro.
  The other person, was yours truly,  Dr Steve Pieczenik MD, Phd,  Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management.
  If anyone is to blame for the explicit direction of not allowing anyone in the Italian government to negotiate with the Red Brigade,  it was I.
  Let me go into a more detailed discussion.
  First,  when I was asked to help the Italian Government in “Handling the Red Brigade Terror”  by the extremely bright Under Secretary of State For Management,  my boss,  Ben Reed,  I agreed if I could do on ‘my terms’ as I had just done in saving the five hundred hostages in the Hanafi Muslim Siege only a few weeks before.
  Ben Reed and his boss,  SecState Cyrus Vance were the elegant, respectful generation of the old school Senior Policy Officials who respected my skills in the hostage negotiations as well as my expertise in stabilizing countries which were beginning to destabilize because of “terrorism”, economic panic, or other reasons
As I reflect back to the 1970’s,  I must say it was a different time where a medical doctor was still able to make life and death decisions without worrying about ‘malpractice’ and ‘lawsuits’.
  It was a time when the old WASP statesmen had respect for those who performed and accomplished that which they thought was required.   They had respect for my patriotic act of defiance when I kicked out then president Jimmy Carter during the Hanafi muslim negotiations.
  They also were aware that my training at Harvard/MIT by CIA/DARPA and my European background would be useful in the Aldo Moro kidnapping.
  Needless to say,  I had little time to evaluate the dangerous situation in Italy at the time of Aldo Moro’s kidnapping.
  Countless prosecutors,  jurists and innocent civilians had been shot, murdered or brutalized by the ruthless Red Brigade.
  I came to the Italy dressed in my usual official outfit—blue jeans and denim jacket and took a taxi to the US Embassy.  There I received a very poor CIA briefing from the Station Chief and US Embassy officials. 
Next I was assigned to a safe house where the carabinieri guards were totally incompetent.  I quickly moved out and into a hotel.
  Soon after checking in,  I met Francesco Cossiga,  a man of with intense eyes and insightful questions who clearly was desperate for a strategy to save his boss,  Aldo Moro.
Within the first week in Rome,  I was already targeted by the Red Brigade for ‘Assassination’.   Clearly someone had inside information about my presence in Rome.
  I received from the Cossiga a 7.4 millimeter Baretta but I refused to wear a bullet proof vest.   I ate my meals with my back to the wall. 
  Most nights I couldn’t sleep,  I was awake all night long with my Beretta pointed at my hotel door,  certain whoever came in would be shot.
This is not the story of The  Bourne Identity nor The Mechanic.
  But what Cossiga and I did over the next six or so weeks was to:
[1] Develop a strategy of no–negotiations with the Red Brigade. 
[2] We left everyone out of the ‘loop’ –Italian politicians, specifically Giulio Anddreotti  because my past experience taught me that if the nation/state is to survive then the leaders must be COMPLETELY DIVORCED FROM ANY DECISION MAKING.
  Otherwise, as I had learned in previous hostage negotiations,  if the leader of a particular country becomes involved in the negotiations than the terrorist has won the psychological battle.   The terrorists hold the nation/state in a lock down situation where fear becomes rampant and the state begins to destabilize.  At the time, this was exactly what was happening in Italy.
  In order to stop that escalation of FEAR AND TERROR,   a strategy was developed which happened to be called, “THE PIECZENIK STRATEGY”.   That White Paper never was rebutted or changed by anyone in the Italian government.   Giulio Andreiotti  correctly said throughout the subsequent  years that ‘he was not responsible for the non-negotiation policy ‘.   He had acted appropriately by not interfering in the negotiations and left the matter in the competent hands of Cossiga.

As a side note, an important part of the stabilization program was the fact that Berlinguer,  the head of the PCI , the official Communist Party,  which had been inappropriately accused of abetting the Red Brigade,  was indeed very effective in helping to maintain the ‘no-negotiation policy’. 
Sidebar:  I found out during the crisis that both Berlinguer and Cossiga were  related and both were from Sardinia, for whatever that was worth.
  The denouement of the Aldo Moro kidnapping happened just as I had envisioned it—Aldo Moro was ‘assassinated by the Red Brigade’ and in turn they were captured an imprisoned.

There are still some revelations about this time and place despite countless articles, books and even a documentary film done by French/Italian Mossad operative.   This Mossad agent always wanted to know what and how I did what I did and on behalf of who’s authority. The fact that Aldo Moro would have to die ---was already a FAIT ACCOMPLI FOR ME WITHIN HOURS OF STUDYING THE DISASTROUS SITUATION IN ITALY.
Why? How? And by who’s authority?  Are questions for me to address at a different time and place.
  The principal goal for me was the stabilization of Italy and the continuation of a functioning nation/state.
The other goal:
  Elimination of the Red Brigade and in the process the neutralization of the Neo-facist groups inspired by Berlusconi and others.
  In this process of stabilizing Italy with Cossiga we had to trust a few good men who were not beholden to SISME AND SISDE,  both  Italian security agencies that Cossiga mistrusted

This blog is intended to correct a moment of history for a despicable Italian politician who at the time he had to be silent and follow instructions from an America operative—he did. 
Here is a tidbit you may not know…
For four decades,  Cossiga and other Italian politicians did not want to admit the one criminal activity that Aldo Moro had participated in. 
Aldo Moro was a MAJOR CO-CONSPIRATOR with ARAFAT,  ABU NIDAL and GEORGE HABASH in letting COUNTLESS THOUSANDS of PALESTINIAN well known terrorists transit freely through the Rome airport to destinations where they killed countless victims on ships, in Latin American countries and elsewhere. 
Forty years later,  Cossiga finally admitted that Aldo Moro had been responsible for the deaths of many innocent Jews and Christians.   When he was then told by an informant that he had been set up by me all along so Aldo Moro would die for his sins,  Cossiga simply had a wry smile and muttered:   Dr Steve Pieczenik was more MACHIAVELLIAN THAN MACHIAVELLI!
Cossiga never knew at any time who I really was.
But Cossiga did admit at the end of his life that in fact I was right in my intuitions.  
Cossiga admitted in an interview that Aldo Moro had made a deal with the devil to let the Palestinian Terrorists through Italy in return for letting Italy stay safe from Palestinian Terrorism. 
Ironic.   The Italians traded one form of terrorism for another.   Either way they would have lost—at least one,  if not more,  leaders of the Christian Democratic Party.  
Cossiga never knew that I grew up in the shadows of the HOLOCAUST…..

Cossiga did not know,   that TERRORISM was an innate part of my Childhood Socialization……… growing up the unofficial “battle zone” of Toulouse, France;  during the Algerian War for Independence…..                
….buildings exploded… innocent muslims, jews, and Christians  died in abundance.
Those were the Haunting Memories of my past that compelled me to be a ‘counter –terrorist expert’ ----whatever that meant.  
My suspicion is that the ‘Honorable Men’ from the State Department knew exactly who I was and what would happen in Italy and to Prime Minister Aldo Moro.

They were Vance, Christopher, Reed--- the “Best and the Brightest”. 


  1. When later Prime Minister Bettino Craxi let Abu Abass transit through Italy after the Achille Lauro affair as the US was DEMANDING his capture...

    Craxi appeared in the Italian Counsel of Deputies and received the biggest applause ever given to any Prime Minister - even the communists were ecstatic!

    I'm believe the relationship between Arab fadayeeh and Italian Prime Ministers was larger than merely Aldo Moro, and the person who told you otherwise was pulling your leg - Italians are prone to do that with Americans.

    Italians regard themselves as having a special place among Europeans within the Arab world, and until Burlesconi's alliance with Israel in the last 15 years Italians have been distainful of zionists [Burlesconi is actually a Mossad agent as Robert Maxwell was, and arranged for the "Niger letter" which was forged by SISMI and Nicolo Polari].

    1. Since the emergence of the Palestinian fadayeen in the late 1960s the Italians have delighted in seeking to trump and frustrate US designs toward them. It's the one niche where the Italians can show themselves that they still have more importance in something than the US can achieve.

    2. FYI..

      I've stated before that 9-11 was an Israeli/Saudi operation to bring about the US invasion of Iraq.

      The link between Israel to Burlesconi to Nicolo Polari at SISMI, which forged the Niger letter, is not a matter of conjecture.

      It is fact.

    3. Remember as well that other than Bush and the Blair, it was BURLESCONI who was the only other world leader in ENTHUSIASTIC support of the Iraq invasion.

      Since 9-11 the Burlesconi government has used his media empire and government apperatus to seek to create hysteria and fear among Italians for all muslims. No other government has less to fear from islamists, but which has done more to seek to create hysteria, and that's a function of Burlesconi's covert relationship with Israel and his support of the Iraq war AS A MEANS OF COUNTERING MILITANT ISLAM...LOL As that was the ONLY excuse he could try to give for his idiotic support of the war.

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      Has now hired a team of doctors to slice off perfectly healthy breast tissue under the pretext that it might in the future become cancerous.

      Having discovered that she carries a gene which according to "scientists" gives her an 87% chance of breast cancer she leapt happily and ecstatically into the surgery theater for ample, enthusiastic cutting and slicing of healthy organs and tissues. What exciting bloodletting and destruction? What could be more exhilerating than the destruction of healthy tissue?

  2. Italians are long-lived people, and my friend Dino DeLaurentis recently died I think at the age of 94 as well, and was working right up till the end. I was wondering if Andreotti was ever going to depart. Until recently I think he was making appearances on RAI in silloutte which I thought was rather sinister.

    Andreotti was a very sinsiter, murderous figure whose Christian Democratic Party was formed with huge amounts of funds from the CIA. The Christian Democrats barely won the elections of 1948, only with the massive participation of the Vatican. If it were not for CIA cash and Vatican networks the communists would have won a majority in 1948, and was even a problem in 1956. However along with the economic prosperity of the 1960s the communists had to re-fashion themselves, and by the 1970s they were faced with having to become "neutralist" in order to remain viable.

    That's were Aldo Moro came in.....

  3. Just before he was kidnapped Aldo Moro had reached a deal with the communists for them to separate from Moscow in exchange for inclusion into the government.

    This was a huge mistake.

    Yes this would have de-fanged the communists, making them the "neutralist" "non-aligned" version like Tito across the Adriatic. But by doing so they could have won a majority at some point, and this would mean the Andreotti and the Christian Democrats would lose their financial rackets.

    In Italy the governing party officials build huge personal fortunes through bribery, but also from pocketing public finance funds intended for elections. I've mentioned to you before Dr.P that in 1992 Bettino Craxi amassed a billion dollar fortune from these funds, which he moved to Tunisia [although when I offered this to you I found you uninterested in the affair].

    There is no doubt in my mind, and I am as informed on the inside of Italian politics as anyone, that Andreotti was determined to stop Aldo Moro, and homocide was one of Andreotti's routine tools.

  4. Dr.P I accept that from your perspective you are convinced that Andreotti wasn't the source of the policy of non-negotiation which was Moro's death warrant.

    However I'd like you to consider that the Italians with whom you were dealing might possibly have not have been entirely forthright with you.

    I'd like you to consider the possiblity that they were pursuing their own agenda, which involved disposing of Moro and his policy for the communists.

    I think it's more than possible that they were humoring you while actually following their plans.

    Remember, once Moro was killed his plans for inclusion of the communists died with him.

    I do agree however that NATO and other outsiders had nothing to do with the matter.

    I believe it was the Christian Democratic leadership, which is Andreotti and his buddies, which overlap with P2, Burlesconi, and everyone on the right.

  5. Appreciate these expansions of historical background. Thanks.

  6. Now as for not being able to sleep and having to bed down with a pistol....

    Yes I've been there too, but that was in Africa where the government that invites you will also kill you and the US government can do nothing.

    But not in Italy. Please....

    I'm sorry you felt so uncomfortable, but I wish you would have had a good American "guide" with you so you could have negotiated your ordeal there with someone non-Italian to show you the ropes.

    I can assure you while you were there you were in no real personal danger.

    For added security when in Rome what I used to do is stay in one of the hotels across from an embassy, because the embassies in Rome always had police, Carabinieri, station right outside. Today however they are army soldiers, but they are armed with nice Beretta sub-machine guns, and it makes for a good night's sleep.

    1. In 1994 the American Ambassador to Burundi, Robert Krueger from New Braunfels, Texas, was the target of an assassination attempt including rifle fire from AK-47s.

      When I last spoke with Ambassador Krueger last November he told me the person behind this attempt was a Burundi official he described as, "the one who was supposed to be responsible for my safety there...."

      That's Africa.

    2. "I can assure you while you were there you were in no real personal danger."

      How would you know what level of danger Dr. P was in? Were you there at that time?

    3. I don't have to have been there.

      1.targeting American officials doesn't go on there

      2.the hotels in Rome are famously safe. fact until recently the whole city is famously safe

      4.I believe by giving Dr.P the gun and telling him the story of danger these Italians were messing with his head. I believe they were playing Dr.P and the US to create a smokescrean that they weren't behind the matter.

    4. "I believe by giving Dr.P the gun and telling him the story of danger these Italians were messing with his head. I believe they were playing Dr.P and the US to create a smokescrean that they weren't behind the matter."

      And I'm Marie of Rumania.

    5. Sorry but this just isn't the way things are done by professionals....

      There's no reason for anyone in Italy to kill an American State Department official sent to consult with the Italian government. Doing so would accomplish nothing and only bring tremendous heat on themselves.

      Furthermore if there was such a risk the State Department would have arranged for security as they have the best security service in the government.

      This story about an Italian handing him a gun and telling him it's all up to him is melodramatic in the extreme, and the kind of nonesense the Italians will do when they're pulling you leg.

      This whole matter was just the Italians pulling the leg of the United States and Dr.P while they were pulling the strings on the whole murderous affair.

      Back in the 1950s when the people I went to Italy with were in the USG they wouldn't have been so easily dupped because they were street-wise people.

      But by the 1970s all these kinds of people like David Strier and William Harvey were long gone, and replaced by liver-lillyed college kids with clean faces who were easily dupped by the Italians!

      La Dolce Vita!


    6. Tell me why you spend so much time here sneering at Dr. P. I'm interested.

    7. Dr.P and I have things in common, and I respect him greatly. If I didn't I wouldn't post here.

      However when I think he's wrong, sometimes terribly wrong, I'm gonna comment.

      In the past I've gotten so frustrated by some of his comments and those of certain others here that I've called for him to get lost, but I regret that now. I'm unfortunately an intemperate person who's prone to fly off at the handle. If you knew anything about my life perhaps you'd understand. My life has been filled with criminals, low-lifes, scoundrels, assholes, and creeps. But because of this I've had a much fuller life and know more about real human behavoir than the vast masses of "ordinary, educated" people with little real life experience.

      Obviously if I didn't think he has a lot to offer I wouldn't be here.

    8. Only two months ago someone I had to be doing business with for the last ten years, who was an aggressive drug addict and major asshole, decided to croak in the badtub of one of my apartments and didn't have the decency to turn off the water before he died. Four days later other tenants noticed water coming from under the front door, and by that time he was swollen and dicomposing. My best rugs were all ruined and it took a week of "Crime Clean" efforts before they'd even let me in there...

      He died owing me over 3,000 and he comes from a rich oil family in Texas who won't even come get his car from my parking lot much less pay me any of the money he owes. He also stole anything he could carry from my place while he was there to buy drugs.

      Boys and girls this is the real world of being an intel operator.

      It's not "James Bond" or "Jason Bourne" or even "Michael Weston" [who some people accuse of being based on me].

      If you had to put up with everything I put up with and see you'd be pissed off too from time to time.

  7. It seems to me that the Red Brigades were part of Gladio, and were U.S. intelligence assets. This casts some doubt on Dr. P's account.

    This is from Global Research:

    The Red Brigades were a leftist Italian terrorist organization that was formed in 1970. In 1974, Red Brigade founders Renato Curcio and Alberto Franceschini were arrested. Alberto Franceschini later accused a top member of the Red Brigades, Mario Moretti, of turning them in, and that both Moretti and another leading Red Brigade member, Giovanni Senzani, were spies for the Italian and US secret services.[11] Moretti rose up through the ranks of the Red Brigades as a result of the arrest of the two founders.

    The Red Brigades and the CIA

    The Red Brigades worked closely with the Hyperion Language School in Paris, which was founded by Corrado Simioni, Duccio Berio and Mario Moretti. Corrado Simoni had worked for the CIA at Radio Free Europe, Duccio Berio had been supplying the Italian SID with information of leftist groups and Mario Moretti, apart from being accused by the Red Brigades founders as being an intelligence asset, also happened to be the mastermind and murderer of former Italian Prime Minister, Aldo Moro. An Italian police report referred to the Hyperion Language School as “the most important CIA office in Europe.”[12]

    1. The information you're quoting is unsubstantiated.

      GLADIO was merely a stay-behind program, and it's nature has been way blown up into other accustions by confabulators.

      I don't believe Brigade Rossi had anything to do with CIA.

      Until 1972 CIA had no connection to any terror groups, but thereafter influenced them through Frank Terpel working in Uganda and Ed Wilson in Libya.

      Because of Wilson and Terpel these groups were influenced to not target Americans, but Brigade Rossi was targeting Italians everywhere and this would not have been permitted by the CIA if they had any influence over them.

      Only the Christian Democrats benefitted by what Brigade Rossi did.

  8. Continued from previous post
    The Murder of Aldo Moro

    Moro Makes Powerful Enemies

    Aldo Moro, who served as Italy’s Prime Minister from 1963 until 1968 and later, from 1973 until 1976, was kidnapped and murdered by the Red Brigades in 1978, while still a prominent politician in the Christian Democrat Party. When he was kidnapped, Moro was on his way to Parliament to vote on inaugurating a new government, of which he negotiated, for the first time since 1947, to be backed by the Italian Communist Party (PCI). Moro’s policy of working with and bringing the Communists into the government was denounced by both the USSR and the United States.

    Kissinger’s Threat

    Moro was held for 55 days before his eventual murder. The reasoning was for his plan to bring the Communist Party into the government. Four years prior to his death, in 1974, Moro was on a visit as Italian Prime Minister, to the United States. While there, he met with US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who told Moro, “`You must abandon your policy of bringing all the political forces in your country into direct collaboration… or you will pay dearly for it.”[13]

    Moro was “Sacrificed”

    Steve Pieczenik, a former State Department hostage negotiator and international crisis manager, “claimed that he played a critical role in the fate of Aldo Moro.” Pieczenik “said that Moro had been “sacrificed” for the “stability” of Italy.” He had been sent to Italy by President Jimmy Carter on the day of Moro’s kidnapping to be part of a crisis committee, of which he said was “jolted into action by the fear that Moro would reveal state secrets in an attempt to free himself.” The action the committee took was to leak a memo saying that Moro was dead, and to have the memo attributed to the Red Brigades. The purpose of this was to “prepare the Italian public for the worst and to let the Red Brigades know that the state would not negotiate for Moro, and considered him already dead.”[14] In a documentary on the subject, Pieczenik stated that, “The decision was made in the fourth week of the kidnapping, when Moro’s letters became desperate and he was about to reveal state secrets,” and that, “It was an extremely difficult decision, but the one who made it in the end was interior minister Francesco Cossiga, and, apparently, also prime minister Giulio Andreotti.”[15]

    Moro’s Letters

    Among Moro’s released letters, which he was writing while in captivity, he stated that he feared that a shadow organization, with “other secret services of the West … might be implicated in the destabilisation of our country.”[16] During his interrogation while in captivity, Moro even referred to “Nato’s anti-guerrilla activities.” However, the Red Brigades did not use this information,[17] perhaps because, according to the founders of the Red Brigades, the leader of the organization at the time of Moro’s kidnapping, Mario Moretti, was working for the Italian or US intelligence services.[18]

    1. I believe it's well documented that Kissinger actually made these remarks.

      I don't believe Kissinger and the US were behind the murder, and that Kissinger had other plans when the new government came in.

      I don't believe Moretti and the Brigade Rossi were working for CIA or anyone else.

      It's possible Brigade Rossi was working with the Christian Democrats, but I'm still undecided about it.

    2. They were indeed working for the United States, as part of Gladio. Groups like this, the Baader-Meinhoff gang, Weather Underground of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, these are all synthetic terrorists, state-sponsored agent provocateurs. The purpose of the Weather Underground was to destroy the anti-war movement by making it look violent and un-American. It was very successful. The purpose of the "Red Brigades" was to make the Communists look bad, and prevent them from taking power in Italy. Preventing this from happening was Kissinger's idea of "stability". Aldo Moro was murdered for the same reason. Kissinger is indeed a cold-blooded murderer, millions of times over. Whatever Dr. Pieczenik's involvement in working out a policy of sacrificing Aldo Moro, I think the real policy here came from somewhere above his pay grade. Aldo Moro was not supposed to survive. Having served their purpose, the Red Brigade patsies were arrested for their crimes. Well, Dr. P? Is that the real truth or is it not?

    3. You are way out there friend.

      The weather underground was absolutely not sythetic terror or working for the USG or anyone else.

      Please come down to planet earth.

    4. Oh, really???? Bill Ayers was not a synthetic terrorist? He was just a spoiled brat, was he, who just happened to be the son of Thomas G. Ayers, who was later Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison (1973 to 1980),[5] and for whom Northwestern's Thomas G. Ayers College of Commerce and Industry was named? Ya think so, MIT?

  9. Licio Gelli was Grand Master of a secret freemasonic lodge, called Propaganda Due (P2), which included all the leaders of the Armed Forces, of the secret services, of several police branches; politicians and businessmen....

    On July 26, 1976, in order to stop public attention, the P2 "became secret and totally autonomous, an instrument in the hands of "puppetmaster" Gelli's strategy to stop Aldo Moro's policy...

    Moro had understood that the solution to Italy's vulnerability to external interference in its own sovreignty lay in transforming the PCI into a fully pro-West and democratic party. If that occurred, there could be no obstacles to a normal change in political power, like in other western democracies, and no pretext for subjecting Italy to Anglo-American imperial politics under the pretext of anti-communism....

    Moro developed the strategy of "parallel convergences," or the possibility of associating the PCI with government responsibilities, along with the DC (Christian Democracy), in a "national solidarity" cabinet...

    During a visit to the United States in 1974, Moro was brutally told by Kissinger that he should abandon his policy of dialogue with the PCI (Italian communist Party ). Moro's wife Eleonora, who testified in front of the Parliament Investigating Commission, reported Kissinger's words as follows: "You must stop pursuing your political plan, of bringing all political forces in your country to collaborate directly. Now, either you stop doing such things, or you will pay for that. It is up to you how to interpret this."

    Moro was so shocked that he got physically ill. Upon his return to Italy, he seriously considered the idea of withdrawing from politics. The fact that he did not do so, but pushed his strategy ahead, knowing that his life was at stake, adds real greatness to his political figure. "Don't you think I know," he said to one of his university pupils, "that I can end up like Kennedy?....

    The policy of national unity laboriously built by Moro started to crumble already on the day of his kidnapping, and after the momentum supplied by the hard line against terrorism, it quickly collapsed in the following 12 months.

    Feb. 15-20, 1980: the national congress of the DC, the anti-Moro faction formalized the end of the Moro policy, by voting up a preamble to the party program, establishing that the Christian Democracy excluded any possibility of future collaboration with the PCI. This was exactly what Henry Kissinger had demanded from Moro in 1976...

    P2 members were still in command of both secret services, SISDE and SISMI, as well as of the state coordination body, CESIS; Federico Umberto D'Amato, P2 member and an old buddy of James Jesus Angleton—formerly CIA Chief of Counter-Intelligence—was still at his place in the Interior Ministry - a synarchist "strategy of tension" was employed to condition Italian political life.. ripping Italy apart beginning in the 1960s, as neo-Nazi, banking, and terror networks joined forces to destabilize the nation...."

    1. This is only a slight exaggeration.

      P2 was exposed and had to dissolve, however the list of members comprised many of the types listed above, and they still meet and coordinate under different contexts.

      The right in Italy was so vicious for two reasons:

      1.they depended on their government jobs for graft and theft

      2.the real communist threat and antipathy and distrust of the communists is bigger than anywhere else in Europe.

      If the US had this history of threat of communism the US would be even more sinister in its response.

    2. Video: "Strategy of Tension":

    3. Dr.P.
      If you have any personal knowledge of the people & their clandestine activities named in this article, since 11-22-63, kindly ELABORATE:

      "These words recall Tim Weiner’s report of April 1994 in the New York Times that in the post-Soviet Clinton era, "the Doomsday Project, as it was known" was scheduled to be scaled way back, because "the nuclear tensions" of the Soviet era had faded away. [32] In other words Clinton had planned to scale back the Doomsday Project (which was governed by a secret extra-governmental committee including Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, then both not in government); but Richard Clarke used Oklahoma City to save the Doomsday Project, make it more robust and place it under his own control..

      According to author Andrew Cockburn, a new target was found:
      Although the exercises continued, still budgeted at over $200 million a year in the Clinton era, the vanished Soviets were now replaced by terrorists. . . . There were other changes, too. In earlier times the specialists selected to run the "shadow government" had been drawn from across the political spectrum, Democrats and Republicans alike. But now, down in the bunkers, Rumsfeld [and Cheney] found [themselves] in politically congenial company, the players’ roster being filled almost exclusively with Republican hawks. "It was one way for these people to stay in touch. They’d meet, do the exercise, but also sit around and castigate the Clinton administration in the most extreme way," a former Pentagon official with direct knowledge of the phenomenon told me. "You could say this was a secret government-in-waiting." [33]...

      The Italian example proves that the forces behind a strategy of tension are not invincible. They also suggest that, if the dark forces of the deep state are to be defeated, this will take the combined resources, not just of the people, but of those elements in government that can, eventually, be aroused in search of the truth."

      [32] Tim Weiner, "Pentagon Book for Doomsday Is to Be Closed," New York Times, April 17, 1994: quoted in Scott, Road to 9/11, 186.

      [33] Andrew Cockburn, Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall, and Catastrophic Legacy(New York: Scribner, 2007), 88; quoted in Scott, Road to 9/11, 187.

  10. With all this said however there is a new era in Italian politics at this time.

    They may have turned a corner in that their financial situation has forced the EU to take action, and their new government and political figures aren't the corrupt people of the recent past.

    When PM Craxi fled to Tunisia in 1994 that was the beginning of the end, and the disclosures about the Vatican in the last year have been a turning point aslo.

    The Italian people are a modern people now and they've had enough of this shit.

  11. I wish the Americans would do what the Italians have done and turn out their politicians!

    But the Americans will never do that because unlike the Italians most [though not all] Americans today are hip-hopping, drug-taking, degenerate, lazy, apathetic, TATTOOED weirdos who have no talent and no virtue.

    Most Americans today are the scum of the earth and that's why there will never be any reform of America.

    I agree with Pat Buchanon that the real decline is cultural.

  12. On another matter, Jodi Arias GUILTY : 1st degree premeditated - 5; felony + premeditated. - 7; felony - 0

    How do you spell "Inocence of the Muslims" YouTube video?
    (A lame juvenile cover up))

    B-R-E-N-N-A-N, an EVIL DUMBELL WHO WLL be exposed shortly.
    The posting account was his private company's logo - the SAME COMPANY which broke into the US Passport Offiice in '08 to secrete Obama's past.

    Will OBAMA throw him under the bus? OBAMA HAS MUCH TO LOSE IF HE DOES..

    1. That's a malicious thing to say about Jodi Arias.

      If here venue were someplace where intelligent people could be found for a jury she would have been acquitted.

      The prosecution provided no motive for what she did, and she provided one which was esculpatory.

      She was convicted because she lied in the past out of what happened, AND DO YOU KNOW WHY????

      Because she was smart enough to see that THIS COULD HAPPEN!

      I love you Jodi!

      Hang in there sweetie!

    2. In my heart I know Jodi is as harmless as those kitty cats in my Avatar.


    3. Here is wayne madsen's take on BRENNAN, BENGHAZI . & the SAUDI connection.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I just watched all 6 hours of the Benghazi hearings. It was a cover-up by mutual agreement. You could see it at the start when a witness mentioned the word "annex chief". Chairman Issa stopped the testimony to ask the witness to explain what the "annex chief" is, for those who do not understand. At that point it was like somebody gave Issa a look, and that request for clarification was immediately dropped. In six hours, it was never said who or what the "annex chief" is. I believe the answer to this question that was not asked by either party is what Dr. Pieczenik and others have been telling us for some time, namely that he is the CIA station of the annex which is a CIA black ops center used to ship heavy weapons to Islamists that the CIA is sending against Syria, and probably used for "enhanced interrogation" as well. This is what the Obama administration was trying to keep secret causing them to stand down and sacrifice Stevens, and his is what the CIA does not want to become public and the Republicans starting with Issa are meekly submitting.

    1. I heard that also. It is on CSPAN NOW.
      I saw Hicks stare back at Issa & never answered that question.
      He appeared scared & most likely was intimidated before appearing at the hearing.
      The statements of all the witnesses were PRE-released so the threats were based upon potential questions from their statements.
      I wonder if ISSA KNOWS ABOUT THE ARMS TRANSFER & if Brennan is the creative madman behind the YouTube video hype?

      If you recall Hillary spent $40k on flyers apologizing to African Muslims for the fake excuse of the YouTube video to cover her lies...just like Jodi arias leaving a message on TRAVIS' cell phone after she murdered him.


      ISSA SHOULD SEND HER A BILL+ penalties & interest!


    2. Jon Stewart hit it on the head when he called his coverage of the 2012 Republican convention "the Road to Jeb Bush in 2016". Or as Bob Dylan sings,

      Can you tell me where we're headin' -
      Lincoln County Road or Armageddon?
      Seems like I've been down this way before.
      Is there any truth to that, Senor?

    3. The testimony was shocking. The Democrats are circling the wagons in a shameless, sicking manner to cover-up Obama's pathological lies.

      Obama is a pathological liar who this time must answer for his confabulations and deceit.

      I hope there might be criminal issues at play here.

      I hope an impeachment and prosecutor will be forthcoming.

      The gullable idiots who support Obama must be made to confront the fact that he's a LIAR!

      I'm disgusted with Obama supporters who see only what they want to see in him because of white guilt.

    4. The Democrats were utterly disgusting, but the Republicans no better. Both sides are completely under the thumb of the national security state. The word "CIA" was never used for six hours. Yet the CIA were the ones running heavy weapons out of that "annex", a CIA black ops station, to "Islamists" (read Sheikist mercenaries) we are sending against Syria out of that "annex". These facts could not be brought up because they are "classified" as is every other form of state-sanctioned murder and robbery. Folks, our government has been hijacked by murdering scum. It's time to muster up! Where's General Washington?

  15. I wanna clarify something I've said about Lee Oswald, who my father [also a "Lee"] knew in Texas...

    I've said that Lee Oswald [who some here in Texas called "Ozzy-wazzy"] was "a loner" in the Marines.

    This isn't an accurate statement.

    Lee Oswald had friends in the Marines, but they were the minority of people who were intellectuals in a sea of idiots.

    While most of the Marines would be playing grab-ass, snapping towels in the showers, and talking about sports and pussy...

    Oswald would be off in a corner, not by himself though, but with one or two other intellectuals.

    Oswald and his friends would be playing chess or discussing books they were reading.

    This is why Oswald was pegged from the outset as someone who should be developed.

    Oswald always knew he was more intelligent and capable than the other idiots around him in the Marines.

    It speaks to the evil of this country and government that someone like him was "sacrificed," merely because he came from humble circumstances and didn't have a family to fight for him.

  16. And it's fitting that Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby, who was an immoral man who didn't care about the rights or wrongs or injustice of anything.

    Ruby made his career in Chicago killing and intimidating union leaders who were trying to fight corruption by the mafia.

    Ruby was someone who didn't care if someone deserved to die or not....he was simply a thug who went along with whatever order came down from his bosses.

    Ruby is barking in hell.

  17. Dr. Pieczenik, I hear you are going to be on the Alex Jones show to discuss Benghazi.

    Please discuss the larger picture where the U. S. has supported terrorism for a long time, if that is based your personal experience.

    While I would hope to have Brzenski mentioned as a tutitular head of a faction in the Council of Foreign Relations which supports terrorism tactics, that is my hobby-horse, not yours.

    Although, I have seen a lot of evidence that indeed Brzezinski does support policies which rely on terrorist tactics.

    1. Way to give everybody hell.

      But the Northeast still has a lot of influence via Wall Street and the financial center in New York city.

      The Northeast also has almost all the think tanks which support this policy (one exception is the Rand Corp. out in California).

      I share your concern for immediate action, but on this I think the information is getting out (that is why I have called a number of senators' offices primarily those who sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and my two senators as well).

      I read a Yahoo News article where Ten. Senator, Bob Corker, said weapons would eventually be sent to Syria (officially).

      90% of the comments on the news report were against sending weapons into Syria.

      The American People are waking up to the fact that the Syrian policy is a failure.

      I agree sociopaths don't stop unless they are caught and put in a position where they can no longer engage in their activities.

      Sociopaths talk a great game.

      But when cornered, what you often get are those final last words before the bad guy is killed or as he is arrested in a crime novel: "Fuck you."

      We are dealing with criminal elements in the government and their corruption is spreading into the Congress.

      It does take a mass-movement to remove these criminal elements from the government.

      Time is important, but so is information and you gave an ear-full to the audience.

      Something to chew on for sure.

      Great Job!

    2. I don't know exactly how to break this to you, but the venal behavoir of elites doesn't make them sociopaths.

      Most people if given that kind of power will be corrupted by it.

      Power corrupts most people because most people are basically bad, not sociopaths.

      Look at elites through history and all around you today and you'll see what I mean.

      Most people are just evil, and when they move into positions where they can abuse authority they will gladly do that.

      But they are not sociopaths, but merely ordinary venal human beings.

    3. MITmichael, there is truth to what you say.

      Although, I'll maintain there are also sociopaths in positions of power, but not all those people are sociopaths, many are simply corrupted by power.

      But in general, from past discussions, I don't take as dim of view of humanity as you do.

      I stand corrected.

    4. Some great points by MIT I heartily agree with quite a few of his points and yes some people seek out power and abuse it for their own ends and yes I also agree that there is a huge moral decline in western humanity especially! I think he is entitled to his cynical view over "new world order illuminati ect" but I think his argument should be more constructive because it seems to me whenever you dig into anything the usual suspects seem to appear, there can be no question that events are staged and are manipulated, having said that I'm not one for storing up food and gold let alone survival manuals giving us the best location to go to if Armageddon comes! What if 50 million buy that manual and heed the advice?? We can't all go can we!!

    5. For the Record:

      It just goes to show that MITmicheal's tactics have a certain effect over time designed to wear down an opponent.

      MITmichael wrote: "I don't know exactly how to break this to you, but the venal behavoir of elites doesn't make them sociopaths."

      As is often my wont, I re-read comments. I re-read my comment where I wrote: "I agree sociopaths don't stop unless they are caught and put in a position where they can no longer engage in their activities."

      I never refer to the elite as being all sociopaths. In fact, I never mention sociopaths and elites in the same sentence.

      My comments regarding sociopaths was a general statement about sociopaths, not that all elite are sociopaths.

      So, here, MITmichael proposed an assumption which my comment didn't reflect. Here is what I stated regarding the elite:

      "We are dealing with criminal elements in the government and their corruption is spreading into the Congress.

      It does take a mass-movement to remove these criminal elements from the government."

      So, when stating, "I stand corrected," I basically failed to go back and read my own comment, but instead responded to MITmichael's faulty interpretation of my comment.

      Now, if I fail notice MITmichael's faulty interpretation of my comment, how much more likely is somebody else to go along with MITmicheal's faulty statements?

      So, we see how MITmichael gets away with his often intellectually dishonest statements of facts & evidence.

      Yes, MITmichael uses every rhetorical fallacy of argument in the book to promote his intellectul dishonesty.

      Let's see there is moving the goalposts, distraction, stawman, an occasional ad hominem, and others.

      Too bad, MITmichael doesn't have the strength of character or the interest in truth to deal with facts & evidence honestly when defending a policy he supports.

      Although, to be honest, many, even most people don't grapple honestly with issues or policies or historical events if they contradict the individual's ideological framework or belief.

      Or go against their personal self-interest.

    6. My comment on sociopaths was in response to Dr. Pieczenik's statement that sociopaths will not stop their behavior on their own accord, but must have an outside intervention.

      Dr. Pieczenik's statements stand for the proposition that to the extent that there are sociopaths in positions of power, they will not stop their behavior, but must be removed from the position which allows them to engage in sociopathic activities.

      In other words, sociopaths must be removed from positions of power or they will keep engaging in sociopathic actions and, left unsaid by Dr. Pieczenik, these actions will often spiral into greater and greater outrages against other people.

      The sociopath's (and often non-sociopaths) behavior is self-reinforcing and spirals upward (downward) to more selfish and self-aggrandizing behavior over time.

      In other words, just hoping for the government to reform itself is a pipedream.

      It requires intervention by the People.

      If they want to retain their sovereignty in a constitutional republic.

    7. My point is this....

      The liberty movement [of which we are all members I hope] suffers from the same fallacy that all reform movements possess.

      That fallacy is that the malevolent elites which hold power are composed of evil people who do not hold the same common decency as the average, ordinary man. Or said another way, that it's an "us vs. them" problem.

      The fallacy of this is that WE ARE THEM.

      The elites are no different than anyone else except that because of their privileges they haven't been made to comport themselves, and their minds, to the moral standards that everyone else is forced to live by.

      If you look at what American corporations do everyday you can easily say that they are exhibiting "sociopathic" behaviors...indeed.

      If you look at what influencial people do everyday you can easily conclude that many [though not all] are exhibiting behaviors which are "sociopathic."

      I remember when I first arrived in Sierra Leone I concluded that what's considered normal levels of aggression, violence, rage, cruelty, and particularly spontaneous rage in their society...


      "Sociopath" is a clinical term because sociopaths occur rarely, perhaps 1 to 3 percent of the "normal" population.

      But if you go into other cultures or sub-groups of the same culture you will see it's about 65% or higher...

      Which is how I reached my often stated conclusion that 65% of all of mankind is composed of basically venal people who are only behaving themselves because they feel they have to.

      If you take off the restraints most people are savagely cruel.

    8. Look at the legions of Rome...

      100% of their soldiers would be considered "sociopaths."

      Look at the Mongols...

      100% of their warriors would be considered "sociopaths."

      Look at the militias fighting in Congo for the last ten years...

      100% of them would be considered "sociopaths."

      Look at the average groups of guards in jails in prisons around the world...

      100% of them would be considered "sociopaths."

      Until the liberty movement realizes that's human beings are mostly evil there will never be realistic progress on anything.

      The writers of the US Constitution realized most men were evil, and wanted to by tyrants.....

      That's why they limited their powers.

    9. A prime characteristic of clinal sociopathology is DECIET. Sociopaths not only have no empathy and feel no remorse for harming others, but because they live among people who would condemn them for their motives they have spent their lives learning how to constantly decieve others and lie about everything they've done and think and feel.

      In societies where cruelty is encouraged there isn't this need for deciet.

  18. Dr.P there are better places for you to appear and convey your views, Russia Today or the BBC or anywhere else that has some credibility.

    Every time you appear on Jones' show you erode your credibility.

    1. The same BBC whom reported WT7 had collapsed when it was still stood behind the reporter whom reported! Not to mention the scandal surrounding sir James saville and others!!! I'll concede Russia today is excellent along with press TV gladly! Us Brits who pay the BBC a licence fee have been informed that any damages that are to be paid out by way of compensation to child abuse victims will have to foot the bill via an increase in licence fee!!! Now there is an organization that needs taking down and regime change implemented

    2. MIT,
      Kindly take your own advice: MAKE LIKE A TREE & LEAVE.
      Your cognition is impaired.

    3. Oh yes I forgot the BBC is controlled by the globalists, the New World Order, the Bildaberg group, the Club Of Rome and the Illuminati!

      How foolish I was to think that they'd just put an interview of Pieczenik on the air without heavily editing it so as to distort and mangle his commentary.

      Thank God we have truely objective, free and intelligent people like Alex Jones to give us the unvarnished truth about the international mega-banks who actually pull all the strings!

      Thank you for reminding me of that.

    4. My pleasure! Though I don't remember mentioning bilderberg or the club of Rome only that the BBC has harboured scandalous individuals for many years and its news is heavily biased (don't need a degree to understand that) I'm always Happy to pass on good advice, its the best thing to do with it! After all its never any good to oneself

  19. Very powerful interview dr p.
    Alex was overwhelmed because nothing was redacted.

    I recommend you email all war veteran groups as soon as Alex posts it.
    It is very difficult for them to accept a criminal traitor could possibly be squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Do you know how much we vets have contributed to the DNC over the years?

    They are the ones who can commence to shake up the military hierarchy.

    I will email your interview to the JWV but you should also- with an additional link to your blog. They respect a "mensche" AND whistleblower.

    The Pollard case (who was a whistleblower) was/is a big issue for them.

    It wouldn't hurt to offer yourself as a speaker at their national conventions either:

    You should also team up with generals: McInerney, Vallely, & Boykin & establish a common strategy of mass education & expose the criminal enterprise destroying America:
    "Navy SEAL Team Six Families to reveal government culpability in death of their sons

    Accompanying the families of these dead Navy SEAL Team VI special operations servicemen will be retired military experts verifying their accounts of how and why the government is as much responsible for the deaths ouf their sons as is the Taliban. Among the military experts expected to attend are: Adm. James A. “Ace” Lyons, Jr., LTG William G. “Jerry” Boykin, LTG Thomas G. “Tom” McInerney, MG Paul E. Vallely and former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith."

    If sociopath manipulator, Jodi Arias is eligible for the DEATH PENALTY for a single rage killing, then HILLARY's & OBAMA's recidivist serial murders should be a shoe THE HAGUE...Treason AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

    (They are up there with the NAZIs "just following orders".)

    1. Dude you are so right! Every veterans group should rally around Alex Jones and purchase storable food, gold coins, burkee water filters, and prepare for the invasion of foreign troops Jones says is massing on the Chinese border!

      Those veterans groups will really thank you for that one!

      And also thanks for reminding us all what treason is, and that Jonathan Pollard was't really a traitor afterall as the judge said who villainously sentenced him to life imprisonment!


      All the veteran groups out there should rally around Jonathan Pollard and his noble efforts to blow the whistle on the fact that the US government is controlled by jew-hating anti-semites who are working for the destruction of Israel!

      Israel is the only country founded by the people of the bible, and they deserve full backing by anyone calling themselves a Christian!

      You are a true patriot!

    2. OH my God I meant to say the Chinese troops are now massing on the Mexican border! Jone's information has me so excited I am screwing up more than I normally do!

    3. Here is your MOST INFORMATIVE HOUR INTERVIEW on 5-9-13.

      Now email it in bulk to the retired generals.
      They will get it here. Put it to their attention here:

      Include Daryl ISSA in your list or this investigation will be swept under the rug.
      As for MIT, you are a Latent COCKROACH SCROUNGING FOR CRUMBS. The bait will getcha. Go find another dark crevice to invade. You are overgrown & must be exterminated.

    4. Pollard was a traitor not a whistleblower.

      Patriarch, you have to face facts.

    5. Patriarch,

      Greater powers than thou have tried to "exterminate" me, yet so far without success.

      This minion of the illuminati, globalists, New World Order/offshore megabanks-bildabergers remains a tool for the enslavement of the sheeple masses.

      And furthermore I'm traveling to Arizona in hopes of marrying Jodi Arias as soon as I can find someone to housesit my cats...

    6. MIT,
      Your arrogance will only create the déjà vu abuse which caused Jodi to slit her paramour's throat from ear to ear - not withstanding out of sight out of mind, no one deserves that painful demise:
      "As what people do like Obama:
      - in Benghazi
      -buying bin Laden's corpse in murdering it
      - Obama being a Birther..
      ..I can see why what people do does not matter, and if Obama is not guilty of things, why should someone like Jodi Arias be guilty of what if she did or did not murder someone....Obama has murdered more in Benghazi than Jodi has, and he got away with it...It is only fair and right....the Obama precedent has been set."

      "... a Birther Hussein on display doing far worse Benghazi things and enabled for it, as he is that Designer Negro established to prove to Americans they are not racists in the white color, not lazy failure in the black color and not able to compete in the brown color with those whites."

    7. Chill out Dude. Nothing I say here will cause anyone to cut my throat.

      Take a chill pill.


      I love Jodi!


    8. Tamerlan Tsarnaev told the cops to chill out as well & they shot him at point blank range: PREMEDITATED .
      Be careful what you wish for, cocky.

  20. Dr.Pieczenik I have listened to your appearance on the Alex Jones program and have these comments...

    1.There is nothing in American law permitting a recall vote of a President, and any such national vote would be impossible to conduct.

    The Constitution provides for impeachment, and I hope that will happen, but only if actual evidence of criminal acts are available.

    2.As for any such evidence of criminal acts, and what those acts might be...

    You made many claims that the Benghazi event was conducted by the White House in conjunction with the CIA and Hilary Clinton to cover-up illegal CIA activities.

    For this claim you provide no evidence...none.

    You ask to be believed based on the circumstances suggesting that there may have been a stand-down of forces otherwise available to rescue/support US personnel under attack.

    I suggest to you that there may be other reasons why such a stand-down happened, for example...

    During the 1967 six day war US naval forces available to defend and rescue the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israel forces were ordered to stand down. This essentially left the Liberty abandoned at a critical moment. That happened because the US didn't want to go to war with Israel. Under your logic the attack on the Liberty would have been masterminded by the US for some sinister reason, but that wasn't what happened.

    Just because there was a stand-down doesn't mean that there was a plan to attack the embassy hatched within the White House.

    I'm also still listening for evidence that CIA is operating an illegal paramilitary group off the books as you also claim.

    As far as I can tell there isn't any such group, and if there was I don't understand why it would be either illegal or malfeasance by anyone.

    As for people "off the books" never being paid I don't know about that either. I and every other non-employee/agent working with CIA is compensated.
    If there wasn't compensation almost no one would do this work.

    1. MIT,

      Your analysis of the Liberty event makes no sense, because it doesn't explain why Israel attacked the Liberty in he first place. If it wasn't by mistake, then why would they do this to their major ally, the U.S., unless they intended to blame it on Egypt? This they would not have done without the prior consent of Johnson and McNamara.

    2. I don't know why Israel attacked the Liberty, but I believe the crewmembers when they unanimously say the attack was intentional.

      It was Johnson himself who called off the US respnse from nearby carrier-based aircraft because he didn't want to start a war with Israel.

      There was certainly no collusion between Israel and Johnson, or anyone else in the USG.

    3. Well, you might be right - maybe they were just hoping Johnson and Israel would react by blaming Egypt, but it seems more likely they would have arranged it in advance. Johnson absolutely was a snake that would do such a thing.

  21. I do however agree with your general remarks that CIA is an inept organization, but not for the reasons you provide.

    It's not true, as you claim, that CIA personnel are not adequitely trained. CIA officers are vastly trained.

    The reasons why CIA performs poorly is because it's a bureaucracy in which individuals' career interests and the interests of the institution often clash with what is the right thing to do in many situations.

    It's also true that there is a culture of indifference towards anything, such as human life, if the lives involved are not American. It's shocking that within CIA there is a narrow focus on protecting American lives and property to the ruthless and callous exclusion of anyone else's basic rights.

    Even the best officers often hold this outlook in very violent ways.

  22. Not only is MIT an insatiable cockroach, but he masquerades as "THE FLY" who eats up all the food for thought on this BLOG & regurgitates it as venom.
    Flies have no digestive systems..
    Anaconda, why would you believe the MOCKINGBIRD PRESS ON POLLARD IF YOU DISBELIEVE THEM ON BENGHAZI? No difference what administration is in power.
    You admitted sociopaths must be removed because they are criminal recidivists until they are caught. The same holds true for Jonathan Pollard:

    I know it inside & out. He was never charged with Treason. He was intimidated by joe digenova (atty for benghazi whistleblower) to plea bargain for a reduced sentence: no trial. DiGenova was the federal prosecutor & after the sentencing stood on the courthouse steps & crowed, "Pollard will never see the light of day!"
    In fact he was sent to a fed medical penitentiary in Springfield Mo stripped naked for 9 mo in solitary & intimidated to sign off on a list of JEWISH AMERICANS WHO CONSPIRED WITH HIM; he refused. There were none.
    Lee Hamilton d-Indiana intervened & moved him to a max security prison ( where gotti later was) for almost 15 years. Then Clinton moved him to BUTNER NC WHERE HE REMAINS (Madoff is there) 30 years in toto to date.
    Caspar weinberger sent an ex PARTE memo to the judge accusing him of PERVIDY OF TREASON AND he shared secrets with the SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID Government. (Complete fabrication)

    Judge Aubrey Robinson was enraged & sentenced him to life with NO recommendation for parole.

    Even WACKY Chris Matthews said, "Who plea bargains for a life sentence?"
    In fact, pollard was charged with 1 count of passing classified info to an ALLY (as per bilateral sharing agreement renewed biannually) which wacky incompetent BOBBY RAY INMAN HAD SUPPRESSED:
    "An earwitness who was in the room reconfirms that Inman planted that false story on that day in December 1981. (Inman's animus also later contributed to the excessive sentencing of Jonathan Pollard, but that's another story.)"

    All having to do with SATELLITE PHOTOS-Iraq's Osirak reactor (we were "ostensible" allies at the time-1981) & arafat's Tunisian headquarters, both bombed by ISRAEL AFTER RECEIVING THE PHOTOS.
    ( didn't Israel just bomb the SYRIAN AIRPORT ON BEHALF OF THE USA???)
    Damage assessment stated No harm to USA.
    Pollard was Weinberger's political prisoner just like Osama bin Ladin was bush 43's BOGEYMAN.
    There will always be a NEMISIS.
    In this case it keeps Israel at arms length
    At this point it is long past the time that the readers & contributors at this site recognize there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION & breach of agreement.
    Disingenuous behavior is the common denominator from American leaders (L'odor v'dor-Hebrew translation: "From generation to Generation.")

    Shall I remind you I have lived for 4.5 generations since the time of Calvin Coolidge?

    The aforementioned, Anaconda, is THE READERS'DIGEST VERSION OF THE POLLARD CASE.

    1. Your analogy of myself as a coachroach with venom and so forth is very colorful, but it's a mixed metaphone as coachroaches don't have venom.

      Therefore clearly I have inspired in you a rather surreal and perhaps nightmarish image of myself.

      If I'm having that much effect on your mind then what I'm doing must be effective.

    2. MITmichael wrote: "If I'm having that much effect on your mind then what I'm doing must be effective."

      Laugh out loud, oh brother.

    3. Okay then you are conjuring up these otherwise disconnected fearsome icons in your mind because it just functions that way all the time...

      Which ever you prefer.

      In reality I'm just a pussycat.

    4. MITmichael, pussycat?

      More like feral cat.

      Or is it, "I'm a cat chaser, not a cat killer." Farside cartoon, where dog is on witness stand with a jury of cats listening to the dog's testimony.

  23. I just listened to Dr. P. on Alex Jones and his analysis of Benghazi puts all the pieces together pretty well, but there are some murky areas. So, first, there were heavy arms being shipped from the black ops "annex" about a mile from the "consulate". That is the real explanation for Steven's presence. These operations, although illegal, were known to the DCI, General Petraeus, who was actually trying to enforce some kind of military discipline on CIA cowboys and contractors. But what he did not know, says Dr. P., was that there was another military unit, which I gather was the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) or some part of it, commanded directly out of the White House by John Brennan, that had a different agenda, which was to get Petraeus out of the DCI spot and install Brennan in his place. Now it gets a little murky, though. I don't quite get the connection with the attack by Ansar al Sharia. Are they assets of this special unit ordered to attack as a false flag operation? If Stevens was "a target of opportunity", does this mean that the real mission of Ansar al Sharia was to attack the annex? How exactly does this bring down Petraeus? Because it happened on his watch? Why wouldn't the Paula Broadwell nonsense have been sufficient?

    1. Good questions. Another thing that hasn't made sense to me (and I've been trying my best to follow what Dr. P's been saying about Benghazi) is where do Mitt Romney and neocons come in? When Dr. P went on air on 9-16, he had initially pinned this on the "Neocon Jews" (his words).

    2. This was during the height of the election campaign and it was reasonable to think this could be an operation of the Neocons around Romney to embarass Obama. This is what Webster Tarpley was saying at the time and so was Dr. P. One can easily imagine contact between Brennan and the Neocons, and this could explain how the Islamophobic video with Brennan's company's fingerprints on it. Obama was badly embarrassed enough to lose the first debate, but somehow after that it was as though Romney gave up. I suspect he was told to take a fall right around this point.

    3. In case you haven't noticed...

      Every item in your recount of Pieczenik's theory is pure conjecture.

      There isn't one bit of evidence for any of the units claimed here, or the motives of Brennan, et. al., which are fucking outrageous.

      Having also worked in government I can tell you it's fucking perposterous that an officer of one agency would plot to assassinate an officer of another or policy or anything else.

      The whole premise is stupid beyond imagination.

    4. Exactly correct.
      I. PETRAEUS was merely babysitting until Brennan got confirmed. Benghazi had nothing to do with his removal. He did everything right. The affair drove him to resign. Obama & Brennan are cheaters since grammar school, don'tcha know?

      II. SAXBY CHAMBLIS knows Brennan is the source of the benghazi video but agreed not to go public; he voted against confirmation but he & Feinstein should be removed from the intelligence committee. He is not running again. He sat back and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING-except play golf with Obama on Monday & got a hole in one. The coverup is bipartisan for sure.


      III. If Obama dumps him he will expose the passport office break in '08.

      IV. I am going to bet BRENNAN "commits suicide" over Memorial Day weekend & leaves a confession.
      That is the only way out for Hillary & Obama.
      Whoever murdered the cop in Boston will do the contract.

      V. Watch the movie, "no way out".
      Brennan better confess before he gets whacked like Casey did.
      Oh what a tangled web we weave...

      VI. Don't be surprised if impeachment includes this:

    5. Another POV BY Holland, FILMAKER OF "Nobel lie" believes this was a false flag gone bad. Supposed to be the October Surprise to win re-election.

      Hicks said Hillary needed benghazi prepped for 10-30.

      There was to be a rescue mission to "save" Stephens as a fake hostage but the contractors (terrorists) turned on Obama, which is why they haven't arrested anyone.
      The seals were not supposed to show up ( collateral damage after the fact)

      I believe OBAMA had Brennan make all decisions from stand down to video blame game. Obama is a DUMBELL & cannot commit to anything.
      When he nominated Brennan he said, "this guy works harder than anyone I have ever known." That is because other are always cleaning up the the MONARCH's diarrhea.
      Obama is incontinent & incompetent & requires constant care 24/7 from wiping his ass to dressing him to speaking to faking decisions.

      Think of him as 100% disabled as Woodrow Wilson was.

      It was an inside job most likely, conjured up by idiot burglar brennan ( he loves breaking & entering) originally intended to make OBAMA look like he cleaned up benghazi a city occupied by terrorists - a photo op to win re-election.
      It happened 2 weeks early on 9-11 & sent a message: GET OUT OF LIBYA NOW!

      Listen to this broadcast: VERY INSIGHTFUL!
      Boston false flag was messed up by CIA ALSO. ( listen at 59 minute mark & a Boston caller at 1hr 53 min)

    6. Has anyone ever told you that you are a little on the hateful side?

      What would Jesus say about all this?

      Try a little understanding Dude.

      No body's perfect.

  24. There's some real misconduct here by Obama and others in his administration, as well as in the services, CIA, and everywhere that allowe this attack to happen and then lied to cover-up the conditions that brought it about.

    But if people like Pieczenik are going to make up ludicrous confabulations claiming events that didn't happen without any evidence whatsoever then our cause for bringing Obama to justice for the real crime WILL BE LOST.

    This kind of exaggeration and confabulation is desasterous.

  25. Well, Patriarch, it does seem you do know more about the Pollard case than I do.

  26. Word is CIA whistleblowers to testify, which might be why Hicks didn't answer Issa's question about the annex.
    Brennan is now wanted dead of alive & his underlings are going to sing.

    Hillary got rid of RON BROWN & VINCE FOSTER.
    Jodi Arias WAS AN EXCELLENT STUDENT, except she got caught--

    She learned every whack from LBJ.

    Was she a mind controlled child servicing LBJ?

    How did SHE get on NIXON's impeachment committee REALLY?

    Watch what happens. Brennan will be dead before he testifies about the infighting between Hillary & Obama. He knows all CRIMINALITY - from ID TO BIN LADEN TO VOTER FRAUD TO GIFFORDS -AURORA - VA TECH -NEWTOWN - BOSTON -WACO..
    Either there portends a new horror distraction: ANOTHER mass murder of innocents or....
    He is a dead man walking...

  27. Yes, that look between Issa and Hicks did look like a look of understanding, as in "let's not go into this now". So the question is, will they go into it at the next hearing, IN PUBLIC, not in some "classified hearing" which would be worse than nothing. Will they ask the kind of hard questions honest investigators must ask, never allowing the pathetic excuse of "national security" to avoid bringing out the full truth?

  28. It certainly is an intriguing theory that Benghazi was false flag October Surprise gone awry. Ansar al Sharia was just supposed to take Stevens hostage, not kill him. Then Obama and our heroic special forces would rescue him only days before the election. The "Innocence of Muslims" video was part of the script. A mob enraged by this video was supposed to take Stevens hostage, which is what Susan Rice was going to say on the Sunday talk shows. But they couldn't control the action closely enough, and in the heat of battle Stevens was killed. They were left with a royal mess on their hands.

    Surely we can take down such clowns as these?

    1. Interesting Tony, where did you get this information from?

    2. I wouldn't call it information, rather a theory or hypothesis that attempts to "connect the dots", disparate pieces of data, into a coherent whole. I just got this theory from Patriarch's previous comments and links and restated it in my own way. The author of "A Noble Lie", the video about the Oklahoma City bombing is the one proposing it. He was on the Alex Jones show yesterday:

    3. Now comes Ben Rhodes who planned Obama's itinerary in Israel & drew a creative map of Israel without Judea Samaria & Eilat on the White House web site as a preview.
      He is also the brother of CBS NEWS PRESIDENT David Rhodes. 60 minutes interviewed Hillary & Obama together the Sunday after she testified.

      Rhodes is under Brennan at the time of the benghazi firefight & rewrites the talking points in a deputies meeting on Saturday. No mention of the video even Saturday afternoon before rice's Sunday dance.
      Video was posted on 9-11-13 by Brennan's coopter in passport office burglary in 2008, Stanley inc. which has contract for Homeland security passport production.

      Could Rhodes have taken the video from CBS TRYOUTS & posted it on YouTube under account "news politics now"-NPN with Stanley inc logo.?

      Washington has become fictionalized due Nepotism. lies & Videotape.

    4. Tony Wicher wrote, "Surely we can take down such clowns as these?

      Actually you're not taking down anyone. In fact no one on this board has any influence to do anything. All this chatter and drama acomplishes nothing. Nor is Alex Jones chipping away at the New World Order/megabanks/bildabergers/globalists who he claims choose who both Presidential candidates will be and are soft-killing the population by poisoning the vaccines.

      Reggie D,

      He didn't get "this information" from anywhere. Look at the theories put forward by these people and ask yourself if there's any evidence whatsoever for any of it.

      It merely comes from people, unfortunately like Dr.P, who make wild claims without any evidence.

      The poster on this board give "conspiracy nuts" a bad name.

    5. That's where you're wrong Mit, there is evidence, it's staring you in the face, but you are determined not to see it.

      No matter, it's there and I've put it before you regarding Syria and other issues.

      People do their own research. If they've come to this board it ain't their first rodeo.

      Mit did you see this headline?

      Steve Pieczenik Calls for Military Junta - Arrest or Assassinate the Treasonous Criminals in Office

      Makes for good copy.

      Sounded right out of a Tom Clancy novel.

    6. You know Mit, somebody could make a book deal and, who knows, sell a bunch of books, and, maybe, somebody wants to make a movie.

      Block Buster Material.

      You know what's going on in the world Today.

      Movies are a powerful medium.

      Never know, ol' dp done it before.

      There's a market for a movie that sells tickets.

      Ever hear the expression fiction is more powerful than fact, spurs the imagination.

      Allows one to think about threatening things without it being so threatening.

      Allows one to think about what he knows of the world.

      Where's it going?

    7. Patriarch wrote: "Now comes Ben Rhodes who planned Obama's itinerary in Israel & drew a creative map of Israel without Judea Samaria & Eilat on the White House web site as a preview."

      Shadings of a One State solution?

      A perilous path to take.



    I'm starting a movement to free Jodi by means of a Gubanatorial Pardon.

    Here's why Jodi should be released...

    Travis Alexander deserved to die, and Jodi's crime was justifiable.

    Travis Alexander was a hypocritical, sanctimonious, lying Mormon who was dating other Mormon girls and telling them he was a virgin and therefore was suitable for Mormon marriage.

    What happened with Jodi is that he fucked her, a natural and normal thing for adults to do. Travis and Jodi fucked in the bedroom, in the shower, in the car, on the dining table, in the park on a picnic table, in the bathroom of Jodi's mom's house, etc...(get the picture).

    However at a certain point Travis informed Jodi that "she wasn't good enough for him to marry because she wasn't a virgin."

    Well there you have it...

    The asshole was using her for sex, which she was more than happy to give since she had the false idea that they were in love...or that Travis loved her as much as she loved him...

    That would make anyone snap.

    If I were her I would have done the same thing she did, and anyone with any self-repect would do likewise. Travis was the worst kind of snake, and now he's a dead asshole barking in hell.

    I admire Jodi very much.


    1. what did she shoot him or cut of his dick? but you know what i have heard about these mormoms before. years ago a mormom girl fancied the pants of this mormom boy? but he was heaven struck and them bells in his ears was not listening to this lady. so she had him kidnapped and flown in an airyplane to britain. there he was chained to the bed miles away from anyone to hear his screams or asistance and god must have gone fishing because that woman sexed him 99 times in about five days which was occaisioned despite his tearful remonstrations by the employments of her tonge. really you know these young boys are conveniently easy ...anyway he at last managed to use her phone while she was frying breakfast downstairs and he was supposed to be using the po. the police arrived [ten squad cars the cornish police are hard up for anything decent ontv[ and after a right terrible rowl for the lady was not soon to be parted from her young victim it all got to cout in old bailey. the strange thing was absolutely everyone loved her. the judge said she was a force of nature. meaning i suppose she had swing doors fitted in her fanny because just as he was about to fine her a thousand pounds and send off that ungrateful lout to a asylum she Escaped from holland parl and they couldnt stop laughing because that cow had fucked evey bloke in the prison to get out? anyway mormoms can shut up about god its obvious the more they shouts how holy they are the quicker you want to count your silver.

    2. i dont understand this page. i just read every single comment and i think youre all earnest sincere a bit boring and right arseachs...but i did read it all and now just as i have got through the whole lot ITS ALL COME BACK AGAIN. will you lot lighten up? you want a revolution be pleasing to the people.

    3. Everybody here is not earnest and sincere. Many are honest, but some are disinformation agents deliberately confusing the discussion, and some (including Dr. P) are truthful about some things and lying about other things to protect either themselves or others. In this world, you can rely on nothing but your own judgment to distinguish the true from the false. In my judgment, MIT, for one, has proved himself completely insincere, and is doing his best to discredit the good investigative work being done by some of the people here. If Dr. P wants to have a blog that people take seriously, I would consider banning MIT. Meanwhile, people should ignore his posts.

    4. Tony you're on to me!

      How could I have been so foolish as to think I could fool such a nest of informed people?
      If anyone would see through my tissue of lies and charade it would be yourself!

      From now on I won't bother throwing doubt on your claims. Henceforth I will restrict my commentary to the idiotic antics of sick people who find celebrity in the media, such as that sick, self-cutting, self-mutilating bitch Angelina Jolie, who I have commented on above for finding a pretext to cut off her perfectly healthy breasts for purposing of self-mutilation. Now that's one sick, death-affirming, blood-letting, life-destroying bitch who shouldn't be talking to the G-8 or the UN or any other political body.

    5. Anyone who believes in life, creativity, and health should research the craze of teenage girls who have adopted self-mutilating cutting due to Angelina's recommendations of such.

      Angelina, the goth, black-wearing, death-loving bitch has now found a new way to express her cynicism for life, her pessimism for survival by embracing the chance that she MIGHT someday develop a breast tumor by simply cutting off her perfectly healthy breasts.

    6. We live in a time in which the public embraces FEAR and PESSIMISSIM, and in which our governments and individuals ACT FOOLISHLY and are ALARMED into paying huge costs in vain efforts to AVOID RISK.

      All Angelina had to do was say she's been told she has a probability of cancer and that she'll treat it aggressively SHOULD IT EVER HAPPEN...

      BUT NOOOOOO....

      Why wait for it to actually happen?

      Why not just go ahead and be in "control" [her words] so she could feel "empowered" [her words] and sleep better at night knowing that you've eliminated the risk altogether by cutting off perfectly healthy tissue.

      What an opportunity she had to AFFIRM OPTUMISM OVER PESSIMISSIM!

      Wouldn't it have been awesome if she would have declared instead that she wasn't going to be influenced by fear? But no....

      [Now she'll probably come down with brain cancer or something she was never warned about...go figure]

    7. Cowardice is the purest indicator of immorality.

      Cowards have no courage because they have no convictions.

      Someone who has no optumism, but only sees the dark side in everything, is someone who believes that evil is the strongest force.

      It's clear that people who look at the bright side of living and don't dwell on potential risks are people who are visited less by misfortune because of their faith.

      That kind of optumism is the real faith!

      Not the phoney "faith" in Gods which religion and doctrine demands.

      As a psychiatrist Dr.P will agree!!!!!

    8. Personally I've survived many, many otherwise lethal situations, including cancer, and I believe my optumistic attitude of looking realistically at things instead of exaggerating risks is what saw me through.

      When a person dwells on risks they become full of anxiety, which will destroy their health. It also causes them to make terrible decisions which lead them into desaster.

      It's not "denial" or "wishful thinking" to be optumistic. It's merely recognizing that life is always full of risks. Anyone can drop dead at any moment from any number of things...stroke, anurism, accident, etc....not to mention heart desease, cancer....

      It's not realistic to dwell on this.

      What's realistic is to recognize it's possiblity AND THEN IGNORE IT.

  30. I think everybody interested in the subject of Aldo Moro, Operation Gladio, false-flags and counter-gangs should read this whole article from LaRouchepub written in 2004. It is an education and for intrigue it beats the hell out of any spy novel ever written.

    Then, to bring yourself up to date, watch the whole "Operation Gladio Plan B" series and the follow-ups on Chechnya and the Boston Marathon bombing by Sibel Edmonds on Boiling Frogs Post to understand the "strategy of tension" today. The transition to Plan B took place after the Soviet Union collapsed and "Islamic Extremism" and the "War on Terror" took the place of anti-Communism.

    This is the mechanism of control. It has gotten to where "the news" is a reality show orchestrated by the likes of John Brennan. It's time to storm the Reality Studio and take back what is ours.

    1. I agree that the "war on terror" was engineered unnecessarily to replace anti-communism, but for different reasons.

      It certainly didn't require and conspiracy as LaRouche and his ilk claim [and for which there's no evidence and only conjecture].

      My friend and hero from MIT Noam Chomsky [who Dr.P never ever mentions for some reason] would say, and accurately I may suggest...

      That the US is an imperial power the militaristic elements of which bend the facts in order to persude themselves and the public that it's under external threat so as to rationalize large defense expenditures and the imposition of it's trade regime abroad.

      That's a pretty clear sociological/cognative explaination from the world's foremost scholar on cognative issues. Many call him a "conspiracy" theorist, however what he explains requires no conspiracy at all.

      It merely requires that people bend the facts in their own minds so they can believe what they wish to, and act in concert with others so doing.

    2. I corresponded with Chomsky for quite a while, and he proved to be no hero but an intellectually dishonest left gatekeeper who has been co-opting and misleading the youth for 50 years, first about the Kennedy assassination, then 9/11.

    3. Just because the man doesn't agree with you on your conspiracy theories regarding two particular events is not a sound reason to discard all his other unique commentary.

      The fact that you would do so indicates my point that you're a zealot, and not as much interested in larger issues of justice as you are grinding your axe about particular villains and theories that you can't prove but that you insist other people have faith in.

      Your views are not founded on reason but on faith, although from your perspective it's all evidence. It has to do with what you are choosing to believe is credible evidence which other more imformed and experienced people do not.

      As for Dr.P I've not seen him do any "research" at all - he merely formulates theories which he puts forward as knowledge and tries to convince others that his former employment gives him access on which his theories are based. But his theories are not based on his former employment. They are merely confabulations.

    4. For what it's worth I also disagree with him about 9-11 and Kennedy.

    5. I would suggest that Chomsky was well and clearly informed of the costs professionally of wandering into this " cross the line " terrain of personal opinions on these events and refrains and avoids serious comments for those reasons. Same Amy Goodman.

    6. No I'm sure he actually believes the anti-conspiracy nonesense because when it comes to such matters he's just not that well informed.

      He's a treasure of information when it comes to certain matters of the history of US foreign policy, public relations, etc...

      But when it comes to dissident theories of historical events he's not that well informed.

      I realized he was a genius when he correctly described the role of the US in Vietnam. He alone described the US role. His debate with William Buckley on Firing Line in 1968 is classic.

  31. From the great American poet and prophet William S. Burroughs, otherwise known as Uranian Willy, writing in Nova Express (1964)

    Uranian Willy the heavy metal Kid, also known as Willy the rat - He wised up the marks.
    "This is war to extermination - Fight cell by cell through bodies and mind screens of the earth. Souls rotten from the Orgasm Drug. Flesh shuddering from the Ovens. Prisoners of the earth, come out. Storm the studio. His plan called for total exposure - Wise up all the
    marks everywhere. Show them the rigged wheel -
    Storm the Reality Studio and retake the universe - The plan shifted and reformed as reports came in from his electric patrols sniffing quivering down the streets of the earth - The reality film giving and buckling like a bulkhead under pressure - Burned metal smell of interplanetary
    war in the raw noon streets swept by screaming
    glass blizzards of enemy flak. "Photo falling - Word falling - Use partisans of all nations - Target Orgasm Ray Installations - Gothenburg,
    Sweden - Coordinates 8 2 7 6 - Take Studio -
    Take Board Books - Take Death Dwarfs - Towers, open fire." Pilot K9 caught the syndicate killer image on a penny arcade screen and held it in his sight - Now he was behind it in it was it - The image disintegrated in photo flash of total recognition - Other image on screen - Hold
    in sight - Smell of burning metal in his head - "Pilot K9, you are cut off - Back - Back - Back before the whole fucking shithouse goes up - Return to base immediately - Ride music beam back to base - Stay out of that time flak - All pilots ride Pan Pipes back to base."
    It was impossible to estimate the damage - Board
    Books destroyed - Enemy personnel decimated - The message of total resistance on short wave of the world. "Calling partisans of all nations - Shift linguals - Cut word lines - Vibrate tourists - Free doorways - Photo falling - Word falling - Break through in grey room."

  32. Dr. P.
    where are you? You have been MIA since Alex Jones10+ days ago.

    Your blog is being taken hostage by a COVERT TERRORIST?

    You know the drill.

    EXRADITE THE ENEMY TO WANDER IN THE CYBER DESERT FOR 40 years: let him seek the Golden Calf & enrich himself.

    Mt. Sinai has no appeal to him.

    If not, he will conquer & seize control completely.

    1. True to form you exaggerate.

      Healthy debate won't hurt anyone.

      What I'd like to hear is some debate about Angelina and her sick decision to lop off her breasts unnecessarily, or all the unnecessary procedures commonly practiced by American MDs.

  33. Patriarch (identity otherwise undisclosed),
    I wouldn't worry too much about this covert terrorist. This one is, as you've said, probably mentally insufficient.

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